Days 16-21: Construction

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Construction is underway for public works in Citàlune, as well as yet more new buildings on Main Street. I also had lovely WiFi visits with a few friends! 🙂

Tuesday, June 25 (Day 16):

In my last post, I left off with the day I paid off the museum’s second floor renovation, which is now complete:

Adding a new floor to the museum with customizable exhibits was a wonderful idea! Right now I only have two boring exhibits, one for gyroids and one for gems, because I’ve been hoarding them and having serious storage problems as a result. But I look forward to making more interesting exhibits in the future, and seeing what everyone else does with theirs!

I think I want one of my future exhibits to be filled with the space-themed items in the game. Astronomy is a huge interest of mine, and it would be nice to have something to replace the missing observatory, previously run by Celeste. She now runs the museum’s gift shop, which is also pretty neat! So far I’ve noticed you can buy things like frames for paintings, display cases for items, unique carpet and wallpaper intended for exhibits, and silver tools.

This was also Vesta’s last day in town, but I forgot to say goodbye until she was asleep. Why am I so forgetful about these things? >_<

Wednesday, June 26 (Day 17):

Vesta’s goodbye letter, aww!

But I was thrilled to finally see a sunny day, the first since the Summer Solstice!

To complete the beautiful sight, there were three gold balloons floating by, carrying what I knew must be the golden slingshot. 😀

I was really surprised to get this so quickly! I hadn’t even had my regular slingshot that long, or popped many balloons with it at all. I’m guessing that the balloons I popped with a net at the beginning of the game counted towards my total.

I built a fountain! I spent a while thinking about where I wanted to put it, but in the end didn’t go with a very adventurous location. Like the fountains in City Folk, it’s by the “gate.” (Though it’s really a train station, I have to keep reminding myself that 😛 ) Looking over my map and thinking about my plans for paths and various areas, it made the most sense to me to put it here, but I can always demolish it or build additional fountains elsewhere.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to get a non-rainy/cloudy picture of Estel’s house. (There isn’t usually a rock by her house, that must’ve been the gem rock…)

Robin requested a wind turbine, but I don’t really want one in Citàlune.

Later on, CK (Cheryl) needed to borrow an axe, so I went over to her town to visit and to lend her one of mine. 🙂

It was wonderful to be in Bluebell again and to see how much it’s grown already since I last visited.

Meeting her cute hamster neighbor, Apple 😀

Love the location for Cheryl’s house and what she’s done with the exterior of it so far ^_^

And the interior is so lavish and elegant, with all those Rococo items! I couldn’t believe it, CK offered to let me catalog them, and also gave me an extra legitimate painting she had! 😯 Thank you so much, I had no idea I’d receive such amazing gifts in return for my tiny favor. 😳

Back in my town, I went to check the Happy Homes Showcase because I noticed earlier that I’d gotten a SpotPass notification.

I found out that I now have my first model home in the showcase, belonging to Reggie!

Thursday, June 27 (Day 18):

There are two new paintings in the museum:

One is from CK (thanks again! 🙂 ), and one was from a neighbor, but I forgot who…

I thought I’d put a fence here to reserve a spot where I plan to build something else.

Friday, June 28 (Day 19):

On Friday I found Katie the lost kitten in my town. But apparently she’s not a kitten or lost anymore!

In previous games Katie would cry for her mommy until re-united, but now she just calmly asks to be taken to a different town. In fact, she says she’s purposefully exploring different towns by herself.

I saw Teru’s gates were open, so I took Katie to Arcadia:

I feel kind of bad because Teru was away from her 3DS at the time, so she missed seeing the arrival screen with Katie and I, and afterwards Katie was no where to be found in Arcadia! I thought she’d be seen wandering around town, but we looked everywhere. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see Katie, Teru!

I was happy to see such a clear sky on my first visit to Arcadia. 🙂 Though I picked my town’s name partly because of how beautiful the night sky is in New Leaf, I hardly ever get to see stars in my town since it’s always so cloudy.

I know she’s planning on having lots of red flowers in Arcadia, and it looks like she’s already made progress towards that town feel and atmosphere she wants. 🙂

I met some of her neighbors (which are awesome: Aurora, Colton, Ankha, Victoria, Monty, and Mac) and we visited the museum together, which has come a long way already.

Then she came over to Citàlune to do mostly the same sorts of things in my town: looking around, meeting neighbors, and visiting the human residents’ houses.

Obligatory bench photo 😛

Crazy Redd was in town again. It’s weird, I’ve gotten him and Katrina in my town multiple times now, but I haven’t seen Saharah since my first day in town (when she couldn’t help my tent).

Thanks for letting me get rid of Katie and explore your town, and for visiting mine, Teru! 😀

Saturday, June 29 (Day 20):

Oh wow, Katie’s writing has improved a lot since Wild World! 🙂

She gave me a digital photo-frame, which switches between several scenic photos.

