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I’ve been reporting a lot of Pelly’s confidings to me about Pete lately, but this past week all three of the pelicans had something to say. 😛 I also took a lovely trip to Jemma’s town usa. 🙂

Look who’s passed out in my garden!

Pete knocked out in a flowerbed

What Pete had to say:

Pete: Sure, Pelly's a nice sweet, girl, and, sure, she brings me lunch and everything. But how can I say this... She's a bit young for me. I'm looking for something that extends beyond lunch and into the evening.

Uhh… 😮 Well, there’s your answer, Pelly! 😳

Completed plinkoid set in Bell's room

That day, I dug up a mini plinkoid, completing my plinkoid set for Bell’s room! ^_^ Katrina also came, but I forgot to get my fortune told. Oh well, it seems kind of pointless anyway. 😛

Poor Pelly, part 5:

Pelly: I'd decided that today was going to be the day. The day that I confront Pete. But as soon as I looked at his downy face... I forgot my courage and the question I was going to ask him. Because on Pete's cheek... There was a red mark. Like he'd been slapped!

I think I can see where this is going…

New orange pansy by Nookington's

My first orange pansy in a while! ^_^ They will look nice on the Fall ground.

This morning, Kammile, Jemma, and I talked in Jemma’s chatroom, and we doodled some AC:WW characters. 🙂

Drawing of Kammile, Jemma, and Twisk

Drawing of Rain, Coco, and Tess

And we spontaneously decided to go to Jemma’s town, which I’ve never been to before! 🙂

Arriving in Jemma's town usa

My first step into usa! I love all the patterns Jemma has, and she’s planning on laying some paths later on. I’m sure they’ll look great! 😀

Kammile arrives in usa

Kammile arrived shortly, dressed as a mummy. xD I think she is preparing for a Halloween party coming up in her own town.

Kammile's gift of flowers for Jemma

How nice, Kammile brought a surprise gift of flowers for Jemma, including a gold rose! 😀

Group picture: Jemma, Twisk, Kammile

Group picture at the gate 🙂

Jemma had time to quickly arrange a treasure hunt with items from her dresser, which was fun, and we got to keep the items we found!

Treasure hunt

I dug up 9 presents total 😀 (one isn’t shown here)

Group picture by the museum: Jemma, Twisk, Kammile

Then we had a nice chat by the museum and a bit of a fashion show, mostly with umbrellas:

Umbrella fashion party

I had to go suddenly because I was having company over, sorry about that. 😦

Poor Pelly, part 6:

Pelly: You won't believe this! That slap mark on Pete's face the other day... Do you think maybe his girlfriend slapped him when he dumped her? I asked my sister what she thought, and all I got from her were harsh words...

That doesn’t sound like a bad theory, judging by what Phyllis also had to say about Pete today:

Phyllis: No matter how often I tell her to stay away from that worthless, no-good guy, all she ever does is protect him... As her older sister, there's something about that I just can't accept! ...Ugh! I could just peck his eyes out! I just don't get what she sees in Pete!

I’m glad Phyllis is trying to help her out, actually! She seems like a pretty good big sister to me. 🙂 I wonder if Phyllis has been having episodes all this time and I’ve been missing them. >_<

A few notices:

11 thoughts on “More pelican drama

  1. Whoa! A LOT of episodes have been happening on your town! while i still don’t
    have a single episode! O_O Well,thanks for reserving Baabara for me 🙂 I’ll probably kick out a villager on my town…

    • There has, I wonder when all these episodes about Pelly/Pete will end! 😛 I think you need to shoot down Pete once before you can hear any episodes from Pelly or Phyllis, so maybe that’s the problem.

  2. “A more mature relationship”? Wow, in a “kids’ game” 😯 At least it wasn’t “extends beyond evening and into the night” 😛

    Thank you so much for officially reserving Pierce for me! To be honest, you don’t have to do it if it becomes too much of a hassle for you!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! 😀 Sidney seemed like she would be hard to draw. xP (At least with her signature outfit, with the top hat and monocle.)
      I know, I’m surprised sometimes by the things said in this game! o.O
      It’s not a hassle at all (I just hope it works!). I love the idea of Pierce returning to your town after so long and after a lot of travelling. 😛

  3. Hahaha! You take great pictures Amy! I love shooting down Pete and thank you so much for the present!!! I already updated my ratings and updated the last post (there’s a thank you in it 😆 )
    PS: Sorry for not posting lately… It’s real hard these days to find any time to post something :S

    • I thought presents as rating images and opened presents as half star rating images was such a cute idea, and couldn’t help trying it out. 😛 Thanks for the link to my blog in your post and I think your guide will be helpful to lots of people!
      Aww that’s fine! I think most of us are going through that struggle at the moment because of school. As you can see, there was a decent gap between this post and my last one. 😛

  4. LOVE you new balloon ratings! You made green seem a little bit cooler 8)
    (Despite me hating the color green,still! i really like trees and flowers! except for the bugs who live on those things 😕 Blech! I’m really like blathers,huh?)

    • Thanks! I should’ve implemented them earlier if I was going to have ratings at all; I only have two out of all my posts. 😆
      hehe, green is my favorite color! 😛 But I just chose it for the hover color because it’s the opposite/complimentary color of red.

      • Green is my least favorite but i think your ratings are very acceptable! 😉
        Can you send me a pic of a Rainbow? Even if it’s just the rainbow! Please! 🙂 I can wait! :mrgreen:

        • haha, glad you think they’re acceptable! 😛
          Sure, here are two pictures I have of rainbows:

          I sent you a private thread on ACC because I don’t think moderated comments show up on my posts for some reason. I can see them on my dashboard, though.

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