Last fireworks show

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But first, before the last fireworks show began, I had Teru over to my dad’s abandoned town Red Bank to chase down a banded dragonfly, since it was so hard to hunt for one in her own flowery town, Bundeena. I’m pleased to say that it was a success! 😀 (If you want to see the moment of truth for the catch, check out Teru’s post here!)

Teru arriving in Red Bank to catch a banded dragonfly

Teru’s oldest character Sidney came over, instead of her more common WiFi character Rain, since Sidney has a golden net — it’s larger and easier to catch bugs with! Coincidentally, my oldest character happens to live in Red Bank now, since I moved her there before restarting my first AC:WW town. So it was cool for our two original characters to meet :mrgreen:

As a gift, Teru gave me two paintings I needed — and also really like — for my museum! (Thank you!! 😮 ) I DS-to-Dsed between Red Bank and Dafdilly to bring over the paintings, and when I got back, there was a new neighbor! But from Kammile’s town, StarCity. O_o How confusing. 😆 My theory is that Bundeena had StarCity’s Baabara in its ninth slot, which transferred to Red Bank when Sidney came there. Then, when Twisk went to Red Bank to get the paintings, Baabara went to Dafdilly’s ninth slot. Phew…

Meeting StarCity's Baabara

Fun catchphrase, Kammile 😆
I had a bit of déjà vu when I saw Baabara’s house; it’s in the same location as Amelia’s was, plus the same house shape and house style that she had! 😮

These are the two paintings Teru gave me, now hanging up in the art exhibit: 😀

Flowery painting at the museum

This one is by Van Gogh, simply titled “Sunflowers.” 🙂

Calm painting at the museum

I love this one! ❤ It's “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat, which if you see up close, you will notice all the teeny brushstrokes in primary colors, arranged in such a way that your eye optically mixes them together to form the colors, shapes, and overall scene that you see at a distance.

Last empty slot in the art exhibit

Now I only have one more to go, the worthy painting! It’s based off another famous one, “Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene Delacroix.

Brewster: You see a lot of pigeons out in the city, milling around. But nobody can ever figure out where they roost when they're not in the streets.

Yay, I think I’m friends with Brewster now! 🙂 It’s so poignant hearing him talk about his inspiration for The Roost.

Brewster: I suppose I ought to pick up some sugar...

He used to say there was only enough sugar for himself, but now he’s thinking about buying me some — another sign of friendship xD

Starry pink sunset

I love when the stars are just beginning to peep out of a bright sunset. 🙂

Tortimer: Tonight's the last Fireworks show of the summer, sprout!

Aww, yeah, it’s the last Fireworks Show of the year! 😦 I tried to make the most of it and get as many sparklers and roman candles as I could. 😛 Now I just need to find a place to hoard them. -_-

Fireworks show fortune

Haha, I don’t really get these >_>

My pictures from the Fireworks Show:

Twisk setting off a roman candle on the private beach

Blue firework on a purple sky

Green firework on a purple sky

Yellow firework on a purple sky

Blue firework shooting into the sky

Green firework on a darker sky

Pink firework on a purple sky

Yellow firework on a starry sky

Four small fireworks

Three small fireworks

Joey: Oh, no! This year's fireworks are over! It's SO sad.

My neighbors are sad it’s the last one, too. 😦

Curt: I'm really gonna miss seeing stuff explodinating up in the sky at night.

Explodinating? xD

Curly: What?! Today's the last day of the Fireworks Show?!

Get with the program!

Lobo: I know it's crazy, but I wanna break-dance to the fireworks or somethin'!

I wanna see that 😛

KK Slider strumming his guitar

I made sure to see K.K. Slider’s performance as well. 🙂 His set-list was Two Days Ago, To the Edge, The K. Funk, and Steep Hill.

KK Slider singing through a grin

Say cheese! xP

Twisk, Bell, Harmony, and Melody setting off sparklers on the beach

And lastly, as a memento, I tried to make one of those panoramic images from stitched together pictures: Twisk, Bell, Harmony, and Melody — the girls of Dafdilly — setting off sparklers at the beach. ✨ ❤

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16 thoughts on “Last fireworks show

  1. I like that first picture of you with your Roman candle ^_^ Your very own private beach!
    I need to get with the program too. I didn’t know it was the last show until you told me 😛 I’ve missed every single one so far. I also made it to only one show last summer too o_o

    Now that I think about it, it makes sense that you got a townie from StarCity if you got them off me, because I cleaned out my 9th slot right before my last WiFi with Kammile in hopes of getting her Pango, and since then none of my own neighbours moved 😮 But it only works if the other party also cleans the 9th slot so I must have gotten Baabara instead 😛

    • Thanks! 😀 I have two tiny beaches and a really long one. One of the tiny beaches used to be the private property of Olivia until she moved; it’s really lonely down there now, so I hope someone moves into that house location again eventually. 😦

      I want to get a neighbor from your town one day! 😛 Yeah, it takes careful arranging (or a lot of luck) if you want to get a certain villager from someone.

