A Gallery of AC:WW WiFi Memories

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I wanted to do a little tribute to the wonderful memories I’ve made WiFing with friends in AC:WW, now that AC:WW WiFi is no more. I first started WiFing in AC:WW when I started this blog and met fellow bloggers. Animal Crossing has been a special game for me, being a great way to create my own little paradise world that I can escape in and enjoy, being a bit of a creative outlet (as cheesy as that sounds), and not least of all, a way I can (and have) met lots of awesome people who I’m glad have become a part of my life, even if just in a small way like WiFing together, blogging together, seeing their posts in my Reader/Dashboard. This is a thank-you and an honor to all those people and the memories we’ve made together! 🙂 I’m sorry that not every single WiFi is included, though; I thought it would be best to be a tad selective(?). I hope you enjoy the gallery!

This was my very first WiFi in Animal Crossing ever! It was with Teru (linking to her Wild World blog, since that’s what’s relevant to this post, but she’s also the owner of the New Leaf blog, Lily of the Valley) in her gorgeous town Bundeena! Here we are together in her mush room, which I’ve always liked because of the assortment of items mixed in with it, that still seem to match well with the room regardless!

And this was always my favorite spot in her town, the hybrid garden of mostly pink and purple flowers! 🙂 It was awe-inspiring to see in person for the first time, with the gold rose in front of the apple tree, and Lily’s cute red cottage in the distance! And it got even better over time, as she grew more hybrids. I’m toying with the idea of doing an attempt at fan-art of this spot, but if it turns out too embarrassing, I won’t post it xD This spot will always be in my heart, though ❤

This was my first visit to Choco’s beautifully landscaped, elegant, and cozy town of StarCity! It was in the middle of a fireworks show, with a view of a constellation called “Rat Face” that I later picked up in my own Wild World towns and still have today. :’)

And this was Choco’s first trip to Dafdilly, I believe! I’ve always liked this picture of us looking out into the ocean in the rain.

This is a moment that will always make me smile, I think! 😛 Choco picked up a path pattern on accident and felt she had to punish herself for it, haha! The act of picking up the pattern=no big deal, easily fixed. This moment=priceless 😀

Setting off sparklers in my first “party” in Dafdilly — hence the silly party hats xP From left to right in this picture it’s Jemma, Teru, and myself. Choco was on the far left, and unfortunately cut out of my picture.

Here are the four of us again at my party, after a King Tut mask race (since the mask makes you trip)! It was pretty funny because I couldn’t tell who won, since I gave them all Nile shirts to match the mask! Didn’t think that through xD (I found out later that Teru won!)

In my favorite spot in Bundeena again, with a sleepy Rain! I’ve always loved this scene because our dresses look so pretty in this spot with the matching pastels, and I love the idea of Teru’s character Rain sleeping in the flowery meadow ❤

This was a later WiFi in Bundeena (as shown by the Autumn trees), but I thought I’d include it after the previous picture because I love this picture for the same reason — our pretty dresses and crowns (Choco and I this time) matching the beauty of this spot!

This is Choco’s Flower Paradise island in StarCity, filled with hybrids! 😀 I always loved visiting her island, it was so beautifully decorated!! ❤ Later on she even added a fountain and little park. I love the misty blue sky in this picture, it seems like such a peaceful atmosphere.

Choco and I bed-bumping , always fun 😛 I like how we have the same expression at the same moment.

Me, Choco, and Usagi setting off sparklers in Usagi’s town Tropica! 🙂

Net fight in StarCity! This was actually when Jemma first arrived to join the party, so our greeting for her was a welcoming net whack 😛 I remember Choco even had a “battle arena” set up for the net fight, a ring of trees!

Messing with Saima by getting the same haircut and outfit as her (the butterfly dress designed by Teru) in her town Ivy Hill. (Left to right: Saima, me, Choco)

Matching butterfly outfits again, this time in Teru’s town Bundeena! We all really loved that pattern, hehe! (Left to right: Choco, me, Teru)

Choco, me, and Teru showing off some pretty umbrella designs in an Autumn visit to my town 🙂 I like how the trees seem to be framing us.

Showing off umbrellas again, this time in Jemma’s town usa! This was my first visit to her town 🙂

Probably the biggest WiFi party I ever threw, for my birthday in 2012! 😀 I’d set up a CandyLand track — along with candy decorations to match — in my town, and we played that and other games, and set off party poppers! (Left to right: Jemma, Teru, me, Lenora)

Usagi, Jemma, and I having a picnic together in Jemma’s town usa, taking a little rest after playing many fun games during her spring-themed party! 😀 Jemma has several cute picnic spots in her town, along with pretty flowery paths and lots of orchards!

Liam visiting Dafdilly! Had my town all done up in a candy theme.

