Beginning of January

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On New Years’ day there was a signboard, a few cards in my mailbox (including a 10,000 bell bag from “Mom”), and Isabelle gave a cool zodiac horse for the occasion. 🙂 The new year has been here for months in real life, but this is the first new year in Citàlune — I hope 2014’s good to it!

Just thought this was a nice shot, showing the flowers I have lining the riverbank. And it was a koi!

I completed the fossil exhibit in the museum, but Blathers didn’t have a whole lot to say about it. 😦 I miss blathering Blathers.

Checking out the last addition to the exhibit! It’s probably my favorite fossil item in the game; amber has some special significance in one of my favorite books. 🙂

A relationship brewing? 😮 After this he said he was going to ask Gloria out on a sporty date, I forgot what exactly and didn’t take a screenshot. 😛

Yay, a flower fan! Finally a rumor that I really like and think fits me well, but I went back to being a pro-listener as usual a few days later. 😛 I think the flower fan rumor started after I updated my dream address early in January, because before I updated I went around and watered all the flowers in town so that they would sparkle in the night (and I have a lot of flowers!).

Pondering the dimensions before building my first snowman in Citàlune. It took me a while to build one because of general laziness, I guess, and because it’s hard to push a snowball around my town without breaking it, and because I didn’t even know where I’d put a snowman! But then I remembered this empty spot below Estel’s castle gardens, where I plan to put two benches eventually, but for now it’s perfect for having some snowmen/snowpeople!

He was pleased with how I made him, and started a game of Bingo. But the number was 13, and was perhaps an unlucky omen, because I’m in late January now and still haven’t won a game yet. 😛

Mitzi letting me know her plans to move. I’ve enjoyed having a cute kitty in town, but she’s not a dream neighbor, so I decided to wish her well in her plans.

Haha, this made me laugh since I have long hair in real life. xD None of the haircuts in AC are that long, but Gloria still seemed quite concerned!

Paula’s cute theory about auroras. ^^ But the real-life reason behind them, at least, is when charged particles from the sun collide with particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, in the north and south poles. The different colors in the aurora are the result of the charged particles colliding with different gas particles (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.)

Aww, Gloria has a sappy moment! ❤

Those statues were built way before you moved in, Bunnie! xP

A pretty snowy day! 🙂

Paula asked for a river fish, so I went out of my way to catch something that might look cute in her house (a goldfish), but she didn’t even end up displaying it! >_<

Redd’s genuine artwork for sale was immediately apparent as soon as I walked in the tent! The valiant statue looks soo lovely with its regular feathery wings instead of the batlike ones! Ahh, I haven’t donated it yet…

Mitzi packed up to leave, and a visitor came to invite her to move to their town 🙂

When Mitzi left, I was excited about the prospect of moving in a new dream neighbor, so I asked Erik to move in right away! Back in this post I asked for feedback on who I should have as my permanent lazy resident, Erik or Doc, and in the end decided to go with the poll’s majority opinion on Erik. (But some of my own thoughts/decisions factored in as well; for instance, I went to a dream town with Erik and decided that I thought Erik’s house would look especially lovely surrounded by colorful tulips, which is what I had planned for the garden of whichever lazy resident I chose!)

But then…

I messed up majorly when plot resetting for his house. 😦 It was pretty late at night and I was tired, hoping that it wouldn’t be too much longer before his house landed where I wanted it to, and I was reading some stuff online while resetting to make it a bit less boring. Before I knew it, instead of the sound of the train and talking to Rover, I heard the sound of Isabelle starting up the game for me. I wanted to stop it so bad, but realized that a corrupted game file would be a lot worse than a house plot in a bad location, so I had to let it finish. T_T I’ll let this be a warning to myself (and others, if other plot-resetters are reading this) to not get too comfortable and confident when resetting, always be careful and alert and patient, and try not to do it when you’re too tired.

I even had a PWP set up two spaces away, to guide the house to go in the exact space I wanted it to, but the plot didn’t go anywhere near here after two hours.

One of the first things I did after this happened was request to pay someone in exchange for Doc on ACC, and I’m really glad to have him waiting on my other copy of the game now. 🙂 It made me feel better knowing that I have a great replacement for Erik as soon as he moves out. I’ll be able to have all fairytale door houses in my town after all. Also wooo, a special sunset (a good omen for better luck with Doc? xP)

Now for a more happy occasion! ^_^

It was Colton who hosted my surprise party, and Rod and Melba were there as well! 😀 These three are some of the residents who have been in my town the longest, so I guess maybe that’s why?

In past games the present was always a birthday cake, but in AC:NL there are several additional options (I’ve heard it depends on your friendship level?), and I ended up getting the birthday hat. I might prefer the birthday cake item still, but the hat is cute too! ^^

Melba being her usual sweet self 🙂

Colton putting the charm on.

