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Right now Citàlune is kind of at a stand-still because of neighbors moving-in/out reasons, and I guess because of reasons resulting from my perfectionism as well! xP You see, I’m currently stuck on the date Melba is packed up, March 17. I plan on moving Melba to my second, more casual, town Bywater. But even though the town is more casual, I still want to be very picky with Melba’s house location since she’s my favorite neighbor and I want to make her spot in town kind of special. I need to strategically spread PWPs all over Bywater so that it’s not impossible to reset for Melba’s house plot to land in the exact spot I want. That is what I’ve been working on lately, and it’s kind of a confusing process for me, figuring out the spaces apart that I should put PWPs. xP

In the meantime, I’ll share about some of the New Leaf WiFis I’ve had recently, including a few trades and visits with Lenore, Marina, Choco, and Megan.


Okay, on to the WiFis! The first I’ll be posting about is one with Lenore from Citàluna a while ago! When I’d posted about our first WiFi together, she didn’t have a blog to link to, but now she does, so check that out. ^_^

Lenore gifting me Kiki's photo

I was especially touched by this, though, her gift of Kiki’s picture from a neighbor special in her town, because of Kiki’s resemblance to Luna the cat from Sailor Moon, the sort of town mascot. Thank you very much Lenore!

Watching a play in Lyra’s castle, I suppose 😛

Just some more pictures of us around town!

And after she was content from looking around mine, we went to her town ^_^

Some of you might remember that her town is themed around the four seasons, with each section in town and each character representing a season. Lenore’s spring castle garden is coming along beautifully! It reminds me a lot of Estel’s, though of course, fittingly looks a lot better in the springtime than Estel’s does. Estel’s looks best in winter, I think.

The interior of the castle is coming along well too, with this cute springlike room 🙂

Something that’s extremely brilliant is the incorporation of some of Lenore’s dream neighbors into her town’s seasonal theme, like Bud here, who obviously has a very summery house! 😮 It’s such a cool room, too, with the shark and everything! I’d love to hang out in here.

Got to see some new changes and additions around her town, like this lighthouse!

I’m sure this Autumn candy house will get bigger as time goes on, but the tiny cottage stage it’s at right now sure is adorably cozy ❤

And I got to see one of my favorite spots in her town again, the well-placed streetlamps by the bridge, surrounded by cherry trees 😀 Thank you for your help with my wishlist, Lenore, and for Kiki’s pic and having me over to your town, it’s coming along great!


These pictures are from a WiFi I had with a new friend, Lurai from Tenshi! We traded some things and I looked around her cute town. 🙂

Oooh I really like the assortment of items in this room! Thanks again for your help with my wishlist, Lurai, and I hope you enjoy your new stuff like I will! ^_^


Yet more trading! This time with Marina of A Box of Stale Cupcakes and RainCity Reverie. I gave her an afternoon tea set and she gave me an ice cream case, which was an item from my wishlist, thanks a lot Marina! 😀

Upon returning to my town, Gloria immediately had her eye on it! 😛



I got to WiFi with Megan again recently in New Leaf after WiFing with her in Wild World a few times!

I helped her out with a few hybrid types, since very unfortunately her old town and everything she had was deleted on accident by a family member. And Megan gave me a newly bred pink tulip of hers! 🙂

It will go in my little tulip field here ^^ Later on she also gave me a gemini closet and box of tissues, thanks for those as well Megan!


She had a cute idea for why Erik chose to live there, though — suggested that it was to be closer to me 😛

Some nice, quite springlike, pictures of the two of us around town with our cute umbrellas:

Glad we got some nice mementos of our WiFi ❤

Saying hi to my old neighbor Vesta, who I think is one of her favorites! It’s funny, Vesta was one of the first neighbors in both Dafdilly and Citàlune, but I let her move out quite quickly both times 😳 I don’t have anything against her though, it just happened that way!

New haircut, looking good ^^

Ordering some of the house parts at Nook’s Homes — strangely a lot of pink ones that day!

By the time it was time to go, the sun had set into a deep orange sky — glad you got to see that, Megan! 🙂 Thanks again for everything you gave me and for coming over!


This was veryyy exciting! 😀 I got to WiFi with an old friend, Choco, for the first time in a long time! Her first AC:NL town was Belltune, but that town and 3DS was lost, and once she got a new 3DS and AC:NL again, she ended up in the neighboring village of Delltune!

Haha, her greeting words for me xD

I had some fruit and tools to give her, and so did Liam and Usagi — who were all running around with axes o_o

We had some diving fun, and I gave them all rainbow feathers from my storage. 🙂

Haha, a disgruntled Choco xP

Usagi and I poking fun at the other two’s lack of emotion options after some emotion spam.

