WiFi + more fishing

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First of all, I’d like to share some wonderful drawings Saima drew:

I love the way she drew Twisk! The flowers beside her and the watering can are a nice touch, she definitely spends a lot of time watering. 😛

This one is of Twisk, Sugar, and Kammile. She did such a great job! The way she drew Kammile’s character gives a carefree vibe that I definitely feel when I WiFi with her. Thanks so much for drawing these, Saima! You’re extremely talented. 😀

On Monday I WiFied with Skye (also known as MonkeyDoodle) for the first time in a while. It wasn’t Rosewood I visited this time, but Genovia, a town on her other gamecard. 🙂

She suggested we play hide-and-seek, so this was my hiding place. 😛 I don’t often hide inside because the loading time for entering and exiting buildings/rooms can be really bad during WiFi.

I heard the sound of crunching snow nearby a few times and all of a sudden my character was being pushed sideways. Skye might not have realized that she was pushing me, but of course it was definitely apparent that she found me once I was out in the open. 😛

She wanted some of the yellow flowers that had been cluttering up Dafdilly (now cluttering Red Bank), and in return gave me a gyroid. Thank you!

Skye said she likes to spend time on this peninsula, and I can see why, it’s a calming place. 🙂

This is a really neat grass pattern, she’s planning on using it for a flowerbed. 😀

Visiting some of Genovia’s villagers…

Those eyes o_o

Aw, it’s Baabara! I’ve always loved her interior decorating. 🙂

Skye’s first hybrid: an orange rose! Congratulations! 😀

Later on she came over to Dafdilly for the first time, welcome!

She went straight to my house, and was gone by the time I responded to her comment about my ever-blinking mail-box — I could hardly keep up. 😛

But I heard her say something about house styles, so I assumed she had reached Monique’s house:

She likes the house, but not Monique. xP

Hi Skye! 😛

Next stop was the shops, and she went to pick up my fountain patterns at Able Sisters.

I’m trapped 😆

Before she was like my pink sister, and now we could be twins! I had Twisk wear the ponytail a lot last summer. 🙂

She correctly identified the owner of each room. 🙂

Bed bumping is always fun. 😀 Harmony’s bed is the only one big enough in my house.

The papa panda caught her eye, so I brought it outside so that she could touch it and add it to her catalog.

Soon afterwards she had to go eat dinner. Thanks, Skye, it was about time we WiFied again! 😀

Later on, I was working on making the day’s snowman and was in the process of rolling the second snowball towards first one, but it wasn’t there anymore! I had to laugh when I saw the gigantic snowball a little way off, seemingly rolling away on its own, and knew it must be a dung beetle — the first and only one I’ve seen so far:

This means the only bug I have left to catch is the firefly! 😀 I started Dafdilly on July 3rd, so I barely missed out on it. >_<

I knew immediately she was from Red Bank because of my dad’s Tennessee Volunteers design. 😛

Maelle replaced Hugh, who snuck out on me. 😦 I guess I would have let him go anyway.

But look what else was in my mailbox…

My second trophy! 😀 Now all I think I need is the Flower Fest trophy.

Catching the dung beetle, and realizing that I only need one more bug, motivated me to go fishing for the Winter fish I haven’t caught yet. I caught all three of the fish I needed before I even filled up my inventory, and this Stringfish was the first one. 😀

I probably should’ve caught a yellow perch before now, it’s been around for a little while… >_>

And right after that (you can see it was in the same place as I caught the yellow perch) I caught a pond smelt, the last of the three currently-available fish I needed, so I donated them all to Blathers and now just need to catch a cherry salmon and loach. 😀

I’ve actually caught a cherry salmon before, but forgot to donate one to the museum last Fall before they disappeared. They’ll be around again in the Spring, though, and I need to wait until then to catch the loach anyway. 🙂 So one more bug, two more fish: that’s pretty exciting and also a relief that I won’t have to do any frantic end-of-month fishing or bug-catching anytime soon.

Argh, again?! I wish I could’ve gotten the Katie &
amp; Kaitlin event with Skye instead because Red Bank is way behind in time, so I don’t think Kaitlin will be there. I’m visiting family tomorrow, so maybe as I’m catching up in Red Bank during the long car-drive Kaitlin will appear.

If not, I guess I’ll have a crying kitten in my town for a while. >_< Appropriate face is appropriate.

I’ve done the best I can. 😛

Poor Blathers, still struggling to overcome his fear of bugs:

Aw, Aurora from Anicotti is packed up already. She should be gone in a few minutes at midnight. 😦 But I hope one of my favorites moves in.

