End of December: daily happenings and events

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This is a sort of part two of my End of December post; focusing on my re-decorating changes in part one has allowed me to go more into my neighbors, daily happenings, and events/holidays in this post. 🙂

Yep, about halfway through the month of December, lights appeared on the cedar trees! I always look forward to when this happens, but usually end up pretty disappointed by the random scattering of lit trees. Why can’t they all have lights? >_< Ah well, it's still pretty!

Melba’s poetic way of telling me there’s going to be an aurora. 🙂

I thought it was nice that at least these two trees framing the bridge were lit up!

Took the opportunity to take a few more scenery pictures with the full moon+aurora+lights on the trees. I was a bit sad I couldn’t update my dream address at this point, since my town was still messy and under construction.

Mitzi’s like my fishing buddy, hehe, I’m always seeing her fishing around town (especially in the pond near her house) and walking around with her fishing rod:

Speaking of fishing, I won December’s fishing tourney decidedly with a tuna! ^_^

Melba always has something nice to say about the environment/weather, I’ve noticed 😛

…eep! o_o

I found Gulliver washed up on the beach, astray from his destination to Germany. Seeing him mention fairytales here made me wonder if maybe German architecture (along with Russian?) was the inspiration behind the fairytale PWP series in AC:NL. Wish I knew more about architecture so I could know these things for sure. I’d already gotten the nutcracker (Gulliver’s Germany souvenir) in a trade on an AC forum — didn’t realize I would get it on my own so quickly!

Woohoo, finally got the golden shovel! 😀 Fertilizer is very useful, but I’m glad to no longer feel obligated to buy it every single day 😛 If the golden shovel works the same way as it did in AC:WW, I guess this means I won’t have to buy oak saplings anymore, since I can just plant 100 bells (it’s raised to 1,000 bells in this game) to grow a tree.

I was bored of flower re-arranging one day and decided to work on a pattern based off the brick bridge instead. ^^ It’s the same idea I had when I made this brick path way back when, but I think it came out better this time. I haven’t made border pieces for it yet, though, but maybe I should go ahead and add it to my QR codes page anyway!

One day it was really cloudy and the lighting was strange, making the water reddish!

Charlise letting me know it’s her time to move. It’s about time. >_> She’s been in my town for a while, since back in August, and I’ve been wanting her to leave so I can move in a new dream neighbor and put a lighthouse where her house is. Ironically, she’s the one who requested a lighthouse!

December 21st was the winter solstice, which in true AC:NL fashion, means that the sun didn’t come out at all! 😛

Isabelle gave out glow wands for the occasion. All four of my characters got blue glow wands, and I’m not sure if it was bad luck or what, ’cause I’ve seen glow wands of different colors in dream towns and stuff. I didn’t feel like resetting for different ones, though.

The sky was especially dark and clear on the winter solstice, and what’s more, I felt like the usual nighttime palette of snow, buildings, plants, etc. was changed as well. o_o The shadows on the snow were deeper and some of the light-colored flowers seemed to glow in a strange way; it was kind of eerie.

There was also a cute signboard for the winter solstice! 🙂

I’ve gotten a few baskets of foreign perfect fruit from friends, and sometimes I like to give them to neighbors (especially favorite neighbors) when they ask for fruit. ^_^ This time it resulted in receiving my third pic from Melba!

Thought it was cool that I could get a people-free shot of this room when Rod barged in to visit. Shame you can’t see the whole thing, though (and that you can see the tip of Rod’s ears 😛 )

Julian’s reaction after convincing him to stay, when he was thinking about moving ^_^

Jingle came on Toy Day in the evening and asked for help in delivering presents, giving me a bag of presents to deliver without telling me which present was for which neighbor. But I was very well prepared after taking screenshots of my neighbors’ Toy Day wishes all month, so it was easy and no problem! 🙂

Off delivering presents!

A little Toy Day scrapbook featuring my neighbors:

Toy Day 2013 with the villagers

Glad I was able to please Gloria after all, along with the rest of my neighbors 😛

The koalas were onto me!

