Meeting Kammile over WiFi

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Today’s post is on my first WiFi session with Kammile, a fellow AC:WW blogger! 😀 We had fun exploring each others’ towns, setting off sparklers, and enjoying the fireworks and overall summery atmosphere.

StarCity's entrance paved with dark brown brick roads and neat hedges

After some technical difficulties, I take my first step into the beautiful StarCity! Kammile really makes use of all her pattern slots and knows how to arrange them well. The hedges are so realistic and natural!

Fireworks in StarCity's skies

Though Kammile and I are 12 hours apart, I think we found a good time for both of our towns. Mine was bright and sunny (well, at first it was, as you’ll see 😛 ), and in hers, the fireworks show made up for the lack of sunlight.

Checking out her house, which was recently upgraded, and resting after a WiFi crash:

Kammile's fancy palace room with a piano

Kammile's cozy and quirky bedroom

I like her tastes in interior decorating, both these rooms are really nice! ^_^

Setting off sparklers outside Kammile's house, with presents in the background

Yay~ fireworks, presents, and festive music! :mrgreen: Such a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy StarCity!

Meeting Gabi

Fittingly, I met Kammile’s favorite neighbor first, Gabi, and her greeting was very kind. Hopefully she sticks around!

Gabi's house, with neat hedges surrounding

Off we go…

Boone's brown riverside house

…to Boone’s house next!

Boone's collecting of clothing

Here we are, morphed in front of Boone’s clothing collection. 😛 Someone has a fashion hobby~! Nice of Kammile to help him collect those ^^

Margie's purple wooden house

Margie’s cute purple house! 🙂 I love how they all have unique layouts of hedges.

Oops, didn’t mean to frighten you Margie ^^

Kabuki had an idea for getting into the celebratory spirit of the fireworks festival! Maybe sparkling cider would be better?

Cozy hedges and orchard outside another home

This house feels so cozy with the hedges wrapped around, and little apple orchard! ❤

Hedge-lined brick crossroads lined with jacob's ladder gardens

Kammile was very kind to give me one of her spare jacob’s ladders — thank you!! I think they’d look great in my town (and in my hair 😛 )! Also, I love the crossroads here!

Riverside dining table

Checking out this elegant riverside dining spot 🙂

Kammile coming over to Dafdilly

Soon, Kammile wanted to come over and see my town as well. I hope I can explore hers more another time, I feel like I barely scratched the surface.

Having tea at the table by Dafdilly's waterfall

From one riverside dining spot to another, this time in my town. Though I guess mine is more of a tea table. 😛

Kammile and I having some cake in my main room

I invited her to my place for some more refreshments ^^

Getting ready to bed-bump; Twisk has a bit of a glaring side-eye towards Kammile

What a glare I’m giving Kammile 😆

Bed-bumping fun

Things escalated quickly… 😛

Kammile and I in Melody's room, with Kammile not in her usual triangle shades

How strange it was seeing Kammile without her signature triangle shades! 😮 She had some helpful input about Melody’s bedroom here, and advised that Melody isn’t the most fitting name for this aesthetic… I’ll think about that!

Sitting down at the fruit kitchen

Either watching TV or staring at this daffodil 😛

Kammile accidentally picked up a path pattern

Oh no, there’s a hole in the road! 😛 Don’t worry, I did it twice myself when Teru came over.

Then she planted a pitfall and promptly walked into it as punishment!

But Kammile felt she had to punish herself! 😆 She didn’t speed up the process by pushing buttons, so she was in there flailing for a while. 😛 One time I showed my mom what it looks like when you fall in a pitfall, and she was like, “so you just wave back and forth like that?” 😆

We took a look around my museum:

Kammile and I watching the tarantula and scorpion battle it out

At first the two were evenly matched, but the tarantula started winning, so Kammile and I were rooting for the scorpion (which was getting a little too close for comfort >_>).

At the Roost: sparkles all around from changing clothes/accessories

Sparkly 😛

Enjoying the rain by Olivia's garden near the beach

It was suddenly raining when we stepped out of the museum! So we whipped out some pattern-made umbrellas. I really liked Kammile’s, it was candy-themed I think.

Kammile and I wandering around my island in the rain

On my little island… Wendell’s puddle pattern looks nice with the rain.

Kammile and I setting off sparklers on the beach

Lighting up the gloom ^^ I have way too many of these, so anyone helping me use them up is appreciated. 😛

I was surprised to see a brand new house next to the town hall. 😮 I had a feeling it was someone from Kammile’s town, and it was!

Meeting Lobo from StarCity

She seemed happy to see him again. 🙂 Soon after being reunited with Lobo, Kammile had to go because it was getting late her time. Thank you again for the jacob’s ladder and a great time! ^_^

And speaking of Kammile, she is hosting a contest on her blog based on creating a picnic area! So this was my submission I put together by sprucing up my waterfall spot a bit more:

Picnic photo for Kammile's contest

I DS-to-DSed with myself so that my pear-picnic would look less lonely. xD

Fireworks show in Dafdilly

Later on, I enjoyed seeing the fireworks show in my own town with two new constellations from StarCity peeking in, ‘Unidentified’ and ‘Witch’s Hat.’

It’s Saturday night, which means it’s time to see K.K. at the Roost, and in fact, I have something for him…

Giving K.K. the country guitar

Showing off K.K. Slider's photo on my table

And in return, he had something for me ^_^

Twisk enjoying K.K.'s show

Got a pretty good photo of Twisk during K.K.’s performance tonight 🙂

Lastly, a quick update on what patterns are popular in Dafdilly at the moment.

Peewee is a fan of this purple dress design!

Eventually I want to have all petal-inspired patterns in Dafdilly’s Able Sisters, and this is my second one so far. Olivia was the first to try it on. 🙂 I had trouble with it, and still don’t really like it because it’s not obvious that it’s a rose.

I hope Teru doesn’t mind that I displayed one of her patterns at my Ables’. I’ve always liked this one. 🙂 It’s all the rage right now! 😛

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