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I was so happy this morning when I woke up early and realized I could see Nookington’s grand opening! It was the perfect way to experience the moment because as I was walking towards the final store, my town tune chimed eight-o-clock. 😀 Of course, the first thing I did was head to Shampoodle’s to get my hair done!

Twisk's new haircut

Ta-da! I’ve always pictured Twisk with blue hair since I borrowed her name from a book, in which she was a fairy with blue hair.

Twisk's haircut photoshoot in Puddles's house

I had a little photoshoot in Puddles’s house since I like the wallpaper & carpet combination!

another orange pansy

I’m grateful that a hybrid grew today because I was kind of in a slump for a few days there, but this is my third orange pansy in a row. Different kinds would be nice. 😛

Catching a random agrias butterfly in minutes

I spent so much time trying to find an agrias butterfly yesterday, and then randomly come across one today, minutes after I start the game. -_- Figures!

Rowan giving me his photo

This took me completely by surprise, since Rowan is such a newcomer! All I did was send him a few welcoming letters and catch him three fish. Here’s what Rowan’s photo looks like:

Rowan's picture

Today’s blend at The Roost:

A mild blend suitable for unrefined palettes

Brewster is starting to warm up to me (well, he says things other than “…Coo” now), but not as much as Sable.

Aww, cute! Sable got mad at her for saying this, which I can understand, I’d be embarrassed too!

Blaire packed up to move

Blaire’s all packed up to leave, and I’m letting her go. Edit: She left at midnight. Bye-bye~!

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