  2. Awww! I missed the last firework show! 😦 Wouldn’t it be cool if we would have come all together to some town and see them together? That would have been soo cool! We surely have to do that in New Year 😛 A party, I did it once with a friend when It was new year and we had cake (my
    birthday cake XD) in a room in my house and you could see the room changing colors 😛
    Anyway I like to imagine… :mrgreen:

    • Aw yeah, that would have been fun! I hope we can all meet up again even if it isn’t necessarily a party — just hanging out together. 🙂

  3. I missed the fireworks show! 😦

    I only saw ONE fireworks show this august… o.O
    Well,Glad you enjoyed it… :mrgreen: good thing i packed up 15 sparklers and roman candles
    before the big finish.. 😀 I also made Kiya a back ground image 😆 you idea was good too!

    • I only missed one fireworks show. 😛 Yes, it’s good to stock up on sparklers and roman candles since you won’t be able to get more for another year! Storing them is an issue for me, though. No room in the dressers at the moment, so they’re just cluttering up my secondary characters’ inventories. -_-
      I’ve been making a lot of backgrounds based off the game’s graphics lately and I couldn’t resist trying to make one of her description. 😛 I’m sure yours is better!

  4. I miss Baabara,it would be cool if she’d moved to my town again! 😛 That’ll be weird! 😯
    I just realized that the catch phrase i gave her spreaded through my whole town,before i knew it. All of my neighbors we’re using it. 😯

    If one of my neighbors move to your town,They’re ctach phrases are “NO?!” “Yes?” and “Hmm?” and for some of my lazy neighbors… “Itchy!” So i always mistake them for having a flea,but funny because it looks like thy’re having the worst time of their lives with that catchphrase… 😈 I’m so evil to my lazy neighbors (I feel guilty!) but good thing i don’t have a single lazy neighbor in my town anymore! 😈

    Is Biskit a Jock or a Lazy Person/Animal/Neighbor? I got no clue.. But i want him to stay in my town (I like dogs!)

    • Well, if you really want Baabara back, I’m sure we could arrange that. 🙂 I’d just need to clear out my 9th slot before she moves, then after she moves, coming over to your town! So not too hard. 🙂

      haha, nice catchprases! 😆 “Hmm?” reminds me of Tom Nook! 😛 Biskit is a lazy villager, so I guess he’s an exception to your dislike of lazy neighbors. I like some lazies, especially Bob (I ❤ lazy cats) and Stitches (such a colorful teddy bear)!

      • Oh yes! Stitches,I remember him from my old town. 😛 If i could still retrive my old town i could transfer him to you,He’s really easy when it comes to getting his picture! xD We kept catching bugs (We kept competing against each other 😈 ) I always win,that was weird because the last time i caught a flea,i gave it to him and beats his little lady bug. 😆 Silly Stitches!

        I just hate when Lazy Neighbors LOOK like they’re lazy,like Elmer!
        I don’t like him at all! he always sleeps and relax but why does he have
        an eye bag on his eyes? 😯 That was a weird thing.. 😛

        or maybe he sleeps late because i wants to seat on his couch and watch
        his favorite late night T.V. Show… 😛 but he doesn’t have a couch or a TV!!

        • Oops.. 😳 correction! “maybe he sleeps late because he wants to seat on his couch and watch
          his favorite late night T.V. Show…

        • haha I know what you mean! Joey is the lazy villager in my town, and I guess I don’t mind him, but I noticed he looks like he’s wearing a diaper, which kind of weirds me out. 😕 I’m ready for him to move now that I’ve got his picture. 😛

          • He wears a nappy/diaper which is considered by some to also look like a metal plated under-belly. I got Joey when i was about to delete my old town. o.o i didn’t even noticed that he’s wearing a diaper! 😯 That was weird…

  5. Awesome New Background! 😉 It’s awesome how you took a pic of a rainbow and a UFO at the same time!! xD and the present and clouds…They all look Amazing!!
    I noticed the new theme right away! 😆 The theme’s cool and very unique…

    I haven’t got that much time to stay up and guard my blog all day,i haven’t even checked my spam folder! It’s probably crammed with spams again… 😛

    • 😳 I forgot,The theme is very simple,just simple (forget unique!),It makes people feel that when they enter this blog,they will have a really nice feeling that it’s an AC:WW Blog. 😉

    • Thanks! I think I’ll actually keep this one. 😛 It isn’t eye-catching in the WordPress themes gallery, but looks nice customized, I think. :)The UFO and rainbow weren’t taken in the same picture; I copy and pasted different parts of many screenshots to make the background.Ugh, I meant to make a new post the past few days but kept getting too tired by the time I started to make one. 😦

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