Introducing Suncombe

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Suncombe is my new(ish) Wild World town, which might sound strange to say here in 2019, but I’ve been really craving playing in and developing this town! Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. 🙂 Part of the reason why I’ve been craving playing in this town in particular is because it’s one of my favorite Wild World towns I’ve come across, and I’ve done *lots* of town-resetting over the years.


HHD: A home for Franklin

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HHD: A home for Franklin

I had some time off around Thanksgiving, so in some of my down-time I thought it would be fun to finish Franklin’s home in Happy Home Designer. I had started to design a home for Franklin a while back, but didn’t finish it to my satisfaction. I know it will be time to move to Christmas hype, but I hope Thanksgiving is a recent enough memory to forgive my posting this now. xD If you would like to visit, the code is 0979-7789-472. (I don’t get the impression projects are kept very long in the system, though.)


Citàlune town tour: Moon side

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Citàlune town tour: Moon side

I finished Citàlune! :’) I’ve worked on this town for years, but around Autumn 2017 I got a fire lit under me to work towards finishing it once and for all. If you would like to visit yourself first without being ‘spoiled,’ feel free to give Luna the address 4F00-001F-F5E6. But if you’d like to tour the moon side of town with me, read on! (Photo-heavy content ahead)


The road to my sun mosaic path

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Before the New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo update was released, I was slowly but surely working towards a new dream address update for Citàlune, and as a result, was trying not to shout about every single little change and addition I’ve made to my town too much. But now that the Welcome Amiibo update has dropped, I don’t want to continue to be completely silent from posting about my town and experiences, especially since now it’s looking like I have more work to do before updating my dream address than I did before (like more item collecting).

This sun mosaic path I’m about to share about was one of the things I was once hoping not to share too much about before updating my dream, but since I plan on doing more New Leaf posts here and there, it would be impossible to continue to hide my town’s main path. So I would like to introduce it here in this post first, and tell about the long road to get to the finished version! 🙂