The two of us enjoying the calming atmosphere by Whitney’s private beach, with the lovely 8 PM music playing.

Then we visited his town Sherwood, where we each got a picture of the other blowing dandelions ^^

Setting off sparklers with Petite D during my visit to her town Bentley! I always loved reading her blog so it was such a treat to visit and see everything and everyone in person.

Dafdilly’s last hurrah before AC:WW’s WiFi was cut off! See my previous post for more, of course. (Left to right: Jemma, Megan, me)

Visiting my favorite spot in Talie’s town of Osworth, the wishing spot! So glad I got to see this beautiful spot in person, and make my own wish and write letters there ❤

Well, that’s it for my gallery! I hope some of you enjoyed it, and hopefully it brought back some memories 🙂

Lastly, I’d like to include this little collage of some of the moments above! Full disclosure: I was heavily inspired by Petite D’s adorable collage of her AC:WW memories here (and in fact, pretty much did exactly the same thing >_>). I asked her if it was okay, though, and she said it was fine, so many thanks to her! 🙂

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Last WiFis in Wild World

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I wanted to make sure I got to WiFi a few more times in AC:WW before its WiFi was cut off today on May 20th! Instead of doing like five different posts, I thought it might be best to try to fit them into one. So expect lotsa pics! Also, I’m sorry for the less-than-stellar quality of some of these pictures; I’m much better at taking AC:WW screenshots when I’m not WiFing.

Dafdilly’s Last (Major) Hurrah!
IRL Date: May 12, 2014
(On this day I opened my gates for hours, hoping for visitors! You might’ve seen me post notices about this on wordpress/tumblr 🙂 )

Megan (who I’ve prevously mentioned on this blog as Megan from Blossom and Megan from Bloom, in AC:NL) was the first to arrive! In AC:WW her character is Cakey from Sugarey 🙂

The first thing we did was head to Shampoodle for a haircut. Dafdilly’s Shampoodle has been the home of quite a few friends’ makeovers over the last few years, hehe, I’m glad I’ve been able to help people customize their character’s appearance! (Though no longer 😦 )

Having a picnic with Megan ^_^

Jemma arrived next, and Megan knew of Jemma through her blog AC:WW Book, so that was cool they could meet! 😀 And I loved getting to WiFi with Jemma in AC:WW again, since we’ve been AC buddies for quite a while (since 2011 or so!)

Setting off some sparklers together! ^^

Later on, after Megan and Jemma left, Talie from Osworth came over to visit Dafdilly for the first time! Here we are having some dessert together in my newly restored sweets main room. For a while I had this elegant library as my main room, but it didn’t feel as right to me as this set-up, so I went back to it. (And also, I ended up doing a similar elegant library room in New Leaf!)

Talie and I visiting the lily pond garden 🙂

Unfortunately that’s all the (good) pictures I got; my camera ran out of batteries and my lighting situation wasn’t ideal for taking pictures. If you want to see some pictures Talie took of her visit, check this out! ^_^
And thank you all — Megan, Jemma, and Talie — for coming! 😀 I really appreciate it! It was a better turn-out than I’d hoped, truly a great last hurrah for Dafdilly! x3

Visiting Cakey in her town Sugarey
IRL Date: May 19, 2014
(Megan wanted one last WiFi together in AC:WW, and this time we went to her town, Sugarey, which is fairly new!)

The first thing I did in Sugarey was buy something from Nookway so that it could become Nookington’s eventually! Phew, just in time, right? Right before it gets a whole lot more difficult for players to get Nookington’s o_o

She gave me a tour around Sugarey, and we stopped to admire this pretty garden of pink and white roses in between her house and museum 🙂

Some cool purple houses by the beach!

An impressive collection of hybrids already!

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a long time and have very good memory might remember me saying multiple times that this is my favorite pond in AC:WW! I just love the shape and size of it.

Another thing I was quite jealous of, a pond by her house! It’s something I would’ve loved to have in Dafdilly, along with more ponds in general. But I reset for four specific house styles, so I guess I was quite lucky to get those. *sigh* It’s hard to get everything you want in a town.

Blowing dandelions in this peaceful and scenic oceanside spot 🙂

Thank you for the tour of Sugarey, Megan, and for always being so nice! It was awesome and a real treat meeting up with you in Wild World after all our New Leaf WiFis! 😀

Meeting up with Talie one last time
IRL Date: May 20, 2014 (around 1 AM)
(Warning: I might’ve gone a bit overboard with picture-taking! I guess because it really hit me that this would be my last..ACWW WiFi..ever!