My mom has one of these ^^

Just like last time when Redd came to my town, I knew immediately that one artwork was fake, but I bought the other three (using my other characters, since he only lets you buy one artwork per character). Two turned out to be fake, but this ancient statue (a Jomon period “Dogu” figurine called Shakoki-dogu) Fern bought was real:

First statue in the museum!

Yay, grew my first tulip hybrid! 😀 It was a good day for pink hybrids; I also got two pink roses.

I arranged a garden of lilies and violets by the fountain. Hopefully in the future I can add more hybrids, bushes, etc., but for now I like it! 🙂

Finally got the Best Buy DLC, a raccoon wall clock, after putting it off for a while. It can be ordered from the catalog, so feel free to let me know if you want it!

Sunday, June 30 (Day 21):

This cute wig showed up at my Able Sisters today, though I think it would look better with a different hair color.

And speaking of which, that might soon be possible in my town! :mrgreen:

At least, I assume this is Shampoodle under construction…

This evening Meri from Glendale came over to pick up some green and alpine furniture I’ve gotten so far, since she’s collecting those series. She surprised me with a patchwork chair and some perfect oranges! 😀

And she also collected signatures for a petition while she was here — it required villagers from other towns to sign. Wonder what it was for!

To finally wrap up this long post with some exciting news, Club lol is open for the first time in my town! 😀 It’s not quite as much fun without WiFi friends, but I danced some with Shrunk and Frank. Can’t wait to get emotions from Shrunk, and K.K. songs!

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13 thoughts on “Days 16-21: Construction

  1. Wow, so much WiFi, so many businesses, and so much town development on the whole! Citalune is beautiful!
    Aaaaah, jealous of the cataloging of all that lovely rococo furniture, even though CK’s offered to let me catalog it as well. 😀 Except instead of regal-looking, I’m refurbishing all of mine to Gothic Black and pairing it with the Creepy Wall and Carpet that you get from Jack on Halloween. 🙂
    And so many hybrids, WOW! I don’t know how everyone goes about getting hybrids so quickly. I have a whole bunch of orange cosmos and blue violets, but that’s about all I’ve been able to breed!

    By the way, as sort of a side note, you know the Dynamic Painting you have? Ryann and I saw the same painting (in real life) at the establishment we stayed at this past weekend. It was on the wall in our room! Just thought that was cool. :p

    • Thanks! I’ve tried to start picking up more flowers from the island tours and arranging them in certain spots and next to paths, but it’s a fairly exhausting process. I don’t know how others have gotten their towns filled with flowers so fast. xD
      Ahh, that sounds awesome! 😀 It might have a bit of a haunted mansion look. Maybe I can try to refurbish mine to white, wonder if that would look nice in Estel’s house.
      Do you have the beautiful town ordinance? I do, and I noticed that on days when I didn’t water any flowers (since you don’t have to water flowers with the beautiful town ordinance), I was hardly getting any hybrids. But on days when I watered practically all of my flowers, I’d get like three the next day! I’ve heard that watering flowers, even when it’s not needed, helps your chances in growing hybrids, and it seems to be true in my experience so far. Also, the hybrid system seems to have changed slightly in New Leaf, though I’ve still been able to grow some hybrids with the old combinations I’m used to (ie. red roses and white roses making pink roses). Here’s a hybrid guide:
      Oh, awesome! I do like that print, it would’ve been cool to see 🙂

      • Yes, Amy! You can and should refurbish the rococo series to Gothic White! (Rococo refurbishes are always Gothic something; also, the option besides black and white is yellow.)
        And no, it seems almost everyone has a beautiful town ordinance, but I have the early bird one because I’m always up early, even in the summer, and don’t want to wait for my stores to open. 😉

  2. I got Katie today! :mrgreen: She seems to be keeping count, saying that she came from Citàlune and counting Arcadia, she’s been to 2 towns. I sent her to Choco’s town next 🙂
    I got the bun wig too today! (Though I guess I’m a day ahead of you.) I kept falling over and thought I’d try to change my appearance, but it didn’t do anything xP It is cute though. Btw I only just noticed, how did you get more than 4 rainbow screens? Do they let you get as many as you like?
    Thanks for having me over and the cool gifts, and for letting me catalogue the Rococo items ^_^

    • Ohh okay, then I guess she just doesn’t show up in towns during WiFi, but after the WiFi’s over she’ll remain in the town she was taken to. I’m glad that you got to see grown-up Katie after all, and that you’ll be receiving a gift from her soon! 🙂 It’s cool to have started this little chain of passing Katie around.
      I haven’t fallen any yet, which seems strange because I keep seeing pictures and hearing about it from everyone else. It looks funny, but might get annoying after a while. xP Yeah, I love the bun wig, want to figure out a good way to use it on one of my characters!
      The rainbow screen can be ordered from the catalog, which I was surprised about since it seems like a special item.
      You’re welcome! I look forward to more WiFis! 😀

