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(Haha, I know my post titles have been repetitive lately, but posting on half a month’s main activities has been good for the catch-up state I’m still in right now.) Autumn is beginning to show in the leaves, creating some lovely scenery around town as I work towards getting a new dream neighbor moved in, participate in the Fishing Tourney, and knock out a few Gracie fashion checks.

In early October I got to convince another one of my dream neighbors, Rod, to move in to my town!

The player I ‘adopted’ Rod from was really sweet and seemed invested in finding Rod a good home. Well, I hope Citàlune can be considered a good home! And since he’s a hopefully a permanent neighbor, I’ll take good care of him! ^_^

After lots of resetting I finally picked out a spot for Rod’s house:

I have a specific location in mind for all my dream neighbors, and by specific, I mean certain 3×3 spaces on my gridded map. Just like with Paula, though, I couldn’t get Rod’s house to go exactly in the space I wanted; I would’ve preferred if it was one space down. But after days of resetting, I just really wanted to move on and be done with it, and start playing normally again! o_o

The reason I wanted it to be one space down is because I feel like it intrudes a bit on this cute little dirt path spot I made:

If Rod’s house were one space down, I don’t think it would have intruded on this spot as much. But I’m hoping to replace these cosmos with a variety of different colored tulips instead, and purple tulips should help coordinate with the purple roof of Rod’s house. Right now, though, I don’t have any purple tulips. 😛

I found Jack wandering around town, like I’m sure you all did as well. I look forward to the Halloween festivities! 😀 Wonder how similar it’ll be to the GameCube version’s Halloween event.

Elmer decided it was going to be his time to leave soon.

Oh my, it’s been a while since I had a jock in town (my first and only other jock was Drift), guess I’ll have to get used to hearing this stuff again! 😛

Made a butterfly stump by Violet’s house 🙂

Violet’s cottage entrance looks pretty with Autumn’s changing colors, I think!

I read on Ryann’s blog how she thought it was pretty to see a full view of the night sky when she cut down all the trees in her town, and that gave me the idea to cut down the trees I had beside Estel’s castle. I do think it looks pretty with just stars in the background! 🙂 The castle really towered over the trees anyway, it looked kind of strange.

Is this maybe a reference to Animal Crossing blogs? 😛 Or that journal you can use in the GameCube version?

The day before Elmer moved out, it was actually his birthday! It was nice to get to celebrate that before he left.

I gave him to someone via AC:NL Adopt, hope he’s enjoying his new home! ^_^

I decided to make a new town flag, one that would be more bright and colorful to match the fairytale town hall and its surroundings. It’s based off the moon in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” I thought the one I had before looked better when my town hall was dark blue, and that it didn’t match the new fairytale town hall well.

I opened my gates recently to do a trade with Teru (the NA-exclusive picnic basket for the EU-exclusive veggie basket), and it turned into a fun four-player WiFi when Jessica and Kiki came as well! 😀

Teru and I snapping some pictures together ^_^ Thank you soo much for the veggie basket and the surprise holly starts, and for coming over! 😀

Afterwards, Jessica invited us to her town of Sandy:

I hadn’t ever been to Sandy before, so it was nice to get the chance to look around, and we played some fun games too. She has lilies and violets around her fountain as well, hehe, looks great!

Then we went to Kiki’s town Meadow, which I’d only visited in a dream before.

Meadow was gorgeous to see in person, soo many hybrids! 😮 The entrance here made me think of Valentine’s Day.

Thanks a lot to you two for having me to your towns, it was a lot of fun! 😀

I didn’t realize this clock did anything at the turn of the hour until Teru told me, but it does! It looks like a little toy soldier or Nutcracker man.

Put the veggie basket on Violet’s kitchen table 🙂

Yay, second fashion check! 😀 I passed and she gave me a sweets chair.

After returning a lost item, Robin gave me her picture all of a sudden, the first picture I got that wasn’t in a goodbye letter. 😮 I was kind of hoping that honor would go to Melba, but I guess I’ve had Robin longer.

And when I went to go see what her picture looks like, she came over unexpectedly! Geez, our friendship must be high! o_o It makes me feel a little bad since I’ve actually been wanting her to move out for a while, so I can build the café and other things where her house is.

