Beginning of April: Cherry Blossoms in Citàlune

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Instead of splitting April neatly in half for its two posts, I’m going to have one post be for the cherry blossom festival and one be post-cherry blossom festival, since the cherry blossoms are such a lovely and special time of year, and there are so many pictures to share. But before we get to those, there’s the first event of the month, April Fools!

Villagers and doppelgangers on April Fools

Blanca set to work on befuddling the villagers with a doppelganger of themselves, and it was my job to clear things up and pick out the real one with the hints they gave me. I was able to do so pretty well on my own for the most part, but I admit to looking online when it came to birthdays. I’m not going to memorize all my villagers’ birthdays, that’s what the bulletin board is for xP But I was able to guess correctly that Bruce would rather be a pro golfer than a CEO, and that Julian’s dream was to be a designer rather than an architect, for example. In return I got a portrait of each villager, and since I have all my dream neighbors now, I guess it means the challenge of obtaining villager pics is over already 😮

Having all my dream neighbors also meant that I could finally get rid of all the house-repelling PWPs in town and build new ones, which quickly earned me a new reputation/rumor.

Admiring the effect of one such new PWP 🙂

This was quite a shock to see! 😮 It happened after celebrating the second fairytale clock, which was very close to the cliff, so I can only think that Paula was pushed up on the cliff during the celebration when they were all gathered around it.

It looked like she was simply enjoying the view, and the blowing blossoms on the wind 😛

In general, Lyra’s castle area looked beautiful with the cherry blossoms, I thought!

Pango fishing

Cheering on Pango to catch her fish ^_^

Reese adding up the total

Reese must be a math whiz, doing all that in her head 😛

Bunnie dreaming of a fairy feast

Ooh, this sounded sorta like a magical fairy feast to me *_*

Receiving the skilled diver badge

I actually don’t really, but I’ve been forcing myself dive more lately for the sake of my museum, and it’s good that the tedious work has paid off a bit!

The reason why diving’s frustrating for me 😐 It’s also annoying that whenever you want to take a break or enjoy a calm moment in the water admiring the sky or the view of your town on the horizon, you’re immediately attacked by jellyfish over and over.

Receiving the weed hunter badge

Another new badge I got! I don’t get too many weeds in Citalune because of BTO, so I think it’s mostly from when Estel did some weed-pulling in my other town when I was trying to collect the flower furniture.

Julian thinking about moving

I thought it was interesting how the current season was mentioned in Julian’s moving announcement, but I convinced him to stay, of course!

I’m going to transition into sharing about the many changes and additions I made for my town for the cherry blossom festival, and with the new freedom I have now that I got all my dream neighbors! 🙂

First of all, I’ll start by saying that I’ve toyed with the idea of having a ‘sun side’ of town and a ‘moon side’ of town for a long time now (first introducing the concept in this post), but now I’m really trying to solidfy the theme and make it more obvious what I’m going for — hopefully it’s starting to work! I’ve also decided to re-christen Citàlune and its theme as “city of the setting sun and rising moon.” Of course, something like that could never fit in a town name (especially an AC one), but in my head I like to think that at one point it was called “Cittàdel soleilune” or something like that, and then over time it was shortened to Citàlune.

Sunset side of town (top half):

Starting off with the main attraction in the sunset part of town, Lyra’s castle 🙂 The exterior is pretty much the same, but I’ve made some new mosaic path tiles depicting a sunset lead up to her house.

The interior hasn’t changed too much either, but I’ve tweaked a few things here and there, like the throne room, which now has actual thrones customized to purple. I’m pretty happy with this room because it really feels like a sort of sunset-themed throne room to me with its colors ^_^

And there are new, fancier chairs in the two performance hall wings.

The new clocks! I really like how the petals seem to be riding a wavy wind in this picture.

The town hall area is feeling nice and sunset-y as well, and it’s back to having 6 street lamps, 3 on each side. I thought about having 4 streetlights on each side, but decided that using 8 of my PWP slots on the town hall area would be a bit overkill xP

The entrance fountain has a new sunny garden arrangement around it, and there’s been a new bell built by the gate.