Choco tried morphing us all when we exited the tent, like old times in Wild World, aww…we used to do this all the time!

Liam taught us how to go on the train tracks: by sneaking up extremely slowly across the fence while holding a net! I’d seen pictures of people in seemingly impossible-to-get-to places on tumblr, but didn’t know how and didn’t think I’d ever end up doing it myself, awesome :mrgreen: I admit it was frustrating to get right at first, but we all got across in the end!

We took pictures of the four of us on the bridge before it was time to leave — it was very late her time! Sorry for keeping you up, Choco, but wow, it was so great to WiFi with you and everyone else there again for the first time in a while! 😀 I hope you have a great time building up your new town and playing in Delltune!


Phew, last WiFi of this post! This WiFi took place just last night in my town, when Choco wanted to come over to shop and look around 🙂

Choco trying on the crown

Wow, a royal crown! I might finally be able to afford this, but I dunno…I prefer the other crown. I should still probably buy it, though. (As explained at the beginning of this post, I might be stuck on this date for a while.)

Choco also picked up the Citàlune dress pattern by Marina, she really liked it! I love it too and wish I could wear it, but I have no pattern slots open at the moment, I feel bad about it. 😦 But it’ll always be available at my Ables’ shop if a pattern slot is freed up later.

Aww, it must be frustrating to shop at GracieGrace when you’ve just started a new town. </3 Feel free to stop by again later, after you've done some beetle hunting or turnip-selling or something! 🙂

Haha, it’s a shame most of this food is sort of inaccessible! It’s all just for show 😛

Bed bumping in Wild World

Hehe, this was like a re-creation of an old scene of us from Wild World 🙂

Learning some magic, I guess? 😛 This is the supposed ‘magician’s workroom’ that I need to make more obviously magical.

We stopped by to join the Shamrock Day festivities for a bit, and she got a little souvenir from Isabelle 😀

We had fun playing music in this room ^_^

After shopping, looking around town and through all the rooms(!!), and even fishing for a bit, I thought it was time I should go to bed. Despite the sunset shown in these pictures, it was getting quite late in (my) real time. Thanks for coming Choco, I really enjoyed having you over to Citàlune again! 😀

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72 thoughts on “Back to New Leaf WiFis

  1. Nice post! Everyone looks like they’re having fun 😆 It was fun WiFiing with you, even if I had to make it quick 😛 Maybe in the summer I’ll have more free time so we can do that again?

    • Thanks, hehe! 🙂 Yeah, it was nice to see you again ^_^ And thank you again for the ice cream case, I was thinking of using it in Estel’s dining hall! We’ll see if it looks good, and if not, I’m sure I’ll find another use for it…like maybe sending it to Melba! I’d like to restore the interior of her house to a sweets theme, like it was in Wild World. And yes I’d love to WiFi more with you in the future, when you’re more free! 😀 It would be fun to meet up with your fellow blog co-owners as well.

      • You’re welcome and thanks for the afternoon tea set! I’m sure the ice cream case will look great wherever you put it 🙂 As for WiFiing with the other girls from ABOSC, you should probably know that Heather’s Internet hasn’t been working for her 3DS for a while now, so she can’t WiFi 😦 I think you would have to ask Katie about planning a WiFi yourself if you wanted to do that with her! I’ll probably be *really* free in a week or two, myself (plus today)!

        • I sort of had a three- or four-way WiFi in mind when I said that, but that’s a bummer about Heather’s internet problems, aww 😦 And of course, I’d love to WiFi with you all however we can manage it 🙂

          • Oh, that’d be good, too! The only thing is, my town is in the middle of a flower-rearrangement process, so I don’t think I’d be able to host 😦 I hope we can all WiFi soon, though!

  2. Haha, I don’t know if this is overkill for what you need, but here’s my attempt at blocking off the rest of Bywater with PWPs :P. The red outlines are where I think houses could move into in the current setup and shaded shapes are what I tried to do about them (although there’s a spot below the southern lake that someone can still move into). It takes up all 30 PWPs, costs a heck of a lot of Bells, and still doesn’t guarantee Melba moving into the exact right spot. But it made my evening interesting 😛
    Lenore’s town is… ahem, interesting 😛 Haha oh well, even though her town has lots of corresponding points to Citàlune, the seasonal concept is still interesting and original. I wonder how it’ll turn out!
    Woah, I don’t know why but that picture of you and Megan on the path behind Rod’s house really stands out to me 😮 I love the perspective of the diagonal path and both of you with parasols out in the foreground! It’s cute seeing you two strolling through the rest of the town with parasols too x3
    And yaaay, Choco is back~ Aww, how nostalgic, seeing the two of you on the regal bed mirrored in that old photo.
    I didn’t know getting onto the train tracks was that simple! 😮 I always thought it was some complicated hole-digging process. Lol, you’re literally sneaking past the game’s defences.