October 12th was the first Fishing Tourney!

My neighbors’ performance was pretty poor, they couldn’t do any better than a 3-inch bitterling. 😯 I demolished the competition with my shark.

My main objective was to get as much of the fish series as possible, and I was getting discouraged at all the repeat prizes I kept getting. But then I found out that the fish series is split into two groups, group A and group B, and you can only get items from one group at a time:

Group A – squid chair, sea anemone bed, dab table, football fish lamp, crab clock, fish floor
Group B – jellyfish lamp, red snapper sofa, octopus chair, puffer fish TV, olive flounder table, fish wall

I also found out that you can only get an exclusive prize if you:

1) beat the previous record (obviously), and
2) if the fish is considered large for its species.

So even if it’s a shark and destroys the previous record, it has to be an above average-sized shark in order to get a fish series item. But I was able to get all of the group A items, so I’m happy with how it went! ^_^

A few days later, for Explorer’s Day, Isabelle gave a sailboat model and there was a signboard as usual.

This corner of the art exhibit is looking pretty good! I got a great statue from Crazy Redd, and a scary painting from Paula recently. 😀

Rod tricked Biskit into exercise

I got a kick out of this! 😆 Rod sent me to go fetch Biskit, and you’d think it would be for something important, but no, it was just because he thought Biskit needed some exercise. Poor Biskit xP

Wow, can’t believe Gracie came back so soon!

Hopefully she comes back soon one more time so I can get the Emporium 😀

In AC:WW I would often change my paths or even completely re-do my town with the changing seasons, but I don’t think I have time to do that for AC:NL right now, and I’ve invested too much time in getting it how it looks in its current state. So this spot in town is my little dedication to the current season! ^_^ But Robin said she’s moving out soon, so I guess I can build the café around here soon. 😯 *gulp* The thought still makes me nervous after all this time, since it’s permanent.

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20 thoughts on “Beginning of October

  1. Aww, i also got one of my dream villagers, monty.
    I also have peewee up for sale if your intrested.
    and thanks! I had a nice wifi party with you guys!
    Maybe we could do another wifi party sometime.

    • Awesome, congratulations! 🙂 I had Peewee in my AC:WW town, and though I have a bias against the ape characters, I actually grew fond of him. But he isn’t one of my dream neighbors in New Leaf, I’m hoping for Bruce as my resident cranky.
      Yep, I hope so too; it seems to often happen spontaneously when someone has their gates open long enough 😛

      • In wild world, my favorite cranky was Octavian, not on how he looked, but he kept saying how awesome I was so i kept him. Goldie was real nice too, she was gentle and she moved into the PERFECT place. did you ever get her?

  2. Aah, Amy! I have to say that I love your connection with art. When I read your Wild World “diary” you wrote a lot about the art exihibit and whichoriginal you see in “real life”. And I totally love your new town flag. I saw a few of Van Goghs originals in Paris in the Mousée d’orsay, wonderful place, and of course a lot in Louvre. So,I’m happy you choose him and your town flag is awesome! It looks a bit like pastel and the colours are bright and pretty.
    Oh, and in my town is one of my dream neighbor too! This litttle blue unicorn (I guess the dream neighbor of every little girl :D) But his house is on a really ugly spot and I found nothing about replace houses in the internet. So I guessI have to deal with it. But can you give away your little trick about it? 🙂
    Oh,and I hope you have more time to play in the near future. In germany we have autumn holidays for 2 weeks so I spend every little minute on my little town. 😀 I guess it will be hard to to have limited time so I feel with you.

