Castles and cottages in Citàlune

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I’ve been working a lot on re-furnishing and expanding a few of my characters’ houses lately, so I thought I would start off by giving an overview of what I’ve done for each of my characters and their houses to this point, and what my goals are for each of them. I’ve especially focused on Estel’s and Lyra’s homes recently, which have both been changed into castles! ^_^ I thought that having a few castles in my fantasy city would be fitting, but that having every single house be a castle would be over-doing it, so Violet’s and Fern’s homes will be more humble, cottage-style houses.


First I added left and right wings so that I could get the mansion exterior, which is required in order to buy one of the architectural upgrades from Nook’s Homes (the zen castle/castle/modern house). The regular mansion doesn’t look bad at all, and I can always go back to it if I want to, since the mansion structure is also sold at Nook’s Homes.

But I’m pretty happy with how the castle version turned out! 😀

Eventually I’d like Estel’s castle, garden, and pretty much the entire side of town her home is located on, to be designed and landscaped to look best at nighttime, with lots of whites and cool colors.


Main room:

The main room is still similar to what it’s been like for a while, cloud-themed with regal furniture. It’s supposed to give the impression of something like an entrance hall rather than a bedroom with a complete series. I added some tables on the sides that have music box versions of Forest Life, Stale Cupcakes, Only Me, and K.K. Swing, so there’s a few choices on what you can listen to.

Upstairs room:

I’m using regal furniture in the upstairs room as well, but unlike the main room, I’d like for the upstairs room to be a nighttime-themed bedroom for Estel, with the lunar horizon wallpaper (I don’t have it yet) and other furniture I think would be fitting, like the star globe, aurora screens, maybe September’s new DLC of the full moon vanity, etc. The room is far from complete and it’s already feeling cramped, so I’ll probably have to expand it to the full size.

Left wing:

The left wing is a library/study made with white rococo furniture.

Right wing:

And so far, the right wing is a bathroom… just something easy to fill up this small space.


Lyra’s fairy-tale house with the mansion exterior.

And now it’s of course a castle! Lyra’s castle is located on the busier side of town with the train station, town hall, Re-Tail, and many villager houses. Unlike the side of town with Estel’s castle, I’d like for Lyra’s side of town to look best in the daylight with lots of bright-colored hybrids and fairy-tale themed projects. You could maybe say one side is the city of the moon (ruled by Estel) and the other side is the city of the sun (ruled by Lyra)… er, we’ll see how it turns out, but it’s at least a feel to strive for in the future. 😛 Right now, though, I’m definitely sacrificing current aesthetics for the sake of growing hybrids, so that I can better decorate my town in the future.

I don’t know if I’ll always have it here, but I recently added a floral arch in front of Lyra’s house, with my goals for PTS in mind. (Isabelle still says I need more PWPs)

I’m not 100% sure what to do with the interior of Lyra’s house yet. I’d like the interior to at least somewhat match the exterior of the house, but there isn’t an exactly matching “fairy-tale” furniture set to match the exterior decorations. What I’m going for is a grand feel to match the castle exterior, but also with a more whimsical feel (ie. I think the elegant white furniture in Estel’s house would be too “plain” for Lyra’s house), and maybe a color scheme of pink, blue, and gold. Feel free to give suggestions if you have any!

Main room:

This is my attempt at making a sort of throne room/entrance hall to Lyra’s castle, using jewel-customized furniture, stained glass windows, and stained glass lamps to change the lighting (so that the mosaic wall and tile will match the furniture better). I thought sapphire- and ruby-customized furniture would especially match the the fairy-tale decorations both in grandeur and in color scheme.

Right wing:

The only other room I’ve somewhat decorated in Lyra’s house is this little bathroom with mermaid furniture. I don’t know if I’ll have it forever, but for now, I like the idea of an ocean-themed bathroom ^_^


Unlike the two castles above, I’d like for Violet’s house to have a quaint cottage-in-the-woods feel. I’ve made a lot of progress on getting the exterior of her house the way I want it, but that progress might be put to waste because I’m considering moving her house to another location (a more forested location). Her house is near the waterfall that meets the ocean, which at the beginning of the game seemed like a great place to put a house, but now I’m realizing there might be a better place for it. So I’ll probably move her house soon because in the long run, I can re-do the expansions and re-collect the house parts, and her house will be in a more fitting location.


