First night and day in Dafdilly

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I finally found a — well, I won’t say perfect, but suitable — town with my main goals in rebuilding fulfilled last night. It took many resets, but could have been worse, and I think the time spent was worth it, especially considering how long you can play this game! I only explored a town if I was intrigued by the layout Pelly showed me, and if I saw a house type I didn’t like, I turned it off. If the house types were promising, I time-travelled ahead to see what the other house types were.

I took some photos in a few brief towns:

This isn’t my new town; it’s a layout I saw when I was resetting, and I love it because of the small island, straight bridges, and pond by the player’s house. The houses were really ugly, though…

In another town I was tempted by, I found my favorite neighbor, Melba! Her reaction was adorable.

I love Melba and her candy cottage. The interior of her house feels so cozy and warm with the cabin furniture, jukebox, and homely details, like the green counter, plant, and shower. K.K. Ragtime enhances the overall feel. 🙂

Again, I wasn’t completely satisfied by the houses in this town, though Melba’s was gorgeous. This is one of my favorite house styles, it looks warm and natural and enhances the surroundings in town. (I consider it one of the “cottage styles” in my previous post, and ended up finding a town I liked with colorful house styles.)

This is my new town:

I liked this layout Pelly showed me despite the diagonal bridges and lack of holding ponds (the only pond is by the gate, which is kind of an odd place to have one). Still, I thought the gently curving river and the tiny island were nice, so I decided to check out the houses of my first three neighbors: Vesta, Rod, and Puddles.

Vesta’s house

Rod’s house

Puddles’s house

I was pleased to see both these house styles because they’re two of the colorful/whimsical styles I wanted for this town. But every town has four house styles, so before picking this as my town, I had to see what the other two styles were by time traveling.

Amelia’s house

A new house style revealed! So far so good, this is another one of the matching colorful styles I like.

Peewee’s house

Joey’s house

Blaire’s house

Patty’s house

And the final house style is revealed with the eighth neighbor to arrive in Dafdilly (and making my town full for the first time), Patty! I’m glad it was this green and yellow checkered house style because it goes well with the other checkered house styles I have, and my square grass. But I would have also been happy with this house style. I’m also super happy that I didn’t have to time travel further to figure out what all four house styles were, ’cause that very well could have happened if I was less lucky.

Since I decided to keep this town, I time-travelled back to the correct date and started to do Nook’s chores. Of course, the first thing he has you do is plant flowers around his shop.

Then he wanted me to meet the rest of the residents in Dafdilly. I have a lot more to meet than the usual three, since I time-travelled to figure out what all the house exteriors were.

The first neighbor I came across is Puddles! Yay, I love her! 🙂 I’m going to try to keep her long-term. She has a lovely carpet/wallpaper combination, the daisy meadow and lunar horizon.

I’ve had Amelia in a previous town, and I have her picture — I try to collect them.

Vesta is really cute! She has a sewing machine and lots of shirts and sweaters in her house, so it seems like making clothes is a hobby of hers. And it kind of makes sense considering she’s a sheep and their wool is sometimes used for clothes.

Aww, it’s Joey. There are only a few villagers that I remember vividly from my first AC:GC town: Aziz (I remember talking to him constantly for a long time one night because he kept giving me presents), Tangy (I was jealous of her fruit furniture), Olivia (because she’s the first Animal Crossing villager I ever met), and Joey. I’m not sure why I remember Joey. I remember he had a backyard pool, sprinklers, and a red boom box in his house, but they seem to have changed it in Wild World.

Patty, who I wouldn’t have guessed was a peppy by looking at her.

Peewee. I don’t really like the grumpy apes, they seem more aggressive than other crankies (like when they yell and get angry). Plus, I already have his picture from a previous town, so I will let him move when the time comes.

I guess Rod’s pretty cool, he has a unique appearance that matches his pirate-themed house.

Blaire’s got a lovely secluded beach house all to herself, a wonderful house location. I like her well enough, but I probably won’t hold onto her long because there are better snooties in my opinion. She has a nice citrus room, though!

And of course, we can’t forget the mayor! He’s disappointed… I usually answer the mail-workers Pelly/Pete as the ones who I respect most, it seems like they do the most work. 😛

So much for that permanent position…

But who cares, I’m free! 😀 The game begins here, really.

The final thing I did that night was arrange some common flowers in ways that can produce hybrids. No luck so far, but it’s only been one day.

Then Puddles ran up and gave me a nickname. It’s not bad (to me, anyway) — better than some of the [insert word here]-T nicknames.

So that was last night, the first night in Dafdilly. Onto today, the first full day…

It was Blaire’s birthday! Fun to have a birthday to celebrate so soon in my new town! ^^ Joey was there too. I gave Blaire a lime chair even though she already has one.

According to Vesta’s local celebrity quiz, I’m Pelly! I get Pete if I say I’m a good liar. I can’t really decide if I’m a good liar or not. xP

Amelia’s sick, but optimistic about the medicine I gave her. 🙂

The only tools available at good ol’ Nook’s Cranny were the fishing rod and the net, so I used them to get a good start on my museum and to pay off my first mortgage.

First bug caught in Dafdilly.

First fish caught in Dafdilly — not a sea bass!

First ~finned~ fish caught in Dafdilly 😛

I also caught a few rarities, like this banded dragonfly! Good to catch it now before I add more flowers around town.

Also caught a blue marlin, not bad for the first day!

A few classic Blathers moments:


After all that hard work fishing and bug catching, I take a rest in The Roost and have my first cup of coffee with Brewster.

While I was fishing I noticed this pretty rainbow forming in the sky. I’m not sure why; I thought they only appeared after rainstorms.

But I’m not complaining. 🙂 Another good thing to happen on my first day in town! And a good omen, perhaps? ^^

I used the bells from my catches to pay off my first loan, which is a piece of cake in the summertime.

Pictures of my house before it’s remodeled:

And a parting shot with Nook’s Cranny, which is also being remodeled tomorrow: 😥

I get so excited about having a new town and wanting to make progress on my catalog, that I end up triggering the shop expansion too quickly, I think! I would’ve been happy to enjoy the quaint Nook Cranny atmosphere a bit longer. But progress is still good, I suppose!

I made three additional characters and completed their chores with Tom Nook, too:

From left to right: Bell, Harmony, and Melody. My main character is called Twisk! 🙂

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