After midnight struck, becoming officially May 20th where I live, I decided to try opening my gates to see if AC:WW’s WiFi had cut off yet, and to my surprise and delight, it hadn’t! Also, I happened to have a rainbow in my town, which I thought would be a cool thing to see for any potential visitors who stopped by for the last time:

Shortly after, Talie from Osworth came over! 😀 Hehe, she was online too, I assume doing the same thing as me, checking to see if the AC:WW WiFi still worked. We WiFied from around 1 AM to 4 AM or so, both being night owls ^_^ It was very fun, I don’t think I’d ever done anything like it before! Like an online AC sleepover or something 😆

Got a picture of the two of us on my island 🙂

After Dafdilly we went to her town, Osworth! This was my second (and last :cry:) visit. I never got around to posting my first visit to Osworth on WordPress, but you can check out the photo-set here if you want to see some of my pictures from that meeting! I’d say Osworth was even more beautiful this time, in the sunset and with fewer wilted flowers. And Talie had made some landscaping changes! 🙂

Setting off some sparklers together 😀

Talie gave me a red turnip to eat, how sweet ^^ I ate it in my favorite spot in her town, the wishing spot! ❤ Not the best capture, ah well!

A better picture of the wishing spot! And there’s an even better one on her tumblr.

What a cool diagonal path!! She said she was inspired by the diagonal paths in my town, so I was very flattered 🙂 Though this is a much different approach, with the large stepping stones instead of spaced bricks! A lot less pattern slots too xD

This is a very impressive tree-lined path, especially considering I doubt she did dead-spot testing like I did!

Filbert’s house looks soo cute with the blue pansies.

Heh, I’d just eaten one earlier 🙂

Ahh yay, presents left on the ground! I did this once too, as a decoration for the holiday season. Talie let me open one as a souvenir, and it was a surfboard xD

Another wishing spot, maybe? This is on Osworth’s island.

Such a gorgeous flower arrangement, like a mural, wow!!

This spot is especially vibrant, since blue and orange are complimentary colors ^^

Bright, lovely cosmos!

A little picnic spot(?) by the museum pond and garden 🙂

I love Olivia, she’s so cute and I’m pretty sure she was the first AC villager I met back in AC:GC! Glad I got to visit her again in Osworth 🙂

Aww, it’s almost like Genji knew! ;__;

This must be Talie’s turnip garden! I love growing red turnips in AC:WW ^_^

Party popper by the flag~

Man, the pattern and path arrangements in Osworth are so detailed and elaborate! 😮 It kind of boggles my mind how they’re all able to fit the pattern slots limit!

Another elaborate set of patterns! Below the sign there’s a patch of roses 🙂

Yep, more party popper pics. I used all the ones I brought, from my batch I’d been saving for future WiFis… what better time to use them than now, the last WiFi?

Setting off a roman candle in the pretty, mural-esque flowerbed I showed earlier!

Rhonda and Moe’s adorable beach houses! I don’t have any neighbors this close together in my town, they’re all quite spread apart…

The beautiful deep fuchsia and purple starry sky, with a view of a cute constellation of Osworth’s, a smiling face 🙂

Lastly, I requested that we take a picture together by my favorite spot ❤

Aww, time to say goodbye 😦 It was hard to do! Bye Talie, and stay beautiful Osworth! x3 Thank you for letting me explore so long into the night!

I tried to open my gates today, just in case, but they are indeed closed for good now. 😦 I don’t know why, but it makes me quite sad that Dafdilly won’t have any more visitors ever again. But at least I was able to make these last ones count, and I appreciate all the ones I had before, too! I’d like to do a tribute to all my AC:WW WiFi memories sometime soon, so look out for it! 🙂

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A Wild World post: just some odds and ends since New Leaf came out

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If you’ve only been following my blog since New Leaf came out, feel free to skip/ignore this post, but some of the people who followed my old Wild World posts might appreciate the update — though it’s nothing too exciting!

In my last post on Dafdilly, we left off on the first day of Spring (February 25th), and I’ll admit that my town has hardly progressed at all since that post. >_< Back then I had plans to try to catch up through the rest of Spring (especially the cherry blossom festival, which I was really looking forward to, and had plans of doing a special landscaping project for the pink trees), but then two things happened: 1) my DS Lite's hinge broke, making it more of a pain to play AC:WW, and 2) New Leaf came out, which being a brand new AC game, excited me and kept me busy with all the new things to do, collect, and customize.

Meanwhile, while I was busy playing New Leaf, I would sometimes check up on my Wild World town, but I’d always set it to that same date (February 25th). This way I could walk around town in its practically flawless state (no wilted flowers), enjoy the sights of town and the gardens I’d worked hard on (without having to actually water any of them), and talk to my neighbors (without them being mad at me for my long absence, or God forbid, find out one of my favorites had moved out!).

