New year, new things

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Well, kind of — the first month of the new year has already come & gone! But it’s still kind of new 🙂 So I hope you all have had a great start to 2017 so far! I’ve been busy working on some new ~blog housekeeping~ type things for the last month or so, so I thought I would share about some of these new things here.

Despite my initial plan of not putting Citàlune back in the Dream Suite until I considered it ‘finished,’ late last December I decided to do an unfinished dream address update after all, because:
1) The main thing missing in this update is that I have a lot of pattern slots to fill with patterns I’d like to make, but I think it’s still fairly visitable despite the missing patterns, and since it may very well end up taking me a while to finish those, I thought doing a DA update beforehand wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.
2) There was a time late last year where I got paranoid about the health of my ACNL cartridge because it went black on me a few times when playing, and at times wasn’t reading that there was a cartridge inserted on the home screen. And in a weird way, having my town in the Dream Suite would be a small comfort to me if my town got corrupted or something. But I haven’t had any errors in months, so I’m not too worried about it anymore.

To illustrate how potentially long a process it might be to fill in the pattern slots with new designs…
I have 40 pattern slots total available to me with my 4 characters, and I currently have 26 of them filled. That leaves 14 pattern slots to fill, and these are my ideas for ways to fill those slots:

• main 2×2 moon mosaic path for the moon side of town
• more individual 1×1 mosaic tiles for the moon side of town, which may or may not include shooting stars or different phases of the moon
• cracked marble tiles to add as accent pieces to — once again — the paths on the moon side of town
• a more ‘rustic’ individual 1×1 sun mosaic tile to use in the more casual residential areas of the sun side of town (ie. away from the super-fancy areas by the town hall & Lyra’s castle)
• sun design to go inside the stained glass in Lyra’s throne room
• new grassy flowery patterns for the plaza
• little star-reflecting pools for the town tree plaza/moon side of town

As you can probably tell, 14 pattern slots is probably not enough for all those ideas! So in addition to the time it will take to make the patterns, it will also take time to figure out which ones are most worth it to use, and how many pattern slots each of these projects will take up. For example, how many slots would it take to make new flowery patterns/starry pools for the town tree plaza?? And is it worth that many pattern slots, as opposed to one of the other ideas on the list?? Well, who knows ’til I start working on it more, and going through that lovely process of trial and error.

So that’s why I’m worried it might take a while, but I hope it will be worth a re-visit when I’m finally finished with Citàlune, even though many things will be the same. 🙂 And I hope that if you visit it now, that you’ll still enjoy it despite the unfinished-ness, and I thank you for visiting! ❤

I also gave this site a new look, with a new background & header, and a new style of lettering for the headings of side-widgets and pages (which I’m also sillily using in this post :p). This new style of title-lettering is inspired by the font in the previous header I used that Liam made me, and by the blue color scheme of my WordPress theme, Pool. ^^

For reference, here is how my site used to look, for a very long time:

I do miss how…bright(?)…this old look was, and I miss using the header Liam made me, which I only retired using because it had my old Dream Address on it. It’s joined my other retired headers on my About page 🙂
There’s also always the opportunity for me to change up the background and header again later, though, I definitely don’t have to keep it this way forever. ^^

Every single one of my pages has been updated, even if just to add the new style of title-lettering. But in several cases, there were bigger updates given to these pages that had been neglected for a while!

The biggest update of all was to my Villager House Exteriors Guide, which now has all the Welcome Amiibo house exteriors added, and now has more consistent, full-view pictures of all the houses.

For comparison, here are are a few examples of the worst pictures from the old version of the guide, next to pictures from the new version of the guide:



Honestly, it’s kinda embarrassing some of those really bad old pictures went that long without being replaced. o_o Another problem with the old version of the guide, I thought, was that as you scrolled down, your eyes had to keep darting side to side because the houses weren’t always taken at the same angle/side of the picture. Now they’re all in the center as you scroll down. 🙂
Something that helped with the new version of the guide was relying more on the Elite Scavenger Tour on the island to take pictures of house exteriors, instead of dream towns. A side effect of this is that Estel’s medal count has boomed to 1,970 medals xD

It was definitely enlightening & interesting for me to learn the new house exteriors for the Welcome Amiibo villagers, and I think some of these villagers have shook up my previously-decided dream villagers for Bywater and Lórien.
And something bizarre that came up with one of the new house exteriors is that Cashmere’s is almost exactly the same as one that already exists: Poppy’s!

