Visiting Bentley

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Yay, a few days ago I got to visit another town for the first time in a while! 😀

I visited Bentley, the home of Dusty (also known as Petite D). I’ve been reading her blog for a pretty long time so it was a real treat to actually visit Bentley myself!

You won’t see Petite D in these pictures; when she opens her gates, she doesn’t like to follow guests around town (I wasn’t the only one who came). Plus, she opens her gates for several hours so she can’t be responsive the whole time. It’s not a bad format for WiFi, though! I felt at my leisure to explore the town and play in it like I would my own town — walk around seeing the gardens, visit the houses and the museum, talk to neighbors (and to certain ones I especially like over and over), shop, fish, etc. — without feeling like I’m boring my host. 🙂

First I picked up the Triforce by the museum that I’d won in a raffle giveaway, and then I headed over to Petite D’s house. The black cosmos and pink cosmos look nice together. 🙂

The main room has such a cozy, homely feel with the fireplace and villagers’ photos.

Ooh, a rare Nintendo item! When you touch it, it makes a noise and the Pikmin move around.

Aww, when I played the harp, I recognized the town tune as the beginning of the Shire theme. ♥ I have a special place in my heart for this music because I associate it most with Frodo & Sam, and I particularly love the two of them.

Love all the realistic touches in this kitchen, like the garbage pail, fan, and vacuum cleaner.

A beautiful garden room!

And upstairs…

Wow, an awesome cafe! 😀 The atmosphere in here is so nice with the warm sunset light coming in.

Next I went around meeting Bentley’s residents and chatting with them, which was fun since I’m familiar with them from her blog. ^_^ She’s had the same 8 neighbors in her town for years, and 6 out of 8 of them are locked! Also, she works hard to keep their rooms looking nicely decorated, and has completely changed up the decor of a few of the villagers.

First I visited Bob, who lives fairly close to Petite D’s house. I hope he turns up in my town one day, he’s one of my favorites. 😀 “I’m a cat. Chillin’ is in my blood, man.”

Then I met Teddy, Bob’s nearby neighbor. Hehe, it’s always interesting to hear villagers’ thoughts on my name.

A somewhat sinister greeting by Ruby o_o

Oops, I startled Chevre. But she warmed up to me quickly 🙂

Another neighbor I wouldn’t mind moving into Dafdilly, Eloise! I love her eyes and sunny coloring. 😀

Apparently she’s buddies with the cranky lion Elvis:


What a simple, civil greeting. And she gave me an opulent rug that she got from the checkout counter of Nintendique, how nice 🙂

And last I met Dotty, who lives right next door to Whitney. It’s good to see her again, she was in my first AC:WW town! I still have her pic from back then.

The beautiful gardens around each of their houses:

I love how each of the different gardens coordinates well with the style of house, and even maybe with the villager’s personality, like the sun cosmos by Eloise’s house and the gold roses to give a royal feel by Elvis’s house. 🙂

And there are more beautiful flowers here! 😀 But actually, this is where she put freebie hybrids for guests to take, since she’d like to cut back on the number of flowers in Bentley with New Leaf coming out soon. I grabbed quite a few! 😳 But not all of them in case other guests wanted to take some.

When visiting another town, even little things like the different bends in the river seem interesting and refreshing. I loove this little nook in the river here ^_^

And she also had a ton of freebie items by the town hall — great stuff like Saharah carpets/wallpaper, Gracie shirts, and spotlight items! Again, I wanted to leave stuff for others to take as well, so I didn’t take too much, but I took a few things home and added others to my catalog by picking them up and dropping them.

There were also lots of cracks around town, which I had fun searching for and found a few things 😀

I was so happy to get this sweater pattern, it matches so well with the blue knit hat! I can’t wait to wear it this Fall/Winter. 🙂

I visited the museum and its exhibits, which are all complete! That was pretty cool to see, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a complete museum before.

After that, I felt like I’d explored the town to my heart’s content, and I thought I’d better go eat something for dinner. 😛

Setting off some sparklers ^_^ Thanks a lot to her for the Triforce, hybrids, and other goodies, and for letting me explore Bentley!