They were all just singing away, hehe, Melba looked so adorable!

I hung around the party for a while, but eventually thought I’d better get going. Aw thanks for throwing it, you guys! ❤

Erik officially moved in on my birthday, what a great birthday present ._. His cabin could’ve looked so lovely in the right part of town, but it looks awfully out of place here right next to Estel’s castle gardens, and it’s inconveniently in the middle of a path.

Wish I could be happier about your arrival, Erik! 😦

But oh well, let’s cheer up with other happy birthday things, like this cute bulletin board message. 🙂

And look, there’s even a special sale for my birthday 😛

And I caught a stringfish! The pun was something I didn’t expect, a reference to string theory? xP

All my neighbors had birthday greetings for me, even the ones who didn’t get to go to the party, and I got several birthday cards too. (Maybe not as many as I would’ve, had I cleaned out my mailbox the day before. I’m so lazy about clearing my mailbox!)

Lastly, I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but K.K. Slider happened to be playing K.K. Birthday when I walked into Club lol!

Haha, it’s always so embarrassing when your face pops up on the screen xD

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19 thoughts on “Beginning of January

    • Oh I’m sorry about that 😦 It wouldn’t have been a bad idea for me to specify which neighbors I planned on being permanent or not, so that people who read my blog could “reserve” them. But it would be too late for a policy change to do much good now, since I’ve got 8/10 dream neighbors.

      • Awww don’t worry about it! I am still trying to figure out my dream neighbors and am having a tough time narrowing it down to 10 (so many cute neighbors)! I really want Cookie the dog-she is so cute and I love her house! Lily the frog is cute too! I love your house guide! It’s helping me pick my neighbors! I am picking them based on a combination of personality, house, and cuteness!That’s too bad about Erik’s house 😦 Sending good vibes for when Doc moves in 😀 I messed up royally a few days ago as well. I was building Noelle’s house for the reset trick and I was not paying attention to how close it was to my illuminated trees or Tom Nook telling me they would have to be removed. I did not notice until the next day when I walked by the house and realized the illuminated trees were gone 😦 And the were soooooo expensive too (125,000 bells each)! Now I have to rebuild them. Oh well…at least it is spring and Lenore’s garden with the budding azalea bushes looks lovely! (This may have posted twice-darn computer has been lagging lately….)

        • Aww, that’s a bummer! 😦 Yeah, I’ve heard that some people even use the method of making a new character to easily and cheaply demolish PWPs (since you don’t have to pay for it, and it’s immediate).
          Yep this was posted twice earlier hehe; for future reference, my wordpress settings are set to have first-time commenters on “moderation only” and then after I approve a comment by the author, they don’t have to go into moderation anymore. You aren’t a first time commenter, but sometimes you use different names and stuff so I guess it appears that way to wordpress xD (So don’t be alarmed if a comment seems to disappear or go into moderation in the future ^_^)
          I’m glad to hear you find the villager house exterior guide useful, and that you’re enjoying spring in your town! 🙂 I’m still enjoying winter but I guess I’ll get to spring eventually!

  1. Happy late birthday in ACNL! 🙂 It’s too bad that Erik moved right in the middle of your paths – I’ve been having problems with the reset trick, too, and now I have Tammi right where I DIDN’T want her to go… 😦
    I got a birthday cake when it was my birthday in ACNL, but the hat is really cute! Mallary escorted me to her house, and I think Jacques and Mira must’ve been there for my birthday (it’s been five months, though, so I kind of forget who was there) 😛 I’m pretty sure it’s the three villagers you have the highest friendship ranking with!
    And don’t worry, I’m pretty lazy about clearing my messages, too 😆

    • Thanks Marina! 🙂 Aww, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having reset trick troubles too. Hopefully we’ll both have better luck in the future ^^
      Ooh, lucky! Yeah, I would’ve preferred the birthday cake for a cute food item to go on a table…maybe I can get it in February with Violet’s birthday? Oh okay, interesting to know that I have such high friendship with Rod then 😛
      Glad I’m not alone in that! xP

      • Yeah, I just haven’t had good luck with villagers in general lately 😆 I hope so, too!
        Hmm, the birthday cake is pretty extravagant, but even if you don’t get it with Violet, I think there’s a chocolate cake on Valentine’s Day you could maybe use? I don’t know where you’re planning on putting it (personally I would say the chocolate cake looks a little more like something Violet might have, since it’s pretty simplistic?), though, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

        • Yeah, I have the chocolate cake from playing my other copy of the game, I like it a lot! Though I guess I’m greedy for more cakes still, haha 😛 (And food-related items in general! It would be cool if one day Estel’s dining hall had almost all the different food items available, including rare DLC ones)

