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As most Animal Crossing fans know by now, the release date for the English version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS has been announced: June 9 for North America and June 14 for Europe. I don’t have any extreme emotions towards the date itself (June or later was what I was expecting, so I’m glad it wasn’t pushed back further than that), I’m just thrilled and excited that there is now a specific, concrete date that I can mark my calendar with, count down for, and look forward to.

And now that my obtaining AC:NL isn’t in the vague category of the not-too-distant-future, but rather has a definite date, psychologically it almost feels like a deadline to figure out things like my town name, my character name, and what I want my town to be like by then. So I have been thinking more about these things since the release date was announced.


Town Features

Fruit: I like apples and peaches best, but I’m not too picky about the official town fruit. You can always plant different fruit trees later.

Grass: Hoping for triangle grass/square snow.

Town type: The “beautiful town” type. I’ve heard that if you choose it, villagers help out in watering flowers, planting flowers, and pulling weeds, and that time-travelling doesn’t affect the town’s environment somehow. (Hopefully there will be no need for me to time-travel, though.)

Town Map: The town maps are pretty different in AC:NL. (Check out this post for info. 🙂 ) At 5 acres wide and 4 acres tall, they are larger than AC:WW towns and smaller than AC:CF towns. The town is bordered on two sides by the ocean, which is new. As usual, there is a river running through town to meet the ocean at the town’s border, but there are no split rivers available this time. In general, I like really curvy, winding rivers in town maps. But the more winding a river is, the longer it is and the more space it takes up, and I’ve heard that space in AC:NL towns can get pretty cramped because of all the new town projects and sites you can build. So now I’m re-thinking what I want my town’s river to be like; in this case, a simpler river might be better. I might just have to wait until I actually get the game and see if there’s a charming layout and town that jumps out at me. I also like having multiple ponds in Animal Crossing towns, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that as well.

House location: I plan on having one character’s (probably my main one, who I’m thinking about naming Lyra or Violet…I’ll think about it more) house being near the waterfall. The other characters’ house locations will probably have to be determined once I pick out a town.

Train station:

Among the four initial, basic styles (or color schemes) a train station can come in, I think I like the one with the blue roof best:

But eventually you can remodel it if you have enough WiFi visitors over to your town, and I will probably take that opportunity to change it to the Märchen style:

Therefore, the original style it comes in might not be so important; I may or may not reset for a specific basic style that I like.

Town hall:

Like the train station, the town hall in an AC:NL town can come in one of four different (and non-choosable) initial, basic styles. One of the styles is very similar to the look of AC:CF’s and AC:WW’s town hall, so I like it because it’s familiar, and I also like the one that is dark blue and dark brown:

Like the train station, you can remodel it eventually (if you have a perfect town), so I will probably change it to the Märchen style as well:

Town decorations, feel, and theme/concept: After perusing this town customization objects page for a while, I think I’ve decided that I want to remodel my train station and town hall to the Märchen style (when I can), and therefore it makes sense to have other Märchen-themed objects around town as well. I especially like the Märchen bridge, bench, and clock. In addition, I’ll use other decorative objects/plants that won’t clash with the Märchen series, like greenery (hedges and bushes), the rose arch, the flower clock, fountain(s), hot springs/geysers, etc. When these things are all put together, in addition to organized flower gardens, trees/orchards, and paths, I think it will give off a city feel. Not a modern, urban city! The Märchen decorations have an extravagant feel to them and a variety of intricate designs and colors, which is more fitting for an old city than a modern one with minimalistic skyscrapers and concrete. Märchen in German means “fairy-tale,” and there is definitely a fanciful element like that in the series, especially the train station that looks like a castle gate. A theme like this greatly appeals to me; I can only imagine how lovely it will feel to spend some time in my beautiful, lavish, fairytale-esque city after a long day. But it will take a long time to get to that point, of course. 😉

This leads well to my ideas for a…


Town Name

In my AC:GC and early AC:WW days, I didn’t put too much thought into town names, so I ended up regretting them later on (ie. my first AC:WW town, Cutetown). For my most recent towns, Dafdilly in AC:WW and Seahaven in AC:CF, I put a fair amount of thought into the town names and still love them to this day. I tried to have each name match the feel/concept for its town. Dafdilly brings to mind “daffodil” and I often had many flower fields and flower-themed paths around town. There’s also something whimsical in the name Dafdilly that’s reflected in the pastel house styles with their checkered doors and the almost gaudy patterns I’ve used, like my CandyLand patterns and my first pastel rainbow brick path bordered by matching flowers. Seahaven’s planned concept was much different; when I hear the name, I think it sounds like a place that’s calm, peaceful, and elegant. To reflect this, I wanted a palace gate, lighthouse, fountain, white stone main paths, white pebble side paths, and neatly canalled streams, but I didn’t get that far in AC:CF.

