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Suncombe is my new(ish) Wild World town, which might sound strange to say here in 2019, but I’ve been really craving playing in and developing this town! Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. 🙂 Part of the reason why I’ve been craving playing in this town in particular is because it’s one of my favorite Wild World towns I’ve come across, and I’ve done *lots* of town-resetting over the years.

I loved the map right away!

Suncombe’s town features line up closely with what I was hoping for in the AC:WW town I was going to call Trildale back in my first WordPress post. I reset that AC:WW cartridge for months and months, but never found a town with those cottage-style houses that I was happy enough with for Trildale. Finally finding a town like that years later — on accident ❗ — and getting the chance to build up this town that I had given up finding long ago, really shows the unexpected turns life will take you on. 😆

I first created this town as a hybrid storage town during Dafdilly’s cherry blossom project, and expected nothing more than a randomly generated side town that would suit my storage purposes. But when I looked around, I saw potential everywhere:

Blue gate in Suncombe

Like the blue gate! I’m so partial to the blue gate that it kind of bums me out when I get one of the other gates in a town. I’ve had the red gate in all my main Wild World towns before this one.

There’s a 1 in 3 chance of getting my favorite gate, and as far as villager house exteriors go, there are 25 styles total in Wild World, but you can only have 4 in your town. So the math is getting too complicated for me now, but it caught my eye as a lucky find to get both my favorite gate and four well-matching, cottage-like house exteriors:

The house exteriors in Suncombe

Isn’t there something charming about early-town screenshots? Everything’s so fresh and new, the acres in their original conditions. ^^ I guess the cherry blossoms don’t hurt, either!

The split river

And this town has a split river, always a nice feature to have! I like that Suncombe’s “island” (area formed by the split river and the ocean) is larger than Dafdilly’s, but not too large.

Here are other water features I like in Suncombe, which you can see in the pictures below:

  • The sliver of land between the ocean and the river, to the right of a bridge.
  • The piece of horizontal river with three rocks in the same shot!
  • The extra curvy part of the river below the waterfall.
  • And last but not least, my favorite holding pond in AC:WW. I’ve always loved these ones that look like perfect ovals! ^^

Water features in Suncombe

The inspiration behind Suncombe’s town name was to come up with something that sounds like the English countryside. I love the ending “combe,” which means valley. There isn’t a lot that will fit in front of “combe,” but I thought Suncombe had a nice enough ring to it. 🙂 To get a true English countryside sounding name, you would need a much higher character limit, though!

Eventually, I hope Suncombe will have the cozy feel of a small, quaint village in some areas, and a more rustic, woodsy feel in other areas. I plan for its paths to be less colorful than Dafdilly’s, with more browns, tans, and neutral colors.

Harvest area by Genji's house

I haven’t made a ton of progress on getting Suncombe looking how I want it to, but I couldn’t resist taking steps to get a picturesque screenshot when I saw the opportunity, like when I was inspired by the lovely Autumn colors to plant fruit and turnips around Genji’s house. Genji was one of Suncombe’s original villagers, and he no longer lives here, but he was the first to give me his photo; I was touched by that. 🙂

Pecan's red house in the sunset

Similarly, I knew Pecan wouldn’t be one of Suncombe’s forever-neighbors, but I couldn’t resist taking a nice screenshot of her red cottage surrounded by red fruit trees at the height of Autumn, during the height of a red sunset. ^_^

These are Suncombe’s forever-neighbors, who are all moved in and “locked in” through the delivery trick:

Melba Ruby Alfonso Maple
Chief Goldie Teddy Bree

I really like this bunch! 😀 I picked them out based on the house exteriors they would have in my town, and also how much I liked them. I’m always happy to have my favorite, Melba, in a town, whenever she can fit. ^^ I think it’s nice how they all have somewhat natural color tones, too — it’ll go with the more natural vibes I want to have for this town!

These are the house exteriors they have in my town, since I mentioned that was a factor:

Melba's house exterior Ruby's house exterior Alfonso's house exterior Maple's house exterior
Chief's house exterior Goldie's house exterior Teddy's house exterior Bree's house exterior

To get my dream neighbors, I had to search for them in my extra AC:WW cartridge, which I used as a cycle town. When a spot freed up in Suncombe, I would time-travel the dream neighbor out of the cycle town, DS-to-DS visit between the two towns, then plot reset for their homes to go in certain places (which isn’t difficult because of signposts dictating the possible house locations). I named the cycle towns English countryside-inspired names, too, so it would feel like they moved from someplace close by; and I made the town tunes be Studio Ghibli themes, since I know from experience that villagers will sing the tunes of their old towns a lot. ^_^

Suncombe town map

Unless I end up changing my mind about one of the villagers (which I doubt — that would be a lot of work to do again), this is Suncombe’s final map!

