Citàlune re-opens its rusty gates

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My first WiFi in ages is thanks to Liam here, who suggested a little over a month ago that we have a get-together like old times before he goes back to school with more questionable WiFi opportunities going forward.

Seconds after Liam arrived, a huuuge and wonderful surprise for me arrived in the form of Vee from Delltune, aka Choco! 😀

We take the time to greet each other and soak in the special moment of the three of us meeting up again, after years of being friends through Animal Crossing, but after about 2 years of not WiFing much at all. x3

I didn’t have anything in particular planned, but we just enjoyed each other’s company as I showed them sights around town, some of which were new or a bit different from before.

Liam gave us some balloons for the occasion, which was very generous of him! And we matched cutely with each other as we walked around town, two orange balloons and two bunny balloons ^_^

Liam and Choco were ahead of me in entering Estel’s castle, and I got a kick out of this sight as I walked in xD Liam said, “Welcome to your home, Amy” 😛

Having fun with typical WiFi shenanigans 😛

Aw, Choco looked lonely over there, so we joined her xP It’s too bad we can’t all sit on one bench!

But we can all three sit under the town tree 🙂

While were were reading Citàlune’s history, the clock struck 7pm, which we didn’t hear because of the town tree’s music. However, since it was a meteor shower night, we did start seeing shooting stars in the background, sometimes quite poignantly in time with the music or special moments in the tree’s scrolling story *__*

Since the meteor shower had started, I came up with the grand plan (not…) of getting a group picture of us making a wish at the same time. Let’s just say there was a lot of dead air >_> And a lot of waiting around for shooting stars that seemed reluctant to show after being so frequent minutes ago!

We were eventually rewarded for our patience ^^ Though we found that because of WiFi lag, it was hard to get a picture of us all bowing at the same time — I merged two photos for this picture.

This is a shot that sure came out interesting 😆

Giving Choco a round of applause in the performance hall 😀

I was amused that the only real dance move we could do in Lyra’s ballroom was the Shrunk Shuffle, but poor Liam couldn’t join in~

A continuous source of laughter for me was all the catches Liam was making during the WiFi! “What will he catch next?” xD

We share another peaceful moment together watching the shooting stars 🙂

Choco looks like she’s running on the bridge’s side-rail somehow, and Julian looks like he’s wearing a crown! Choco was off to make a catch of her own, the firefly floating above the river ^^

Saying our goodbyes after this long, fun, wonderful WiFi that had me grinning or laughing 98% of the time ❤ Thank you so much to you both! This was a great way for Citàlune to re-open its gates again 😀

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Some (mostly) not-so-recent WiFis!

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I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post!! This past holiday season was a busy one for me. I hope it was wonderful for you all, though, and that you’ll have a great new year! 🙂

To start off with, this is a WiFi in Kiki’s town Meadow that actually should’ve been shared about in my last AC:NL WiFi post. I didn’t intentionally leave it out, but the screenshots from this WiFi got lost in a particularly huge SD card-importation, and I didn’t find them until later.

I went over as my character Violet for a change, since Kiki needed the sky wall for one of her rooms, and Violet currently has that wallpaper in her bedroom, so it was most convenient 🙂

Violet stepping into Meadow! What a pretty entrance ^^

After dropping off the wallpaper, she let me look around, which was nice of her since her town was under some top secret construction for a dream update! And at this point, the construction is long-over and the dream address is open to the public at 6200-2397-3562 — check it out 😀

Ahh what a cool tree-lined pathway to the cottage — and I love its exterior, too!

I assume this might be the room the sky wall was needed for? It’s veery pretty, wow 😮

An impressive collection of villager pics, and what a cute way they’re displayed :3

Kiki even gave me a villager pic to take home with me—Freya’s! Thanks so much Kiki, that was really nice of you ❤ Thanks for having me over as well, and sorry for this late post on it!

Another not-so-recent WiFi was with Lenore, and judging from the color of the trees, it was sometime last Autumn 😛

Lenore had just grown one blue rose from scratch on her own (!!!congrats!!!), so I gave her one of mine so that she could easily grow more from that pair 🙂

I thought this was a cool view of the town hall roof with the golden garden behind~

Lenore showed me around to the changes and additions in her town, including this little side trail that branches off from the path in her residential area.

The trail leads to some topiaries and a fountain, creating a pretty little secret garden x3 And it’s a great use of this little space by the river!

Lenore’s town is themed around the four seasons, and the spring-themed castle’s interior is coming along nicely!

Fell in a pitfall outside Lolly’s house 😛 Thanks for your concern Lenore xP

Noelle’s winter-themed property is coming along beautifully as well! I’d love to see how it looks currently, perhaps with a shimmering aurora overhead 🙂

Though the highlight at the time of year this WiFi took place, of course, was the Autumn-themed area of town! Everything was so fitting for the season and emphasized the warm colors so well 🙂

My favorite addition of all was probably the little sparkling blue pools by the town hall, fenced in by bushes. I just love the effect!