Of course, I want my AC:NL town name to be just as fitting for its fairytale city concept (described earlier) as my previous town names were for their respective town concepts. Though none of the town names I’ve come up with so far have made me think, “that’s the one, it’s perfect!” to the extent that Dafdilly and Seahaven did when I came up with those. So hopefully I will either think of something even better between now and June 9, or (with the help of your feedback! 😀 ) I will decide that one of the town names I’ve already come up with is the best option.

So, on to my first idea for a town name…


How I came up with it: Ys (pronounced EESS) is the name of a mythical city on the coast of Brittany that was swallowed by the ocean. I have read a book series inspired by the myth (but it was not the myth itself), and in that series Ys was a beautiful coastside city that really appealed to me, so having my AC:NL town called Ys as well should bring to mind related images, feelings, and other associations. I also like the album called Ys by harpist and singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom.

Why it could be fitting for my AC:NL town: Since Ys is a legendary, mythological city, I think it’s clear why it could possibly be a fitting name for the fairytale city concept I’m planning. According to the myth, Ys was the richest trading port in the Atlantic, so it would make sense to have the extravagant Märchen buildings and decorations I want in my AC:NL town. Another thing that’s fitting about it is that AC:NL towns have an increased coastline, and Ys was a coastside city.

Reservations about this town name: If I were playing AC:NL on my own — no blog, no WiFi — I might have less hesitations about using this name. But I hope to blog about my town and WiFi a fair amount, so what other people might think about my town name factors into my decision somewhat. (And that’s why anyone reading this post would be very helpful in providing feedback! 🙂 ) My reservations about naming my town Ys include that it’s not obvious how to pronounce it, and that the source of the name (the myth) might not be extremely well-known. So it might seem like a fitting town name to me, but it could seem strange to someone who has never heard of the mythological city of Ys.

My second idea:


(+ inspired variations)

How I came up with it: As with Ys, I have drawn the name Cittàgazze from a book series. In Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, Cittàgazze is a city in a world in a parallel universe. Cittàgazze is significant because someone from the city long ago invented a special knife (called the Subtle Knife) that can cut through any material, including the material of the universe itself, to create “windows” between worlds. The main characters of the series, Lyra and Will, each eventually find their way to Cittàgazze through one of these windows from their respective worlds. (Will is from our world, but Lyra isn’t.)

The first description of Cittàgazze is given as Lyra sees it in the aurora borealis, which, according to the book, thins the barrier between the dimension in which the story takes place and the dimension of Cittàgazze, making it visible as a city in the sky:

“And as she gazed, the image of a city seemed to form itself behind the veils and streams of translucent color: towers and domes, honey-colored temples and colonnades, broad boulevards and sunlit parkland.” — The Golden Compass

A more detailed description is given when Will enters Cittàgazze for the first time through a window from his (our) world:

Will looked around carefully. Behind him the full moon shone down over a distant prospect of great green hills, and on the slopes at the foot of the hills there were houses with rich gardens, and an open parkland with groves of trees and the white gleam of a classical temple.

The air of the place had something Mediterranean or maybe Caribbean about it. Will had never been out of England, so he couldn’t compare it with anywhere he knew, but it was the kind of place where people came out late at night to eat and drink, to dance and enjoy music. Except that there was no one here, and the silence was immense.