    • Woww, thank you so very much Teru! 😀 Aww I feel bad about it, you didn’t have to spend your evening doing that for me, I’m sure it was a lot of work! But it’s extremely appreciated!! I’ll definitely use your plan, I was just getting too confused when I was trying to do it. And all it needs to do is limit the possibilities of house locations, not completely block out the town — I don’t mind resetting for a couple of hours or something 🙂 Thanks again very much! ❤ ❤ ❤
      I was struck by the similarity between our castles at first, because she had a white roof like mine at one point, but I think she has made it more her own with the pink roof, the azalea bushes, the pink path, the benches, and she's planning on putting a flower clock too. So there's a resemblance, I feel, but quite a few differences now as well. I'm very interested to see how the seasons theme turns out too, it's coming along nice so far! 🙂
      I really liked that picture too, and the one of us walking under the wisteria trellis 😀 Umbrellas can be a cute addition to pictures ^^
      Yeah, I'm so glad she's back!! :mrgreen: I tried the net trick again this morning in my town, but I think it only works during WiFi; once I opened my gates and tried it, it worked again. Btw, I think I just accidentally unfollowed and followed you again, sorry if you got a weird notification about that xP

      • lol yeah that white roof was one of my “fails” for my spring castle-it was too plain for the spring theme (I tried a fairy tale fence at one point too and there was just too much white). I’m also really thinking about changing my castle exterior to the garden exterior but it has not shown up at nook’s in forever 😦 If it shows up in one of your towns, tell me, because I would really like to see how it looks with my pink/purple flower arrangement 🙂

        • I think the garden exterior would look great! To be honest, if I were to think of a spring house in AC:NL, I’d probably imagine it with that wall, so I think that would be very fitting, and look nice with your pink and purple flowers! It’s also very fun to mix and match various house parts with that wall, like having a pink door, a blue mailbox, or whatever — lots of different options match that wall. 🙂

      • It’s okay! It didn’t take long at all and I really couldn’t resist 😛 Take it with a grain of salt too, because even now some of the borders confuse me like the plaza and the cliffs, which I’ve been proven wrong by before.
        Haha, reminds me of back when suddenly blogs were disappearing from my Reader for no good reason, but in the end I realised I had been accidentally unfollowing them on my tablet, where the Unfollow buttons were right in the area my thumb moved to scroll through the Reader 😆

        • Thank you very much again, ahh! And that was part of what confused me too, I wasn’t sure how close or far away I should put PWPs from the plaza to repel houses from there, or from bridges or pavement… I guess I shouldn’t have worried about that too much; I’m sure if you spread 30 PWPs around town, it’s bound to make resetting for a house location easier!
          Hahaha that’s exactly what I did, I was browsing my kindle fire earlier after waking up >_>

  3. DANG IT!! I did the same thing with Beau’s house as what happened to you with Erik’s house 😦 It’s not in a horrible spot but it’s not where I wanted it either….well, guess it’s time to either look for a new lazy villager or start cycling to go through 16 villagers again…darn these lazy deer characters XD

    • UGH I am having the worst animal crossing day EVER 😦 Julian just moved out due to a TT accident so I am looking for someone to (hopefully) come rescue him from the void and then hold him for me while I cycle 16 villagers. Do you think maybe you could hold onto Beau for me in your cycle town while I cycle 16 villagers?

      • Oh no it does sound like an awful day, I’m so sorry about all the trouble you’re having 😦 Do you want me to hold Julian or Beau? I don’t think I can hold both, unfortunately, unless I do some TTing out of my own. (Have 9 neighbors right now)

        • Oh I also wanted to ask you if you knew anything about having the same villager back in your town. I know you have to go through 16 villagers but do 16 villagers have to move in OR out or does it only count if they move out?

          • Okay, sounds good! 🙂 And I’m sorry, but I’ve never done the 16 villager cycle, so I don’t know for sure from personal experience, and what I know is from hear-say. But from my understanding, I think 16 villagers have to move out (hence the term cycle).

