Welcome to my new blog, A Forest Life

On the URL change

Hi, this is Amy from AC Town Record at a new URL. I was never fully satisfied with the name ‘AC Town Record’. Well, the idea was that the blog would serve as a ~hall of records~ for recordings of my different Animal Crossing towns over time. If you google “town records” you’ll of course see a lot of legitimate (non-Animal Crossing :P) examples of that. Still, I just didn’t love the blog name overall, and it didn’t sound Animal Crossing-ish except for the ‘AC’ at the beginning.

WordPress has a great way to transfer all your posts and pages to a different blog, so I decided to move everything to a new url, aforestlife.wordpress.com (forestlife without the a in front wasn’t available). I like the title “A Forest Life” much better. As you probably know, it’s named after the K.K. Slider song first introduced in Wild World:

This song gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. 🙂 I’ve always used it in my main room so I hear it everytime I walk into my house. The chime-like notes that begin after the first 10 seconds remind me of sparkling dew drops on leaves, and there’s nostalgia in them for me it is taken from the theme song and hourly songs in AC:GC. A lot of the songs for AC:GC are similar or have repeating motifs, but they’re modified for different moods and different times of day. But here are some examples in which this Forest Life tune appears in AC:GC:

This is the music that plays at the title screen. You can hear the Forest Life melody towards the end of the video (0:51).

This is the best example because it comes in chime-like sounds similar to K.K. Slider’s song for Wild World (around 27 seconds in). Maybe wind-chimes aren’t the best descriptor… it’s more like the twinkling of a music box.

Another good example with an evening feel, 24 seconds in you can hear it.

This is an example where the Forest Life melody has been altered a lot. I think you can still hear it at 0:33-0:45, but some of the notes sound a bit *off* to contribute to the sort of eerie, uneasy “what are you doing up at 4 AM?” feeling.

It also sounds altered a bit here to add to the jaunty morning feel.

Another morning version, this time more faithful to the original tune.

And it appears fairly prominently in the rainy day music (for example, at 0:24), which is one of my favorites! I looked forward to rainy days in AC:GC for the coelacanths and this music. 🙂

I love that there is a K.K. Slider song based off of and dedicated to the music of the original Animal Crossing games, and I find it interesting that in the title of the song, instead of going for a direct reference to one of the first Animal Crossing games, like “Population Growing” or “Animal Forest,” they decided to call it “Forest Life.” But I do love this title, it’s fitting since in Animal Crossing you do live your life in something like a forest (next to a river + lake and in a cliff-formed valley near the sea — with extreme seasonal weather xP), and it also fits as a title for this blog detailing my own forest life in my towns. I’m happy with it and I can promise I won’t ever change my URL to a different WordPress blog again. 😛 I’ll keep AC Town Record up so that links to the blog people have made won’t be broken, and people will be able to see where I’ve relocated to if they’re interested, but any new posts I make will be here at A Forest Life.

On the future of this blog

For now, I’m still not playing Wild World. I'm just so far behind in that game, my town is in February 2012… it's a little overwhelming having to either make up all that time through time-travelling day by day, or missing all that time by skipping straight to the present time. :/ I’m not saying I’m done with AC:WW for good, I still adore the game, but I don’t have any immediate plans to get back into playing it everyday right now.

But I’ve seen and heard a lot of things about AC:3DS that make me really excited! I’m sure when I get the game and start a town I’ll be posting a lot about it. As for the school/job issues, I think it can be done without too much of a problem… There is no need to play Animal Crossing for hours everyday if you don’t have time for it. If I’m too busy, I’m sure I can at least manage doing the daily tasks and essentials, which will be easier in AC:3DS because if you choose to have a “beautiful town” your neighbors will help in watering flowers and pulling weeds. Blogging about AC:3DS will also be a bit easier because you can take clear in-game pictures by simply pressing a combination of buttons — no worries about cameras, camera batteries, getting the right angle, lighting, macro-settings, cropping, or editing. And if I still can’t manage to blog about my town(s) for a while because real life is getting in the way, I’m sure any readers who follow my blog will understand that. If I’m not posting, you can always leave a comment asking what’s up and I’ll reply if I’m not dead. xP Well, that’s my outlook on Animal Crossing blogging for now; I don’t promise to keep at it until I’m 90, but for a while longer I hope to be able to post every now and then.