The Re-Tail pond has gotten a makeover, and it’s no longer Reese-and-Cyrus themed with its pink and blue color scheme 😦 I was sad to see that flower arrangement go, but I wanted to make the pond more colorful like the other parts of this side of town.

I couldn’t help taking a few last commemorative photos of the old gardening around the pond though 🙂

Pictures of the sunset side of town’s residential area with the cherry blossoms:



Pango’s and Gloria’s

Alice’s and Paula’s

Paula’s and Colton’s

Colton’s and Bunnie’s

Bunnie’s lighthouse area! It used to only have red, orange, and yellow flowers, but I decided a mix of colors might be nice.

The sunset beach:

The sunset beach has been enhanced with the new stepping stones, a wider variety of flowers, and new shells and gems washed up on its shore.

A spot by Paula’s overlooking the beach

And lastly, the upper part of the central river nook has a special garden that’s supposed to depict the sun sinking into the horizon 🙂

Moonrise side of town:

Estel’s moon garden has gotten some new mosaic tiles and new benches! Originally I planned to have fairytale benches because I have a fairytale town, but when I actually built them, I didn’t like the effect. They’d be more fitting for Lyra’s castle entrance than Estel’s, but I’m already happy with Lyra’s entrance the way it is without any benches. So I ended up building metal benches for Estel’s garden, and I found a spot for a fairytale bench elsewhere 🙂

Tehe, I’m glad there’s no longer a misplaced house here 🙂

The room with the biggest change in Estel’s castle is the bathhouse, which has been expanded and remodeled.

Violet’s house and entrance ^^

Lots of rooms in Violet’s house have undergone changes, some subtle and some not. This is a subtle change, but I like this version of Violet’s living room more than before 🙂

Violet’s magic work-room has changed considerably! I wanted to make it more obviously magical, so I threw in a few magic-in-pop-culture references like cards, a rabbit and a hat, a spinning wheel, etc. But I imagine the objects on the tables are the more serious magic devices, not mere tricks.

I wasn’t sure what to do in the right wing, but I knew I wanted something whimsical/magical like the rest of the house, and I do really like the sweets kitchen I ended up going with 😀 It’s also sort of inspired by and made in honor of Melba.

The fairy room downstairs, which used to be the location of a vibrant feast, is now a more quiet nighttime forest clearing.

I put some eggs around Violet’s bedroom and I think it was a cute addition ^^

The last character house to tour, Fern’s new Tavern! 🙂 Originally I had planned for a cobblestone exterior with a blue roof, but then I decided that the zen exterior & green roof would fit the title “Fern’s Tavern” more, and better coordinate with the windmill next to it.

The common room in the tavern, where travelers or guests can gather to eat, drink, and socialize.

I’m rather proud of the kitchen, it feels very tavern-y to me 🙂

The rooms for lodging in the tavern, where travelers can spend the night. I was inspired by “The Inn of the Prancing Pony” in the Lord of the Rings for this tavern, which had some rooms for hobbits and some rooms for ‘Big People.’ I put together the basement room with hobbits in mind, with its round windows and cozy beds; hobbits wouldn’t like the bunk beds or sleeping upstairs at all since they don’t like heights. 😛 I’m not saying there are hobbits in Citàlune or anything, it’s just what I was inspired by. xD You could also see the downstairs room as the nicer, more expensive one, and the upstairs room as the cheaper one.

Fern’s own bedroom is fancier than the lodging rooms — maybe unrealistically so — but whatever 😛

Another attraction on this side of town besides character houses is the town tree plaza, which I’ve tried to turn into a flowery forest clearing. I made some new patterns for the flowers, each with a different ‘density’ of flowers, and I like the less tiled/repetitive effect.

Hidden away beneath the waterfall, there’s a bench for you to sit and rest. I thought a fairytale one would look nicely here, with the bridge and clocks nearby.