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24 thoughts on “Visiting Bentley

  1. Wow, I’ve been reading Petite-D’s blog in the past too. 😀 I can’t believe you managed to visit her town! and… you better check her latest post… I believe she is happy with your “mail”. 🙂
    It’s kinda sad you can’t interact each other, I like her house and her neighbors, specially Dotty! and the patterns on Ables Sisters seems like patterns that could be worn by anyone, boy or girl. 😀 …It’s good though, you got to set off sparklers together. 🙂

    • Yeah, her rooms are great! And I loved getting the chance to visit another town and explore it so much, and meet new neighbors. 😀 I remember meeting Dotty in your last AC:WW town, An Ville. Haha, we were just talking about gender-neutral patterns the other day.

  2. Bentley looks like a lovely town 🙂 Every room in Petite D’s house and the neighbours’ houses have a very down-to-earth feel, and the patterns at the Ables’ seem like clothes you’d wear in real life. Did she get all those purple houses consciously? 😛 They look really nice together, with all their different gardens (and you got a good time for taking pics).

    • It is 😀 I don’t think she got the purple houses consciously, since Bentley is her first AC:WW town. I agree that it looks very nice, and it’s interesting to see how all those different gardens can match so well with the same house style. (I have this house style too, but no one in my town has had it for a while. >_< Hope it pops up again sometime!) I'm glad that I got to visit at sunset, seeing everything soaked in that warm light was so pretty. 🙂

  3. Just wanted to wish you luck on your New Leaf town you’re getting really soon! Please post your QR codes on your patterns page! Or maybe even start up a seperate QR code page?!? But I hope you do get on well, if I were you right now I don’t think I could sleep! Unfortunatley, I’ve got to wait for about six more days… 😦 But I did go into the game shop today and saw big cardboard things and thee boxes for New Leaf out! Are you resetting when you start up? I’m not sure – I could get a more natural-feeling town without resetting, but a really cool, but not so original, I guess, town if I did reset.
    I can’t believe how nice you were and left stuff for other people! I’d’ve grabbed as much as I could carry, sent letters to my future self, legged it back, and repeated. But that’s partly because I have so few hybrids. And furniture. And also because I would just be too tempted – all those free hybrids and furniture, just lying around! Petite-D’s town is great, I’ve semi-looked at her blog and like it. And you were nice AGAIN, giving her a rainbow feather! You make us poor AC players look mean and stingy! Naw, I’m kidding. That was super generous of you, though.
    Good luck in Citálune/Ci’gazze/Citágazz! 😀

    • Thanks a lot for the luck, Serena! I’ll probably need it, I’m a little nervous about the process of picking a town. >_< I do plan on resetting; even though all AC towns are great, I'll personally feel better about settling into a town if I know that I selectively picked it out for certain reasons. (It'll make the town feel more special and customized for me, I guess.) I want to get a layout that I like (pretty vague since I haven't drawn up a specific map I want or anything), apples, triangle grass, and maybe other various details I'll notice when resetting, like different waterfalls.
      Aww, I wish everyone could just get it on the same day! I look forward to when everyone has the game and we're all sharing about our towns 🙂
      Haha! I laughed at your description of what you would have done. xP I actually felt a bit bad about taking so many hybrids, I did take a good chunk of them. 😳 But I'll take good care of them and put them to use in my town's gardens! ^_^

  4. Hi Amy! Haven’t said anything in a while, but I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my New Leaf town. My gates are open, so go ahead if you want.

    • Hey Lenora, good to hear from you again! 😀 Ah, I haven’t picked out a town yet, though, I’m being picky. >_< Hope you're enjoying New Leaf, and I'd love to WiFi when I get my town set up!

      • I saw on your next post that your town is all set up, so anytime tonight if you want to come over to my town (also since we already have each-others’ friend codes) and play and stuff. Just know that I have traveled up to 4 or 5 days in the future, I’m trying to become friends with Sable so I can get the QR code reader. Thanks!

        • I think I’m all New Leafed out tonight, to be honest, I’ll probably spend the rest of my day doing other things. 🙂 But I really would love to WiFi sometime, so I’ll keep an eye out for your gates! Oh, I don’t blame you, I can’t wait to unlock QR codes 😀

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