    • Aw, thanks, I’m glad you like it! I really like impressionism, post-impressionism, and pointillism, and basically messing around with the way in which one uses color and applies the medium, it’s beautiful and inspiring to me. 🙂 I’ve been to the Musée d’Orsay as well and loved seeing some of the paintings I admired in person and up close. 😀
      Haha, that’s funny, Julian is one of my dream neighbors as well! 😛 You’re right, he’s a dream neighbor for a lot of people. Since his house has a starry/astronomy theme, I thought he’d be perfect for living on the side of town that I want to be designed to look best at nighttime. And the fact that he’s a unicorn also goes with the fairytale themed PWPs in general, I suppose, but the starry/astronomy aspect is more important to me. And I like his house exterior, it’d look nice with some white and blue flowers around it. ^_^
      Sure, I’ll try to explain! The reset trick I’ve mentioned for controlling where villager houses go involves creating a new character on a day you’re expecting a new neighbor to move in. It has to be a new character, and you can’t load your mayor character beforehand that day, or else it won’t work. When your new character exits the train station, you can run around looking for a house plot. If the house plot is in a good location, or if there’s no house plot at all, make sure to save the game by building a house for the new character with Nook and then talking to Isabelle. If the house plot is in a bad place, you can reset without saving and make a new character again, repeating the process until you’re satisfied. You might wonder how to know whether or not to expect a new house plot.. well, after WiFing or StreetPassing, it’s a good idea to load with a new character the next day just in case. And when you’re down to 8 neighbors, there will be a chance of a house plot appearing each day. The percent chance of the house plot appearing gets greater each day, until it’s at the point where after a week or so of only having 8 neighbors, there should be a 100% chance of a house plot appearing.
      If I didn’t explain it well, or if you want to see more about it, here are some links:
      Where I first learned this trick from — This post is very old and kind of strange to read now, though. It uses words like “hypothesis” when the reset trick has been well-proven and well-tested by now. 😛
      A video description – I watched this recently even though I already know how to use the trick, and it seemed helpful and well-done.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying your holiday! 😀 I had a Fall break recently as well, but it wasn’t very long. I might get some more days off for Thanksgiving coming up soon, though. 🙂 I still find time to play AC:NL, but it’s hard to have time for big projects like re-landscaping and making new paths.

  3. Wow, the Fishing Tourney seems like so long ago for me (my game is set three days ahead of the actual date, so it’s even LONGER)! But yes, I remember my neighbors catching small fish too 😛
    This is kind of a late tip, but I got my Emporium on the day I got Gracie for the first time in my town, since there seem to be set days she’ll appear. I Time Traveled to the next day and back and I was surprised to see Gracie again with a different fashion check request! So I guess that’s something people who really wanted the Emporium could do?
    Your Wi-Fi sessions sound like so much fun! I love reading about your town and your visits to other towns. It makes me want to see them for myself :3


    • Yeah, it’s weird, I remember them being more competitive in the Bug-Offs.
      Oh, that’s a good idea! I’ve already moved on past that date, though, and I’m wary of neighbors moving out unexpectedly, so I guess I’d just better wait for her to show up one more time. Can’t wait to get the Emporium though 😀
      Aw, that’s nice to say! 🙂 The ones I WiFied with in this post all have blogs and dream addresses, so feel free to check out their towns through their blog posts or through the Dream Suite, if you want ^_^

  4. Ah, congrats on getting another dream neighbour! 🙂
    Yeah, I noticed how frustrating it is to get the exact location of a house with Joey. I kept resetting, and he had like 5 places he would go, and then it would just repeat until I picked one…it’s so frustrating!
    Aww, thanks for the blog mention! It means a lot! 😀 I do prefer your ‘up-look’ on Estel’s house without trees in the background – I feel it’s pretty unrealistic that the trees look that small compared to her castle, and feel it takes away from the night sky! If I just throw my opinion in there…;)
    I also have a suggestion – in front of your Fairytale Town Hall, I like the orange and yellow lilies, but think it would bring out the pink in your Town Hall to line your dirt path with pink lilies, alongside the orange and yellow lilies. 🙂
    Ahh, that veggie basket looks so nice! Is it orderable out of the catalog by any chance?
    Alssooo, wondering if you’d like to swap items…feel free to say no because these items are expensive, and no hurt feelings what-so-ever! I’m collecting the sweets furniture, with a total of 0 items in my collection so far LOLL! Would you be willing to trade some sweets furniture with my Gracie furniture? (I completed her fashion checks in August, therefore getting her summer furniture series >.:D
    Ouu, I missed the first fishing tourny – it totally slipped my mind and went on to see the tent all dark! (It was like 9:00pm., nbd…)
    Wait, so can you explain how the fishing tourny groups work? Like, do the groups available to get alternate each tounry?
    Ouu, I like the idea of an alternating section of the town depending on season! I agree that the whole town would be too much, because Citalune wouldn’t really be a starry, dreamy town anymore, but a seasonal town.
    I’m looking forward to WiFi-ing this Thursday! (Halloween) If you still can, I’ll open my gate around 5pm? (I think our time zones are the same)

    • Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, for me, there’s often a certain “hot spot” that the house plot will land on like 80% of the time. T_T After the frustration of resetting for house plots so long, I started to add more PWPs for house-repelling purposes, and then I reached the 30-limit for PWPs. Also frustrating >_<
      No problem! Thought I'd give credit for the idea ^_^
      The reason why there are only orange and yellow lilies in that town hall pic is because it's the end of a sort of rainbow "fade" formed by the flowers. ie. The first row is blue violets, then purple violets, then white violets (which look light purple to me), then pink lilies, red lilies, orange lilies, yellow lilies, and then a mix of orange and yellow lilies by the town hall. So the row of pink lilies is a little further down in the fade. But maybe when I grow some more pink lilies I'll add them to the orange and yellow lilies by the town hall, that might look nice 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!
      The veggie basket isn't orderable, unfortunately. Yeah, I don't like that there's region-exclusive non-orderable DLC…
      Sure, I'm open to that idea! I don't really have plans for a sweets room since I don't think if it would fit any of my character's houses, so I'd be happy to give you what I have. ^_^
      From what I read, I think the groups alternate each fishing tourney. Group A one fishing tourney, Group B the next, then back to Group A, etc. But I guess we'll see when the next fishing tourney comes up! This past fishing tourney allowed all types of fish to be turned in, but I think the next fishing tourney will only allow carp, crucian carp, and/or(??) black bass. [source]
      Awesome, I look forward to it! :mrgreen: Yeah, whether I’m free or not probably depends more on schoolwork, not partying or anything like that… 😆 But I’ll try to get my stuff done and come, thanks for telling me the time! 😀

      • Oh, that sounds like a really good idea how the colors fade like a rainbow! 🙂
        Sweet! I think I have 3 or 4 Gracie items, so maybe we can arrange something on Halloween! 🙂
        I didn’t know that some fishing tournies have specific fish you have to get – I guess that’s a pretty cool idea so that you only have to fish for one kind and can only be beat by that same kind of fish! (Thanks for the link by the way. :3)
        Okay, whatever works for you! I should be around all night, (aside from stepping away from my game to grab the door for trick-or-treaters that is :P), so if 5pm doesn’t work for you, just give me a shout on here or on my email or something; .

  5. I ‘m not really a fan of mice villagers but Rod’s house is prettyyy x3 And I like that vivid block of purple it makes when you see his roof from the flower path. Ahhhh Julian is a dream neighbour (eavesdropping on comments)? ˃_˂ I checked your blog when he was moving to see if you mentioned him and didn’t see him so I made him go to my other town ˃_˂ I shoulda just asked 😛
    Ooh the view of Estel’s house is much more special without the trees, I think! Especially since the night sky has a significance to your town. And I thought that flag looked Van Gogh-esque! That’s such a cool and well-executed idea, and it really does enhance the area (as if it even needed enhancing :P). It really brightened up the station, too.
    Oh I didn’t know that info about the fishing tourneys, thanks! I didn’t participate in the first tourney long enough to become confused about it (though I still won… I really wish the animals in this version had some of their competitive edge back :/)
    Aww, I wanna see Isabelle dressed up in all these weird and cute outfits x3 All she’s missing is an eyepatch. Thanks again for the sailboat model! I’m so glad I could get one ^^
    And lastly… I loooove that autumn spot!! The black flowers in AC:NL go so well with the orange ones as fall colours (though I would never have thought of it), and it feels like a pumpkin patch in the back, even though they’re persimmons xD Robin’s house is in a pretty perfect spot, too 😛