I might not be extremely active before AC:3DS comes out (unless I get back into Wild World, which is a question mark at this point), but there are still some things I can do for this blog before then:

Fix the old posts. When I was new to blogging on WordPress, I would upload the pictures for my posts with tinypic instead of using the WordPress uploader, so I’m sure some of the pictures in my oldest posts are dead now, with a red X appearing instead of the photo, and I’d like to re-upload those with WordPress (which seems more reliable). I also went through a few different themes before settling on Pool, so some of the old posts look weird now with this theme. I’d like to standardize the look of all my posts, both old and new, to look like this: 1) I want the width of the images to take up the entire width of the post area (before, I’d often resize images to 500px in width) and have the image link to a larger version. 2) For easy browsing, I want there to be links at the top and bottom of each post to the post before it and to the post after it (some themes do this naturally). After all, these posts together, read one after another, tell the story of my towns, so it’s best if they’re easy to read in that fashion and that they all look neat with similar formats.

Work more on the patterns page. Earlier, I mostly just added the spring-like flowery paths and thought, “that’s good enough for now,” but now that winter is here, adding some of the patterns I’ve delayed adding so far would be appropriate, like the candy patterns. And it would be nice to make some new patterns, like I’ve always wanted to make an iced over pool that blends in with the winter ground. A separate pattern could have a pair of ice skating boots on it, maybe, and you could put it next to the iced pool. 😛 I have lots of ideas for patterns like that, and I have fun making them, but it can be time-consuming to make them and put together instructions for the patterns page, so it won’t happen all at once. Oh, and even though I don’t play City Folk, I’m open to making patterns for that game and making use of the different palettes.

Thank you

for making it through this whole post if you did! Sorry for the URL change and the ramblings, hopefully I can have some more exciting additions to my blog — picture posts and patterns and things — in the future. Thanks so much to those of you who bear with me and will choose to stick around to eventually see these changes and additions! 😀

About Amyhttps://aforestlife.com/Thank you to angiestown.tumblr.com for the art of Mayor Estel I'm using as my gravatar!

47 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog, A Forest Life

  1. cool but im gonna miss your old blog…. plus i haven’t finished reading it yet!!!!… (I’ll get to that later tonight..) still this will be awesome like the last one. 😀 i think im getting AC:WW for christmas, my dad is such a dead give away… 😛 XD

    • Thanks for commenting! ^_^ I’m going to leave AC Town Record up, so you can still read the posts there if you like. 🙂 Just future posts, changes, and additions will be made to this blog instead. Haha, awesome, so I look forward to maybe WiFing with you? I’m thinking of getting back into playing AC:WW regularly soon.

      • awesome plus i comented on the other one about the fruit here it is now:thanks and i would love if you did that for me! i got into AC:WW from AC:CF witch in my opinion is bothering me with the TV part….. plus not visiting your town is fine but im more than sure that mine will be horrid at first, just ya know tell me(plus your new blog is cool to) p.s i lost the emil so i went crazy trying to find this post!!. So um ya i expect to be getting it on Christmas so mabey sometime around then? But i will have to find out how to get my friend code….. 😀 so sorry this post is long!!!

      • Oh yeah i forgot to say… I plan on making a blog, probally about the 3Ds version, but mabey WW. Ok i’ll stop posting for today…. hehe

        • There’s no way your town will be horrid! 😛 It’ll be a quaint, fresh, brand new town! I’d love to help you out with fruit and stuff, and let me know if there are some specific items you want for your house. I’m really considering getting my AC:WW town back in order and starting to play in it again regularly, and once I do, I’d love to have you and others over to Dafdilly. 🙂 I am on holiday break, which means I have some free time in order to work on that, but I also have guests over, so I can’t be playing Animal Crossing all the time either. 😛 But maybe I can make some progress and have visitors in Dafdilly again in the near future!
          Wow, I look forward to your Animal Crossing blog, great news! :mrgreen: It’s easier to keep track of these comment conversations when you have a WordPress blog, sorry for the confusion. When you’re signed into WordPress, you’re immediately notified when you get new comments or new replies to comments made on other blogs… but I understand for people outside WordPress, you’ve got to track down where you left the comment to see if there’s a reply, and if there’s not a reply yet, check back later. >_< Sorry about that! And don't worry about long comments, that's nothing compared to the long ones I post 😆

        • I understand 100% with the guests same for me but it would be nice to have all the fruits, not to be greedy or anything its just a silly little goal of mine!

