A Wild World post: just some odds and ends since New Leaf came out

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In my last post on Dafdilly, we left off on the first day of Spring (February 25th), and I’ll admit that my town has hardly progressed at all since that post. Back then I had plans to try to catch up through the rest of Spring (especially the cherry blossom festival, which I was really looking forward to, and had plans of doing a special landscaping project for the pink trees), but then two things happened: 1) my DS Lite's hinge broke, making it more of a pain to play AC:WW, and 2) New Leaf came out, which being a brand new AC game, excited me and kept me busy with all the new things to do, collect, and customize.

Meanwhile, while I was busy playing New Leaf, I would sometimes check up on my Wild World town, but I’d always set it to that same date (February 25th). This way I could walk around town in its practically flawless state (no wilted flowers), enjoy the sights of town and the gardens I’d worked hard on (without having to actually water any of them), and talk to my neighbors (without them being mad at me for my long absence, or God forbid, find out one of my favorites had moved out!).

I hope you can understand why it was so tempting to just keep my town on the same date — I could still enjoy “visiting it” every once in a while (it reminds me of the concept of visiting dream towns in AC:NL), but I wouldn’t have to do the daunting task of catching up my town to the present, or worry about maintaining it. Because that’s the thing about AC:WW: if I started playing it normally again, I’d have to do work every single day just to keep my town how it currently is. There’s no Beautiful Town Ordinance, so if I don’t water the inevitable wilted flowers, they’ll be gone the next day.

Anyway, now that you know why it’s still spring and green in my town, I’ll share some pictures from my “visits” to Dafdilly since New Leaf came out!

Receiving Whitney's picture

Whitney gave me her picture a while back! 😀 It’s always a pleasant surprise to get a neighbor’s picture these days since I don’t really actively try to get them anymore (too much work :P)
I guess I’ll feel better letting Whitney go (if/when she packs up), now that I have her picture. I consider Eloise my dream snooty for Dafdilly, but who knows if I’ll ever get Dafdilly’s dream neighbors at this point. xP I’m probably closer to getting my dream neighbors in Citalune!

Hehe, it looks the same as it always does! But yes, you look lovely as ever Whitney! 🙂

If Whitney ever moves, I’ll miss her pretty pink beach house! But Eloise’s house should also be pretty and pink if she moves to my town. (That’s partly why I want her 😛 )

Static’s been saying this a lot. Good to know he’s loyal, I suppose!

Melba’s also been saying some sweet things:

Melba being almost overly sweet

Haha wow, might be getting a little extreme there Melba! 😛 But aww, it’s appreciated. ❤ You can tell that there's some special dialogue in AC:WW from neighbors you have a high friendship level with.

Back in August, I won a giveaway of Jemma’s — a rare giveaway of Wild World items! 😀 (If you go on Tumblr, there are tons of giveaways for New Leaf.) She came over to deliver the items from the giveaway, and it was also just nice to WiFi with her again in general! One of the first friends I met through this blog back in 2011. ^_^

Jemma dropping the giveaway gifts

The prizes included a bag of bells, a throne, and a hybrid cosmo — thanks a lot, Jemma! 😀 Wow, I look super grumpy in the second picture, even though I’d just done the flowery emotion. 😛

Afterwards, we visited a few neighbors and toured around town, and I took some pictures (excuse the blurriness — I’m rusty!):

After a little while she had to go; thanks again for the items and for coming over, Jemma, it was great to WiFi with you again! 🙂

Today (December 26th) I finally decided to set the date in Dafdilly to the day after the first day of Spring (February 26th). Why? I dunno, I guess the same reason why I made this post: I felt like it. 😛 I might end up regretting it later, since now there are wilted flowers and fossils and things I have to deal with.

I got a letter from Apollo saying that he moved! Which surprised me, since I didn’t remember him being packed up the day before. I don’t really mind, though; I don’t consider him a “dream” (permanent) neighbor for Dafdilly. Well, goodbye Apollo!

When I was walking around town, I was surprised to see that a new house had already been built! It’s the pink and blue house style, my favorite house style in Dafdilly, but it doesn’t really fit in well with the rustic forest feel I have going on in this area of town. (haha yeah, I’m nitpicky 😛 )

The house belongs to my new neighbor, a cow named Tipper!

Ah cool, so she’s from Jemma’s town! 🙂 I guess she’s been waiting in my ninth slot, ready to move in, for months!

Wow, a throne! 😮 But it’s expensive, and I already have one thanks to Jemma’s giveaway, and maybe also another one from Wishy the Star or something like that.

Ooh, a neighbor locking opportunity! I think it would be great to lock both Puddles and Melba in town, Melba of course because she’s my favorite neighbor, and Puddles because she was one of the three original neighbors in Dafdilly. So I delivered the present to Melba but didn’t report back to Puddles. But then I remembered that it’s best if you do this sort of thing with an alternate character instead of your main (so that you don’t accidentally complete the errand when you’re talking to villagers with your main character). Oh well, I’ll see if I can keep this Puddles-Melba lock-in going on for a little while anyway!