Little grocery shops and bakeries stood between jewelers and florists and bead-curtained doors opening into private houses, where wrought-iron balconies with thick flowers overhung the narrow pavement, and where the silence, being enclosed, was even more profound.
The streets were leading downward, and before very long they opened out onto a broad avenue where palm trees reached high into the air, the underside of their leaves glowing in the streetlights.
On the other side of the avenue was the sea.
Will found himself facing a harbor enclosed from the left by a stone breakwater and from the right by a headland on which a large building with stone columns and wide steps and ornate balconies stood floodlit among flowering trees and bushes. In the harbor one or two rowboats lay still at anchor, and beyond the breakwater the starlight glittered on a calm sea.

The Subtle Knife

I love this description, so beautiful and evocative that I feel like I’m there. I have my own vision of Cittàgazze when I read that, but here is someone else’s interpretation of what it looks like:

Drawing of Cittàgazze by namster at (site now gone)

Why it could be fitting for my AC:NL town: First of all, I simply like the way Cittàgazze sounds. But I also like it because it brings to my imagination all the associated mental images I have with the beautiful description above. When I read that description about the ornate towers and domes in Cittàgazze and look at the fan art above, I think the Märchen decorations, especially the town hall, might be fairly fitting and evocative of the same mood. There are other bits and pieces that could be easy to emulate in my AC:NL town: “houses with rich gardens,” “an open parkland with groves of trees,” and “a broad avenue where palm trees reached high into the air.” I will also just try to capture the general feel of Cittàgazze in my AC:NL town: the mystery, wonder, and beauty of the city, and the feeling that it’s the “kind of place where people came out late at night to eat and drink, to dance and enjoy music.” The fact that Cittàgazze is a city near the sea is also fitting since Animal Crossing towns are always near the sea.

Reservations about this town name: If it weren’t for the character limit for town names, I would have no reservations at all about naming my town Cittàgazze. But as you’ve probably noticed, Cittàgazze has 10 letters, and unfortunately, the limit for Animal Crossing towns is 8. I have several options:

1) Ci’gazze is a canon shortening of the name Cittàgazze, so that could be a possibility. In dialogue throughout the books, the characters often say Ci’gazze instead of Cittàgazze. But it’s not quite the same to me without the “Citta” in front. 😦

2) I could try to come up with a name that isn’t the same as Cittàgazze, but is inspired by it and attempts to have the same feel. One that I’ve come up with is Citalune. (Or Citàlune… should I keep the à? 😕 ) The idea is combining two words for “city” and “moon.” I like the idea of this town name and it stays true to my fantasy city concept. I also like the way it sounds and the way it rolls off the tongue better than something like “MoonCity” which also fits the character limit. What are your thoughts on Citalune vs. Ci’gazze? Or do you prefer Ys, or have other ideas? I really appreciate feedback and opinions in the comments section and through this poll:


General Town Name Ideas

Now that I’ve gone over my ideas for my own AC:NL town name, I thought I could go over some other methods for coming up with town names for others who might be having trouble deciding what to name their future AC:NL town. Maybe some of it will help, or maybe not! Edit: I ended up creating a separate Town Name Ideas & Methods page, but you can still browse below if you want to see the initial, simpler, shorter list.

Method 1 — Drawing inspiration (or directly taking from) video games, movies, books, music, art, real places, mythological places, etc. Just like Ys and Cittàgazze for me, maybe there is a special location name from a book, movie, or video game that you like and that has special significance to you, so naming your Animal Crossing town after it will make your town that much more special. I know I’ve seen many people take names from Zelda, Pokemon, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and so on. I personally like many of the location names from the Lord of the Rings; TheShire (or just Shire), Hobbiton, Bywater, Lórien, Rivendel, Nimrodel, Valinor, Ithilien, Fangorn, Rohan, Númenor, Bree, and Mirkwood are all examples that fit the character limit. You can also draw inspiration from a certain source, but modify it in some way, ie. Mistwood instead of Mirkwood.

Method 2 — Stringing various syllables together: Another way to come up with a town name (and I find it pretty difficult) is to put different syllables or sounds together to create a brand new name. It doesn’t necessarily have to make sense or have a certain meaning, and maybe if you brainstorm hard enough, you’ll think of a great unique town name that doesn’t yield any google search results (ie. Jemma’s second AC:WW town, Ebatong). A town name created with this method can also hint at a certain meaning (via the syllables/roots used), but still remain somewhat abstract.