The winding lane to the Tavern

Hot spring glade

More of the dirt paths on this side of town:

The moonlit beach:

Similar to the sunset beach, there are also corresponding stepping stones and flowers on the moonlit beach 🙂

And a special garden dedicated to the moon on the lower part of the central river nook.

Once I updated my dream town, I did a test-run of the dream with Rose from Bywater (I’m always afraid a villager will plant a mismatching flower in the most horrible place as I’m running to the Dream Suite xP). I really liked the imagery of going back to sleep — or is it waking up? — in a flowery forest meadow after a vivid dream, so I guess I’ll end this post with that ❤

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26 thoughts on “Beginning of April: Cherry Blossoms in Citàlune

    • Yep! I got all my neighbors’ pictures, and also Blanca’s, which I forgot about when I wrote this post 😛 Yep, it was quite a sight ^_^ Tempted to try building another PWP close to the cliff and see if it happens again after the celebration.

  1. wow your town looks awesome during the cherry blossom festival o_o
    lol Pango looks pretty serious when she’s mad xD and I guess Paula wanted to see what was up the cliff :p

    Happy to see Fern getting her house expanded, the magician’s work room is looking pretty whimsical and magical 😛 that’s a lot of bamboo grass btw 😉

    Can’t wait to to visit your dream town! hopefully I’ll be able to update my dream town now that the sweet olives have bloomed ^_^

    • Aww thank you, glad you think so! 🙂 I wasn’t sure how cherry blossoms would suit my town, but I ended up liking it after all. I’ll be kinda sad to see them go but I guess I better move on soon!
      Tehe yep, I did some duping of the bamboo grass~ xP I even did a bit of a giveaway on tumblr because I duped more than I needed.
      Thanks, hope you enjoy it! 😀 Ooh, and I look forward to visiting yours in the Fall! ^_^

      • I just visited your dream town! I really, really loved it! ^^ Your dirt paths look really natural and the cherry blossom trees compliment the surrounding areas 🙂 I liked how you made Fern’s house really cozy with all the cabin furniture, and the room with the bunk beds remind me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, I don’t know why though ^~^ But while I was exploring, Fern was in the house blocking some of the entrances to the other rooms, therefore kind of trapping me. So I had to keep refreshing to get her to move lol

        • Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 I’ve actually seen a reallyyy well done Snow White room around tumblr (I think) before; it has 7 different colored beds and little garden gnomes scattered around to represent the dwarves. Hahah I apologize on behalf of Fern for getting in your way! xP At least she was managing her Tavern instead of wandering around outside, though. 😛

          • Hi, Amy! I was wondering if you had any tips for plot resetting? I finally adopted a dreamie, Rosie ^.^ but I want her to land on a certain spot, and I know how much trouble you had with Pango.

            • Hi! 🙂 The tips I have are sort of for pre-plot resetting, so it might be too late. Like I think what helps a lot is spreading PWPs around town strategically (rather than aesthetically) in order to repel houses and to limit the number of places new houses can appear. That’s actually my main tip I’m afraid, otherwise just keep resetting and don’t give up if it’s important to you! 😀 Getting Pango in the right place was a lot of time and perseverance, but it’s definitely paid off in my mind since I wouldn’t have been happy with an unaligned house. So good luck and don’t give up! 😀

              • Thank you for the tips! I got Rosie to land on exactly where I wanted without too much trouble! ^_^ Before, she kept landing in an area where I wanted to build a wisteria trellis (which hopefully will be soon). So I had to TT back a day, built a house, then build a PWP to keep her from landing there. Now I understand how much patience plot resetting is, lol. I only have one more dreamie to achieve, now, Phoebe! Hopefully I’ll be able to get her soon since someone is holding her for me until Whitney moves 🙂