Seriously, the only difference is that Cashmere’s roof is thatched and Poppy’s has roof tiles, and I guess the chimney looks slightly different. There have been houses that look very similar or have different re-colorings, like Chrissy/Francine and Julian/Tiffany, but nothing like this 😮

New QRs have been added to the QR Codes page, most of which are patterns I made for Citàlune in the past few years and just never bothered to add:

I also added the QRs used in these AC:HHD projects, because why not: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This last one, a home for Franklin, was one I never shared because I didn’t finish the exterior to my satisfaction before Thanksgiving, partly because last November was when the AC:NL Welcome Amiibo update dropped. I’m afraid that might just be the way of it from now on when it comes to AC:HHD. :/ I would have loved to have been more prolific in designing more homes, but ever since the amiibo-update, it’s been so much more appealing to dedicate my gaming-related free time to playing New Leaf instead of Happy Home Designer. But who knows, maybe I can still design a happy home every now and then~

New Wild World patterns have been added as well to the WW Patterns page!

That page is a pretty complete collection of all/most of the patterns I made for AC:WW now, which is pretty cool — I honestly didn’t think it would ever happen, since it’s such a pain to make the grid-instructions. I used to take nice screenshots of the grids by pixelling in the patterns in an emulator version of the game on the computer, which was awful because playing on an emulator is so laggy and the controls aren’t nearly as comfortable. What made adding these patterns do-able was that I pixelled them in my actual game (no lag + great controls ^^) and used my capture card to take screenshots of the grids.

Here’s all that was added:

Some of these patterns were made years ago, and they were all made in a game where you can’t customize palettes to your needs, so go easy on your judgment 😛 Also, I specifically wanted a cutesy/whimsical/pastel theme for Dafdilly, so that’s why the style of these patterns are skewed in that vein! (I think it would be fun to make more practical patterns for Wild World, but like I said about AC:HHD earlier, you have to choose your priorities and pick what to focus on..)

That’s about it for now! This blog is a special little corner of the internet for me, and I felt it was time to give it some much-needed TLC after I did my preliminary DA update. But now I will try my best to focus as much as possible on working towards the finished DA update!

Help with deciding on a dream neighbor? + A cool AC book I got

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Hey everyone! I’m sorry for this non-town news post; I haven’t reached the end of December in my town yet so I can’t really do a “End of December” post 😛 Just a little update, though, if anyone is interested (and if you’re not, feel free to skip): What I’ve been working on is re-landscaping my town for winter, completely re-doing the flower arrangements in almost every inch of town. I put thought into the placement of every tree and flower, so stuff like this takes a long time for me, but hopefully it won’t be too long before I finish and then I can update my dream address and move on with winter. 🙂 To be honest, I’d really like to make a new path too (I’m thinking a mosaic path, but a completely new and different one, with suns and moons and stars), but my town in general is so messy right now, so it’s more of a priority for me to re-landscape and clean up than it is to start making a new path at the moment. But I hope I can get started on a new path eventually, maybe! That would put me even further behind, but I’m not in a huge rush to catch up to spring, to be honest…I think winter has the potential to really suit my town (once I finish re-landscaping), and I absolutely love the auroras and everything. Then I think ahead to bright green grass and cherry blossoms and azalea bushes, and wonder how that would suit Citalune, and I’m just like “???” I mean I’ll get there eventually and I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I’m not as excited for spring as I am for winter, and I really want to savor winter a bit and not rush through it, I hope you understand!

Another thing I’ve been working on in my spare time is updating the pages on this blog: I added a new QR codes page and I finished the villager house exterior guide! It’s maybe not a flawlessly formatted guide, and the pictures are inconsistent (different lighting conditions, etc.), but I figured if I was too much of a perfectionist about this project, I’d probably never get it done 😛 I hope it can be useful!