I delivered everything perfectly with Estel and Lyra, so I got two festive wreaths and two Jingle pics, and with Violet I didn’t deliver anything at all, so I could keep the Santa bag 😛

Charlise moved out on the 25th. It was an ordeal to find someone who wanted to take her; I posted on three different AC sites and hardly anyone was interested. But I’m glad I did eventually, so I wouldn’t have to void her and force her on anyone unsuspectingly. ^^

To replace her, I asked for a dream neighbor, Bunnie, to move in! 😀 She’s the first peppy I’ve had in town since Carmen moved out a while back, and it’s another peppy bunny!

I reset for her house to be near the newly built lighthouse, since I think they coordinate a bit with their warm colors (orange/red).

Hearing her inform me of Phineas’s presence like this made me glad to have a peppy villager again, haha 😆

New badges! Though I didn’t get them at the same moment; I got the Heavy Sleeper one a while back as I was working on finishing that villager house exterior guide.

Never seen a neighbor fishing in the ocean like this before!

Now for the last event of this post, month, and year — the Countdown! 😀

North America’s NYE gift is pretty disappointing compared to other countries/regions, but at least I was prepared for the disappointment after reading others’ blogs. (At one point I thought the gift was New Years’ Noodles for everyone!)

Scrapbook of my neighbors on NYE:

NYE 2013-2014 with the villagers

Hehe yay, finally it’s 2014 in Citalune~!

Awww ❤

Watching the fireworks with Melba and Gloria 🙂

I brought Lyra out to get some sparkling cider and noticed that the fireworks really brightened up her garden (which doesn’t usually look that good at night).

So then I went to some more scenic places around town to watch the fireworks:

Agreed 🙂

Overall I really enjoyed the NYE event and I’m glad I did it, no matter how late I was, it made me happy! ❤

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19 thoughts on “End of December: daily happenings and events

    • Well officially, I’ve only seen the series called “fairy-tale” in English versions of the game. The only places I’ve seen it called Märchen (in regard to the English version) were in pre-June 9, fan-made, non-official sources — including my own blog, and Teru’s, which is where I got it from because she had a great helpful page up where she gathered pictures of PWPs from Japanese bloggers who’d just gotten New Leaf. I’m not sure where calling it Märchen came from, and since I’ve never seen it called that officially in the English version (it would make sense if it was called that in the German version), I wasn’t really taking that into account with my wonderings. I was just pondering about architectural similarities that could be found (or not be found). Hope that makes sense 🙂

      • Actually I got it from the Japanese version. Meruhen (ie. Märchen) is one of the Japanese words for fairy tale, so that’s just what they called the fairy tale theme. There’s a mishmash of foreign words used commonly in Japanese including English (eg apaato for apartment), French (pan from pain for bread) and German (arubaito from Arbeit for part-time job) 😆

        • Ooh interesting! I wondered if you had translated it from the Japanese version, that’s cool about the connection between the words 🙂

    • Aww thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! 😀 Haha that’s okay, but yeah, it’s 4800-2245-2005, and it’s also easy to find by searching for Estel as the player name, or Citàlune for the town name (have to get the à right, though). Thanks for your interest! 🙂

      • Yeah, it was beautiful! I got your marble design, too. I’m currently relaying that path in my town! 🙂 ❤

