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April 30, 2013 at 6:04 PM | Posted in AC:WW | 20 Comments

I haven’t reached spring yet in Dafdilly, but I feel like I need to post because for a little while there I was posting semi-frequently and then it sort of dropped off. My semester is drawing to a close, so I’ve been busy with final projects/papers and exams. Sometimes I take a little time for AC:WW as well, mostly just briefly checking up on Imladris everyday. (I got my first orange rose :D)

I’m still working on the patterns I want to use for springtime in Dafdilly, but I thought I would give a little update on how they’re looking so far since I have nothing else to post on (still need to do the corner pieces):

At the end of my last post on Imladris, I said that I was doing a lot of trial-and-error on these paths, and that I’d finally decided on a white picket fence path border. But as you can see, I changed my plans yet again. >_< Now it's a brick enclosure for the flowerbeds bordering the paths. I also worked hard to make a variety of different flowers (not all are shown on this portion of the path) that resemble AC:WW common flowers and hybrids: roses, tulips, cosmos, and pansies. The piece in the middle (the actual path part) is supposed to be simple red bricks with grass and flowers poking through the cracks.

I specifically wanted to use red bricks for this path to coordinate with my gate. The first springlike flowery paths I made for my town back in August 2011 used palette 2, the pastel palette. I liked the colors, but unfortunately I thought they clashed with my gate:

So I’m really glad to be making some springlike paths that won’t clash with my gate so much, and I won’t have any gripes about the gate area. ^_^ But I might try a pastel color scheme again sometime in the future… the rest of my town doesn’t clash with it — the house styles especially have some pastel colors in them — it’s just the gate. And I can’t let my gate hold me back xP

EDIT 5/2/2013:
Yay, I think I’m pretty much done with the path! 😀 I hope I can add it to my patterns page soon, but I like the instructions on there to be fairly detailed, so in the meantime, I’ll just post the grids here in case anyone is interested. 🙂 All of these patterns use palette 16 in AC:WW.

I liked the idea of having flowers dispersed on the bricks to go with the theme of the flowery path and with spring. To make the flowers on the bricks less repetitive, I plan on using three different variations of basically the same pattern, but with different flowers:

However, if one would rather use just a single pattern slot for the bricks, I think this would work fine:

And here is the plain version of the path:

These are the flowery border pieces:

Horizontal – for bordering paths going left/right
Vertical – for bordering paths going up/down
For changes of direction or crossroads:
Corner 1
Corner 2
Corner 3
Corner 4

The border pieces above are good enough for all the changes of direction and such. But if one wants to end the paths neatly, without any cut off flowers (ie. half a pansy), these four pieces would be useful:
Left horizontal ending
Right horizontal ending
Top vertical ending
Bottom vertical ending

How the ending pieces look.

EDIT 5/6/2013: I have posted the “final” version of the path on the patterns page. There are some very subtle, minor changes between the version there and the version here.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well 🙂 Less than 40 days now (and a handful more for Europe) until New Leaf!


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  1. I love the design, It really does match your gate. 😀 but it kinda looks like a brick wall when the path and the flower bed are stick together. so I was thinking you change a little bit of color on the path/sides
    but i still think it’s a really nice idea! You’re really creative at pixelling. 🙂

    • I wasn’t really looking to change the path further at this point, I think I’ve already spent too much time on it and I’m ready to move on with it. 😛 But thanks, I’m glad you at least like the idea of it 🙂

      • I’m sorry, that’s what i thought when i saw it, but when i look at it now, It looks really normal and fine with being spring and all! I noticed that you put all the flowers here instead of only pansies like the last one! (which is still great!)
        I can’t wait for you to pixel on AC:NL, I think it’ll be really great. I’m excited to see your designs for the new town. 🙂

        • Hehe, well I don’t have any immediate plans or goals for making patterns in my AC:NL town. I’ll probably want to have a slow start, soak in the game, get to know my town, work towards those early game goals, etc… and not be spending lots of time pixeling 😆 I look forward to seeing what your patterns and town in general will be like as well! It will be awesome, I’m sure! 😀

          • I’ll have a slow start too. but honestly, I would like to pixel patterns right away but since there’s so school, I have no choice but to have a slow start xP
            I haven’t planned yet. I planned on my computer but i only got to pixelling only one pattern, i seem more comfortable pixelling on my 3ds more… i’ll have to wait what my mind could pop out with the ‘music theme’ and all. 😛

            • I haven’t planned my patterns yet either. I know the palettes are available if one wants to pixel on MS paint or whatever, but I don’t really feel like doing that. 😛 I have an idea of what sort of general feel I want my town to have in the future, but at first it’ll have more of a rustic feel, so I might just go with plain, simple bricks at first as that would be most appropriate.
              I’m also open to using other peoples’ QR codes, and I’ll be sure to give credit when I do ^_^
              Look forward to seeing your music themed town! :mrgreen:

              • Oh, I wish I could start it like how i started City Folk, I pixeled right on the start. lol. But sadly, school, why must you stop me from having my Animal Crossing Fun?
                Well, If I get it on the midnight of June 9th on digital copy, then I’d have to wait a long time for it to download… Also, I’m scared digital versions might cause error. 😦 I wouldn’t want my town to get corrupted..

