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The beginning of Autumn is in the air — and in the new, warmer grass color! 🍃🍂 I made a new road to replace my pastel one, and hope to make more changes to come!

But first, before the grass color changed:

New purple pansy

On Monday I grew my first purple pansy 😀 It’s about time!!

Emotion options for Twisk: Scheming, anger, realization, and fear

Dr. Shrunk came Tuesday, and Twisk’s emotion choices were scheming, anger, realization, and fear. Ehh…

Current emotions: shyness, happiness, shock, joy

I think the ones I have are going to be fairly hard to beat, actually. There are probably only a handful I would rather have.

Lobo: This picture will watch your EVERY MOVE, just like I would if I were there! And if I ever moved away or somethin', I'd want you to still think about me.

Kammile’s Lobo gave me his pic Wednesday! 🙂

I also shot down Gulliver that day! :mrgreen:

Getting the Arc de Triomphe model from Gulliver

He gave me an Arc de Triomphe model, not bad. 🙂 Since he gave me chocolates last time, I’ll probably be happy with whatever he gives from now on!

Peewee: That picture and I will ALWAYS be watching you!

Peewee also gave me his pic on Thursday… why do crankies have to be so creepy about giving them to you? o_O

Lobo and Peewee's photos

My two cranky pics. I got Curt’s recently, too (should’ve included it here 😛 ). Receiving these pictures made me realize my town is pretty imbalanced. I have 6 males (half are crankies), and only 2 females. 😯

Goodbye shot with Pierce

Aw, Pierce packed up yesterday… I sent him a goodbye letter. 🙂 I hope moving him back to Teru’s town works, so I can visit him there! Lots of blue in this picture 😛

I knew the grass was supposed to change on the 16th, so when I started up my game today, I was a bit excited and nervous to see what my town looked like. I think the new grass color is really nice, but I’m so used to the bluish-green instead, so it might take a little while to get used to.

The side paths don't match the grass anymore

Plus, my side paths are messed up now. 😛

Mismatching side paths on island

I even think my main road — which, unlike my side roads, doesn’t attempt to blend in with the surrounding environment — kind of clashes with the warmer green:

The main paths are too cool in color scheme compared to the warmer grass, as well.

Sunny cosmos by the gate pond

I do like the look of these main paths with the sunny cosmos by the gate, though!

Another new orange pansy by Nookington's

I grew an orange pansy today! 🙂 It’s especially nice seeing new orange pansies pop up since I don’t have a large breeding area for them.

This is the replacement I made for my main road today:

New golden-tiled, leaf-strewn main path

A gold cobblestone path with green leaves 🍃 My previous road was 3 spaces wide, so I have some blank areas on the sides to fill with trees and flowers. More trees alongside the road would be nice to go with the fallen leaves.

Still need to replace the pastel blue, spaced-brick side paths

I still have to replace the side paths that branch off the main road to my neighbors’ houses. It will be tricky because I like doing a stepping stone-style path for the side roads (that blends in with the surrounding area), but the colors on palette 12 are catered more towards the previous grass color than the current one. Well, I’ll figure something out. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Grass color change

  1. I love the new path! x3 I couldn’t add green leaves because i think reddish leaves look good but.. the trees aren’t even that reddish too! xD I like today’s new Autumn Colors! besides… i LOVE September,i even showed off my “September Theme Song” to my best friend a.k.a. Top 4 >_>

    • and you know.. it might be good to change my bush patterns too,you know i can decide an autumn side “thing” for your town,so there’s no blank space left. 😉 (i need time to think though!)

      • Thanks! 😀 The palette I used only has green and brown, no red or orange. 😦 I might do some tweaking later on (’cause you’re right, side patterns would be cool if I can think of something fitting — leaf piles maybe? :?). I will especially want to change it when the leaves turn gold and red; I won’t want green leaves on my paths then anymore. 😛

        • Haha,Thats why i love Autumn,The color changes! Every tree,fruit tree,cedar tree and palm trees change colors! when October strikes! Its the month of colors! :mrgreen:

  2. I was wondering,What are some simple and classical K.K. songs?
    Like the K.K. Bossa,Lullaby,Ballad.. ? What more?

    Like i said as a reply on my blog. 🙂

    • I’ll get back to you if I get around to listening to some K.K. songs on YouTube. 😛 But like I said, maybe K.K. Aria or Forest Life, and K.K. Swing is gentle as well (and a favorite of mine), but I don’t know if it would be fitting for your sky balcony or not. 😛

    • Hey Tess, thanks! 😀 I actually made it myself, but not pixel by pixel. 😛 I used (computer) screenshots from an AC:WW emulator to put together the background.
      Sorry we haven’t talked much, maybe we can WiFi someday! I think it’s great that even though you’re busy with school, you still have time to check your blog and others! 🙂

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