    • Sure I’ll try to cover some things about when neighbors move in (and when they don’t move in) with some bullet points:
      – When your town is at 10 villagers, it’s completely full and no one can move in.
      – When your town is at 9 villagers, you won’t get a new villager unless you: (1) invite someone from the campsite, (2) invite someone who is packed up to leave another town, (3) pick up someone’s “voided” villager after a WiFi, or (4) pick up a voided villager via StreetPass. In all these scenarios, if you pick up a villager in any of these ways, the house plot will appear the day afterwards. For example, if you pick up a villager via WiFi, the house plot will appear the day after the WiFi.
      – When your town is at 8 villagers, you can get a new villager in all of the same ways above (campsite, invitation via WiFi, voided villagers via WiFi, StreetPass), but there’s also another (new) way. Now that you’re down to 8 villagers, the game really wants you to get a new one, so every single day when you’re at 8 villagers, there’s going to be a chance that a new house plot will appear. The chance of there being a new house plot is small at first, but the chance increases each passing day. After a week of being at 8 villagers, the chance is 100%, so then you’re going to get a new villager no matter what.
      So it’s really only unpredictable when you’re at 8 villagers. When you’re at 8 villagers, it’s best to do the reset trick (load up the game with a new character) pretty much every single day, since there’s always a chance of a house plot appearing. If there’s a house plot in a bad place, reset and load again with a new character. The house plot might not be there this time, or it might be in a better place. Keep trying until it’s in a good place, or until there’s no house plot at all, and then build a (temporary, if you want) tent for the new character and save the game.
      As for the reset trick itself, all it is, is loading with a new character on a day you’re expecting a house plot to appear (which as we’ve gone over, is either after you’re invited someone to move into your town, after a WiFi, after a StreetPass, or whenever you’re at 8 villagers). So don’t load up with your mayor on these days; load up by making a new character, talking with Rover, and running around town looking to see if the house plot is to you’re liking. If it is, save the game by building a tent and getting a town pass card with Isabelle, and if it isn’t to you’re liking, reset without saving and load with a new character again until it is.
      Here’s a video if you need more help with it: http://www.belltreeforums.com/showthread.php?84375-VIDEO-The-Reset-Trick-Control-House-Placement-amp-Campsite-Villagers
      Oh and I guess I should add that the reset trick method can be pretty tedious and can require some dedication; it’s not fun to do and it can take a long time, and it’s not necessarily for everyone. If you think this is all too much, maybe just try reserving areas that you want to keep house-free by putting PWPs there. Teru has done this with wisteria trellises, I’ve done it with fairytale streetlights, and maybe you could do it with some illumination PWPs or something (I’ve seen that you like those ^^).

  1. LOL Gloria sure knows how to ask for a present 😆
    It was lovely seeing your pictures around town during the different events and weather, and hanging out with your furry buddies ^^ I didn’t know they could tell you about the aurora that way o_o I need to pay closer attention. And with that cloudy evening with the red water, I wonder if that’s what happens when you get a ‘red sunset’ during a cloudy day… And awww, you got Bunnie, she’s so cute x3
    Ooh, I completely forgot about that bit of advice from Leif about the golden shovel! I thought it wasn’t that useful so I switched it back out with my silver one. I did try burying money with it though, and it takes a minimum of 1000 Bells to plant a sapling this time -.-
    In regard to what Gulliver says, when people mention castles in Germany I think they typically think of Neuschwanstein Castle, nestled on a hilltop surrounded by forest, and very fairytale-looking from some angles. At least that’s what I thought of straight away, but now that you mention it, the fairytale station and bridge look like it could have been inspired by this kind of architecture.
    That new brick pattern looks great! I’m such a sucker for brick areas and paths – they instantly make a place seem so much cozier! And wooah Estel’s main room looks awesome. It’s kinda funny one of the first things you see when you walk in is David’s naked butt xP
    I love your winter solstice signboard picture 😀 I don’t know if it was deliberate but everyone fits into their character perfectly! I also got a blue glow wand that day -3- And I wasn’t too thrilled about our NYE item, either. I didn’t get around to getting the other European items (by changing the language), and EU English versions just get a tweeter, which you get by streetpassing -_-
    Congratulations on reaching 2014, hehe! 😛 Your town looks so nice in winter with the fireworks, especially Lyra’s garden! And the town hall picture looks so dreamy~