Method 3 — Using a single word: Since the 8 character limit is so restricting, sometimes just a single word isn’t a bad choice for a town name. I recommend looking for a single word that you find both beautiful to hear and appealing for your town. Examples: Luminous, Celestia, Melodia, Harmonia, Asphodel, Marigold, Rosemary, Cerulean, Amarylis, Anemone, Halcyon, Cypress, Willow, Cascades, Fantasia, Aurora, Crescent, Amethyst, Sapphire, Leisure, Tranquil

Method 4 — Putting two words together: Even if you might be unfamiliar with viewing this as a specific method, I’m sure you’ve seen many town names like this before, like all the names with a four letter word and “town” at the end. I came up with the town name Seahaven using this method. Below I’ll list some basic beginning words and ending words (though there are countless others) that you can mix and match together to produce a town name.

Things to remember when using this method:
1) To use the list below, I recommend browsing one column at a time rather than one row at a time. Picking a certain word from one of the columns, then going through the other column to see if there’s a good match, is a good way to come up with a nice town name. You can also come up with your own beginning/endings, of course.
2) It’s important to keep the 8 character limit in mind when coming up with a town name this way. To use Seahaven as an example, “haven” is five letters, so I could only use three letters for the beginning word. There are numerous three letter words you can place there: Sunhaven, Oakhaven, Skyhaven, Oldhaven, Newhaven, and so on, but I liked Seahaven best.
3) If you have enough room to do so, you can put a space in between the two words, ie. ‘Red Bank’. If there’s not enough room for a space, you can put the two words side by side with no space in between, ie. Seahaven or SeaHaven. (You can choose whether or not to capitalize the second word.)
4) The beginning words and ending words are somewhat flexible. Some words can be used for either the beginning or ending.


Ol / Ol’ / Old
St / St.
Mt / Mt.
Air / Airy
Grey / Gray

street / St.
coombe / coomb / combe / comb
bourne / bourn / burn / bern
ville / vill / vil
villa / vila
down / downs
fall / falls
town / ton
burg / burgh
road / Rd.
lane / Ln.
dell / del

Maybe I’ll try to keep the list above updated as I think of more, but that is enough to start with for now. I hope it might be helpful to someone, it can produce some nice town names: Fairview, Oakglade, Firshade, Sunshore, Goldleaf, Lilywood, etc.

For specifically coming up with a town name for AC:NL, maybe thinking about the new features in the game could stir your imagination on a name that would be fitting: the new “official tree,” the increased coastline, the cliff-side beach, the nearby city, the island, the 3D, and the new outdoor customization options. For example, if you want to use the Japanese outdoor decorations, maybe you’ll want a Japanese-inspired name.


Sorry for writing so much! >_< And thanks to any of you who got through it all. 🙂 I appreciate opinions/views on my town name debate in the comments section and votes in the poll I set up! On a side note, I'm still working on getting Dafdilly back in order so that I can catch up to the present and play in it and post on it regularly again. Hopefully in a week or two I will be about done with that or made significant progress.

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43 thoughts on “AC: New Leaf musings and town name ideas

  1. Hi Amy 🙂 It’s good to hear from you again 😀 It’s nice to see you joining in the AC:NL spirit and thinking about the game :mrgreen: I like those town hall and train station designs… very classy 😆 I also like those names you came up with, Citalune is my favourite, sounds kind of like CityLune so it would kind of seem like a town rather than a village 🙂 I’ll try and vote on the poll when I stop having problems with my laptop, windows can be kinda wierd sometimes 😆 Anyway (wow I say that a lot 😕 ) I like the town names list thingimadoohickey, could I use some of the name parts? :mrgreen:

    • Thanks a lot for your comment! 😀 I like Citalune too. Cita is my shortening of Città, which I think means city in Italian. I am going for an old city feel rather than a rustic town feel, so I’d like my town name to reflect that. Sure you can! It’s the same words and town names anyone can come up with through brainstorming, I just put a bunch that I could think of in a list form. 🙂

      • Hehe, well that explains why Citalune reminded me of city, even though I don’t speak Italian 😆 I was thinking of using red and bourne for my AC:NL town, I’d rather go for the laid back, rustic style for this game since all my other towns are quite upbeat 🙂 Thanks for the reply too 😀

        • Yeah, languages with Latin roots often have similar sounding words. City in English, Città in Italian, Cité in French, etc. Ohh, Redbourne won’t fit, maybe Redbourn or Redbern instead. It’s a nice name, though, and would be good for a laid-back town like you want. 🙂 The way the list is supposed to work (which I probably didn’t make clear) is that you browse one column at a time, pick one word you like from it, then browse the other column for a word that will match it well.