  2. WOW!!! I visited this past weekend and your town is sooooooooooooo pretty with the cherry blossoms and all the new, beautiful PWPs! I miss spring and the cherry blossoms in my game so much, so I will be visiting your dream town a lot when I go home (my wifi at school doesn’t work this year 😦 ) Fern’s Tavern is so creative! I love the concept and the customized sign you made for it! It feels so cozy! I also love the new mosaic tiles you created with the sun and the moon! I wish I could make things like that! All of the trees in your town are cherry blossom trees-you must have spent forever buying regular trees and planting them! I’ll need to start buying trees now if I want to get ready for the cherry blossom festival 😛

    • Awww thank you very much, your enthusiasm makes me happy! 🙂 So glad you liked it! I’ll be missing the cherry blossoms too :[ But I look forward to the grass getting a bit darker, and hydrangeas blooming. Ohh that’s a bummer about your WiFi, guess we’ll have less opportunities to WiFi now. I hope you have a nice term, though! ^^ Hehe there are like maybe 4 odd non-cherry blossom trees here and there, but yep, it was a lot of planting, and it’s going to be a lot of re-planting soon 😐 I don’t mess with non-cedar saplings much anymore because I don’t have the storage space; I just use my golden shovel and plant 1000 bells to get regular trees. You’ll probably have your own golden shovel by next year — just buy lots of fertilizer! 🙂

      • Ohhhh good idea with the gold shovel! I actually just got that, so now I can get planting! I have so many golden pear trees in my town, but I think my town could use some regular trees as well! And now I know to replant the cherry trees in my spring garden with normal ones so they will turn pink (can’t wait to see Lenore’s spring garden with pink trees)! I’ll be sure to tell you when I head home for a weekend so we can fit in a wifi 🙂 Citaluna has also gone through lots of changes and construction. I FINALLY got all my dreamies 😀 I hope to update my dream address soon! 🙂

  3. Aww Your Town Looks GREAT! But that means I have to change the idea of the pixel now…But I’m gonna let you choose which kind do you want So here’s a list of all of them! ;

    -Map of town (Might Take 2828282 Years for me lol)

    -Characters front face ( Can be Huge or small)

    -Houses ( This might take time )

    -Villagers ( I’m Terrible at them buut I will try my best to make it Lovely! )

    -Items ( I’m good at making tiny wittle stuff THEY ARE SOO CUTE AGSUSBKBC)

    -Inside of a house ( I Can make it Isometric (Isometric=3D-ish) Or Non-Isometric (Non isometric= 2D-Ish) Your Choice!)

    That’s the list of them Bye 😉

    • Thank you, I appreciate it! 🙂 Ahh are you the pixel art anon from tumblr? Hehe you don’t have to change your project if you don’t want to x3
      I think a small character face sounds like a cute idea, out of those options, if you want to take that into account — but feel free to do whatever you like; I’ll love whatever you do, I’m sure ^_^ Thank you very much, and good luck! 😀

      • Done with the Pixel! Just don’t know how to put it here (Can’t send it by email , Don’t have one )

        • Hello! Wow, that’s awesome, congratulations 😀 I’m excited to see it! You could always use an image-uploading site (the one I use is, upload the image there from your computer, and then copy and paste the link to the uploaded image in a comment. For example, on, there’s a blue button on the top that says “upload images.” If you click that, and then click “browse your computer” and select the pixel art file from where it’s located in your computer, and then select “start upload” — you’ll be done! 🙂 Just copy and paste the first one that says “image link.” Thanks again! 😀

    • Wowww awesome, I love it so much! Estel looks so pretty riding on a cloud in your pixel art ❤ I really appreciate it more than I can say, thanks a ton! 🙂

