Kammile’s party in An Ville

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Haha, this is yet another AC:WW WiFi party post! Today I went to a party hosted by Kammile in her new town An Ville. 😀

She has a gate pond like me! I really like this feature, but it means you always have to wrap your paths around. 😛

It’s my first time in An Ville, so I take a look at the map. I like the island. 🙂

We took a stroll along the path while waiting for others to arrive:

I like how the house styles match the path’s colors!

Our walk didn’t last long because Jemma soon arrived, yay ^_^

We met up at the gate and decided to wait a bit longer in case someone else was coming.

And while we waited…

There’s a cool glitch that sometimes occurs during WiFi when a character’s normal eyes briefly change to the sparkly anime eyes. It seems to happen after swapping clothes/accessories. My character Twisk’s eyes are black, so the glitched anime eyes she gets are just the regular ones. But Kammile’s are brown, so I wondered if Jemma’s would be green…
And they are! I was really curious what they would look like. Now I want to see blue ones. 😛

Another one, but it’s basically the same picture, same sparkles and all. o_O

No sparkles in the way this time! 😀 I’m glad I was able to get a pretty good picture because it happens in a flash and then they’re gone.

We finished waiting for late arrivals after that and started the first game, a race to find the buried timer before the time runs out. I love that it was a mix between a time bomb game and a treasure hunt, with lots of buried treasure around to help disguise where the timer was buried.

I’ve never had a triforce before but I’ve always wanted one, so I was thrilled to find this! 😀 I also dug up a yellow feather (awesome, haven’t really donated anything to Boondox yet :P) and another Zelda item, the Master Sword.

I dug up the timer and saved the day. xP In addition to keeping the treasure we found, Jemma and I also got bell prizes for finding the timer within the time limit. Thanks Kammile!

The next game is a classic — tag — Animal Crossing style with nets. 😛 Kammile was “it” and Jemma was last to evade being whacked by her net, so she won.

The final game was a unique race in which Jemma and I had to stay within our narrow one-pattern wide lanes, which were ridden with holes to kick dirt into and pitfalls to struggle through. There was an even amount of pitfalls and holes in each lane, but they were spaced differently, which increased the suspense. For example, if you fall into a pitfall and watch your opponent continue to run, you feel like you’re falling behind, but then they fall in a pitfall later on and you’re able to catch up. It was really well done. 🙂

I got to the finish line first, but Jemma was close behind, kicking dirt into the last hole.

Then she let us hunt for the remaining treasure, so nice!

I might have won more of the games, but since Jemma found a throne I think she won the whole party! 😆

For the rest of our stay, Kammile let us explore her town and visit her neighbors, and I took a lot of pictures. 😳

An Ville’s cherry blossom festival is still going on, I see. 😀 I love when you’re able to get several trees in a row like this, it doesn’t see to work for me often.

A random, useless observation: when you shake a cherry blossom tree with furniture/money in the branches, green leaves fall instead of pink ones.

I made similar-looking paths last Fall (same palette, bricks bordered by fenced in flowers), but I think these colors look a lot better during the springtime, bringing out the pink cherry blossoms and red, white, and purple flowers:

The way An Ville is landscaped reminds me of her old town StarCity. 🙂

I thought this had a park feel with the bench, flowers, and orderly trees.

Pretty white pansy garden 🙂

This is my favorite type of pond you can get in AC:WW because of how big it looks (but technically I think it’s the same amount of spaces as other ponds). Another cute spot with a well-placed bench ^_^

I went to meet Poncho, one of my favorite jocks. He’s such an adorable little bear.

And Dotty, yay, I love her! 😀 I think she was one of my first neighbors in my first ever AC:WW town. Well, I don’t remember it, but (before I deleted the town) I looked at my oldest saved letters and villager pics. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to start an Animal Crossing blog, so I don’t forget such things. -_-

Yeah, well, your house is kind of weird, Dotty… I guess you have a desert alien planet thing going on.

The exterior is nice, though, with all the flowers around her house. Has the flower fest started yet? /out of the loop

A full pic of Claire’s purple, not-quite mansion — I think there’s just one more upgrade to go!

Another one, with me cropped out this time. If you look closely, doesn’t it sort of look like smoke is coming out of the chimney?

Already has a nice hybrid garden going. 🙂

This is my favorite house shape; Melba, Jeremiah, Patty, and Anchovy all have it. And I guess Ribbot, too, because I think this house is his. 😛 Maybe one day I’ll make a guide with all the town house styles and villager house shapes.

Kammile and Jemma were visiting Ribbot and when they left the house, they became fused!

Sometimes Jemma was in front…

and sometimes Kammile was in front…

But what’s coolest to see was when one eye was Kammile’s and one eye was Jemma’s!

Wink? 😆

Jemma and I both bought something from Nookway so hopefully it will upgrade to Nookington’s soon. 🙂

A full, distant picture of the waterfall… you can tell I like taking these sorts of pictures, can’t you? >_> I first learned the technique of taking a picture as the bottom screen shoots into the top one (after pressing Y or X) from Teru’s blog.

And a full picture of the gate… why not? 😛

Finally we all met up again after doing our individual explorations and chatted some more 🙂

…and took emotion pics. xP Poor Claire is emotionless, though, because Dr. Shrunk hasn’t come to An Ville yet.

Jemma had to leave, and after chatting for a while longer with Kammile I had to go too, so the party ended. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the treasure, prizes, and good time Kammile! :mrgreen:

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59 thoughts on “Kammile’s party in An Ville

  1. Ahh – and no need to feel bad, all bloggers like us need a break from infinate typing 🙂 i swear itz fine.

    Ps: my next comment will not be @ proper comment but i hope you dont mind if i post a litle fanfic?


  2. Thanks amy, i checked katrinas cranny, it was really good! And thanks again for the link. Xxx i did the hedges and it kind of looked like kammiles town starcity, but it still looks good in my view! 🙂 I have yet to put sidepaths, streams and hedges ect ect. I have decked my mini -house out wwith half of the blue furniture collection and im planning to visit other towns tonight to get some other ::exotic:: fruits! My plans go for pears apples and ::maybe:: peaches. Hmm, choices…

    Psh : i got the idea for a stream from myacwwdiary.wordpress.com/wonderfull-patterns-in-beijing

    • Okay, you’re added. I went with Pixels Shop because it’s more distinctive, but let me know if you want your blog referred to as something else. 🙂

    • Sure, no problem! 🙂 Hehe, there are probably a fair amount of those scattered through my AC:WW WiFi posts of our meetings 😛

        • Haha yeah, I thought I might work on a new post on recent New Leaf WiFis, so I’m online! Though I’ll probably go to bed soon xP

          • Oh, I did make a new post about our wi-fi! haha.. Can’t wait to see your post! 😀 I just published mine (photos taken from my tumblr hehe.. too lazy to upload. xP)
            It is 1 AM.. if you’re really tired. You can just continue it in the morning. 🙂

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