          • Also, I was just wondering how you got the countdown for AC:NL in your sidebar, it seems useful 🙂 And it comes out for me on Europe 14th so I could do Europe, you could do North America :mrgreen:

            • If glade is what you meant to type, I really like that ending too! I guess the key is finding the perfect three-letter word to go in front. Glace is also cool, it would be fitting for an icy town because it reminds me of glacier.
              There is actually a WordPress widget option for a countdown (no exterior plug-in or device needed), so I used that and typed in the date. But I think a number of days would have been cooler than this “3 months to go” 😛

  2. I agree with your opinions. Those are my little requirements too. xD
    I think I like Ci’gazze or Citalune.. They seem like great names for your town! (Can’t wait to see yours..! >u<) For my townnn, I think i'm gonna name it AltVille or Alt Dale… because I'm using "alt" (meaning a high pitch in latin.) and Ville or Dale together.. since my town i'm planning for is music themed… how about yours? 😀

    • Thanks a lot for your input! 😀 I like both of them a lot, maybe Alt Dale a bit better because it looks nice with a space. A music themed town is really interesting! The theme/feel I’m planning is an old, lavish, fairytale city that will match the Märchen decorations. I hope to incorporate the new greenery options and fountain(s) along with organized gardens, trees, and paths. But it will take a while to get the right sort of matching items you want… You have to order the specific outdoor furniture/projects that your neighbors request. >_<

      • It would be unfitting though, because it means “valley” if i remember. xD But i’ll choose it anyway. ^_^ The music theme got me inspired from Mario Kart 7… where it had this Music Park kind of map. 😀 I thought I could make them come to life in AC:NL!
        Yeah, and I have to align the path so a fountain/lamp etc. can be put there… But I’m really excited though.. I really like how I can just put a fountain in the middle of town or besides my house and put hedges so It seems like it’s my ‘property’ xD…also, neighbors request projects? O_O Can we at least deny if we don’t like it? lol

        • Yep, dale, dell, and del are all endings that mean valley, and vale means river valley. I didn’t think there was anything unusual about Alt Dale/Valley, though. 🙂 [EDIT: Whoops, I forgot that the town map/layout is much different in AC:NL. In previous games, the town did give an impression of a valley (with the cliffs on three sides), but in this game, it’s almost more island-like. So you’re right, my bad!] And Altville is good as well. I look forward to seeing what your musical town will be like and visiting it once it’s complete!
          I’m a little concerned about the whole planning aspect of landscaping. The villager signs aren’t around town anymore, so new neighbors can just plop down anywhere they want and mess up your plans. I guess you have to wait until they’ve all moved in before you can plan, but what about when they leave, and someone else takes their place? Will the replacement neighbor choose somewhere else randomly again (and therefore mess up plans), or will they move into the vacant spot that the old neighbor just moved out of?
          I do think you can deny certain projects, and you can also demolish them later if you build one and decide you don’t like it / want it somewhere else. But there are benefits to installing new projects that your neighbors request, like boosting your town status.
          I plan on my town being reminiscent of an old fantasy-like town, but not Alice in Wonderland specifically. I remember I considered something like “Wondrlnd” for my AC:WW town, but it’s too mangled, so Dafdilly was the better option. 😛 I wish they would’ve increased the character limit for town names in AC:NL, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t. 😦 Oh well.