Since a fishing tourney was going on that day, I couldn’t resist participating a bit, and was pleasantly surprised that my randomly caught rainbow trout was the best catch of the day so far ^^

After that, we went over to my town for a bit. I didn’t take many pictures, but here are a few nice ones of us on benches:

This was a very fun WiFi; I got to visit Angie’s Halloween-themed town of Yorkwood for a Halloween party!

The party was basically open to anyone on Tumblr, so I’m glad I got a slot to come over! Look at all these goodies she had laid out for guests 😮

Having fun with said goodies 😀

The gift I was most thrilled about picking up was this yellow glow wand!! The last time the winter solstice event rolled around in my town, I got four blue glow wands, so I’m very excited to have a different color now :mrgreen: It reminds me of a witch’s magic wand, so I’ll probably give it to my character Violet (who’s supposed to be a magician) to carry.

Besides the goodies and fun Angie and her guests provided, there was also the standard festivities to enjoy as well, trick-or-treating the villagers and searching for Jack.

I also enjoyed just looking around Yorkwood since it’s such a wonderfully decorated and themed town, and I hadn’t ever been to it at night before (the dream address is usually set at sunset)

Pretty view here *__*

This winding river surrounded by wildflowers and foliage is perfect

And I love how there are so many purple villager houses in Yorkwood. Angie said it was an accident, too, how lucky!

Angie, me, and the other guests admiring the view of the starry sky over the lake x3

Just as Angie was showing us these spoooky skeletons in the candy kitchen (Hansel&Gretel-esque?), WiFi crashed and I decided to not come back in order to give others the chance for a slot in Yorkwood’s party. Thanks so much for hosting this fun event, Angie, I really enjoyed it — and all the gifts, especially my new glow wand! 🙂

Jumping ahead to the only recent WiFi in this post, I went to a second party in one of Angie’s towns, this time in her newly redecorated town of Maplerow on New Year’s Eve! 😀

The first thing I did was head to the plaza to meet Maplerow’s Isabelle and get a NYE hat from Redd. The only options for me were the green hat or the yellow hat, and I chose the yellow one, but ended up getting the other color hats in the gift-wrapped goodies scattered all over Maplerow ❤ Thanks for those, Angie!!

Maplerow is an all-bear town now, and they all looked so cute in their little hats :3 I was especially happy to meet Paula since I have her in my town too~

Just 10 seconds to go 😮

Yaaay :mrgreen: Happy new year! ❤ (Though for me it was really 8pm ^^)

Celebrating all over Maplerow with sparklers and poppers from the goodie bags:

We also made sure to get a special pic of us firing off sparklers together! From left to right it’s bebebese, me, grcninja, and Angie. And I really like the gif Angie made of this moment here

soo many beans xD

A glimpse of the special 2015 firework! Not a good pic of it, though..

Having fun in the adooorable playground next to the kindergarten-themed house!

Towards the end of the party we glitched across the train tracks and had fun there! I was taking an embarrassingly long time to glitch across with the net trick, so Anne/grcninja helped me out by doing the tweeter trick instead — thanks Anne!

After 2AM the fireworks stopped, but Izzy/bebebese noticed that the popping bubbles were like itty bitty mini fireworks, aww x3

Thanks so much for having us, Angie, it was a blast!! :mrgreen: I really appreciated both these holiday parties since my own town is in a completely different season xP It was so nice of you to host them, and to be so generously giving with all the gifts. And thanks as well to the other guests who helped made these parties so fun :3

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It’s time for a WiFi catch-up post!

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And it’s about time for a new post in general, isn’t it? I’m really sorry for my inactivity the last month or so! I haven’t been inactive in AC as a whole though, since I’ve been pretty busy working on my town, along with doing some WiFing, as this post will show.

Starting off with a lovely visit to Cassidy’s town Miagen in July!

Her town had gone through a lot of development since my last visit, from room updates to dream neighbors achieved to new pathing and gardening.

Cassidy’s going for a dream team of blue neighbors in Miagen, and since house exteriors tend to reflect their owners, there are lots of blue house styles as well in Miagen, matching the serene atmosphere of the town’s landscaping with its many blue flowers and winding streams. She’s even working on re-decorating her dream neighbors’ houses with blue furniture, which can be a very daunting process, so major props to her for that!

The bush-lined paths looked really nice too! I bet they’re blue hydrangeas, which must look striking with the rest of the town when they bloom.

I spotted an intriguingly large shadow in Miagen’s river, and it was exciting to reel in a pretty golden dorado! x3 Aw I miss the summer fish…

The last time I visited this cafe it was all snow and winter-themed, and this time it was green and flowery! A seasonally updated cafe, how cool 😀

And this freezer room for the cafe was an especially cool idea and execution, I thought!