  4. I had fun with our wifi! Thanks for the compliment about my room, it’s nice to hear since I just threw some random things inside. Thanks for the stuff, too, thanks to you I was FINALLY able to complete the mermaid series, and I’m looking forward to expanding my room to fit it in. 🙂

    • I’m glad! Aww, hehe, I suppose putting a mix of random things you like can produce a nice effect sometimes — nice and cozy and personal. Ooh that’s great you could complete the mermaid series, glad I could help a bit ^^

  5. Awwwwww! I’m so glad you liked the picture of Kiki so much 😀 I just did a post about Kiki and Citaluna earlier 🙂 Your wifi pictures are really neat! Wifiing with lots of people at once looks so fun! I will have to try the train track fence trick-I’ve always wondered how people did that! Haha that’s funny that Gloria wanted your ice cream case right after you got it! Purrl did the same thing to me with the Gemini closet you gave me-she was not getting that! Thanks so much again for looking after Beau for me! Good luck with getting Melba’s house in the right place! Flowerbeds make great house blockers because they are cheap to build and you can have lots of them and they take up a 2×2 space 🙂

    • Beau has officially moved in successfully! I reset for his house plot to go in a spot that would help me repel houses, making it easier to move in Melba to the spot I want (still in the process of spreading PWPs all over town). Then a villager (Tammy) moved out, freeing up a slot for Melba to move in soon, hopefully 🙂 So it’s all worked out!
      Flowerbeds do seem like nice convenient house repellers, and also have the benefit of not looking too out of place usually…ahh, too bad I don’t have that PWP unlocked xP

    • Sure, just added! 🙂 Hehe I wasn’t sure whether or not to expect an AC blog or not from your URL, but it is, of course! 😀 Always great to find new WordPress AC blogs!

  6. Hm…Citàluna… The name reminds me of your town name but I guess it does have some unique parts. 😀 I wanna know how that four seasons theme will turn out!
    Aww.. I had fun wi-fing with you and everybody else again! 🙂 I also had fun exploring your town! Thank you for letting me buy stuff on your mainstreet and time travelling earlier and letting you stay up… (Sorry for that. xP) Anyway, I hope we can all wi-fi once again. ^__^

    • Haha yes, sometimes it makes me do a doubletake..gotta look at that last letter to tell the difference xP I guess Citalune and Citaluna can be considered sort of sister towns, or maybe parallel universe towns, because of the similar name and time-based themes (mine-day/night, hers-seasons)
      Me too! 😀 It was so great WiFing with you again, getting to see a first look at your town, and having you over to mine for the first time in ages. Oh and it’s completely fine, I didn’t have to wake up early the next day and I’m naturally a night owl 😛 I really hope we can WiFi again soon too, maybe have that Wild World reunion we’re all looking forward to! Though it might be hard finding a date/time that works for everyone…

      • That sounds like a great idea! parallel universe towns.. hehe 😀
        Ah yeah.. that will be difficult.. >.< It seemed so easy to meet up back then.. I dunno maybe because i'm just really active in wi-fing hahaha …Anyway, i'm pretty much available until June 15 (June 16th is the start of my classes). Maybe I could open my gates all day and just wait for visitors to come and go .. though, my town isn't so presentable at the moment.. and there wasn't much progress the last time you visited it.. T___T I'm currently focusing on getting PWPs, paying off debts, pwps and waiting until my mainstreet shops are almost complete (I can live without the katrina fortune telling part..but it still feels incomplete in the end so i'll get katrina on my mainstreet eventually. xD) Oops, got out of topic..Anyway, I hope we can find a date/time before 16.. 😦

        • I got a job recently so I’m a bit less free than I used to be 😦 But I have days off tomorrow (Wednesday, June 11), Friday (June 13), and Sunday (June 15). So hopefully we can meet up one of those days? Maybe 5 AM my time, which would be 5 PM for you, 7 PM for Teru(?), and 11 AM(?) for Jemma…? I’m not sure, I’m not good with this time difference stuff xP But yeah, maybe a time early morning my time would be good for the rest of you, since you all are ahead of my time zone! I hope we can work something out, I’m sure it would be fun 😀 Maybe instead of just visiting one town, we could bounce around between all our towns! And go to to the island to do tours and such. Just a thought 🙂

          • Ohh, cool. Sorry if i’m butting in but I’m curious… what’s your job? 😀
            That sounds like a great time for all of us! (I hope..) I’m gonna ask everyone. ^__^ Also, yeah! That would be a great idea and it would be fun exploring 4 towns hehe

          • Also, about the meet up. Jemma is available on 15 which is Sunday.. I’m gonna wait for Teru’s reply.. yay! I hope the meet up is successful!