Main room:

This room looks kinda messy because of the mix of different themes (ranch, alpine), but eventually I’d like it to be a cozy kitchen/living room. There are lots of cute little kitchen-themed items to put on the walls in this game that I’m eager to use!


I dream that one day Fern’s house will be a cobblestone cottage on the edge of this cliff overlooking the sea, but it will probably be a while before I can start making any progress on it. 😦 The reason for this is I’m using Fern’s character as my villager-house scout, which means that on days I’m expecting a new villager to move in, I delete and re-make her character, resetting until I get a house plot in a decent location. It’s a trick I learned from here at the Bell Tree Forums. I feel forced to do it, I just can’t deal with having houses randomly land on gardens and paths and areas I’ve worked hard on. Hopefully one day I’ll have all my dream neighbors in locations I’m happy with, and then I can start to work on Fern’s house (both the exterior and interior) more.

The path to her house is one of my neater dirt paths, I think (most of them are extremely messy and unfinished right now).

Lastly, here’s a map with labels showing where each of their houses are:

Well, that’s it! My characters’ houses are still far from complete, and my catalog still has a lot of growing to do before I’m satisfied with the interiors, but I’ve been spending a lot of time and bells on their houses lately (lots of beetle-hunting, catalog-ordering, waiting on Cyrus to refurbish things, and so on), so I felt like sharing. 😛 Feel free to give me feedback, ideas, and suggestions! I’ll save my screenshots of recent everyday-happenings for another post.

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  1. Wow! Your town’s been improving! Mine is still under construction for now.. so my update on my town will have to wait.. 😛 I love Estel’s house! It’s so elegant! ^^ I really love the rococo furniture!

    • Thanks, glad you like it! 🙂 My town is definitely still under construction in a lot of ways, but I’ve worked on expanding some houses lately. Hehe, judging from a quick glance at a new post in my WordPress Reader, you’ve made some great progress too, don’t sell yourself short ^_^

  2. The castle on Estel’s house is lookin’ good! ^ ^ Especially the night time shot you took of your whole entrance, plus the castle. It’s gorgeous!!
    I like your idea of the choice of music that’s playing, too. I always put into consideration the music that’s playing in each room, say of a model house, to help me determine whether I like the room or not. It’ll be a lot easier to say I like the room with a few choices of songs – plus, it’s nice that they’re music box-ified, since I haven’t heard very many of the songs in a music box yet!
    I also like the idea of your upstairs room – you’ve got it all planned out, and it’s gonna look so good! 😀 I was hoping you wouldn’t keep the cloud wall & flooring in both your main and upstairs room, since that would be sort of repetitive, and I think the lunar wall and floor will look fantastic, especially with the slight blue glow on the regal furniture! 🙂
    I like how you put plants in your bathroom area, it’s a nice touch! Estel’s house reminds me of a VERY high-class hotel, as of now!
    Lyra’s house is awesome from the outside, too! Curious question – are you planning on putting any PWPs into your exterior? You did say castle themed, but did you mean fairy-tale stuff? I like the way it is now, (with the pink and gold roses matching Lyra’s house), however if you could find a PWP, (even something as simple as a bench out front), I think it would be a nice addition.
    A suggestion for the interior of Lyra’s house was to incorporate ruby-lovely and sapphire-blue furniture, (like you have in your picture), into your house, as well as gold furniture. This idea would work out if you wanted to have a sort of stain-glass, royal, pink-blue-gold idea for your house. (^-^d) Also, if that’d be too much furniture, I like the idea of just having the amethyst-modern furniture and golden furniture in your main room. However, whatever you aspire to do with that room, I think the mosaic wall and floor have to go – they’re almost too dull for that room, and they don’t match much. I think you need a plainer wall and floor, because the jewel/golden furniture already pops by itself – if that makes sense?
    LOL I never thought of a mermaid-themed bathroom! That’s so cute! :3 Does Lyra live by the ocean? I know you’re still moving around Violet’s house, so maybe if nobody lives by the ocean currently, and if you’d like to keep up this idea, then maybe you could make a whole ‘nother house with an ocean-theme.
    Dude, I like where Violet’s house is! I think you should just move the forest to her! Continue with the violets outside her house, (because who wouldn’t put violets around Violet’s house?). I think it would be neat to have a quaint little cottage in a corner of town near the waterfall, surrounded by trees. It should almost be hard to find, in my opinion. 🙂
    For a ‘quaint-cottage’ feel for Violet’s house, I wouldn’t use ranch. In my opinion, I would use cabin to make it cottage-y, and alpine with a custom design that could match her house.
    I agree with you on Fern, and that’s why I don’t know if I’ll ever make a fourth player. However, your path is really neat! I wonder how long it would take to do something like that, because it’s so precise to your flowers! :O Maybe Fern could be the ocean-themed house after all?