In general the rooms in Miagen are so amazing and creative, like who would have thought to pair emerald-customized furniture with a nighttime garden? (I actually remember deciding at one point that I’d never use emerald furniture because after seeing pics like this I thought it was too bright for me…But it looks so beautiful here!)

And last but definitely not least, I was thrilled to visit this room again and see how it’s expanded and improved! My applause sums up my reaction — probably one of my favorite rooms I’ve seen 🙂

Besides walking around exploring and admiring Miagen, we also had a really nice chat about a variety of things from pokemon to ideas for fantasy medieval-style taverns 🙂 Thanks so much for having me over, Cassidy, I really enjoyed the visit!

Another WiFi I had, just a day later, was a second visit to Lurai and Ai’s town of Tenshi 🙂 (Last time I WiFied with her character Lurai, this time with Ai). Her cute outfit matched this spot well ^^

And these vibrant pansies coordinate really well with the house exterior of Ai’s house!

The elegant castle exterior of Lurai’s house really appeals to me too 🙂

These were my favorite rooms in the two houses; I loove that doll display(?) item, and there’s such a cool mix of items in both rooms!

Having fun ringing the bell in a field of pansies 🙂

This mushroom stump spot is really cute, and in general Tenshi has such a sunny atmosphere with all its yellow flowers, I love it! ^_^

Admiring the view of a wind turbine across the river

Just as Ai started showing me around an extensive park and I started snapping pictures, I got the dreaded message that my photo storage was full >_< Ahh the park was really impressive, wish I could've taken some more pics! But thanks so much for letting me explore your town, Ai, it was really fun and interesting to see all the new changes and additions 😀

A couple weeks ago — or maybe it was more like a month ago, I don’t remember — I went to Choco’s town Delltune to drop off some perfect oranges, since her one perfect orange tree got destroyed by a new neighbor’s house. (I’d collected a bunch of perfect oranges from a previous town on my other gamecard, so I had plenty to give her)

There was a fireworks show going on, so we had fun watching that and setting off sparklers, and reminiscing about our first WiFi together, which was in her Wild World town StarCity during a fireworks show. And we’d also WiFied together in her first New Leaf town Belltune during a fireworks show about a year ago 🙂

Haha 😛 Unfortunately our WiFi was cut short by WiFi errors, but we still had a really nice time while it lasted 🙂

I made a new friend on Tumblr recently, and normally I’d give a link, but it’s a personal blog and not an AC tumblr or anything. But she’s really nice and even gave me my favorite pokemon, Clefairy, in Pokemon X the other day :3 And a few weeks ago I visited her town, Okelani!

Some pretty spots around town in Okelani 🙂 It’s gone through lots of construction since this visit, so it’s even better now, and you can check it out at the dream address 5300-4608-7132.

This snowman matryoshka is simply adorable!! x3

Hehe, what it says when you pay off a PWP in another town.

A friend of hers stopped by to play too and she was really nice as well 🙂

Group pic~

The three of us went to the island to swim and such, and do tours 🙂 There was a little game-title mention in Kapp’n’s song!

We did well at some tours and failed at others, like this one…I’m generally awful at the maze ones 😐 But we still had a great time, thanks so much for the fun WiFi! 😀

Since our WiFi got cut short by errors the previous time, Choco and I had another WiFi not too long ago, this time starting in my town since she had a petition to fill up.

Setting off sparklers, always a fun WiFi pastime :3 Thanks for bringing those!

Choco got a sneak peak of some changes and additions to my town, but overall it was quite messy and under construction, so we left to go to her town after she got a look around and got her petition done.

Upon arriving in Delltune I immediately started to explore and came across this beaaautiful spot ❤ I have no words, just beautiful!

Stopping by the riverside well spot, which I’d also admired the last time I visited.

Some cool paving and fencing around Re-Tail!

Visiting a very cool neighbor, Ruby the moon bunny 😀 (In the Japanese version her name is Luna!)

Stopping to get a cup of coffee ^^

Yay, congrats on your new lighthouse Choco!!

And on your sittable tree, aww (it’s been that long already?!)

I thought I could detect Choco’s influence on the neighbors’ dialogue 😛 Hahah I ❤ you Choco.

We also watched a riveting soccer game xP

What a sweet way to honor your first jacob’s ladder!! I wish I thought of it, who knows what my first jacob’s ladder is now..ah well.

A beautiful and touching spot in her town, to honor her dog :’)

It creates a lovey view by the waterfall, too 🙂 Thanks so much for such a fun WiFi and letting me explore your town, Choco — Delltune’s coming along so well and it was such a pleasure to visit!! 😀

Well that about wraps it up 🙂 For a lot of these WiFis I had to say that I couldn’t host in my town, so I thought I’d mention that my town is no longer under construction and I can have visitors again for now! But the construction was for the cherry blossom festival, which I can’t keep my town on forever, so I’ll need to make more adjustments at some point. If a WiFi doesn’t work out, you’re also free to visit my dream address (4800-2245-2005), which I just updated recently ^_^ Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great week!

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