I was wondering if anyone would like to give advice/opinions on a decision I’m struggling with: my “dream” (permanent) lazy resident in Citalune. I think a lot of you know that my criteria for choosing dream neighbors is based mostly on their house exterior — specifically, houses with fairy-tale doors and bright color schemes. (It might seem strange to pick based off houses, but I’m not really picky about neighbors because I feel like I can grow fond of almost any neighbor with time. On the other hand, I am picky about how my town looks, and house exteriors have an effect on that. Plus, many of my neighbors will be close together so it’s ideal if their houses look good together.) Here are the houses of my 9 decided dream neighbors:

I’m not just going through my list of house exteriors and picking my 10 favorites as my dream neighbors, though. If I did that, half of my town might be peppies (lots of fairytale doors and bright colors in the peppy section)! I want to have a balanced set of residents: an equal number of male and female villagers, and at least one of each personality type.

That’s where the decision of the lazy neighbor is giving me trouble. There isn’t a stand-out fairytale-style house in the lazy section; most of them tend to have kiddie or laid-back styles. I’m having trouble deciding between Erik, who doesn’t have a fairytale house but has a really lovely cabin-style house, and Doc, who has the closest thing to my criteria for a fairytale house:

I think the location of the house is important to consider as well for deciding which house would be most fitting. This is where I plan on putting the house of whichever lazy resident I choose (give or take a few spaces):

The house will be above a winding dirt path that connects Re-Tail and a ramp to the beach. The path and the house will be surrounded with colorful tulips and fruit trees, and maybe also some bushes, tree stumps, and mushrooms.

I got this house location once when plot resetting for a different neighbor:

Now for the pros and cons as I see them:


His house exterior might be one of my favorites, fairytale criteria aside.
He has an appealing design (would be very cute to see him walking around in the wintertime!)
His cabin-themed room is so cozy and well-done!

His house exterior doesn’t really match the rest of the houses I have in town.
His brown house might sort of clash with the bright pink and blue Re-Tail building nearby.


His house exterior would better match the rest of my town’s houses.
His house would coordinate pretty well with Re-Tail nearby, since his house is bright blue with a touch of pink, and I think the brick fence would be lovely surrounded by colorful tulips.

Even though his house meets my criteria the best out of all the lazy characters, it’s still not one of my favorite house styles.
Doc’s appearance and house interior might not be quite as appealing to me as Erik’s (but still, fine enough imo).

Thank you soooo very much for bearing with me through all this! I’m just really having a hard time deciding, and I thought it would be best to describe my thought process and criteria a bit before asking for help 🙂 I really appreciate any help, and feel free to vote in this poll if you don’t feel like leaving a comment:

I also wanted to share about a book for AC:NL I got for my birthday that I think is pretty cool! It’s not just a standard guide book, it’s kind of specialized towards the designing/customization aspects of AC (landscaping, room decorating, patterns, etc.) — what a neat concept!

The cover vaguely looks like this (bad quality):

It has a section showing different types of town styles for inspiration:

This one, village 02, was my favorite! The suggested PWPs were a windmill, tulip topiary, and brick bridge.

It looks like village 03 is the same as 02, just at wintertime? I loved how convincing the snow on the path looked!

This one just stood out to me because of how well the base color of the path matched the dirt! I want to find that color (or blend of colors) too :O

No fair, how did all 5 of these trees get lights?! I have lit cedar trees right now and they’re very scattered and random…

I would never feel qualified to make a zen themed town, but I always love seeing them, they’re very nice 🙂

There are lots of room designs shown too ^_^

Bush changing dates.

Tree changing dates.

There’s a guide for all the hybrids too, but this one is for the more difficult hybrids: the purple tulip, black cosmo, purple pansy, and blue rose. I heard that the English Prima guide has a mistake, saying that blue roses are made from BlackxPurple, so it’s good to see that this guide got it right (seemingly) with the hybrid red roses and hybrid red pansies business.

Carpet/wallpaper tips. Depending on how you choose to tile the pattern, you can do some pretty cool things!

The section that might’ve been most enlightening for me was on furniture customization! I didn’t know about the option to re-make this white pot; I especially love the one with flowers on it (so much that you can see I dog-eared the page xP), I’m going to reburbish that one myself!

A pink morning glory? :O

And pretty much all of the flower furniture from Weeding Day can be refurbished into multiple colors *_*

A fair amount of options for this chaise lounge.

I’d heard that the throne could be refurbished, but didn’t know what all the options were or what they looked like, cool!