              • I don’t think the download should take too long, and I’m sure the digital copies work fine for the most part (and that any corrupted data or problems with them are rare). But if you’d prefer a physical copy to a digital one, it might be worth it to wait a few extra days for it, because this is the sort of game you can play for a long time. 🙂

  2. do you think you could post the patterns of the road and flowers?

    • Sure! I’ll edit this post with the grids when I’m done with the corner pieces 🙂

  3. WHOO, those colours feel like a full-on celebration of Spring! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I love the bits of vegetation poking through the cracks between the bricks, and the variations along the path are a very nice, realistic touch. You take so much care with the little details!
    Gosh, AC:NL feels really close now, and I haven’t done much thinking about a name yet and all that. It feels like I can’t wait and I’m not ready yet at the same time 😛

    • Thanks Teru! ^_^ Yeah, it turned out extremely colorful! I did the red bricks first before I added the flowers, and at first I was worried that it was too much red and green: http://i.imgur.com/mgSqiYH.png But adding the flowers sure brightened things up 😛
      New Leaf is feeling really close for me too! It’s approaching at last after all this time waiting, it’ll be surreal to actually play it! I hope you’ll find a nice name for your AC:NL town soon 🙂 I was hoping something better than Citàlune would have occurred to me by now, but nothing has, so I think I am still going with that. I was really pulling for a character limit increase for town names in this game, oh well.

      • The flowers are awesome ^_^ You can distinctly tell which types of flowers they are and the 3d effect in some of them is so convincing o_o The pre-flower version was pretty nice too (though obviously it gives a completely different feel); the red and the green doesn’t stand out that much – it still gives more of an impression of being red brick and lawn.
        Naw so the character limit is still 8… You’d think it’d be an easy thing to fix in the face of all the grand new features they’ve added. I’m sort of thinking of making Rain my main character if nothing better comes up, but still no idea about the town.

        • Aww, thanks! I’m flattered you can recognize the flowers and think it looks a little 3D 🙂
          I’m sure the town name you decide on will be great! And I love the name Rain! 🙂 I’m trying to decide on my characters’ names as well, I’ve even been looking at baby name websites for ideas and opinions. 😆 Since my town name means moon city, I kind of wanted my mayor character’s name to be fitting for that as well. The latin word for star is Stella, and a different name variant of that could be Estel. I personally prefer Estel, I think it sounds beautiful and elegant, but apparently a lot of people think it sounds old-fashioned and outdated. >_< So I'm having trouble deciding, but I might go with it anyway. Celeste (from celestial) would also be a fitting name, but that's already taken by a prominent AC character. 😛 And I think naming a character Luna in the town Citàlune might be a little too obvious…

          • I like the name Estel. I named my character in Magician’s Quest Estelle 🙂 I didn’t know it was old-fashioned at all. LOL, I just wrote the name thing about Celeste in this comment and then saw what you wrote further on xP Another theme I’ve been trying to find ideas for town and character names in is Greek mythology, but so far everything I’ve come up with is a tad grandiose for a humble Animal Crossing setting.

            • Thanks for your opinion on it, I think I will go with Estel. 🙂 I remember I asked my mom at one point what she thought of the name and she also thought it sounded like an “old” name, maybe it was more popular a long time ago. But that wouldn’t be inappropriate for my Animal Crossing town, now that I think about it, with the fairytale theme. And I guess it’s what I like that matters most! ^_^ It’s funny that you also thought of Celeste! 😛
              Hmm, two that come to mind are Cythera or Asphodel (from Asphodel Meadows), but I am not very knowledgeable about the locations as much as the gods and goddesses’ names.
              I wish you good luck with it! 😀

              • You’re more knowledgeable than I am; I had to look both of those up. Funnily enough I only just learnt the flower name asphodel a couple months ago, so it rang a very faint bell 😛 I actually couldn’t find many nice-sounding place names in Greek mythology. I quite liked the sound of the Elysian Fields, but Elysia being a deathcore band as well as a genus of sea slugs, I thought I could dig around a bit more before I came back to it. Another name/word I like is Arcadia, but seeing as how “urbanised” the newest installment of AC is, I feel as though it’s no longer as applicable.

              • I really like the name Elysia, both how it sounds and the meaning behind it. It sounds like the paradise afterlife, whereas Asphodel Meadows isn’t so much… Arcadia is a great name too, and doesn’t necessarily seem un-fitting to me. I think whether a town seems urban or not kind of depends on how you landscape, like which community projects are built and what paths you have. The town is also a bit separated from the more urban shopping area.

  4. Ahhh Amy you are certainly an expert with patterns!
    Can I just be you? please? 😛

    • Hehe, thanks Tess! But I’m definitely not compared to many others, I have fun with it though 😛

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