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This is an AC:WW post, but not on my main town Dafdilly, so feel free to not read it if you’re not interested. ^_^ I just thought I would share about a new AC:WW town I have on one of my extra gamecards, which I’ve decided will be permanent, called Imladris. It’s actually not totally new, though; I’ve had Imladris for about a year now, when I used it to store Dafdilly’s flowers while I was doing the dead spot testing project.

Recently I’ve decided to keep Imladris because I don’t think it’s a bad town (I like the house styles and triangle grass) and because I think I could put it to certain uses. It will be helpful to have some more storage space (I’m a pack-rat when it comes to non-orderable items) and I plan on using it to grow hybrids. I used to grow hybrids in Dafdilly with what I call “hybrid farms,” fields of common flowers arranged in a diagonal formation to produce certain hybrids (like this one to grow pink tulips). Now, though, I feel like I have enough common flowers and hybrids to make more decorative gardens around town, and I would prefer have those in Dafdilly rather than the more boring hybrid farms. But I still want to have some way to produce more hybrids without ordering from giveaways and such. I’ve never ordered flowers from giveaways before because I find it more rewarding to grow them naturally… the wonderful feeling when you see a new hybrid you love pop up! 🙂 However, I have received some rare flowers from friends during WiFi. I used to feel differently about it — originally I wanted my first blue rose to be one that I grew myself — but then I thought that gifts like that from friends are equally special. Probably even more special! I remember receiving a blue rose from Saima, Choco, and Teru, and they each have memories of those WiFis attached to them. 😀

I’m trying to grow hybrids in Imladris in the most natural way possible. I haven’t time-travelled at all because I have Imladris’s gamecard in my 3DS, which is always set to the correct time. I also haven’t used any help from Dafdilly; the watering can and common flowers are all from Imladris.

So far I have grown a purple pansy and an orange pansy this way. Patty also grew me a pink tulip during the flower fest.

Eventually I plan on having small, equal patches of flowers that will each produce a type of hybrid. I hope this will help me even out my collection of hybrids, which is very uneven. >_< To show what I mean, here is a list of my hybrids I put together before preparing for my candy theme landscaping (so it's a little outdated) updated 5/12/13:

Jacob’s ladders: 73
Pink tulips: 22
Orange cosmos: 20
Blue pansies: 15
Purple tulips: 12
Pink roses: 11
Pink cosmos: 11
Purple pansies: 10
Orange pansies: 10
Black roses: 10
Four-leaf clovers: 6
Purple roses: 5
Black tulips: 3
Blue roses: 3 (all gifts from friends)
Gold roses: 3 (all gifts from friends)
Black cosmos: 1. I didn’t actively try to grow them in the past, they’re my least favorite hybrid.
Orange roses: None. 😦 Weird, right? I often have red and yellow flowers by Nookington’s because it matches well, but no orange roses yet. Obviously some of my hybrid-growing farms in Dafdilly were more effective than others… 1. Just grew my first recently!

Imladris’s map is nothing fancy, but it’s not bad either. I like the two ponds and the way the museum is way off on its own.

What I do really like about this town are the houses! 😀

This house style is simple, with a dark blue roof, white walls, and wooden beams, but it’s actually one of my favorites. It has a nice cottage feel.

This one has a lighter blue roof (more turquoise), green beams, and a white wall.

I don’t even really know the best words to describe this house style (orange and gray? warm colored cottage?), but I think it’s so lovely and has a wonderful feel to it. 🙂
I don’t know what the fourth house style is yet (every AC:WW town has four different styles of houses), but I think it’s fairly lucky that I like the three so far and that they don’t clash with each other.

EDIT 4/25/2013: I’ve found out what the fourth house style is:

This house style has always reminded me of a log cabin. It belongs to Mitzi, who can be seen in the background. 🙂

Wow, the Mona Lisa at Nook’s Cranny! 😛

Kid Cat, who snuck out of Dafdilly recently, lives in Imladris now. He’s wearing the lollipop dress inspired by Princess Lolly of CandyLand, but it doesn’t suit him at all. >_< He seems to like it, though. He even said "Why haven't you designed anything this good?" xP

He sang me Dafdilly’s town tune, which is from Forest Life by K.K. Slider.

Through DS-to-DSing between Dafdilly and Imladris, the 13th Zodiac has come to Imladris! I love this constellation, which is originally by Teru. Choco also liked it, so a while back she created this constellation as well in her AC:WW town StarCity, and I got it from her through WiFi. It’s nice to see StarCity recalled in the game’s dialogue even though the town has long been gone.

The constellation on a clearer sky. It’s perfect, looks just like a cat! And I love cats 😀

And speaking of Teru, she actually came to Imladris recently! ^_^ It was for a 9th slot neighbor trade, transferring Apollo from Imladris to her town Bundeena. I didn’t get that many pictures because the WiFi was very brief, but it was good seeing Rain again 🙂

EDIT 4/27/2013:

As you can see, my orange rose growing area isn’t complete yet, but I still grew one today — my first orange rose! 😀 It happens to match my outfit. I like this hat and shirt together! I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to put this outfit together, but both were on sale at Ables’ the same day and I thought they matched pretty well.

