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One thing I’ve wanted to do for my blog a while now is add links at the top and bottom of each post to the post before it and the post after it. Some WordPress themes do this naturally, and I think it’s a great feature that really enhances browsing a blog. But my theme doesn’t have this feature, so I’d like to add links manually myself (see this post for an example of what this would look like). It shouldn’t be too hard to do — I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of posts on here or anything. The main reason I haven’t done it yet is because I’m unsure between two options:

1.) Having links to the previous post and the next post in a strictly chronological order, regardless of the fact that the previous or next post could be one on Wild World, New Leaf, City Folk, GameCube, an announcement/hiatus post, etc. This would be good for just browsing my blog in general from the beginning to the end, and it’s the way this feature works if it comes naturally with a WordPress theme.
Example (links don’t actually work, it’s just to show what they’d look like):
« Previous | [Current post title] | Next »

2.) Having links to the previous post and the next post with the same subject. In a Wild World post, the links would to go the previous Wild World post and the next Wild World post; in a New Leaf post, the links would go to the previous New Leaf post and the next New Leaf post…and so on. This would be good for browsing the history of each of my towns, or one specific game, individually.
Example (links don’t actually work, it’s just to show what they’d look like):
« Previous AC:WW post | [Current (WW) post title] | Next AC:WW post »

I’m having trouble deciding on my own, so I’d really appreciate hearing others’ thoughts on it! I’ve also set up a poll:

Thanks a lot for your help! 🙂 And on a somewhat related note, I was recently reminded that a lot of the pictures on my oldest posts are dead now because I did not use the WordPress uploader when I first started this blog (for whatever reason, I used TinyPic). I’d like to go back and fix these old posts eventually, but it will be a long-term, slow project. -_-

A quick AC:WW update:

As I write this my town is still on February 25th, the first day of spring, partly because I wanted to finish a gridded map of this landscaping before it gets messed up with new flowers popping up and such.

Plotting everything out on a gridded map is kind of a pain, and looking at pictures or watching a town tour is better for “re-visiting” later, but it’s nice to have a recording of exactly where everything is.

But that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on; I also wanted to make some progress on the next patterns I plan to use in my town. For the cherry blossom festival, I’d like to decorate my town with a pink lovely theme. It might not appeal to everyone, but the cherry blossom festival is the best time to do something like this, and it’s one of my favorite events in Animal Crossing that I’ve never experienced in Dafdilly before, so I’d like to do something special for it. 🙂

A little preview:

I like the idea of making patterns based on furniture in AC:WW so that you can put furniture outside, in a way. Doing this with the lovely end table and lovely chairs, I think it looks like a lovely cafe. ^_^ Palette 5 is perfect for a lovely theme, and it also has a color that sort of matches the summer dirt. Though it bugs me a bit that it doesn’t blend in as well as the colors on palette 12 do, so I’ll probably change the background behind the tables and chairs to brown bricks or something. After all, even if it’s an outdoor cafe, it’ll probably still have flooring of some kind, right? In addition, I’ve made a lovely themed main path, but I still need to do a matching side path, and I’d also like to make a pattern with cherry blossoms drawn on top of the faux ground color so that I can scatter cherry blossoms around town.

This will be a very temporary theme because once the cherry blossom festival is over in my town, I’d like to landscape my town for a somewhat final layout that will work for any season. In the future I might change the paths every now and then, or tweak certain areas (the gate pond garden, my house’s roof color and garden, etc.), but for the most part things will stay the same, I think. 😦 Soon I’ll have another town to play in since New Leaf is coming out, so once I finish these last few landscaping projects (which will probably overlap with starting my New Leaf town) and catch up to the present time in Dafdilly, I’ll switch to just quickly doing daily chores like watering flowers and talking to my neighbors. I’m not ready to stop playing AC:WW completely because there are still some goals I want to do in my town, like complete the museum and have my eight dream neighbors move in. And if and when I finally accomplish these things, I doubt I’ll want to completely abandon my town, I’ll want to keep it to relish it all. 🙂


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  1. Hm, The second option is a pretty good idea… I’m not really sure, but how about doing both? like the second option on the top and first option on the bottom or something? But for me, I’d rather have the first option so people know what i posted first and what i posted last and etc. (not a good explanation.xD) Like anyone cares though but idk, i prefer the first? xD But the second is a pretty neat idea.

    The imitation of the lovely chairs and table is amazing! and wow, Your town is filled with flowers! specially your island. 😮

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback, Choco, I appreciate it! I’m torn between the pros and cons of each so hearing what other people think should be helpful.
      Thank you, I’m glad you like it! 😀

      • Me too, I’m having problems with my town name too so i’m asking others. 😛

  2. Hmm, in terms of the previous/next links, I think option 2 would be better, because I get the impression that when people read from post to post via the prev/next links, they are mainly interested in the subject they’re currently reading about.
    The ACGC and ACCF posts aren’t as readily accessible since the removal of their menu widgets though, so in that sense maybe they would have more of a presence through mainstream browsing if option 1 was used. It depends on how you feel about your blog though – If you want it to be a more ACWW/ACNL-centred blog then you probably don’t want the other posts to be as prominent.
    Oh gosh, good job, TinyPic o_o All the best for the restoration process >_<
    Whoooa, look at all those flowers 😯 That is a wicked map xD Your lovely theme for the cherry blossoms will be interesting. I don't think I've seen you go for that aesthetic before 😛 (Except for maybe Bell's room.) Having a brick background for the outdoor furniture is a good idea for getting around the problem of matching the ground texture; outdoor tiled areas can be quite nice. I love the idea of scattering cherry blossoms throughout town, too!

    • Oooh and I got your b’day note! Thank you x3 I love the careful drawings you do!

    • That was my thinking as well when I was debating whether or not I should go with the traditional route of this feature or sort of customize it for my blog’s posts. I like the idea that if someone’s interested, they could read all my AC:WW posts or future AC:NL posts in a row very easily. But on the other hand, the other option of just linking everything chronologically might be simpler. Thanks for your input! 🙂 And it’s true that I’m not particularly proud of my postings on AC:CF and AC:GC, they kind of trailed off and didn’t go anywhere.
      Yeah, it should be interesting, the paths I plan to use are pretty different from the paths I usually make (bricks bordered by flowers). I think it’ll look nice with the cherry blossoms, though!
      I hope you had a great birthday, Teru! 😀

  3. I think option two is best – some people mightn’t have been reading your ACWW post and might only read for New Leaf, and get irritated by posts of something they don’t know about or follow. Plus it’s a lot tidier, rather than, say, a previous WW post, then NL, then maybe even a Wi-Fi on CF. And I also like the idea of you using links, because if I miss a post and you’ve gone on to a new one, I can just hit ‘previous post’ instead of scrolling through miles of stuff I can’t really understand unless I’ve read the post I missed. So, yeah, I think option two.
    As a note, I really like your table and chairs by the waterfall. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy your favourite AC event at last! The cherry blossom festival looks awesome in New Leaf, too.
    (Option 2 🙂 )

    • Thanks a lot for the input, those are convincing points! I like the tidiness aspect of the second option too, it’d be like flipping the pages of a continuous journal. I guess I’ll wait for some more votes, but I hope I can add the links soon and that they make browsing easier!
      Thank you! I’m glad too 😀 I look forward to the event right after it as well, the Flower Fest. I really want that trophy xP I wonder if the Flower Fest will be in New Leaf… if not, I guess it’s a Wild World exclusive.

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