          • Sure, the fruits will be no problem! I hope you enjoy Wild World, I look forward to playing with you and possibly hearing about your town on your blog! 🙂

              • figures! I like treehill best plus it was my first name idea anyways so thanks for comenting amy, i appreciaten it!! i cant wait until christmas that way i can finaly wifi with you!!!! XD 😀 😀 😀 😀

              • merry christmas! i got wild world!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!! mabey we can wifi soon here is my friend code: Name: Lilli, Town: TreeHill, Code: (trying to figure that out)

              • Hey Lilli! Sorry my replies have been slow, I’ve been spending a lot of time with family the past several days and almost no time on the computer (and my computer’s been acting up, making it even more difficult). That’s awesome you’ve got Wild World, I look forward to WiFing with you! It turns out I haven’t made much progress in getting Dafdilly presentable/visitable, but I can work on that more, and I hope I can have some people over in the near future. In the meantime, I’d love to visit your town and give you fruits and flowers and stuff. And most of all, Merry Christmas! :mrgreen:

              • aww thanks! im having trouble with my friend code, but then again mabey it will work if i use a ds lite not a 3ds..? hmm… probally just need to get my sister to let me use hers seeing as mine broke.:P if i can figure it out id be happy to wifi!!!!!! oh yeah also i got 2 copies so i have two towns now ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 and its ok that you were spending time with your family i was too until i got sick.. 😦

              • I think WiFi should work with your 3DS as well as your DS. Maybe you should check with your parents/family about what your router security settings are. The DS is only compatible with WiFi that has WEP security, which isn’t as common these days compared to WPA. If you have WEP security, follow these steps on your 3DS/DS:
                1) Start up your DS. On the text box at the start screen, select “Other things”
                2) Then select “WiFi settings”
                3) You’re now at the Nintendo WiFi Connection Setup screen. Tap the blue button that says “Nintendo WiFi Connection Settings”
                4) Now you’re at a screen showing three connection slots. Choose one of these, like “Connection 1”, by tapping on it.
                5) On the next screen, tap “Search for an Access Point”
                6) After a few seconds your DS will generate a list of access points that are available to connect to. Connections with blue locks indicate that the connection is unlocked or available to connect without having to enter any codes to gain access (for example, at a public place/WiFi hotspot that offers free WiFi without any security). A red lock means you will need to enter a WEP code to use the connection. A grey lock means that the router’s security settings will not allow the DS to connect at all.
                7) After selecting the connection that you want to use for AC:WW WiFi, let your DS attempt to connect to it.
                8) If successful, your DS will generate a connection settings page for that connection and you’ll be set to go. You can now exit the WiFi Connection Setup area and head back to the main AC:WW screen.
                9) Talk to Copper at the gate and request for a friend code. Once you have a friend code, you have to use the same DS that you got the friend code for every time you WiFi. If you start using a different DS, you’ll have to get a new friend code and have your friends re-add you with the new friend code. For example, I’ll always use my white DS Lite for WiFing in Dafdilly since that’s what I used to get my friend code, although I can simply play in Dafdilly (without WiFing) on my 3DS or pink DS Lite without any problems.
                I hope that helps. Mayu also has a good guide for this as well on her FAQ:
                Wow, two copies! That’s pretty cool, you could visit yourself with DS to DS if you wanted to. xP

              • IP address? That’s an internet thing, not really a WiFi for the DS thing. I’m so sorry you’re having trouble. 😦 But I hope you’re enjoying Wild World!

  2. Aww what a beautiful new blog name and icon! I love it! And a very detailed analysis of of the music 😛 Haha, for some reason I expected AC:GC music to sound old and slow with traditional-sounding instruments, but instead some of it sounds really modern and upbeat xD
    It’s great you seemed to get the domain name without too much fuss 😀 I actually like “A Forest Life” better than just “Forest Life”. Slightly different meaning, but it’s much more fitting for a blog, in my opinion 🙂 Making it “a” forest life gives it a cozier feel.
    It seems AC:3DS is a lot lower maintenance this time round, with things like town ordinances and the improved golden watering can, so maybe it’ll be much easier to fit around the everyday responsibilities and chores of a real life than before ^^ (Provided you can resist the addiction!)
    Those are some really cool (pfft, geddit? 🙄 ) ideas for your patterns! I’ll look forward to seeing how they turn out ^^ And the standardised post does look neater, especially since you make the effort to remove all the frames from your screenshots. It’s going to be quite a job though; good luck with that! And no rush 😛