I hope you can understand why it was so tempting to just keep my town on the same date — I could still enjoy “visiting it” every once in a while (it reminds me of the concept of visiting dream towns in AC:NL), but I wouldn’t have to do the daunting task of catching up my town to the present, or worry about maintaining it. Because that’s the thing about AC:WW: if I started playing it normally again, I’d have to do work every single day just to keep my town how it currently is. There’s no Beautiful Town Ordinance, so if I don’t water the inevitable wilted flowers, they’ll be gone the next day.

Anyway, now that you know why it’s still spring and green in my town, I’ll share some pictures from my “visits” to Dafdilly since New Leaf came out:

Whitney gave me her picture a while back! 😀 It’s always a pleasant surprise to get a neighbor’s picture these days since I don’t really actively try to get them anymore (too much work :P)
I guess I’ll feel better letting Whitney go (if/when she packs up), now that I have her picture. I consider Eloise my dream snooty for Dafdilly, but who knows if I’ll ever get Dafdilly’s dream neighbors at this point xP I’m probably closer to getting my dream neighbors in Citalune!

Hehe, it looks the same as it always does! But yes, you look lovely as ever Whitney 🙂

If Whitney ever moves, I’ll miss her pretty pink beach house! But Eloise’s house should also be pretty and pink if she moves to my town (that’s partly why I wanted her :P).

Static’s been saying this a lot. Good to know he’s loyal, I suppose!

Melba’s also been saying some sweet things:

Haha wow, might be getting a little extreme there Melba 😛 But aww, it’s appreciated ❤ You can tell that there's some special dialogue in AC:WW from neighbors you have a high friendship level with.

Back in August, I won a giveaway of Jemma’s — a rare giveaway of Wild World items! 😀 (If you go on Tumblr, there are tons of giveaways for New Leaf)
She came over to deliver the items from the giveaway, and it was also just nice to WiFi with her again in general! One of the first friends I met through this blog back in 2011. ^_^

The prizes included a bag of bells, a throne, and a hybrid cosmo — thanks a lot, Jemma! 😀 Wow, I look super grumpy in the second picture, even though I’d just done the flowery emotion 😛

Afterwards, we visited a few neighbors and toured around town, and I took some pictures (excuse the blurriness — I’m rusty!):

After a little while she had to go; thanks again for the items and for coming over, Jemma, it was great to WiFi with you again! 🙂

Today (December 26th) I finally decided to set the date in Dafdilly to the day after the first day of Spring (February 26th). Why? I dunno, I guess the same reason why I made this post: I felt like it 😛 I might end up regretting it later, since now there are wilted flowers and fossils and things I have to deal with.

I got a letter from Apollo saying that he moved! Which surprised me, since I didn’t remember him being packed up the day before. I don’t really mind, though; I don’t consider him a “dream” (permanent) neighbor for Dafdilly. Well, goodbye Apollo!

When I was walking around town, I was surprised to see that a new house had already been built! It’s the pink and blue house style, my favorite house style in Dafdilly, but it doesn’t really fit in well with the rustic forest feel I have going on in this area of town (haha yeah, I’m nitpicky :P).

The house belongs to my new neighbor, a cow named Tipper!

Ah cool, so she’s from Jemma’s town 🙂 I guess she’s been waiting in my ninth slot, ready to move in, for months!

Wow, a throne 😮 But it’s expensive, and I already have one thanks to Jemma’s giveaway, and maybe also another one from Wishy the Star or something like that.

Ooh, a neighbor locking opportunity! I think it would be great to lock both Puddles and Melba in town, Melba of course because she’s my favorite neighbor, and Puddles because she was one of the three original neighbors in Dafdilly. So I delivered the present to Melba but didn’t report back to Puddles. But then I remembered that it’s best if you do this sort of thing with an alternate character instead of your main (so that you don’t accidentally complete the errand when you’re talking to villagers with your main character). Oh well, I’ll see if I can keep this Puddles-Melba lock-in going on for a little while anyway!

I guess now that I’ve passed the ‘perfect date’ of February 25th, it’s less tempting to just keep it on the same date all the time, and I might start toying with several different options:

1) Casually progress through time in Dafdilly, whenever I feel like it.
2) Transfer all the flowers in Dafdilly to a different town, then set the date to the current time. (I’ve done this before)
3) Catch up to the cherry blossom festival, since that’s something I’ve always wanted to experience in Dafdilly, do a special landscaping project for the pink trees, and then just keep it on that date forever.
4) Put away most of the flowers in Dafdilly, so that it’s less of a pain to water them. This might make playing AC:WW daily or near-daily more feasible.

Not sure which option I’m going with, but yeah, it’s possible that I’m not completely done with Dafdilly yet 😀 It’s not my #1 priority either, though!

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