    • Yeah, I think it’s neat how they can tell you about aurora sightings! I wish it were the same for rainbows and meteor showers, I’ve probably missed some of those. (Meteor shower notices show up on the bulletin board, but sometimes I forget to check it :P) I do think that cloudy day with the reddish water was something a bit out of the ordinary from the usual weather, and I think it’s cool how many different lighting conditions, weather conditions, etc. there are in this game 🙂 Makes it fun to see what’s in store for each day!
      Oh that’s a bummer about it being 1000 bells this time…I guess it might still be worth it to not clutter up my storage with saplings quite as much.
      Omg wow that castle looks amazing *_* Some of the photos of it don’t even look like real life! Thanks for giving a bit more perspective on what Gulliver meant, I googled “German architecture” and don’t remember seeing that castle.
      Hehe I was just going in the “order” of my characters with the signboard, Estel->Lyra->Violet->Fern, but I noticed afterwards that they seemed to fit pretty well with the places they fell into 🙂 Yeah, I agree that the EU gift doesn’t seem particularly fantastic either, but it’s a cute little item. I can give you some sparkling cider the next time we WiFi, if you want it xP
      Ahh thanks for all the nice comments Teru! 😀

      • Yeah I went around planting 1000Bell bags anyway, in preparation for cherry blossoms (better than nothing cos I didn’t stock up on normal saplings). Here’s hoping they turn pink like normal.
        Apparently the king who built that actually wanted a fairytale castle to live in and identified himself with the magical hero the Swan Knight from one of Wagner’s operas and was nicknamed the Fairytale King. Later on Disney also got some inspiration from the castle 😮 The ‘Fairytale King’ became consumed by his fairytale ideals and went a bit kooky in the end…
        Oh that’d be cool, though only if you have any you don’t want. I’m not too fussed with getting one after learning you can’t even display it in your house like the Harvest Day items (it just looks like a paper bag?) :/

        • Look forward to seeing your town with the cherry blossoms! 🙂
          Wow, strange backstory! So it was designed to look like it was from a fairytale in the first place…seems kind of meta? 😛
          Yeah, I noticed that too, and that’s part of what makes it disappointing. It’s just a sort of temporary item that you can drink, like coffee. :shrug: So that’s true, you could probably just get your fill of it by visiting my dream town 😛 (I have it laid out by the town tree.)

  2. That is so cute that Mitzi is your fishing buddy!!! I love the cats in AC! Kiki is always walking around in Lenore’s rose garden with her net and asking me to catch her butterflies (maybe hunting fish and bugs is a “cat thing” to do lol). Your town looks so pretty in the winter with all the pink, purple, and blue flowers. I also find it interesting that your dream villagers are based off of house colors/architecture. That’s a tough choice you have between Erik and Doc! If the house is going to be near retail, I might go with Doc just because his house matches the blue and pink theme that retail has as well as all the pretty flowers around it! That’s great that you have all the different personality types! All of my favorite villagers (and their houses) are either normal, peppy, or snooty, so Citaluna is going to be lacking in villager variety 😛 Despite having two peppy villagers, two snooty villagers, one uchi, and two normal villagers, I am still waiting on almost all of my PWPs I want (metal bench, bell, statue fountain, fairy tale bridge, picnic blanket, wisteria trellis, and the illuminated arch)! They keep suggesting stupid things (wet road sign, yield sign, stoplight, bus stop, etc.)-it’s like they know what I hate and ask for it! 😛 At least they suggested the Illuminated tree project, so Noelle’s house is looking a more like winter with those and the holly bushes 🙂

    • Me too 🙂 Love cats in general, not just in AC!
      Thanks for the feedback on Erik vs. Doc! I actually decided on Erik in the end, but messed up when doing the reset trick. I wasn’t paying 100% attention and before I knew it, Isabelle was loading the game up instead of me talking to Rover with a new character, and Erik’s house was in a bad place. -_- So I guess I’ll let him move out whenever he chooses to, and move in Doc after all.
      Yeah, I just feel weird not having all the personality types, because I’d be leaving out a good chunk of the possible dialog in the game. But I can definitely understand wanting more of your favorites and/or favorite houses as well 🙂 Most of my favorites are normal characters.
      I felt that way at first too in regard to public works requests. Eventually I got impatient enough to where I started doing the “diving trick” — basically just going out to swim and sitting in a corner of the ocean somewhere for 5 minutes or so, then going back to the main part of town and walking in front of whoever you want to “ping” you for a PWP request. Sometimes it doesn’t work and they ask for a new greeting or whatever, but if you try it several times, chances are you can get a new PWP request 🙂

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