Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
Town name: Dafdilly
Created on: July 3, 2011
Town fruit: ( Other: )
Nook’s: Nookington’s (items from group C are most common)
My house: Final expansion
Museum: Almost complete, only missing a firefly!









Previous neighbors: Rod, Blaire, Vesta, Patty, Rowan, Roald, Amelia, Olivia, Kiki, Agent S, Pierce (from Bundeena), Joey, Maple, Peewee, Baabara (from StarCity), Nan, Tipper, Curly, Lobo (from StarCity), Pudge (from Kesh), Sally, Curt (from Red Bank), Lily (from Bundeena), Snake, Goldie (from StarCity), Punchy, Hugh, Aurora (from Anicotti), Octavian, Bill, Pippy (from awesome), Monique, Antonio, Margie, Maelle, Big Top (from Red Bank), Filbert, Kid Cat, Kitt, Rolf, Jay, Apollo, Lucky, Patty, Elvis, Whitney, Samson, Static

Map made by Teru:

Gridded map:

Birthday: January 15

Birthday: July 31

Birthday: November 4

Birthday: ?

Cutetown — My first AC:WW town for the DS was called Cutetown and my character was named Amy. I didn’t reset for this town (or give great consideration to the town name, obviously), so when I got back into playing again after years of not playing AC:WW much, I decided to restart my town and look for one with a better layout and other specific features, like house designs, and Dafdilly was born.

Imladris — This is a town I created on one of my extra AC:WW gamecards to grow more hybrids, since I started to cut back on hybrid-growing areas in Dafdilly. For more information, see this post.

Red Bank — I’ve mentioned Red Bank some in my posts on Dafdilly, so here’s a little explanation. My dad played AC:WW for a while when it came out, and his town was Red Bank. He doesn’t play in Red Bank anymore, so before I restarted my original AC:WW town, Cutetown, I moved my character Amy to live in Red Bank so that my catalog would be preserved. So I’ve ordered things for Dafdilly using Amy’s catalog, and I also use Red Bank as a bit of a storage town sometimes.

214 thoughts on “ACWW

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    • I haven’t watched much video footage of AC:NL because I guess I don’t want to “spoil” myself too much. But I’m jealous, I’m so eager to see what the gameplay and stuff is like! 😀 I have seen lots of pictures, though, and I’m really excited about all the new customization options for your character and town.

    • Hey again! ^_^
      I’m sorry, I don’t. 😦 I still have Claire from An Ville added, though. xP You could try asking Teru, maybe, I bet she still has it! 🙂 Or digging around on your blog maybe you could find it somewhere, in some old post… good luck, and I’m sorry I can’t be of any help. >_<

      • Thank you! I couldn’t find it on my blog so i tried asking you but hey, you got it. proves you got more blog digging skills than me. xD

        I was opening up my ac:ww page again, to put my old towns and to let people know i don’t play only city folk or new leaf in the future. 😛

  2. Hi Amy! I have a quick question, if you scroll up to the top of this page and look at the photo representing Dafdilly, how did you get the pattern on the ground to look like stepping stones? It’s really neat! Love the blog by the way, and feel free to visit my blog that’ll be open once New Leaf comes out ^^ its called the Shantaki Times :3

    • Hi! Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog, I’ll be sure to visit yours later on! 🙂 I made the pattern using palette 12, a unique palette that contains colors that blend in with the colors of the grass and dirt in AC:WW. Most of the pattern has a dirt background, but on the edges of the pattern I added grass so that it could blend in with grassy areas. I’m glad you like it, the whole thing can be found on my patterns page if you’re interested. ^^

  3. I have an idea for your town.On your main characters birthday, you should hold a party, and invite people over by WiFi and eat loads of fruit and sparklers! You could have races too 🙂

    • I’ve had WiFi parties in the past, including one for my birthday last year. 🙂 Don’t think I’ll be doing much more of those, AC:WW WiFi is very scarce these days and some of my old AC:WW WiFi friends have stopped playing.

  4. If you still play ac:ww I would love to know if you would like to wifi with me??? I completely understand if you are not interested but no one I know still plays animal crossing and I love visiting other towns. 🙂

    • I’d be open to that! 🙂 But due to being busy with New Leaf and real life stuff, I don’t play Wild World as much as I used to. But maybe we can schedule a meeting sometime!
      There are also probably other people out there who still play Wild World and WiFi; I’d recommend checking out ACC for instance.

    • Aw, there’s no need to assume I won’t reply. I am indeed ‘back’ in the sense that I check my WordPress blog more, and I have posted within the last few months and plan another. xP However, I don’t have much time to WiFi right now…maybe someday though! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  5. I’ve always absolutely loved animal crossing! It’s been my favourite game ever since I got Wild World as a kid 🙂 I sometimes listen to the soundtrack on Youtube and read all the cute comments and stories people share. I think there’s a really lovely sentimental community of AC players who love the simple beauty and friendship in the game 🙂 I’d move to animal village in a heartbeat ha ha! So happy I found this blog 🙂 Thanks for making it, I hope you continue to update 🙂

    • Aww, this is such a sweet comment, thank you so much! 🙂 I’ve always loved Animal Crossing as well, since my first town with my dad on the GameCube version, and my love for it has only grown over the years as the series has grown. I’ve done the same thing on YouTube, looking up old hourly songs from the GameCube version or for Wild World and reading people’s memories of them, like “this was the tune I always heard when I played after coming home from school” and whatnot. It is such a fittingly lovely community for a game that is nostalgic and special for so many people! Thank you for finding my blog and commenting, and I won’t be done with it for perhaps years longer I think 🙂

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