    • Thank you Teru! 😀 I didn’t think it was too much of a stretch to add the A in front and I didn’t think it detracted from the blog name, but I’m happy you think that it even enhanced the name! Haha, I probably went into too much detail with the music and all the instances where the Forest Life melody appears. But I was interested to find all these appearances of it in the hourly songs, I mostly just remembered it from the rainy day music. I like the music in AC:GC a lot (you should hear the lovely music that plays on Christmas Eve ^_^), and I look forward to hearing what the music’s like in AC:3DS.
      I haven’t heard about the improved watering can, what does it do now? I think it’s great that your neighbors can help a bit if you choose to have a beautiful town, and I wonder if there are some items that can help in that new gardening shop too.
      Yeah, fixing the posts might take longer than I want it to. >_< I should probably set some goals like 2 per week or something. It won't be the most exciting change/addition to my blog, but I think it would make browsing look a lot neater. I've started drawing the outline for the iced pool, and now I'm wondering whether to fill it in with extra shiny ice or "scratched ice," like from ice skating on it. The latter would probably be harder to achieve on a pattern, though.

      • Ooh that Christmas Eve music does sound lovely, the way the main melody kicks in and then the little trilly bits (I have no idea what else to call them).

        The new golden watering can is great 😀 According to bloggers’ accounts, it’ll water 9 flowers in a little circle around you. I’m a bit confused though because in some pictures it looks like 6. But whatever the number is… multiple-flower-watering, yay! 😀 See the GWC in all its watering glory. 😛 (And while I’m at it, here’s a not-very-good pic of the Märchen home. Aaaand the awesomest page I just found: link.)

        I never thought of scratched ice, that’d be interesting 😀 Haha wouldn’t it be awesome if someone made a huge pattern imitating those real-life 3d chalk pavement drawings that look like the pavement’s breaking up and revealing a whole hidden world below (like the ones by Julian Beever). Some of those are pretty amazing. I sort of want to try now… (in AC:3DS though)

        • Wow, that’s awesome! 😮 It was a good idea to improve the golden watering can a bit; I didn’t use it much before, since all it did was create gold roses, and I didn’t necessarily want to lose all my black ones since I wanted blue ones. Now its usefulness is definitely increased and should make watering flowers a lot easier! 😀 If it weren’t for flowers showing those moving droplets after they’re watered, though, I might have been too paranoid to trust that it’s really watering all the flowers at once, so it’s good that a change was made to the appearance of watered flowers as well.
          The Märchen house looks absolutely lovely, I’ll be tempted by those house decorations as well as the candy ones (and probably others). It’s colorful, whimsical, would probably match my other landscaping decorations around town, and would look nice with some pink and blue hybrids planted around it, I think. That site with all the individual house decoration pieces is wonderful, what a great find! You’re so on top of finding these sorts of things! I see several pieces of the Märchen house, the candy house, and I see what clearly looks like a regal mailbox. I’ve suspected for a while that they’re going to have exterior house decorations for all the furniture themes/sets, so it’s cool to see a few examples of that on the site, along with more basic (but cool) fences and hedges and things. I’m also pretty amazed to see this, it looks like a castle! 😯
          Ahh yeah, that’s a good idea, it would be cool to see! In City Folk it’s probably more do-able, the ground palettes in Wild World might not have enough colors. I’ve seen a screenshot of the colors available for patterns in AC:3DS (the strict palettes from the previous games aren’t there anymore), and I’m curious if some of those colors match the dirt, grass and/or snow well enough to do these sorts of blend-in patterns. In general, though, creating blend-in patterns for fountains and benches and things won’t be necessary in AC:3DS since you can get the real thing. :mrgreen:

      • Merry Christmas Amy!! :mrgreen:
        Btw did you get my other reply to this comment? I wasn’t sure it posted because it had 3 links in it but I got no “awaiting approval” message.

        • Yay, Merry Christmas to you too, Teru! I’m probably too late in replying to this, though, since your time is ahead of mine, it’s close to the next day already. xP Have a great new year as well! 😀
          For some reason I wasn’t notified of that reply and it didn’t go into moderation, but fortunately it wasn’t lost, it went to my spam folder for some reason. 😕 I’ll have to look into my comment settings and see what might have caused it, sorry about that!

