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Right now Citalune is kind of at a stand-still because of neighbors moving-in/out reasons, and I guess because of reasons resulting from my perfectionism as well! xP You see, I’m currently stuck on the date Melba is packed up, March 17. I plan on moving Melba to my second, more casual, town Bywater. But even though the town is more casual, I still want to be very picky with Melba’s house location since she’s my favorite neighbor and I want to make her spot in town kind of special. I need to strategically spread PWPs all over Bywater so that it’s not impossible to reset for Melba’s house plot to land in the exact spot I want. That is what I’ve been working on lately, and it’s kind of a confusing process for me, figuring out the spaces apart that I should put PWPs xP

In the meantime, I’ll share about some of the New Leaf WiFis I’ve had recently, including a few trades and visits with Lenore, Marina, Choco, and Megan.