  4. Whoooo I was looking forward to these posts, a massive update on your town progress during its dreamification!! Sorry it just took me SO long to get to them and comment Dx
    Citàlune is. So. Gooorgeous with the cherry blossoms!! It’s really looking amazing now with all of the new and matching PWPs in place, the grand displays of colour and light you’ve designed, as well as the cozy secluded areas hidden here and there. I really like the idea too that it used to be Cittàdel Soleilune that then got shortened, giving the town a sense of history, or it could even still be its ‘official’ name, that people colloquialise as Citàlune.
    Wow I love the new flower arrangements in the sunset side, and the way the colours radiate out from the fountain. Aww I’m a bit sad to see Reese and Cyrus’ love spot go too, it was a sweet idea xP The new colours leading to Rod’s and Doc’s is irresistible too though x3 And I looove the new mosaic tiles you’ve made, especially the differing colours you’ve used in the sunset one that complement each other so beautifully.
    Ahhh Estel’s garden looks so serene with the new mosaics and iron benches ❤ And wow, it's a stuffy summer's night here and I'm feeling so envious looking at her new bathhouse x3
    It's always fun seeing what you do for Violet's house and looking through all the rooms at the new item combinations 😀 Her work-room would be a great conversation-starter and all her other rooms are scattered with items you don't expect but work very well with the theme.
    And wow! Fern's Tavern is my kinda tavern! xD That's my favourite kind of cozy atmosphere and my dream home (real-life) would be like that if it weren't for the dust and cobwebs (and potential lack of stable power and internet, cos it'd likely be in the country – yes I've actually thought seriously about this 😆 ). I love how the back leads into the kitchen, and the way the barrels inside look randomly scattered 😮
    Congrats on getting everyone's villager pic! I didn't know til after the event or at the very end that you could actually say you didn't know who was the real one and they'd give a different hint.
    Hah what a crazy glitch! The picture you got of Paula enjoying the breeze with her eyes shut, it's perfect! ❤ Was she present at the ceremony or was she already up there at the start?

    • Aww thanks so much Teru! 😀 And likewise, I was looking forward to hearing what you thought about some of the changes and additions to my town hehe, you always have such nice things to say and make me feel good about my work! ❤ (Idk if that's weird to say xP)
      Ooh I like the idea of it being a colloquialism! The name of the fictional city I drew inspiration from, Cittàgazze, was colloquized to Ci'gazze by characters in the book, so it reminds me of that ^^
      I'm thinking I might bring back the Reese/Cyrus love garden in the winter time, since I like the way it looks with the cool colors of winter better than this new colorful arrangement will likely look with the snow. So it's not gone forever probably, but I miss it a bit too. Currently I'm working on maybe changing the pond garden even more; I'd like to make the arrangement emphasize sunny/sunset colors while coming across kinda dreamy and matching the surrounding areas!
      I really like that cozy cottage aesthetic too! Though I agree about the real-life complications in living such a way xP And it's funny, I also enjoy the super fancy aesthetic I imitate in my town's castles, so it's definitely fun to be able to have both in my town 😛 Taverns are a feature of many fantasy books and such, and Citalune is kinda inspired by the idea of a fantasy sun/moon realm or something, so it's fun for me to have a tavern in my little kingdom haha. I'm glad you like it and the other changes and additions, thank you!! ❤
      Here’s a pic from the ceremony; I assumed she must’ve been present for the glitch to happen, but I don’t see her there 😮 But I guess maybe that’s how it happened; the game tried to have her present, but there wasn’t room to the right of the clock so she went up on the cliff instead 😛 What a nice spot to glitch to though, right by the waterfall ^_^

      • Awww, that’s not weird, that makes me happy x3 I just wish you didn’t need to ‘look forward to it’ for such a long time ^^’
        I almost forgot that Citàlune would be changing again with the seasons, that’ll be exciting now that all your dreamies are here x3 Though I’m glad too that it’ll be spring/summer a while more for us to admire your current work 🙂
        Ohh so that’s how the glitch happened. It reminds me of an early screenshot I saw of someone’s completion ceremony where the player was standing in mid-air over the edge of a beach cliff, though that wasn’t quite as spectacular as Paula there.

  5. hi amy i put your friend code down please add me mine is 2466-3076-1693 and my mii name is enchanted by the way i am deleting my animal crossing new leaf data so please open at your town so i can bff you then i can open and you can help me wrap up if you want to also if you need any thrones i could buy you some i have alot of bells on my game file so i hope we can be great friends

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