I won’t be doing any more posts on Imladris, I just wanted to make its existence known. Lastly, a small update on Dafdilly: it’s still on February 20th and the candy patterns and landscaping are all still intact, in case anyone wants to WiFi. But I’ve been working on making new spring path patterns on the computer, and once I have them ready, I’ll start working on re-landscaping for spring. I’m sorry that it’s taking me so long. 😦 I spend a fair amount of time doing trial-and-error with these patterns, like first I was going to do a wooden peg fence, but then I decided I didn’t like that and instead did a plain white picket fence. And I’m also putting a lot of thought into getting the flowers inside the fence just right, like the ideal pixels that will produce an AC:WW-style pansy, rose, or cosmo on the ground. I’ll try to speed up the process, though! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Imladris

  1. This post is great! I agree the town map doesn’t look bad either… 🙂
    I like the house designs too! I love brick-like roof tops. 😀 and it’s nice you’ve been making flowers “naturally” on Imladris (The town name’s awesome!) .. It’s kinda sad you don’t have orange roses… I don’t know what flower to match to the orange roses other than the golden or yellow rose… It seems great in summer or in sunsets. xP
    Whoa! The little rat constellation? It brings back good memories back then.. 🙂 I can’t believe Olivia would know about me. :’) and the picture you took with the rat on the moon, It does look kinda like a cat! 😮 and the moon as the yarnball he’s chasing. xD
    It’s nice to see you post a WW Post about your town again! 😀

    • Thanks! 🙂 Usually I hope for an island or really curvy river, but this layout is fine too. I agree, I think orange flowers are always great in the Fall to bring out the warm-colored leaves on the trees. And summer as well! A sunset-inspired flower patch would be beautiful, like purple, pink, red, and orange. 😀
      I actually don’t have the rat constellation from you in Dafdilly or Imladris, but I think Teru does! I still have your Snail constellation in Dafdilly, though, if you remember that. 😀 I’ll try to get my neighbors to talk about it sometime when it’s visible. But the one in this post is 13th Zodiac, which both you and Teru had — it looks like an upright standing cat. That’s a cute idea about it chasing the yarnball! 😛

      • Whoa, late reply… WordPress didn’t notify me…? weird.
        Yes, I really like those colors! that’s why I love fall, It always makes the orange, yellow, red, purple flowers stand out! I always think that i like fall during a sunset and the sky has that mixing colors of purple,pink and orange. 😀
        I meant the 13th zodiac. xD I made one too, remember? 😆 ….and the “rat face” wow, I hardly don’t remember that constellation. 😛 Yes, I do remember the snail-looking constellation! 😀

        • Yes, Autumn in Animal Crossing is beautiful! 🙂 Especially when the grass turns purple-ish, and the trees are red, orange, and gold, it really brings out sunset colors.
          I do remember, you and Teru both had 13th Zodiac and I was hoping that I would get it from one of you through WiFi eventually. I’m glad I did! 😀 It’s nice to have these mementos of past AC:WW WiFis in the form of constellations. :’)

          • Yeah, We used to wi-fi a lot back then, so no wonder you got the 13th zodiac. 😛 I was a little worried and shocked that you were sleeping at late times for your patterns too. xD Good times…. I also remembered when i got Teru’s ‘Great Triangle’ constellation! 😆 haha!

  2. Imladris is such a nice town! How lucky that all 4 house styles have a similar taste. If I bumped into this town way back when, I think I would have settled for it 😛 Haha, just reading your hybrids list, I haven’t had a black cosmos for so long that I almost forgot they existed 😆 (As you can guess, I don’t like them much either :P) Congrats on finally getting an orange rose! 😛
    Lol, nice commemorative photo of when the Mona Lisa appears in the humble Nook’s Cranny 😆 Are you still trying to get Kid Cat to move back to Dafdilly? (I swear the townies are making fun of me whenever they ask why I haven’t designed clothes like that. They’ve gotta know you’re all the same person… they’re just taking advantage of the fact that you can’t break the 4th wall to set them straight. They’re laughing deep down… ¬_¬)

    • It is fairly lucky since this wasn’t a town I really “reset” for at all, I just created it for the sake of holding flowers during the dead spot testing. Though I think the fourth house style, the one that looks like a log cabin to me, could have been a bit better and more fitting. Like maybe the red or green house style you have in your town would have would have gone nicely with the others 🙂
      Kid Cat hasn’t even packed up out of this town yet, he’s been sick for a while. Today he is finally well again thanks to my help 🙂 (He gave me a detour arrow -_-) I was actually considering leaving him in Imladris and trying to shoot for a different jock as a dream neighbor for Dafdilly. It turns out that a lot of my dream neighbors have the green house style, and I don’t want a disproportionate number of green houses in my town. Kid Cat was one of the neighbors who had the green house style. My thinking right now is maybe Roald xP I think he would be fitting for Dafdilly because of his playful house, with all the toys and K.K. Parade playing! He also looks chubby, which is kind of funny for a jock, and he has the pink house style with wooden fans in my town. He actually used to live in Dafdilly at one point, but I let him move because I wanted Kid Cat instead. >_<
      Haha yeah, a lot of my neighbors in Dafdilly will say things like "this design I'm wearing is by Amy in Red Bank, she's such a wanna-be tailor!" 😆

      • Oh well, even if you leave Kid Cat there it won’t be as though you’re abandoning him, since you’ve chosen to keep Imladris as a permanent town. I loved hanging out in Roald’s house whenever I visited him, just enjoying his setup. The combination of the music and furniture made it feel like a circus 😀

        • That’s my thought process as well, I can still keep in touch with him in Imladris. 🙂 I’ve been good about going into the town every day, watering the flowers I’ve arranged to produce hybrids (which haven’t been successfully producing hybrids as much as I would have thought, but hey, I’m sure they’ll accumulate over time), and checking up on Kid Cat. Maybe I’ll try to lock him there, I think he has a gardening hobby right now 😮

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