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18 thoughts on “WiFi + more fishing

  1. Cool art! Love the drawings 😛 jeje 🙂
    Ohh! Aurora it’s really sweet! I’m sorry I’m sure she was a really nice person but the life it’s the life 😆
    Rodeo scared me too when I see that photo! I think he was really angry 😆
    Post a comment in my blog please 😆 sorry for being heavy but my last post it’s special! 🙂

    • I love Aurora and wish she could’ve stayed a bit longer (she just moved in recently), but I let all neighbors leave unless they’re one of the 8 villagers I want to be permanent residents. I think Rodeo was surprised in that picture, so I wonder what he looks like angry. 😛

      • Oh so that’s okay of she is just surprised and not angry.
        Merry Christmas Amy! You have done a really good job with you blog 😉
        I have a official post in my blog about Christmas Hugh 🙂 please comment on it 😉

        • Merry Christmas to you as well! 🙂 Can you please stop asking for comments on my blog, though? I’ve asked you before and it’s starting to get out of hand again, with every new post you make.

  2. Saima, you’re great at drawing! I love the art and the post Amy! I had Aurora for months and she was a bit self-centered but she grew into me! I was really sad when she moved away 😦 I love how they made Blathers to actually be afraid of bugs, they pretty much scare me too, I don’t like them 😛
    I didn’t win the Fishing Tourney, although I didn’t have much time to participate much, ’cause it was a busy day but next time I’ll win for sure! Even if I have to cheat a bit 👿

    • It’s interesting how we get different impressions of individual villagers in the Animal Crossing world even though all villagers of a certain personality type are basically the same. 😛 I’m also scared of bugs, so I can relate, but not butterflies and ladybugs and such. Good luck with the next Fishing Tourney!

  3. Oh wow!! Those fanarts are buh-you-tee-ful! 😀
    heehee 🙂
    Sucks that I don’t have wi-fi 😥 You guys playing together look like so much fun 🙂

  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Luff you all ❤

    Actually I drew some more AC stuff and posted them on my blog, but for some weird reason it just showed up blank…

  5. Saima’s drawings are really cute ^^ She drew your petal dress very carefully 🙂
    Congratulations on all those catches and the fishing trophy! :mrgreen: Lol, I won the fishing tourney with a 47-inch sea bass too (back whenever I won it) 😆
    Woah, Rodeo, he brings back memories o_o He was one of my first neighbours right when I played ACWW for the very first time. One day he challenged me to a fishing contest and asked for a horse mackerel. I fished all along the river and was at a total loss about how I was supposed to catch a fish that didn’t exist! 😡 Then one day I also met him looking really depressed, and talked to him frantically, trying to cheer him up and scared he was going to be emotionally scarred =_= His eyes were spooky but he was my fav ^_^ Wow random flashback…
    Btw I didn’t know neighbours move in and out at midnight! Does that mean if they’re still there at midnight they’ll be around for another day ❓

      • Oh yeah, I see that she shaded/outlined the middle of each petal and got the size of each one right. I’d love to see a colored version. 🙂
        Thanks! That’s another funny coincidence like we had with the acre we both messed up. 😆
        At least Rodeo’s eyes aren’t as extreme as Roscoe’s. 😛 Haha, I loved hearing about that flashback since I don’t know much about your very first AC:WW town and when you were still learning (though I guess we’re all still learning ^_^).
        I’m pretty sure villagers always leave at midnight (that’s also when you get their goodbye letter, not at the regular post time), but if you are playing as the clock strikes midnight they won’t suddenly disappear — they’ll leave the next time you load your game. So I think the answer to that question is yes. I used to think villagers moved in at 6 AM, but I was wrong about that, I’m pretty sure they can move in at any time.

        • Oh yeah, there was a lot to learn when I first played ACWW (my only ever AC) 😛 Somehow I forgot the existence of the internet and didn’t even understand what I was supposed to do in this “game”, let alone how to do it 😛
          I can’t remember if I’ve told you before, but I wanted to have a nice garden, so I gathered all the town’s flowers beside my house, watered each of them every day, and then they’d still wilt! 😡 I pulled those out, wondering why my garden wasn’t working xP I then happily went and watered the pretty green weeds 😆

          • I had experience from AC:GC, but the introduction of watering flowers also threw me for a loop. I thought you had to water every single flower, and that was really overwhelming because I would leave the flowers that randomly appeared every morning scattered across town. Since I had trouble going about watering such randomly spread flowers and remembering which ones I’d watered and which ones I hadn’t, I would make up rules like every time I passed a flower I would have to water it three times or something. 😆 I finally found out on the internet that you only need to water wilted flowers, so that was a relief. I like that in AC:CF, if you take the time to water all your flowers, there won’t be any wilted ones the next day.

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