            • Aww, I snooped in on the conversations and it looks like Teru is free on the 13th, and Jemma is free on the 15th >.< Well, if we're all free on the 14th (Saturday), maybe that could work for all of us? I mean, 5 AM isn't the time of day when I'm working anyway..I might just end up being a little sleepy during work, that's all xD And I can go to bed extra early the night before ^^

              • Aw.. I don’t want you to be all sleepy on your job! If you think you can do it well then.. okay.. 😦 You need your daily 8 hour sleep!

              • Yeah, I’ll be sure to go to bed extra early the night before ^_^ I’m just really excited about the prospect of this wifi, so I’m up for whatever could make it work out! 😀

              • Oh uh, hmm, maybe Jemma’s or yours wouldn’t be a bad choice to start off with, since I think everyone’s already fairly familiar with Citalune and Arcadia through dream visits 😛 Or whoever wants to volunteer? I wouldn’t mind ^_^
                So do you think the 14th works for Jemma and Teru?

              • hi! are you available right now? We had a meet up yesterday (at 14th) and u didn’t come but it’s fine.. we had fun anyway! but it still felt incomplete without you.. 😛
                teru said she can’t wi-fi today … >.< me and jemma are hoping you could come? i hope.. xP

              • Hey Choco! I’m very sorry about yesterday, I was really bummed when I woke up and saw that I missed it 😦 I sort of went to bed not knowing if the WiFi for the 14th was on or not, so I didn’t set my alarm (should’ve done so anyway!), and slept until like 7 AM ugh…but truly, waking up at 5 AM on a workday would’ve been kind of rough for me later on. Anyway, I’m sorry again! I wish I could’ve made it and I hope we can all four try again sometime later, if possible 🙂
                Sure, I’m available now, if you two still are! I happened to wake up this morning at 5:30, but for future reference, with early morning WiFis it might be best to plan it the night before or something, so I know to set my alarm and such. But I’ll go see if any gates are open still, look forward to seeing you two if so! x3

              • Oh.. It’s alright! I understand. haha. 😀 I’m really busy with school right now..I can’t find the time to play AC:NL ..Actually, I haven’t been playing at all! T__T I miss playing it all day haha. (Hopefully, I will this weekend. I hope.)

                You guys decide the day and i’ll just try to go! My available times are 5:30 PM – 1 or 3 AM, my time. 🙂

              • Ah I didn’t see any gates open, must’ve missed it >_< I'm sorry again! Ahh I'd really love to meet up with you and/or Jemma and/or Teru, though ❤

            • Okay I have full intention of attempting to WiFi at 7pm my time tonight, because I can’t concentrate on my work knowing there might be a meetup! x3

              But right now (6pm) I am going to have dinner, so I may be late (if it’s happening at all). I’ll check for gates right after I come back.

              (Sorry for replying up here; I couldn’t reply to newer comments.)

              • I think we were waiting on you to decide! Lol. Though it seems like we didn’t get a confirmation from Jemma for today? :/

            • Ohh bummer, I’m soo sorry I missed it! I guess I couldn’t handle getting up at 5 AM today after all 😦 I hope you three had fun, though! 🙂 Ahh sorry again!

  7. This has nothing related to wifis or anything but I was just wondering, which villager of yours has been in your town the longest? Mine is Bunnie, since she was one of our original five ❤

    • Ooh cool, I have Bunnie too ^_^ Though she’s one of my newer neighbors. Melba is the neighbor who has lived in town the longest, though she wasn’t an original neighbor and moved in around July, and she’ll be moving out soon 😦 The next longest is Colton!

  8. Hi Amy! I know you are most likely busy, but my friend keeps bugging me about how he can’t get any items he wants, so I said I would get some of the items from his wish list for him. Can I offer you the sloppy bed and golden table for the afternoon tea set and hibiscus?

    • Hi! I’m very sorry, but I’m currently plot resetting in Citalune right now, and I’m afraid to WiFi for fear of messing that up. But I’d be happy to do the trade and can let you know via a comment reply when I’m available for it, if that’s okay! Hope she lands in the right spot soon, I’ll work hard on it *fingers crossed*

    • Aww, thank you so much, you’re sweet! I’m happy to hear you like my Re-Tail area, it’s not an area of my town that I get feedback about a lot (at least compared to like, the town hall area, the two castles in town, etc.) 🙂

  9. Sorry, this is not related to the post. In one of Luna Crossing’s recent posts she mentioned that you taught her how to do that grid thing. If you don’t mind could you show me?

  10. How/where did you make that grid outline of your town? I’ve been wanting to do that for quite awhile now so it’ll be easier for me to plan everything out and know the cost.

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