    • Rod’s house is the main reason why I chose him, since I’m going for a lot of houses with fairytale doors, along with color schemes I like. But he’s also cute with his pirate theme, I think ^^ I’ll have to try to restore his house back to pirate furniture, I don’t really know how you get Pascal in this game though. 😮
      I figured Julian was a dream neighbor of yours, so I wouldn’t want to ask if he’s a permanent neighbor! It also sounded like you weren’t happy about him moving 😦 But he’s at least still in your other town! And no worries, I actually have him in my other town (used the reset trick), so I can transfer him to Citalune when the opportunity arises.
      Aww, thanks, I’m glad you like the new changes! x3 Yep, a pumpkin patch was what I was going for! It almost feels like a better use of the fence PWP than the random 6 flowers I had in there before xP (I think I’d like the fence PWP better if you could pick a prettier style of fence, or if the space inside could be customized. It could potentially be a cooler PWP with some adjustments like that…)
      I’m looking forward to maybe putting the cafe there instead soon! Still slightly nervous about the exact placement, like how close to the river/bridge it should be, or how far back into the river nook it should be. >_< It seems to me the debate is between having it close to the river/bridge so that you can see it as you're walking on the other side of the river, or having it further back so you can have a PWP or two, or some garden arrangements…

      • I bumped into Pascal really early on in my old town, when I caught a scallop. I’ve never seen him since, though. I also didn’t get anything from him because I wanted to keep my scallop =_=
        Oh it’s good you already have Julian in some form. He’s one of the villagers I would have liked to have stayed longer, but his leaving also freed up the area in front of my “garden”, which I was thinking about expanding 😛
        Hehe, that sounds like the debate I had with the cafe. Good luck with it ^_^

        • Oh okay, so you have to dive to catch a scallop… I thought a scallop was something you found on the beach. xP Urgh, I don’t like diving much, it frustrates me.
          Oh cool, look forward to seeing your expanded garden ^_^ Estel’s ‘garden’ has expanded quite a bit as well since day 1 😛

  6. I loved this post (For absolutely no reason!)! Congrats on getting Rod! I’d like to do one of the villager-trade things, but on the website you were on I saw something about Tumblr contact numbers etc, and as I have no account or wish for one, I guess I’m still stuck in the same spot. But the two upsides of having none of your dream neighbours is that 1) There’s no worry about them moving out and 2) You get to see more fresh faces that way.
    How do you do that resetting thing to get a neighbour’s house in the perfect position? Is it just normal, e.g. you turn on the game, Isabelle announces a new villager, you see where his house is, then, if you don’t like it, you just turn it off? I’d’ve thought Nintendo woulda been able to stop it, but they weren’t incredibly careful with bugs and stuff, so…yeah.
    I also can’t wait for Hallowe’en on ACNL!!! My friend is coming over (We were gonna WiFi anyway) and my brother’s going out trick-or-treating, so we’re probably going to play for hours! ‘Course, I didn’t bother getting much of an outfit until I saw the racing driver pants and shirt in the Ables’ a few days ago. Now I regret not being ready…I guess that’s why they have the masks for free, so that it’s not a total disaster if you have no costume. I hope it’s NOT like GC’s, I’ve seen enough pictures and videos to tell me that the animals are VICIOUS.
    I love Estel’s castle! I keep forgetting to go to the island, so I have no spare money for my loan. This also translates as I’m too lazy to pay off money to some fat raccoon in a jogging suit. Heh…that was kind of unnecessary, but kind of true, too.
    I think Sandy’s patterns are adorable! So’s Kiki’s! They really do look AC-Valentine’s Day inspired to me-the hearts, and the brown bricks that look like Brewster’s chocolate!
    ❤ that kitchen room.
    Ugh, Sea Cove got TIY a while ago, but Gracie is turning up her heavily powdered nose at it. Never mind.
    N'aww, poor Biskit. Actually, my friend who's coming over loves Biskit. Small world, huh?
    Oh, Elmer had his birthday just before he moved out? Whitney moved in ON her birthday LOL. 😀