            • I don’t think so, I’m sure we’ll each create towns that are appealing to our own unique needs, goals, and desires… eventually. xD It will probably be a long process. Ahh, but I still can’t wait to get started in playing in a new town ❤

  3. Ahhh I love the picture you paint with your description of your future town x3 I’m already looking forward to seeing that olden fairytale city one day! Haha, our preferences for the basics of the town are nearly the name xD I’m only hoping for apples, though, and I would be happy with either triangle or square grass. I wouldn’t be so picky about the fruit if it weren’t for the fact that AC:NL introduces a new aspect of the fruit where you can randomly get “delicious” versions of your official town fruit, and I happen to only like the delicious apple’s appearance 😛
    You gave such good reasoning for each of the town names that I can’t decide which one I like best >_< Ys is a lovely name once you know the mythology about it and the imagery it creates. Despite being an obscure myth that not many people know about (I had to learn what it was from you), as something out of mythology, it has deep roots in the real world, which is something I like in a name, because it makes it more "real" and permanent. It's a pity that Cittàgazze doesn't quite fit (and I also think Ci'gazze lacks a little something), since it sounded like the perfect old magical city, but Citàlune is an equally beautiful name. (And I do like it better with the à, which I don't know if you agree about :P)
    What an in-depth guide to creating town names! I personally like the first method best, though your list in method 4 gives some tempting suggestions. I really like the combinations that give an impression of the English countryside (though I've never even been there ^^; ).
    Btw this is pointless now, but I find it amazing that somebody out there went to the trouble to compile an image of all 116 possible map arrangements 😛

    • It did occur to me that there’s that bit of added significance to the town fruit this time because of the new delicious fruit, but I wasn’t sure what all the delicious fruit looks like. I googled just now and didn’t come up with anything extremely helpful immediately, but I see a cherry with a yellow tinge at the bottom and an orange/gold looking peach. I kinda like the gold peach 😛
      Thanks a lot Teru, very helpful input! 😀 I’m glad you like all of them somewhat. 🙂 I wasn’t sure whether I should have the à because I thought I butchered the Italian by taking away one ‘t’ to fit in the ‘lune’ at the end. But I do kind of like the way Citàlune looks, so if I use the name I’ll probably type it that way, thanks for helping me decide. 🙂 I might be leaning towards Citàlune so far because the three of you all like it, and it does sort of sound nice on its own, and (unlike Ys) makes sense without any backstory needed. I asked my parents what they thought of the names and they liked Citàlune best, and I also asked my dad if he remembered what his old AC:WW town (Red Bank) was called, but he didn’t remember. 😆
      Wow, that’s amazing! Is that really all the options? 😮 Oops, I thought the river always entered the ocean at the bottom border, I guess I’ll edit my post where I said that so that I won’t spread more false information. Thanks for sharing that, I’ll look it over to see what kinds of rivers I like best. I’m surprised that you can even come up with a definite number of combinations, I can’t even imagine doing that with City Folk or Wild World (but maybe that’s possible too o_O)

      • It may not be the Italian spelling for ‘city’ anymore, but cità is still the word for ‘city’ in a couple of languages (and so is cita). I don’t think you butchered it 🙂 It’s really nice you can discuss Animal Crossing with your parents x3 My parents are both artists (painters) and they’re pretty against videogames (goes against their art education and it’s kind of the opposite of what they do: looking at a screen + being given prescribed content vs. looking at a canvas + constantly creating, not to mention a screen messes with our true perception of colour). Doesn’t stop me, though ¬.¬

        I did feel there were a lot fewer map possibilities when I was doing my map post (though I could be wrong – I never examined the ACWW map closely), since:
        1. The coastal rows of acres can’t be used for main buildings or river bends
        2. Three acres must be reserved for the tree, town hall and shop, and
        3. The centre acre at the top of town is always occupied by the station.
        That’s why it was easy for me to settle on one favourite map, though getting it is another matter 😛 Here’s a good pic of all the delicious fruits.

        • My dad plays video games, but not Animal Crossing anymore (maybe I can get him into AC:NL?). My mom also doesn’t really like video games, especially violent ones or addictive RPGs that take up too much TV time and are loud (like my dad plays these days :P). But she doesn’t mind Animal Crossing, we even made a character for her to live in Red Bank with my dad’s character. I think the concept of Animal Crossing is amusing to her.
          Ohh, the coastal row of acres not being used for river bends is a big one I wasn’t aware of. In Wild World there are lots of variations for that: plain ocean acres, ocean acres with various river bends and bridges (but don’t meet the ocean), ocean acres with the river meeting the ocean, and ocean acres with the river meeting the ocean and a bridge. But there should be a variety of new beach acres for AC:NL, like different cliff shapes and variations, and maybe different ramps. The lack of split river acres is another thing that’s lessening map possibilities. (I’m not complaining btw, just find it interesting that you can actually count the number of river shapes :))
          Thanks for the picture of the delicious fruits! I do like the appearance of the delicious apple, peach, and pear (but in general, I’d rather have a different official town fruit than the pear…). The delicious orange is kind of weird looking.

