Meeting Gracie

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Just took this picture because of the rainbow in the background. 😛

Gracie drove into Dafdilly on Wednesday, so it was a busy three days since Redd came Monday and Dr. Shrunk came Tuesday. (The week ended quietly with two Pete days, probably, but I can’t be sure because I never seem to be outside/playing when he flies by.)

She didn’t like my style. 😦 I don’t think she likes anything other than her own shirts.

With Twisk I answered honestly to her questions and she said this:


I pay you 5,000 bells and this is what you give me?! Oh well, I guess it matches my hair…

With Bell, Harmony, and Melody I tried to get the fashionista badge. I used to be good at guessing the right answers, but I guess I’m rusty. 😆

It’s all good, though. I got a watermelon shirt, groovy shirt, and giraffe shirt.

During the few minutes Bell was outside to receive her watermelon shirt, she saw two scorpions! Caught one, got bitten by the other. 😛

The next day I grew my first purple tulip! I really like them. And it was stormy, so I didn’t have to water my flowers. 🙂

This is what a purple roof looks like; I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I kind of do.

Patty moved away last night. I love the peppy villagers, but she’s not one of my favorite ones. (Sorry I got you mid-blink in our parting shot, Patty! :P)

Today it was sunny long enough for me to water all my flowers, then it started to rain. -_- An hour later it was clear again and this rainbow appeared. 🙂

I think this is about as bright as they get before they start to fade.

I tried out the hot pink roof today. 😛

Also, check out the awesome portrait of Twisk ACWW America made for me!

This is Harmony’s room so far:

I’m only using that goofy pattern until my cloud flooring comes in the mail.

Olivia’s been sick the past three days, but I’ve been a good neighbor, bringing her medicine everyday. I think she’ll be better tomorrow.

Aww, as long as my neighbors like my designs, it doesn’t matter what Gracie thinks. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Gracie

  1. Ahhh I miss visiting Dafdilly! … D: Sigh..I guess I can’t now even if I get a new AC:WW cartridge.. nintendo wi-fi for nintendo ds shutting down and all..this is depressing. :’ D Did I mention how I love your characters names in the game? Twisk..Bell..Harmony and Melody… cccute and fitting!

    • I miss visiting StarCity and all too!! It is sad, but all good things gotta come to an end sometime I guess 😦 And thanks, it was my intent to have my side characters have musical names ^^

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