  2. Congrats on completing your fossil exhibit and getting a real valiant statue! ^^ I still find it kinda sad how much they stripped back Blathers’ character 😦 I understand their reasoning for removing most of his dialogue and putting it in the exhibits instead, but it was so much more fun hearing about all the donations from Blathers himself.
    Lol, apparently I’m a ‘stump maker’ now. Well that’s what you get for trying to beautify your town for the cherry blossoms!
    Ugh, when I read how you accidentally loaded Estel’s file I thought it most likely meant you had to sit through the loading process knowing full well you had made a mistake. You deserve a prize for having the clearheadedness not to shut it off. But good luck with Doc this time round! Btw the picture outside his house (is that in your other town?) looks awesome.
    Ooh, happy in-game birthday! :mrgreen: It’s cool that Melba was able to attend ^^ Haha it’s funny that it’s just a picture of your game character up on the screen in Club LOL, but it still feels embarassing xP Did K.K. Slider play the birthday song for you on the Saturday?

    • Thanks! 🙂 I agree, I liked hearing about the donations from Blathers with his cute unique style of dialog (“hoo!”), and to me it was kind of like a reward for donating the item to hear more about it from him… it would’ve been a good idea imo to keep both the dialog from Blathers, along with the (more permanent, and less biased against bugs, etc.) descriptions in the museum exhibits.
      Hehe I’ve been a stumpmaker before too, when cutting a bunch of trees down 😛 I try to do a few errands for my neighbors every day so I guess it’s inevitable that I’ll always go back to being a pro-listener, though.
      Aw, thanks! If only I had the clearheadedness to not make the mistake in the first place >_< But I'm also glad I didn't do anything in the heat of the moment when I realized Isabelle was loading my game! In the moment I was like "NOOOOOO" but with some time and distance I realize it's fixable xP And yep, that picture is from my other town, after I'd picked up Doc from someone on ACC 🙂
      Thanks Teru! 🙂 Ahh I forgot about that, I'm so bad about remembering to go see K.K. Slider, especially now that you can buy songs at the store (and because during my TT-catch-up process I don't pay attention to the days of the week much). I'll have to really try hard to remember with Violet's birthday next month!

      • I think most of the time now I default to a pro-listener, too. Haha, a couple times I’ve also heard people being called time travellers, which I thought was interesting. You might time-travel in secret, but your villagers will sell you out! 😛
        Yeah, I hardly ever used to remember to see K.K. Slider in AC:WW anyway, and now with the ability to buy records I just barely even pay Club LOL any attention -_-

        • Haha yeah, I’ve heard of that one! I’ve actually never gotten the time-traveller rumor in my TT-catch-up process, I guess because I do enough things each day to get other rumors about me instead.
          It’s the same for me 😦 I guess it might take me a long time (if ever) to get the K.K. badge & his picture.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with the Blathers thing. I completed both the fossil and bug exhibits and he was just like “oh, thanks” and that made me nostalgic. 😦 Also, I wanted so badly for him to freak out and be like, “ZOMG YOU CAUGHT A COELACANTH, GOOD FOR YOU!!1!11” but he just gave me the reminds-him-of-a-moment-in-his-mother’s-nest spiel. :/
    Heh, the lame puns after catching fish and insects are usually just that: lame. I felt like the stringfish’s string theory one was a little out of place. xD
    Also, I’m kind of jealous that your neighbours say cool things. Mine are pretty boring, actually. They never said anything original in English, so I was pretty excited when switching my machine to French for some cool new dialogue, but everything was still pretty repetitive. And they’re still saying essentially the same things. :c

    • I agree, I miss it! 😦 I think it’s a bummer that they probably did it as an improvement, thinking that people didn’t want to sit through as much dialog, but it took away from his character and many old-time players from past games appreciated his character.
      Haha yeah I didn’t expect to see a reference to that in AC 😛 Guess they couldn’t think of another “string” pun.
      I’ve felt that way before as well when reading others’ blogs, like “my neighbors never say anything interesting like that!” So I guess it’s a matter of perspective, and of random chance. I think it’s cool that they can still surprise me sometimes with some new dialog or a new letter after playing this much 🙂 But it can get repetitive sometimes.. I’ve practically memorized most of the stuff they say when I have them over to my house xP

  4. Quick question: Have you gotten a house to land exactly 2 spaces from a PWP project. I had a theory that it may be three because I have been resetting for a certain house position for hours 😦

    • I have! I often put up a PWP two spaces away from where I want to put a house, to help guide the house to go where I want it to. But I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with that house, and you definitely have my sympathies, house plot resetting is no fun and can take forever! >_<

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