          • Would your dad ever think of blogging about it too if you got him into AC:NL? xD
            I’m starting to like the idea of having a beach you can only get to by swimming 😛 But in general, the fewer map possibilities, the less there is to worry about 🙂
            I think the delicious orange mislead a lot of people in the beginning to think you could get special hybrid fruits. Does Japan have oranges like that… =_=

            • Probably not 😛 But I think I might post a picture of his town here and there if he were to get AC:NL, and we could DS-to-DS. I wonder if he’d name his town Red Bank again…
              I like the thought of swimming to a secret beach too 🙂 In general I can’t wait to explore the cliff-side beach and waterfall, it looks beautiful.
              Yeah, when googling earlier I came across speculation that the delicious fruits (seen in a trailer) were hybrid fruits. The apple has speckles on it that could be seen as similar to an orange, and some of the other fruits are orange-ish, but the delicious orange is pretty weird in that the shape of it drastically changes to look like a pear. I’ll probably specifically try not to end up with orange as my town fruit. xP

              • Wouldn’t it be creepy-cool if your dad named his hypothetical town Red Bank again without you reminding him of his old town’s name xP Wouldn’t happen though, unless “Red Bank” still held some sort of significance to him 😛
                The delicious apple actually looks like a Red Delicious 😛 They’re probably all supposed to resemble alternate species of their respective fruits, only we just don’t recognise them all. Speaking of which, I saw somewhere that the delicious fruits will be called perfect fruit in the English version 🙂

              • Red Bank does have some significance, he told me it was named after the town he grew up in. Apparently there was lots of red clay and it was near a river, hence the name. I’m really hoping he’ll get AC:NL, it would be like old times with AC:WW and AC:GC and it would be fun to see what his town turns out like 🙂
                Ooh, I googled that and it does look just like the delicious fruit in AC:NL, from the color to the speckles. I’d love to get apples as a native fruit! But I guess I’m open to others as long as everything else is great.
                I made a lot of headway in Dafdilly this weekend, I look forward to posting on it in the near future 😀

              • Ahh so that’s why. It makes Red Bank all the more lovely a name 🙂 Ooh, looking forward to hearing of Dafdilly! I slacked off a bit these past couple of weeks from preparing for a local art show and also for the new semester at uni >_<

  4. Lovely post Amy! I love the paint of your new town! Hahaha great! I like Ci’gazze, it’s kind of funny! But It would be great something like Neverland, hahaha! Also I love lilywood too! It remainds me of Lily (Harry Potter’s mother) hahaa ❤ Omg but there are lots of cominations and everyone is different and original, and it's even more difficuult because of this awesome guide you did !!! Because all the ideas / names are great! So choose the name you really think it would be great for your town!!! ❤ Love this game! haha 🙂 I'm thinking of changing my town, I'm tired of "A casa" hahahaha 🙂 If I decide to change my town I definitly look for your guide! ❤

    • I can’t say a funny town name was my intention, but thanks for the feedback Emma, and it’s great to hear from you again. 🙂 Neverland would be cool, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit the 8 character limit for Animal Crossing town names. I’m glad you like the little guide I put together and that it might be helpful for you! I think “A casa” is a nice name, though 🙂

  5. Hahaha when I said “funny” I think I meant: original 🙂 Oh yes I didn’t thought about it, neverland doesn’t fit… :/ Well I’m sure you’ll find a name, Lilywood it’s great too ❤ I don't really like A casa anywhay thanks 🙂 Kisses*

    • Oh okay, thanks! 🙂 At the moment it’s just between Citalune, Ci’gazze, and Ys because I feel those names fit my fairytale city theme best. Lilywood wouldn’t be as fitting for that theme, but it it’s a nice name, maybe you could use it if you ever make a new AC town? 😛 Or a Harry Potter inspired town name would be good; it’s a shame Hogsmeade has too many letters for the limit.

