New year, new things

Well, kind of — the first month of the new year has already come & gone! But it’s still kind of new 🙂 So I hope you all have had a great start to 2017 so far! I’ve been busy working on some new ~blog housekeeping~ type things for the last month or so, so I thought I would share about some of these new things here.

Despite my initial plan of not putting Citàlune back in the Dream Suite until I considered it ‘finished,’ late last December I decided to do an unfinished dream address update after all, because:
1) The main thing missing in this update is that I have a lot of pattern slots to fill with patterns I’d like to make, but I think it’s still fairly visitable despite the missing patterns, and since it may very well end up taking me a while to finish those, I thought doing a DA update beforehand wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.
2) There was a time late last year where I got paranoid about the health of my ACNL cartridge because it went black on me a few times when playing, and at times wasn’t reading that there was a cartridge inserted on the home screen. And in a weird way, having my town in the Dream Suite would be a small comfort to me if my town got corrupted or something. But I haven’t had any errors in months, so I’m not too worried about it anymore.

To illustrate how potentially long a process it might be to fill in the pattern slots with new designs…
I have 40 pattern slots total available to me with my 4 characters, and I currently have 26 of them filled. That leaves 14 pattern slots to fill, and these are my ideas for ways to fill those slots:

• main 2×2 moon mosaic path for the moon side of town
• more individual 1×1 mosaic tiles for the moon side of town, which may or may not include shooting stars or different phases of the moon
• cracked marble tiles to add as accent pieces to — once again — the paths on the moon side of town
• a more ‘rustic’ individual 1×1 sun mosaic tile to use in the more casual residential areas of the sun side of town (ie. away from the super-fancy areas by the town hall & Lyra’s castle)
• sun design to go inside the stained glass in Lyra’s throne room
• new grassy flowery patterns for the plaza
• little star-reflecting pools for the town tree plaza/moon side of town

As you can probably tell, 14 pattern slots is probably not enough for all those ideas! So in addition to the time it will take to make the patterns, it will also take time to figure out which ones are most worth it to use, and how many pattern slots each of these projects will take up. For example, how many slots would it take to make new flowery patterns/starry pools for the town tree plaza?? And is it worth that many pattern slots, as opposed to one of the other ideas on the list?? Well, who knows ’til I start working on it more, and going through that lovely process of trial and error.

So that’s why I’m worried it might take a while, but I hope it will be worth a re-visit when I’m finally finished with Citàlune, even though many things will be the same. 🙂 And I hope that if you visit it now, that you’ll still enjoy it despite the unfinished-ness, and I thank you for visiting! ❤

I also gave this site a new look, with a new background & header, and a new style of lettering for the headings of side-widgets and pages (which I’m also sillily using in this post :p). This new style of title-lettering is inspired by the font in the previous header I used that Liam made me, and by the blue color scheme of my WordPress theme, Pool. ^^

For reference, here is how my site used to look, for a very long time:

I do miss how…bright(?)…this old look was, and I miss using the header Liam made me, which I only retired using because it had my old Dream Address on it. It’s joined my other retired headers on my About page 🙂
There’s also always the opportunity for me to change up the background and header again later, though, I definitely don’t have to keep it this way forever. ^^

Every single one of my pages has been updated, even if just to add the new style of title-lettering. But in several cases, there were bigger updates given to these pages that had been neglected for a while!

The biggest update of all was to my Villager House Exteriors Guide, which now has all the Welcome Amiibo house exteriors added, and now has more consistent, full-view pictures of all the houses.

For comparison, here are are a few examples of the worst pictures from the old version of the guide, next to pictures from the new version of the guide:



Honestly, it’s kinda embarrassing some of those really bad old pictures went that long without being replaced. o_o Another problem with the old version of the guide, I thought, was that as you scrolled down, your eyes had to keep darting side to side because the houses weren’t always taken at the same angle/side of the picture. Now they’re all in the center as you scroll down. 🙂
Something that helped with the new version of the guide was relying more on the Elite Scavenger Tour on the island to take pictures of house exteriors, instead of dream towns. A side effect of this is that Estel’s medal count has boomed to 1,970 medals xD

It was definitely enlightening & interesting for me to learn the new house exteriors for the Welcome Amiibo villagers, and I think some of these villagers have shook up my previously-decided dream villagers for Bywater and Lórien.
And something bizarre that came up with one of the new house exteriors is that Cashmere’s is almost exactly the same as one that already exists: Poppy’s!