    • Haha, thanks! ^_^
      Aw, I’m sorry the Tumblr villager trading won’t work out… It’s a good resource, but you have to be reallyyy quick in order to reserve a villager posted there, anyway. The same sort of villager trading also goes on at AC sites/forums like this, but I’ve noticed that auctions/trading are popular there, so you have to potentially have a lot of bells (millions, even) to buy a villager. (Either that, or popular villagers to trade with.) I like that AC:NL Adopt is run by people just giving away villagers to whose who want them for free, out of the kindness of their hearts.
      That’s true you’ll probably end up seeing more faces in your town than I will, and have a lot less stress than I do about keeping certain villagers in town! Hopefully you’ll get your dream neighbors eventually, though, good luck! 😀
      Nope, that’s not how it works, since your game is kind of saved when you load your game with an existing character. Like you know that dialogue you go through with Isabelle, and then she says she’s getting your town ready? It’s saving the game before you even exit the house. So the way the reset trick for villager houses works is that you create a new character before you’ve loaded an existing character. The state of the town isn’t saved, and the character isn’t saved, until you build a house for the new character. This allows you to create a new character on a day you’re expecting a house plot to appear, exit the train after talking with Rover, and look around to see if there’s a house plot. If the house spot is in a good place (or if there’s no house plot at all), you can save the game by building a house for the new character with Nook and then talking to Isabelle. If the house is in a bad place, you can reset without saving and try again with making a new character until it’s in a good place. It’s kind of a pain, but many consider it worth it to prevent houses from landing on paths, or to get dream neighbors in a good place. I also explained it at the end of this comment if you want to read another explanation and see some source links. 🙂
      Hehe, Happy Halloween! ^_^ I’m going to be enjoying the AC:NL festivities as well, possibly in a friend’s town. My town’s behind real time right now, so it’s not currently Halloween in Citalune xP
      Can’t wait to see what it’s like! Since you can buy the spooky furniture all month at the Nooklings’ store, I’m kind of confused about what the “treats” are. Guess we’ll see soon c:
      Thanks, glad you like it! 🙂 I haven’t been going to the island much either, I’ve been making decent bells lately selling perfect fruit in another town.
      I heard that Gracie shows up only after you’ve spent enough money at T.I.Y., so maybe shopping more could help?
      Haha, that’s exciting 😮 Did you get to celebrate her birthday on her move in-date, or was she in boxes?

      • You’re welcome! 😀
        I don’t think I’d be able to monitor AC:NL Adopt or anything for villagers, I’ll just get them the normal way, even if I’m still hanging around waiting for the ideal villager. Plus, I’d love to have Bob, and he’s so popular, someone could have him up for a second and someone else would grab him! Yup, it’s very easy for me to play, just get up, check T.I.Y., maybe go to the island, or do something else. Lately, though, I’ve been doing very little, instead playing Pokémon X and today I lost my 3DS …:'( Hope it turns up soon.
        I just realised that you’d already explained it and felt kind of dumb. But you explained it really well! Sometimes all these game-loopholes can give you a headache. I don’t think I could go through all of that, unless the house ended up smack-bang in the middle of my path, but when I see that, it’d kinda be too late. Zucker moved into my town recently (I hate him…) and is literally right next to my road. But on Hallowe’en I got my revenge…in case you haven’t got to it yet, I won’t say what I did, because it gives a tiny bit away, but it was enjoyable. And so are the ‘treats’, as you call them. I guess you’ve gone through Hallowe’en in a friend’s town, but a) if you haven’t, I won’t spoil it and b) if you have, I don’t need to explain anything!
        No, I had no idea she’d moved in when I went to greet her until I passed the bulletin board and checked it.
        Do you use a guide for your fashion check, or do you kind of wing it?

        • Another thing to consider is that the reset trick can also be used to reset for certain villagers, not just house locations. But that can also be a bother, because they won’t necessarily move into a great place. 😛 But ah well, the way you’ll end up getting your dream neighbors is the way the game intended it after all, random chance. It should be fun to see so many different neighbors pass through your town.
          Oh no, I hope you find your 3DS! 😦
          Haha no, it’s fine, I wouldn’t expect everyone to read all the comments 😆
          Zucker is actually really popular, did you know that? You could probably get a good deal selling/trading him online. xP I kept hearing about him on the Bell Tree Forums so I finally looked him up, and I admit I don’t really see why he has such widespread appeal 😛 I guess ’cause he’s a new octopus.
          Yeah, I did end up experiencing Halloween a bit on the correct date in a friend’s town, and it was a really well-done holiday! Loved all the variety of options and things to do: scaring indoor neighbors, trick-or-treating outdoor neighbors (and playing mini-games with them), looking for Jack, collecting both the spooky and creepy series and the pumpkin masks, etc. And I learned a lot about how everything works for when I catch up to Halloween in my own town.
          I used this guide for my fashion check:

          I want the Emporium too bad to risk failing xP

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