  6. Yeah Hogsmade has too much letters… but lilywood would be great! ❤ Anywhay my fav is Ci’gazze or Ys hahaha! ❤ Btw If I change my name I'd chose Lilywood or something like that 🙂 Loveee * ❤

  7. Hi,
    I love your blog and i read it every day.
    I too play wild world but i don’t have WiFi
    I’m also a friend of Choco.
    I heard you have 3ds so if you would like to add me here is my Friend Code:
    3196 2990 8940

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you so much, I appreciate it! 🙂 I hope I can post again in the next week or so.
      Sure, I’ve added you, and mine is 3222-6062-4806. Maybe we can WiFi someday in AC:NL ^_^

  8. Yeah, I heard ACNL works with my internet so we probs can wifi!
    Any way, my faverouite choice out of them names is Citalune. it reminds me of CF’s music in the city at night. 😉 Ill add you now 😉

  9. Also, are you planning to make a dafdilly dress in acnl? it would look awesome.
    And Guess what! I can wifi In City Folk and New Leaf!!! Yay!

    • Yay, I look forward to WiFing in AC:NL! 😀 I have City Folk, but it’s not connected to the internet and I don’t play it anymore. I haven’t thought about making the petal dress in New Leaf, but I guess it would be easy with all the new palette options; I could probably even improve it or change the color scheme.
      And thanks a lot for the input on my future town name! The “lune” does give Citalune a nighttime sort feel, I think.

  10. Ah, New Leaf how I wish to have you. 😆 I love the name Citalune, whenever I read it I imagine a Professor Layton type historical town basking in moonlight, but that’s just me. I can’t wait until New Leaf’s released and I can finally WiFi with you! We have been waiting two years after-all. 😆 As for my town name I’m unsure, I need it to be right or I’ll just end up resetting later. I was thinking maybe Capella named after the eleventh brightest star in the night sky. The name also reminds me of a pricey Italian ice cream, which is a plus.

    • Thanks a lot for your thoughts! 🙂 Yeah, same here, I would rather not end up regretting it later and wanting to restart, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Sometimes I think that the perfect town name is out there somewhere, if only I’m creative enough or know enough different references (like yours, after a star! :o), but Citalune is probably my best option for now. I really like Capella, I don’t think it’s a town name to regret later. Can’t wait to finally WiFi in New Leaf 😀

      • I’d definitely say you’re creative enough! I mean look at your patterns, they’re awesome! I’ll look forward to it! 😀

  11. Hey Amy! I am not sure if you remember me because I stopped my blog for school reasons. Too much projects and homework -_- but anywho, I’m ck. uhhh. Ya. And I looked through your blog like I used to and I miss playing animal crossing 😦 I am also looking forward to new Leaf and I was hoping to do a wifi thingy with you cuz I’ve never done it before on my acww cuz the Internet settings is all weird. I was thinking that the Internet on a 3ds game would be easier. So. Ya. (I feel awkward cuz 1) idk if u remember me and 2) trying to text under the blanket with an iPad is HARD)

    • I do remember you! It’s really nice to hear from you again 🙂
      Yeah, AC:WW’s WiFi is more limited, a lot of people have trouble with it. But AC:NL’s WiFi should be easier and more accessible to a lot more people! I look forward to WiFing when AC:NL comes out 😀

  12. Hello! 🙂 I love all the ideas for your names! My favourite is definitely Citalune

    Just thought I would warn you though… a “ys” in Australia is actually a derogatory term so that town name might be a bit troublesome for you if you come across us Australians haha 🙂

    Anyway, good luck!

    • Hi! 🙂 Oh wow, thanks for letting me know about that, I had no idea. It’s good I’m not going with that one. 😛 And thanks a lot for the feedback! ^_^ Unless an amazing different town name idea comes to me between now and June 9th, I think I’m going with Citalune.

  13. I loved reading this and I was the same when I had new leaf I called it chuckle town and really regretted it as it was just something that came into my head and I didn’t realise the significance! I’ve called my town cieldelune translating into moon sky – I really love it and think it reflects my crystal moon loving personality ! Can’t wait to see what you do with your town I’m getting to grips with mine and the differences between it and ACNL

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