And to help aid me in future landscaping of this town, I made a gridded map and a “dead spot” map:

Suncombe gridded map

Suncombe dead spot map

I made the dead spot map the same way I did for Dafdilly, by planting trees all over town for about 20 days, and recording what grew and what didn’t. I was really interested in knowing the dead spots for this town because I hope to have as many trees as possible! I hope I don’t run into trouble with the other tree-planting rules, like having too many per acre. 😕

Goldie's aquarium room

I’ve really enjoyed helping my neighbors with their hobbies! It’s a nice change of pace from the one-off errands in New Leaf.

Giving Goldie a tuna

Though Goldie almost made me wish I had taken my first caught tuna to Blathers instead! This is how you thank me, after I spent like 30 minutes trying to find it? xP

Goldie collecting yellow furniture

It might have meant something to her after all, though, since Goldie kept the tuna even after she moved on from her fishing hobby to a furniture-collecting one. 🙂

There are some personal touches to this town, like my character sharing my real name for the first time since my first Wild World town in 2005. I also play in this town with my s/o, which has led to some fun moments, and silly things we can chat about. ^^

Melba trying to make a sale to anyone she can

Sharing a town has taught lessons in the importance of communication, like when I was excited to move in a new dream neighbor when Rowan was moving out of Suncombe, but Anthony convinced him to stay (probably ’cause he knows I love tigers). I even time-traveled out the replacement villager in my cycle town, and I was so confused when Rowan didn’t leave, haha! Thanks to my boyfriend for putting up with my silliness with this game ^_^

Maple dialog

This question’s a trap! 😛 If you say it’s yours, they will say something like, “Oh really? But it has someone’s name on it…” But if you say it’s not yours, they’ll say something like, “I thought this would be perfect for your house, take it!” It’s like they’re testing you to see if you’re worthy of a gift, these sly normals. xP

Red turnip trade

A little scrapbook of my progress with the legendary red turnip trade. 🙂 I’ve gotten K.K. Slider’s picture from giving the country guitar, but I still need to get the massage chair to Tortimer. I forgot to give it to him when I saw him on New Years’ Eve. >_<

Late at night on December 9th, it was snowing both in my town and in real life, which felt extra special, considering I don’t get much snow where I live.

Snow in my yard

Snow warning

There was a snow warning posted for the following day, which would be the big storm that leaves Animal Crossing towns covered in a blanket of snow starting on December 11th.

Life has no reset button

A poignant message from Pascal — I’m sure Resetti approves!

My town has several birthdays close together in December, with Chief’s on the 19th, Ruby’s on the 25th, and Goldie’s on December 27th. I was busy with dead spot testing in December, though, so I forgot to go to Chief’s and Goldie’s parties. >_< I remembered Ruby's because hers is easy to remember, on Christmas day!

Ruby happy at her birthday party

Ruby was happy with the mush lamp I gave her, and she had a good time hanging out with Goldie! 😀

Ruby, Goldie, and I laughing at the birthday party

As is often the way, the fossil exhibit was the first one to be completed:

Fossil exhibit complete

I feel like I’ve noticed more than ever this play-through of AC:WW that Blathers is very partial to fossils compared to the other exhibits, you can really feel his enthusiasm whenever he talks about them.

I took part in the New Years’ Eve festivities in Suncombe, and got a little video of the Countdown. 😀

I’ve had this New Years’ music stuck in my head ever since! xD

New Years' fortune

I hope the rest of my year in 2019 is as good as this fortune implies! ❤

One thing I did in the New Year was finish designing rooms! My boyfriend and I worked on the library together. 🙂

Living room

Living room and dining area


Left wing: a library/study


Right wing: the kitchen


Upstairs: the bedroom 🙂

I’m going for a cabin feel, which I hope to continue outside as well! There are only four rooms because I chose to not get a back-room in this town. I thought it would be a nice change since I’ve had fully-expanded mansions in my other main AC:WW towns over the years.

January 15th was my birthday:

Aw, my villagers are the best, pitching in to get me a cake!

They all mailed me letters with gifts attached, too:

Birthday cards from neighbors

Anddd the award for worst birthday card goes to Bree!