  3. Wow! I love the flowers around ur fountain. yet again, i had some more major changes so I’d love it if you can visit. Do you have an extra gold nugget by any chance? Also, I completed the rococo series so i can let u catalog the rest 🙂

    • Thanks! Wow, even more changes 😀 I’d love to see (and to catalog those Rococo items, thank you)! Yep, I’ve been hoarding gems, so I can give you a gold nugget. 🙂 Feel free to let me know if there’s anything else you want!

  4. Wow! You got the second museum floor ^_^ By the way, did that statue go in the artwork section of the museum, or the second floor? (Just curious :P) You’re lucky that you have Club LOL in your town now, I’m not sure how far away I am from it now, I’ll go look on the wiki after I finish this comment. But it’s cool that animals go in there, I didn’t realise they did that 🙂

    Oh, and would you like to Wi-Fi sometime? I keep seeing you online so I just didn’t know if you were busy or not – in fact I have the 3DS on my lap at this very moment seeing you online 😛

    Finally, do you know if the purple lilies are still hybrids? Because I keep getting them by accident (beautiful town ordinance, curse you 😈 ) when flowers ‘spawn’ in 😆 . I just saw them in your fountain picture and it got me thinking 😀

    • The statue went to the art exhibit. 🙂 In addition to frames on the walls for paintings, there are little stands around the exhibit for the statues to go.
      Yeah, after completing the petition it still took a couple days before Club lol was built… I’d say many got the club built after 20 days of playing.
      I think you might have seen me online during my brief morning town check, but I didn’t stay for long. 😛 I’d love to WiFi, though! 😀 Sorry we haven’t yet! If you want to schedule something, let me know, and I’ll keep an eye out for your gates 🙂
      Those are purple violets (lilies don’t come in purple), and they’re not hybrids. They’re still pretty, though, and it’s nice to be able to easily have more purple flowers in town. (In past games, all purple flowers were hybrids.)

  5. Wow, I just came back from camp, and it looks like I’ve missed so much from the blog community! I’m so sad that you can’t stop villagers from moving as easy as you could in Wild World! 😦 Though, it does make more sense, as they already have all their things packed up, should have already ‘bought a house’ elsewhere, and they’ll just stop moving because you don’t want them o leave?? Unrealistic! 😛 You must stay up pretty late to see the Normals go to bed! Isn’t it like 1am?

    I’ve seen quite a few people with the golden slingshot already! I got most of my balloon furniture fro my sister, though, so I’m not too surprised to see that it hasn’t floated by yet.

    Hate to break it to you, but it’s not possible to build more than one of a kind of public works project in your town, so if you want a fountain in a different spot, you’re gonna need to demolish the one you currently have. ):

    By the way, I have an extra painting that my sister and I both already have, and I’m almost certain it’s not a fake, so maybe we could get together later on this week and see if you need it? As well as just getting together for fun, because I haven’t been to Citalune yet! :O

    Didn’t we warn you about the three forgeries that Redd sells per visit? xD Or, at least, that’s what we had predicted. 🙂 Andd, could I bother you for a raccoon wall clock? I seemed to have missed the availability time period. >.<

    • It might have been unrealistic, but it certainly made things easier! 😛 I guess I don’t mind too much if villagers I want to leave end up staying a bit longer, but I think it would be really sad if you couldn’t convince your favorite neighbor to stay. (This happened to Choco with Tia :()
      Haha yeah, I guess I do stay up pretty late sometimes! 😛
      Actually, I think it depends on what project it is. Like you can’t have more than one campsite, lighthouse, police station, or cafe, but I think you can build multiple fountains, street lamps, benches, etc. I’ve already built another fountain in town! ^_^
      Wow, that’s really nice of you! And of course, I’d love to WiFi again 😀 I’ll make sure to order a raccoon wall clock, or at the very least, let you pick it up and touch it (since it can be ordered through the catalog).

  6. It did make things easier to control your neighbours’ lives! c:< I heard about Tia! She was so cute! I would've been so sadd.): Really?? Cassidy was only able to build one wind turbine and she was really upset about it! No problem! Right now it's just hanging up in my house, and I don't really see what else I'd do with it! 🙂 Let me touch it, eh? Even just a poke allows you to order it, LOL! xD

  7. Congrats on the museums second floor. I have had the pwp for ages now and still
    haven’t unlocked it yet!😮 Don’t worry about not saying goodbye to Vesta, I do it
    all the time! I have visited Arcacia recently and it is VERY red, almost too much red!

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