Days 7 & 8: First rain in Citàlune

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It rained for the first time in my town yesterday, and strangely, it seemed to rain in many others’ towns as well! Maybe the rainy season in Animal Crossing is upon us. Also, my tree has grown a bit since I’ve last shown a picture of it. 🙂 It actually grew the day I got access to the island (not sure if that’s what influenced the tree’s growth, or if it’s just a coincidence).

Sunday, June 16 (Day 7):

My growing, but still bitty, tree soaking up the rain.

My neighbors don’t seem to like the rain:

Neighbors not fans of the rain

Oh, and Curlos is a new neighbor I’ve forgotten to introduce on here, whoops. >_>

My new (but familiar) neighbor, Elmer.

Yesterday was also Fathers’ Day! I went to my dad’s town to mail a “card” and dropped some wrapped presents in front of his house. 😛

For the occasion I received red carnations from each of my characters’ AC dads. 😀 I thought they’d look nice by Fern’s house with the contrast of green and red:

Later on that day, I experienced my first WiFi troubles with New Leaf (other than the standard crash in the middle of a session). WiFi kept crashing when I was trying to board the train to one friend’s town, and when I tried to visit Liam’s town, I got an error code, which I googled and discovered that many other AC:NL players were having problems with as well. I wanted to check to see if my WiFi was working at all, so I opened my gates to see if anyone could come over to my town.

Taylor, the new character of Lenora (who I’ve mentioned before in this blog as Monkeydoodle), came over! It’s wonderful to be re-united with old AC:WW buddies in New Leaf! 😀

After looking around and meeting some of my neighbors (sorry, not much to see or do in Citàlune yet! hope it’s more interesting one day), we went off to the island together. She was even kind enough to pay for the trip!

Island fishing with Taylor/Monkeydoodle

We didn’t do any tours, but we hung out on the main island for a while and caught some good stuff. I even caught something new for my encyclopedia and museum, a blue marlin!

Pretty sunset on the way back! 🙂

But the view got gloomier as we approached my town.

Woah, she gave me an axe! Thanks so much, I’ve been wanting one! 😀 And I hope you’re able to get a replacement for it soon!

Cheryl from Bluebell came to join us! 😀

I thought Cheryl must have visited someone with Shampoodle, but it turns out her hairstyle is a wig, which she kindly let me try on and add to my catalog, thanks! I think it looks better on Cheryl than me. 😛

A group picture in a not-so-scenic location xP

Then Liam came over! Wow, I could’ve never done this in AC:WW, open my gates randomly without announcement or appointment and have a full town. 😮

I forgot to take pictures after this! When there are three guests in town, there’s a lot of chatting to keep up with (and the chat bubbles go away very quickly in this game).

There was talk of browsing my shops, but I had already bought everything earlier. >_< So I took out a bunch of items from my storage that I'd been hoarding and let everyone pick them up and drop them to catalog them, and maybe keep one or two things. I'm not sure when we'll be getting the catalog function, though! 😕

We were heading to the town tree when WiFi crashed all of a sudden, but fortunately I saved after the catalog trading, phew. 🙂 I decided not to open again because I felt like we were going to be wrapping up the session soon anyway, and I’d been playing for a good few hours. Hope that didn’t cause any confusion!

I started playing again later and it was still raining, so I went fishing and managed to catch this! I had a feeling it was going to be a coelacanth before I caught it, maybe something different about the shadow? I love the little saying to go with it, I think most of us have wondered at some point if we were pronouncing “coelacanth” properly. 😛

It’s now in here ^_^

Mermaid items at the island

I’m going to start trying to collect the mermaid series. It’s pretty, and it’d be nice to have any sort of matching furniture at this stage.

I also built my first community project last night!
What is it…?

Monday, June 17 (Day 8):

Yes, the vital yellow bench 😛

All this hoopla over a yellow bench 😆

I’ve built another on the other side. I put these benches here hoping that they might prevent villagers from moving too close to my house. I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s worth a try! These will eventually be demolished; I’ve seen other benches (that I haven’t unlocked yet) that will match the feel I want for my town better.

All of a sudden I got my first hybrids today! :mrgreen:

A pink cosmo and orange lily near my house, and a blue violet by Violet’s house:

And as you can see, I’ve made a lot of changes to Violet’s house. I think this floral/garden wall is perfect for her, but the door, mailbox, etc. will probably change. Also, some of the decorations on this wall aren’t visible right now because of how small the house is.

So I think it’s time to expand Violet’s house 😀

And why not expand Estel’s too while we’re at it?

Ooh, construction work on Main Street! I think I know what this is from reading other AC blogs 😛

It looks like Sable might be starting to warm up to me a bit.