Seriously, the only difference is that Cashmere’s roof is thatched and Poppy’s has roof tiles, and I guess the chimney looks slightly different. There have been houses that look very similar or have different re-colorings, like Chrissy/Francine and Julian/Tiffany, but nothing like this 😮

New QRs have been added to the QR Codes page, most of which are patterns I made for Citàlune in the past few years and just never bothered to add:

I also added the QRs used in these AC:HHD projects, because why not: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This last one, a home for Franklin, was one I never shared because I didn’t finish the exterior to my satisfaction before Thanksgiving, partly because last November was when the AC:NL Welcome Amiibo update dropped. I’m afraid that might just be the way of it from now on when it comes to AC:HHD. :/ I would have loved to have been more prolific in designing more homes, but ever since the amiibo-update, it’s been so much more appealing to dedicate my gaming-related free time to playing New Leaf instead of Happy Home Designer. But who knows, maybe I can still design a happy home every now and then~

New Wild World patterns have been added as well to the WW Patterns page!

That page is a pretty complete collection of all/most of the patterns I made for AC:WW now, which is pretty cool — I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen, since it’s such a pain to make the grid-instructions. I used to take nice screenshots of the grids by pixelling in the patterns in an emulator version of the game on the computer, which was awful because playing on an emulator is so laggy and the controls aren’t nearly as comfortable. What made adding these patterns do-able was that I pixelled them in my actual game (no lag + great controls ^^) and used my capture card to take screenshots of the grids.

Here’s all that was added:

Some of these patterns were made years ago, and they were all made in a game where you can’t customize palettes to your needs, so go easy on your judgment 😛 Also, I specifically wanted a cutesy/whimsical/pastel theme for Dafdilly, so that’s why the style of these patterns are skewed in that vein! (I think it would be fun to make more practical patterns for Wild World, but like I said about AC:HHD earlier, you have to choose your priorities and pick what to focus on..)

That’s about it for now! This blog is a special little corner of the internet for me, and I felt it was time to give it some much-needed TLC after I did my preliminary DA update. But now I will try my best to focus as much as possible on working towards the finished DA update!

About Amy you to for the art of Mayor Estel I'm using as my gravatar!

7 thoughts on “New year, new things

  1. Aww you’re a true perfectionist, haha. You’re always working hard to improve your towns and website, and everything looks wonderful! .< And your digital ones are honestly a masterpiece!!
    Hope you don't mind me stalking your dream town for a while, because that's exactly what I'm going to do right now!! 😛

    • Oops, the comment got kind of messed up, it’s supposed to say this:
      Aww you’re a true perfectionist, haha. You’re always working hard to improve your towns and website, and everything looks wonderful! ❤

      I never realised all your old headers are posted on the About page, I love that idea! Those first few ones look so cute haha, I remember the struggle of taking good pictures in Wild World, and your digital ones are honestly a masterpiece!!

      Hope you don't mind me stalking your dream town for a while, because that's exactly what I'm going to do right now!! 😛

      • Thank you so much Jemma, you’re so sweet and it’s always great to hear from you, I hopr you are doing really well! 🙂 I’m sorry for the late reply also! In recent years I seem to go through these phases of playing intensely and taking breaks, and just had one of my breaks.. but yeah, I can’t help being a perfectionisg during one of my active phases, haha!
        Ahh yeah it’s fun to look back at those Wild World pictures and remember those times, what we’d go through to get good pictures, and what we’d do to improve our towns (no qr codes, no Beautiful Town Ordinance, etc.) Plus it was like 5-6 years ago, it’s fun to be taken back through those pictures ^___^

  2. what kind of theme did you use for this blog? Also I visited your dream town, and I loved it! It doesn’t look unfinished at all, despite you saying it was not your final product. I give it a 10/10 ❤

    • It’s a WordPress theme called Pool! 🙂 WordPress actually discontinued it though because I guess they thought it looked too dated xP I’m afraid to change my theme because then I probably won’t be able to go back to this one.
      Ah, thank you so much! That means a lot to me to hear ^_^ There are actually a lot of little things that kind of bug me about that dream update now. My next one will be a lot more polished and complete! Thank you again!! ❤

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