Main AC:NL Town Information


Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)
Town name: Citàlune
Concept: Fairytale city of the setting sun & rising moon
Founded: June 10, 2013
Town fruit:

Dream Address: 4F00-001F-F5E6

  • DA updated June 2018 — Citàlune is now complete!
  • Visit the fairytale city of the setting sun and rising moon during a beautiful sunrise that doesn’t favor one side of town more than the other.
  • There are clothes at the bridge north of the town tree, and things to carry by the train station.

Town Map

Citàlune Map

Animal Neighbors


Previous neighbors:

Human Residents

Birthday: Jan. 15
Birthday: Sept. 23
Birthday: Feb. 25
Birthday: Nov. 4


Now with links so that I can be organized about completing my museum, and know more clearly about what I have & don’t have donated. Because part of my problem is that I’ll catch something, or see something at Redd’s, and just not realize that I haven’t donated it yet.

Fossils: Complete!

Insects: I still need the rice grasshopper, bell cricket, bagworm, fly, house centipede, & scorpion

Fish: I still need the soft-shelled turtle, salmon, king salmon, mitten crab, gar, sea butterfly, blowfish, football fish, & tuna

Deep-sea creatures: I still need the flatworm, sweet shrimp, spiny lobster, red king crab, spotted garden eel, & horseshoe crab

Art: I still need the mystic statue (Nefertiti bust), robust statue (Discus-thrower Greek statue), & flowery painting (Sunflowers by Van Gogh).

Side AC:NL Towns


Town name: Bywater
Concept: My down-to-earth AC:NL town, with all of the non-demolishable public works, so that I can have a full experience of all the little features I’ve been missing out on in my too-airy-fairy-for-cafes-and-police-stations type towns Citàlune and Lórien.
Town fruit:
Dream Neighbors: Was decided, but then the amiibo-update happened, now undecided! Melba is one, though 🙂
Dream Address: None, town in early stages


Town name: Lórien
Concept: Themed/inspired by the golden woodland of Lothlórien from LotR
Town fruit:
Dream Neighbors: Was decided, but then the amiibo-update happened, now undecided!
Dream Address: None, town in early stages

WiFi Information

Just a heads up, I’m not the biggest WiFier in the world, but if we arrange a trade or meeting (which is more likely if we’ve gotten to know each other somewhat), here is my information:

Friend Codes

  • 3222-6062-4806 ~ My original FC, for my Animal Crossing 3DS XL that I got on June 9, 2013. I no longer use this 3DS for WiFi so please don’t add this FC. If you have it added from the past, you may want to remove it.
  • 0233-2558-0068 ~ My FC for my Galaxy New 3DS XL.
  • 3711-7632-8989 ~ My FC for my capture card 3DS. I like to WiFi with this one if we might want to take high quality screenshots!

Town Rules

Before coming to my town, I’d appreciate if you read the following so that we’re on the same page on what you can and can’t do in my town. Most of this is just common courtesy, but some people do have different rules about what’s acceptable in their towns, so imo it’s just best to make these things clear.

  • Please don’t run in my town, unless it’s on the paths. But if you don’t know my paths well you could easily run over a flower, so I’d prefer if you don’t run at all. You can of course go off the paths (in fact, I’d be disappointed if you only stayed on the paths, since I do quite a bit of landscaping off of them), but please walk when you do so.
  • Please don’t do purposeful damage to my town, which includes cutting down trees, running over flowers, digging up bushes/stumps, taking things on the ground without permission, etc. If you do something on accident, though, I’ll understand!
  • You can take fruit and buy from my shops — I might prefer if you ask or let me know first, just so I’m aware.
  • You don’t have to ask permission to visit my houses and the villagers, explore the town, talk to the villagers, go to the museum, fish and catch bugs, or dig up fossils and gyroids you might find.
  • At times it feels like there’s only so much to do during WiFi, so definitely feel free to let me know what you would like to do — for example, if you want to just hang out and look around town, or if you want (or don’t want) to go to the island. I know some people don’t like doing island tours, so I wouldn’t want to force that on you as an activity if you don’t enjoy it. 🙂

153 thoughts on “ACNL

  1. Just wondering, but you do you edit your player sprites so that it’s only the player and their shadow showing?

    • Hey, I’m sorry for the late reply & disappointing answer, but I got those QR codes from a dream town a while back. The Welcome Amiibo update cleared out the dream database & started over, so I have no way of knowing where to find the town again (and it could have been deleted or the owner stopped playing, etc.) I do know it was a Japanese player. Sorry again, I love those patterns too! Very well-designed

      • It’s okay. I’m late at replying myself. I don’t have the notification’s turned on and I didn’t check often.
        Ahh okay, yeah I tried to revisit the town, but because the Welcome Amiibo update changed the format of the dream codes, I couldn’t find it…I really love those patterns too. Thanks for your help though! (^ ^)

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