Got this pretty mermaid screen today 🙂

First new project unlocked! Though I don’t really want a police station in my town, and I’ve heard that any buildings like this are permanent. I hope I can unlock some things soon that I actually want to build…

I enjoyed having rain for the first time in New Leaf, but I think two days of it in a row is enough, hope it’s nice and sunny tomorrow! ^_^ I think I’d like to start trying to make a gridded map of my town soon. I like to have one when planning landscaping, and it’d be especially useful in this game with all the bridges and projects to build. It’s a daunting task, though! I might not go out of my way to open my gates or look for gates while I’m working on this, but feel free to let me know if you want to have a quick WiFi. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Days 7 & 8: First rain in Citàlune

  1. Cool! And you do unlock the catalog once ur nook junction place upgrades to the t&t market or something. Its basically the first nook shop upgrade. Thanks for the fun wifi thp! ^_^

    • Ah okay, I look forward to getting that shop upgrade then!
      Yep, they’re just the standard pics you take with L+R and transferring them with an SD card.
      Thanks for coming over yesterday, and letting me come to your town today! Your town is already so beautiful with the paths, flowers, and fountain! 🙂

        • Oh, I thought you knew how to do this because you have some great pics on your blog! L+R takes a picture, so as you’re playing you can take pictures over and over. When you’re done playing and have powered off your 3DS, you can remove the SD card from it . It should be in a little compartment labelled ‘SD.’ Then insert the SD card into your computer and import them. When I insert mine into the computer, there’s a pop up that gives me the option to import the pictures, so I select that option (along with ‘erase when finished’).

  2. Wow, you keep up with posts well! I always put them off until I have time at night and then feel too tired to write a word longer than 5 letters. 😆
    About the town tree, I also unlocked my island today so I went to check if mine has grown as a result and it hasn’t, I guess it’s growth cycle must be based on the time period played rather than on the events that occur in town.
    I’ve also been suffering from the rain recently. 😆 Well, the rain was a welcomed change after day-on-day sun, but it only lasted a few hours and now my town seems to be constantly hidden under grey clouds. 😦 Let’s hope the sun bursts through soon!

    • Yeah, I feel like I have to post frequently to avoid pictures piling up! Because I like to share a lot of what’s happening in my town (partly for my own sake, so I can look back on these posts later on :))
      Ohh okay, that’s interesting. I don’t think we should be too worried for the growth of our trees, I’m sure if we keep playing it’ll get huge eventually. 😀 But for a little while there I was feeling left out, it seemed like everyone else’s town trees I visited were bigger than mine!
      I agree, that’s also how I feel; it was nice to see the rain at first, but I’m at my third day in a row now. T_T It would be nice to see bright blue skies and wispy white clouds again!

  3. My town tree’s about the same, it’s been like that for a while! I wish it would grow faster, but it will eventually be huge, I guess.
    I know! The rain is being a huge pain! Even in Ireland, it’s not raining! (We have a bit of a reputation for rain) I go to the Island every day, and I wish my town had weather like that, because everyone’s sick of rain on New Leaf at the moment.
    I’ve been googling New Leaf Internet problems, and it seems that it’s a bit of an occurence. I hope Nintendo release a software update or something, becuase nobody seems to know exactly how to fix it. But I think that it was my Internet not allowing you to come over last time, because I got the Dream Suite and it has no problem letting my use it to connect to the Internet and go out. So maybe next time I should try go over to you. If that doesn’t work…I don’t know what to do then.
    I don’t have much else to comment, but Ogygia now has a bench and campsite! 😀

    • Yeah, I’m at my fourth day in a row, getting a little tired of all the rain. >_< At least it's thunderstorming now and raining super hard, which is kind of cool. I'll try not to get my hopes up for sunny days anymore, I assume it's the rainy season now. And if it is sunny one day, it'll be a nice surprise 😛
      The only advice I could find was stuff like re-starting the router (didn't feel like doing that, my internet is working fine) and getting as close to the source of the connection as possible, which I did. But yeah, it sounds like your connection in general is working with stuff like the dream suite, so I hope it works next time!
      Congratulations on the community projects and on unlocking the dream suite, that's awesome! 😀

  4. Things sure look dreary in the rain -_- I can imagine spending a whole afternoon on the island just to escape it for a bit. I feel as though dusk and nighttime have a greater influence on visibility too than before… I was really squinting hard to check town hall colours while resetting at night.
    Haha that’s so sweet, did your dad know you were going there to do that for Fathers’ Day? 😀
    Wow, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to get a full house like that in WW 😮 I was opening my gates today and noticed the new feature where Porter tells you that your friends have open gates too, and asks whether you would like to visit rather than invite. That’s really useful!
    Oh my gosh, congratulations on catching a coelacanth already! 😮 Hahaha, I love that description.
    Congrats on your first community project and hybrids too ^^

    • I would savor rain in AC:WW; there, it was a nice change and it often wouldn’t last long. But I’m getting sick of it in AC:NL… it makes the lighting in town dark and dreary, no matter what time of day it is. I miss seeing the stars in my town! Today is finally a non-cloudy day, but because of the Solstice there’s no nighttime. 😛
      Nope, it was a surprise 😀 Not much to give at this stage in the game, but I gave him some aviator sunglasses, a new shirt, and some fossils he hadn’t donated yet. 😛
      I think I’ve noticed that same feature in AC:WW (or was it AC:CF?) actually. I’ll try to keep an eye out for your gates! Maybe if we add each other as best friends, it’ll be easier to find times when we’re both online to WiFi. 🙂

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