          • Lol whoops, I spammed you 😛
            Hmm, I forgot I hardly used the gold watering can for the same reason. A way around that in AC:3DS is probably to water your black roses every day to prevent them from ever wilting (if that feature works), and then you won’t risk turning them gold. The silver watering can is also improved though, which is good. It’ll water a cross-shape of 5 flowers. I’m not sure if you’re talking about the same thing, but besides dripping water, watered flowers also randomly sparkle.
            My handbook arrived today ^_^ I’ve taken pictures of all the house parts and missing community projects (though I was only missing 14 or so!) that I’ll get up later. The pictures could have been better, but they’ll do until I can get my own screenshots, someday xP
            They have such strange options for house shapes! There are lots of different styles of residential houses in real life, but they went for things like castles and palaces 😯 I think I’ll stick with the little cottage, or so the mansion starting to seem these days 😛

            • Sorry, I don’t know why or how that happened! My comment settings allow 5 links, and if there are more than that, it should go into moderation, not my spam folder. xP
              I would absolutely love if you could prevent flowers from wilting the next day by watering all of your flowers! I wouldn’t do it every single day, but it would be nice to do the day before a WiFi party or something, so that your town can look as nice as possible with few wilted flowers. It didn’t occur to me before you mentioned it, but now I really hope that is a new feature/aspect of flower management in AC:3DS! I think it is confusing for new players of Wild World and City Folk that no matter how many times you water all your flowers, some will wilt the next day no matter what.
              Awesome, I can’t wait to see those handbook pictures! 😀 It came so soon! It will be great to see all the different options for house and town decorations, and start to think about which ones I would like to have when I start my AC:3DS town. I thought all mansions would have the same general shape, I wasn’t aware that you could change your house’s shape like that to look like a castle, so weird (and cool!)

              • Oh for some reason I thought watering healthy flowers in AC:CF prevented them from wilting the next day o_o So I guess it just made them less likely to wilt? I only just found out too that the silver and gold watering cans in AC:CF also watered 3×3 flowers, even though it wasn’t animated.
                It did arrive really quickly! I wasn’t expecting it til next year with all the Xmas/Near Year rush.

              • Oh oops, I didn’t know that stuff about AC:CF (that you can prevent flowers from wilting by watering them, and that some watering cans could water more flowers), but I googled and found this, which supports that flowers won’t wilt if you water all of them. So that was a good improvement from Wild World for City Folk that will be carried over to New Leaf!

              • Oh, nice guide ^^ Funnily enough I googled the AC:CF watering mechanics earlier and the general AC:CF-playing populous seemed completely undecided about how it worked.

  3. Merry Christmas Amy! I really love the neu URL of your blog! Do you know why? Because it’s an ac name but it sounds magical too! 😉 Sorry for not comenting a lot but first I was busy at school, and now that we have holidays I have a lot of dinners and lunchs with my family! ❤

    • Thanks a lot Emma, I’m glad you like the new URL! It’s okay, I have been very busy with family over my holiday break as well, so busy that I haven’t had time to really do anything for my blog or Animal Crossing. So there haven’t been exciting things to comment on anyway, just the URL change 😛 Hope you had a great Christmas!

  4. Hey Amy! 🙂 I was just wondering how you actually transport all of your posts to a new URL? I was thinking of doing it (if I’m allowed 😦 ) and I really need to know how. 🙂

    • It is done under “Tools” on your Dashboard, there’s the option to “Export” your current blog, and when you set up your new blog, you “Import” your old blog.

      • Thanks, I may do this, I may not. It all depends on… well if I’m allowed to. Sorry if this is in the wrong place by the way, I just couldn’t think of another place 😆

  5. Aww Amy, I feel so guilty! I missed out on wishing you a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Your new blog looks great, and the name of the URL is so pretty, I really like it! I love how in this post you gave the reasons of why this name, and you really explained a lot about the music played from time to time in the AC:GC. I loved collecting K.K’s songs and I remember I would sometimes even cheat to get more and more, hehe.
    Your posts really make me miss blogging! That’s how I know they are so well done, I think there’s a saying that goes like this: “You could sell ice to a penguin” Heheh, that makes me think of you, your posts are so well done!

    Anyway, I guess I should follow this blog now!! And I’ll add it to my blogroll if you don’t mind 🙂
    May all your 2013 wishes come true, Amy!

    • Yay, Jemma, it’s so great to hear from you again! :mrgreen: Thank you so much, I hope you had a happy holiday season, that everything’s been going great in your life, and that 2013 will be an amazing year for you! I’m glad you like the blog name and this post, I love the music in AC:GC. 🙂 Hopefully I can get some more stuff done with this blog in the not too distant future, thanks for following! 😀

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