There’s also a list of the house exterior parts, PWPs, a section of QR codes for paths and things, and more — it’s a pretty fun book to have and I’m glad I got it ^_^

The last thing I wanted to share was this video I found of someone exploring my dream town! I was tickled to see someone else walking around my town and reacting to things, and also kind of embarrassed at the unfinished/lackluster aspects, like that tiny Halloween room in Lyra’s castle and Fern’s empty tent (gotta remember to put some stuff in it next time :P). Thanks to the person who did this video, it made me happy! 🙂

Feedback wanted

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One thing I’ve wanted to do for my blog a while now is add links at the top and bottom of each post to the post before it and the post after it. Some WordPress themes do this naturally, and I think it’s a great feature that really enhances browsing a blog. But my theme doesn’t have this feature, so I’d like to add links manually myself (see this post for an example of what this would look like). It shouldn’t be too hard to do — I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of posts on here or anything. The main reason I haven’t done it yet is because I’m unsure between two options:

1.) Having links to the previous post and the next post in a strictly chronological order, regardless of the fact that the previous or next post could be one on Wild World, New Leaf, City Folk, GameCube, an announcement/hiatus post, etc. This would be good for just browsing my blog in general from the beginning to the end, and it’s the way this feature works if it comes naturally with a WordPress theme.
Example (links don’t actually work, it’s just to show what they’d look like):
« Previous | [Current post title] | Next »

2.) Having links to the previous post and the next post with the same subject. In a Wild World post, the links would to go the previous Wild World post and the next Wild World post; in a New Leaf post, the links would go to the previous New Leaf post and the next New Leaf post…and so on. This would be good for browsing the history of each of my towns, or one specific game, individually.
Example (links don’t actually work, it’s just to show what they’d look like):
« Previous AC:WW post | [Current (WW) post title] | Next AC:WW post »

I’m having trouble deciding on my own, so I’d really appreciate hearing others’ thoughts on it! I’ve also set up a poll:

Thanks a lot for your help! 🙂 And on a somewhat related note, I was recently reminded that a lot of the pictures on my oldest posts are dead now because I did not use the WordPress uploader when I first started this blog (for whatever reason, I used TinyPic). I’d like to go back and fix these old posts eventually, but it will be a long-term, slow project. -_-

A quick AC:WW update:

As I write this my town is still on February 25th, the first day of spring, partly because I wanted to finish a gridded map of this landscaping before it gets messed up with new flowers popping up and such.

Plotting everything out on a gridded map is kind of a pain, and looking at pictures or watching a town tour is better for “re-visiting” later, but it’s nice to have a recording of exactly where everything is.

But that’s not the only thing I’ve been working on; I also wanted to make some progress on the next patterns I plan to use in my town. For the cherry blossom festival, I’d like to decorate my town with a pink lovely theme. It might not appeal to everyone, but the cherry blossom festival is the best time to do something like this, and it’s one of my favorite events in Animal Crossing that I’ve never experienced in Dafdilly before, so I’d like to do something special for it. 🙂

A little preview:

I like the idea of making patterns based on furniture in AC:WW so that you can put furniture outside, in a way. Doing this with the lovely end table and lovely chairs, I think it looks like a lovely cafe. ^_^ Palette 5 is perfect for a lovely theme, and it also has a color that sort of matches the summer dirt. Though it bugs me a bit that it doesn’t blend in as well as the colors on palette 12 do, so I’ll probably change the background behind the tables and chairs to brown bricks or something. After all, even if it’s an outdoor cafe, it’ll probably still have flooring of some kind, right? In addition, I’ve made a lovely themed main path, but I still need to do a matching side path, and I’d also like to make a pattern with cherry blossoms drawn on top of the faux ground color so that I can scatter cherry blossoms around town.

This will be a very temporary theme because once the cherry blossom festival is over in my town, I’d like to landscape my town for a somewhat final layout that will work for any season. In the future I might change the paths every now and then, or tweak certain areas (the gate pond garden, my house’s roof color and garden, etc.), but for the most part things will stay the same, I think. 😦 Soon I’ll have another town to play in since New Leaf is coming out, so once I finish these last few landscaping projects (which will probably overlap with starting my New Leaf town) and catch up to the present time in Dafdilly, I’ll switch to just quickly doing daily chores like watering flowers and talking to my neighbors. I’m not ready to stop playing AC:WW completely because there are still some goals I want to do in my town, like complete the museum and have my eight dream neighbors move in. And if and when I finally accomplish these things, I doubt I’ll want to completely abandon my town, I’ll want to keep it to relish it all. 🙂

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