    • Thanks so much for all the feedback! 😀 It’s great to have all these new ideas and opinions to consider as I continue to work on shaping my town, instead of just relying on my own point of view.
      In New Leaf I thought I’d try to go for a fairly unified feel for each of my characters’ houses, as if it were a real house, each room matching a similar overall aesthetic, but each with a different purpose (a library, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.). And I was also hoping that the inside of the house could match the outside, like in Fern’s future cobblestone house I was thinking of having wallpaper that looked like stone. But I guess even though this would make the houses seem more realistic, it’s also fairly limiting, and could seem repetitive having the same sort of style throughout an entire house.
      I do plan to at least have a few PWPs near Lyra’s house, but I’m not sure what my dream landscaping layout for her house is. Right now I just have a rose arch that leads to the doorway, but there are lots of possibilities: fairy-tale bench(es), fairy-tale streetlights, fountains, etc. Though I feel somewhat limited because a pond is nearby. Urgh, darn ponds! In past AC games I liked them, now they just get in the way 😛
      Lyra’s house is nowhere near the beach (it’s actually near the train tracks), but from browsing guides like this, I found out that there are certain series and items deemed “fairy-tale,” and mermaid is one of them, so I thought why not throw a mermaid bathroom in Lyra’s fairy-tale house? I also wondered if the mermaid series would meet the grand/fancy yet whimsical feeling I’m going for in her house, and it even sort of has a pink and blue color scheme. I don’t know, though, you’re right that a mermaid room would be more fitting in a mermaid-decked-out house by the beach.
      Thanks a lot for the ideas for different rooms in Lyra’s house! 😀 I wish I had more blue series items, they look gorgeous when turned sapphire imo.
      As for the mosaic wall and floor, I love the idea of it for Lyra’s house because lots of palaces and churches have elaborate colorful mosaics on the walls and ceilings, but you’re right, the colors don’t perfectly match the jewel furniture. 😦 I’m not sure what a good alternative is…
      Yeah, Violet’s house isn’t in a bad location at all, I just wonder if the place I’m thinking about moving it to is even better. I want to make the area around the town tree look like a forest (as if the town tree is the crowning tree in the center of the forest), so moving her house near there would be fitting for the house-in-the-woods feel I want. I would also have room to put the wisteria arch in front of her house (leading to the doorway) instead of behind it, which is currently where it has to be (since there’s no room in front, her house is too close to the cliff). I also was thinking I could use the area by the waterfall for something else instead — something more elegant to match Estel’s house nearby, like a little park, a hot spring area, something like that. The fact that Violet’s cozy little cottage in the woods is currently so close to Estel’s regal estate seems a little strange and mis-matching to me. But I’ll think about it more before I come to a decision, thanks for the feedback! 🙂
      I want to make Fern’s house have a seaside cottage feel eventually, so maybe I can have some mermaid furniture thrown in there (if not a fully fledged mermaid house), some seashells, etc. I always loved a house called “Shell Cottage” in Harry Potter (belonging to Bill and Fleur), so that’s sort of where the inspiration comes from for a seaside stone cottage. I hope I can actually start building her house up one day, it’ll be touch to track down all my dream neighbors though. >_<
      Thanks so much again for such a great comment and all your ideas! x3

      • No problem! I enjoy throwing my ideas in to help you choose for your town! :))
        Oh, thanks for the link, I didn’t know that! 😛
        I almost have the whole series in blue furniture, I could order it for you if you’d like? 🙂 Then we’ll have to get together to exchange furniture for cherries! ^ ^
        Maybe you can move the mosaic into another room, because I do see why you’d want to use it. It still could be like a church-based, maybe, kitchen? Or even just a quiet reading/living room-type-thing?
        Oh, good idea for the Town Tree being the center of the forest type-thing! 🙂 Don’t know if you play Pokémon, but the idea of the Celebii statue somewhere in the forest would be neat too! :3 I do like what you have in mind for Violet’s house…it would be neat to have it surrounded, and especially in that location that you’re thinking, since it looks like your worst enemy in the location she’s in right now is space around the house.
        Haha! The shell cottage reference made me laugh! x3 I think that’d be a cool idea, Amy! ^ ^