I was hoping to have this town in good shape by Bright Nights, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. And I know my instinct would be to stall the time before Bright Nights until I’m done (See? I know myself 😛 ), but I’d really like to keep this town in real time. Making path patterns and fully landscaping this town isn’t the top of my priorities right now; I’m actually more focused on fixing this blog’s pages and archives to look better with this theme. But if I keep up my current pace, I should be done blog-tinkering by the end of February — it will feel so good and freeing when it’s done 😀

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9 thoughts on “Introducing Suncombe

  1. I love Suncombe so much! I keep meaning to get back into playing WW, but I’m thinking of getting a capture card so I can record my town’s journey this time around. Would you recommend any particular capture card?

    • Thank you! 😀 That would be fun! I used to take screenshots with a camera, but the capture card does take a lot of time out of editing. I actually have two; one is from and is a little cheaper, but the problem is he’s always sold out and only does capture boards for old 3DSes. is where a lot of people get theirs and I recently got one myself; they’re based in Japan and more expensive.

  2. The town looks great! The cabin-look is nice, my favourite room is definitely the library. Too bad it’s no longer possible to visit via wi-fi anymore… But now I feel like getting back to wild world!
    Happy birthday, hope you had a good one! And from one january-child to another, it’s totally the best month to be born in 😉

    • Thanks Usagi! 😀 I’m glad you like the cabin and library, we had fun putting it together and collecting pieces for it. 🙂 Aw yeah, it’s a shame about no WiFi, but I’ll always remember our little parties in Tropica and StarCity and whatnot fondly!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! And likewise, I hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday here in January too! 😀

  3. Hey! I stumbbled across this today so i may be a bit late! But i found this so heart warming, iv seen some Acnl things too and from what i have seen your town looks absolutley gorgeous! Me my self is a huge Animal Crossing fan and one day i would absolutley love to be able to play with you! ❤️

    • Hey! 🙂 Aww thank you, that makes me so happy to hear, glad you stumbled across it! That’s definitely possible, I’ve WiFied with people that I’ve met through my blog. Though sometimes it can be hard arranging a time that works for both. Thanks for commenting, I hope you have a lovely day and continue enjoying Animal Crossing! 🙂

  4. Wow, I didn’t know you were getting stuck into a new ACWW town nor that you had found a virtually perfect one, and as I read I realised how much time and dedication you’ve already put into enjoying this town, including getting all your villagers, mapping out the town and decking out your house! 😮

    Suncombe is gorgeous! The map looks awesome. How lucky to get such a well-balanced town with an island and a river that divides the land so evenly and elegantly! And on top of that to have matching cottage houses, this town was waiting for you to pick up WW again and play it ^__^

    I love your idea of having your villagers sing Ghibli Studio themes from their hometowns, that’s so clever! And it’s sweet that you get to share your town with your boyfriend, despite little unexpected hiccups and being used by villagers as emotional blackmail material.

    Your house looks very cosy and ‘homey’ 🙂 I can almost smell the scent of wood and the crackling fireplace. I love how you used the gifs of your character relaxing in each room to show off the atmosphere ^^

    Can I say too, you’ve really polished up your blog beyond anything I could have expected! It was already perfectly polished and presentable the last time I was here, but you’ve somehow taken that to a whole new level with every visual aspect of the site! It looks amazing! I can see now why you’re so determined to fix up all of those past posts.

    • I thought about mentioning my WW playing to you, but I thought it might be fun for you to find out about it via a blog post. 😀 It’s true I’ve already put a fair amount of prep work into this town, so it definitely makes me want to see it through and make it worth it. Dafdilly and Citalune have been such big focuses over the years that it’s kinda fun to have a different map to work with. 🙂 I’m glad you like Suncombe! I thought it might be to your taste as well because of the house exteriors (sharing two with Bundeena) and square grass. ^^

      Thank you so much! 😀 I’m so much happier with how my blog looks now, but I was nervous ’cause I knew I couldn’t go back to Pool once I changed it. I think with my old theme my messy older archives were kind of ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ but this new theme’s desktop version has an infinite scroll, so it bugs me that if you scroll enough, the page starts to take forever loading all those photo-heavy Wild World posts. I was inspired by your blog to have little header images for the posts! 🙂 Thank you for your comment, made me real happy ^__^

      P.S. I guess I’m getting old enough to feel nostalgia for my AC blogging beginnings.. I read your “Party in Dafdilly!” post last night and was dying laughing, that post is so funny. 😆

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