I guess now that I’ve passed the ‘perfect date’ of February 25th, it’s less tempting to just keep it on the same date all the time, and I might start toying with several different options:

1) Casually progress through time in Dafdilly, whenever I feel like it.
2) Transfer all the flowers in Dafdilly to a different town, then set the date to the current time. (I’ve done this before.)
3) Catch up to the cherry blossom festival, since that’s something I’ve always wanted to experience in Dafdilly, do a special landscaping project for the pink trees, and then just keep it on that date forever.
4) Put away most of the flowers in Dafdilly, so that it’s less of a pain to water them. This might make playing AC:WW daily or near-daily more feasible.

Not sure which option I’m going with, but yeah, it’s possible that I’m not completely done with Dafdilly yet! 😀 It’s not my #1 priority either, though!

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15 thoughts on “A Wild World post: just some odds and ends since New Leaf came out

      • yeah.. At the time I started blogging about WW, I had practically finished with it. The last upgrade for nooks, all the golden tools, full house, yeah.. I only kept playing because I was waiting for new leaf.

        • I guess I have trouble finishing and saying goodbye to a town I loved and worked hard on, but yeah, maybe that could be an option for me at some point as well. I still never got the gold net and gold rod, though, so technically there are still some key goals for me to accomplish 😛

  1. Nice to see Dafdilly is still looking a beautiful as ever! I sometimes find myself missing the simplicity of Population Growing and Wild World. They had such basic graphics, the holidays were few and far between and those that were present were often just small touches made by Nintendo (Yay Day, for example) – it really complimented to laid-back atmosphere of the franchise. 🙂

      • I agree, the simplistic charm (along with general nostalgia and fondness for my town and AC:WW) is part of why I was thinking/hoping about maybe returning to it a bit. I’m glad that you don’t hold the lack of many real-life holidays against Wild World (many do)! Because I agree, I think holidays are a fun bonus, but they aren’t the main reason why I play AC, and I think Wild World had some fun events here and there like the Flower Fest, Mushroom Festival, Bright Nights, Flea Markets, and so on.
        Aww, you don’t have to give anything for my birthday! But thank you so much, I think it’s sweet that people still remember when my birthday is, I think from that WiFi birthday party I did in 2012! 😛

  2. Aw, so nostalgic! Dafdilly is such a cute town, and I was recently wondering if you’d ever do another post about it again. I’m glad you did, it feels so good to hear bout it! If I were you, I’d have kept it on that date forever, to be honest! Yeah…no watering, fossils, neighbours leaving…but it is good to keep moving, I guess. Ugh, headache.
    Gosh, Melba. You sure like friendship! The breathing the same air comment is weird…yeah.
    If you did put away all of the flowers, at least you have the grid map you made of where each one was if you wanted to put them back. Sea Cove is positively drowning in flora, because I covered it in roses, lillies and tulips, in a way to ensure hybrids – y’know, the kind of diamond formation? Except I need fertiliser right now…it’s going sluggishly. But visitors get bowled over when they see. It’s funny.
    Oh, and, also, I sent you an e-mail recently. It has a doodle of Estel attached. I got the idea reading back through your posts to where someone (Sakura or something, I think) had done fan art of Twisk and Choco. Yeah…it’s not a great drawing, I’m only getting used to my iPad right now…

    • I’m glad you liked it even though there wasn’t anything terribly eventful in this post 🙂 And I’m surprised you understand the appeal of keeping my town on the same date — I figured that would seem strange to most people! 😛 But yeah, it’s nice to be able to check up on my WW town without having to do any of the maintenance. But it’s also of course nice to be able to progress through time and see different events and seasons and such.
      Ooh cool, that sounds like a great way to mass-produce hybrids, I’m sure you’ll have tons of hybrids in no time! 😀
      Thanks soo much for that, I love it! x3 And I understand the difficulties of drawing with a little stylus-type thing on a touch screen, and I still think it’s lovely! Now I’ve received several sketches and such of my characters over time, so I wonder if I should start a little page showcasing and honoring them, they’re all so cute! ^_^

  3. I miss Wild World!
    I played it 7 years and last year on Sylvester I checked out the fireworks, it was not more than little squares, but it was great. In this moment I thought “Yepp,I will play it forever.” and today (Sylvester 2013) I looked at the fireworks in New Leaf and save the berliner for you. 🙂
    Amy, I wish you great New Year with much of love and happiness,
    all the best for you!

    • I miss it as well! But it makes me feel a bit better that I can still “visit it” (even though the date isn’t correct).
      Aww, that comparison of last year vs. this year was beautifully said! x3 I can relate; this time last year I was probably busy working on my candy theme for Wild World, and this year I’m busy working on my New Leaf town instead.
      Thank you very much for saving me the berliner, and for the well wishes! 🙂 I hope you have a great new year as well Sophie, and that 2013 will be a wonderful year for you!

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