        • Ooh, awesome, that’d be great! 😀 I’ll take a look at your wish list and see if I can help you out as well. Btw, the blue series items I have are the blue wardrobe and blue dresser, and the carpet and wallpaper.
          Yeah, and maybe there’s even the possibility of making my own carpet/wallpaper (with a pattern) to match the jewel furniture. I’ll keep brainstorming and experimenting ^_^
          Haha yeah, I remember that plot-line from… Pokemon silver, I think? xP My plans for the forest (other than having lots of trees) are hazy at this point; if possible, I do hope to make it a magical-feeling sort of forest, with violets and mushrooms scattered around.

          • Okay, I can get most of the series for you! 🙂
            Yeah, that’s a good idea! I think you should make either a wall or a floor (to avoid the room being busy all together) and then use a plain wall or floor (I think making a wall would look good, and then using like the modern wood flooring or something would look really neat!)
            Yeah, it was Johto region! That sounds neat! 🙂
            Can you WiFi tonight? We really need to get together! :3

            • Thanks so much! I feel bad, I only had a few things on your wish list. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you want in the future, since I owe you a lot for this!
              Sure! I’m seeing this at 6:51 PM, so I hope that there’s still some time tonight and that I’m not too late.

              • I can for an hour or so if you see this soon? (Hopefully)

              • Alright, cool! 🙂 Who should open gates?

              • I’ll open gates right now! 🙂

  3. Wow, I missed out on a lot during my week away from internet! (I’m doing a practicum for my degree at the moment so I’m out for the whole week.) I visited dream Citàlune this morning and it was gooorgeous x3 Needless to say, Estel’s and Lyra’s new castle homes look fantastic. It’s a very interesting idea, to optimise a landscape for nighttime viewing, and I think also a very challenging one. Good luck with that and it looks great already!
    The interiors you’ve shown look amazing, too. My favourites are Estel’s main room (the view from behind is oh-so fluffy and heavenly x3) and her bathroom, haha. I’m going for the same kind of feel (Rococo/whitish + gardeny) for my main room.
    The dirt paths are going well. It’s interesting the way the path to Fern’s house is zig-zaggy like that. Do diagonal paths do that naturally? I would have expected it to get all thick and messy since you’re sort of treading across two squares for each step. 

    • Thanks for visiting! 🙂 I visited dream Arcadia a few times recently, and the first time I got to sit in your quiet corner (with the tree stump surrounded by trees and mushrooms), and the second time, it was of course gone, but I got to meet Boomer and see some other little updates. Your town is beautiful and refreshing to visit! It has a wonderful natural feel to it ^_^
      I saw that we’re going for a similar feel (not that I was trying to copy you or anything), and I love your white Rococo room too! The Venus de Milo statue in there really adds a lot, and it works well with the palace wall 😀 Buying art from Redd for decorative purposes is a good idea, sometimes I forget we can’t order art anymore. 😦 And now we can order Gulliver items and stuff, it’s kind of weird!
      I don’t think diagonal paths would form that way naturally, but I purposefully made the path zig-zaggy by bordering where I wanted the path to wear with flowers, and walking/running through the path everyday. So it was kind of artificially made, hehe 😛

      • Lol that Boomer. I’ve forgiven him but it would be nice if he moved some time soon 😆
        Now that Gulliver is so easy to catch, I would have preferred if they kept his items as unorderable 😛 Would have kept the novelty of getting his souvenirs.
        Ah ok. Flowers are pretty effective at preserving grass then, if you’ve been using it as a diagonal path o_o (as opposed to actually walking along it in a zig-zag :P)

        • Yeah, I’ve ordered a few Gulliver items from HHA houses and it feels strange, it kinda de-values his items a bit. 😕 I remember being proud of collecting multiples of his statues in AC:WW, so I could have a statue room 😛 Now you can just easily order multiples with the catalog.
          I actually do walk through it in a zig-zag fashion, just to be safe in preserving one of my neater-looking dirt paths. It’s not the most convenient, but there’s also not a huge need to be going to Fern’s house much.

  4. If you do the day/night thing you should decorate Lyra’s house with some sun cosmos!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! It’s a good idea, and I was thinking along the same lines, only I decided to use gold roses instead 🙂

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