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Besides finally getting a long-coveted item for her sweets cottage room, Twisk has also been busy socializing with Nook about his past, Pelly about unrequited love, grumpy Pete, sassy Gracie, and oft-astray astronaut Gulliver.

Insurance of 100 bells from Lyle for tripping

I woke up to three of these letters Sunday morning, I guess because of the King Tut Race from my WiFi party. 😛

I don’t think I have any pictures from Monday for some reason. Crazy Redd came, but nothing was for sale that I didn’t already have. 😦

Pete knocked out of the sky

I shot down Pete for the first time on Tuesday, but he was boring for the most part.

Pete: You know, if I really wanted to, I could shoot something back in return!

He wasn’t too happy about it. 😛

Unlike City Folk, Pete doesn’t say much about Phyllis. This was the only reference to her, I think:

Pete: If I'm even a little late, a certain someone gets upset.

Pete: I think a man looks his best when he's working. I know I do, slacker.

. . . ❓ 😆

Chowing down Brewster's pigeon milk blend

I’ve been forgetting to go to the Roost lately, no wonder I’m not friends with Brewster yet. This was the famous pigeon milk blend 😛

Tom Nook had a pretty interesting (and long) episode:

Tom Nook episode

Yes, my big-city dreams shattered in its heartless streets, so I returned, hm?
Once back in Dafdilly, there was a period where I did absolutely nothing…
When I left, I was bragging to everyone about what a success I was going to be…
And then I returned without a thing, my tail between my legs…
I was so depressed that even the kind words of my friends hurt me, hm?
When they tried to console me, I would push them away and even yell at them!
Appalling. When I think of my behavior, I’m mortified by the way I acted…
…No, I was wrong, and I got worse. I had a friend who was my biggest supporter…
We grew up together, hm? She wasn’t what you would call a verbose girl, but…
She was the first to tell me that I could never give up on my dreams.
But I… One day I… I turned to her and said these words:
“Dreams are nothing in the face of money!”
She turned her back on me. From that day on, we were never the same again, hm?
The strange thing is, her words of encouragement… are still with me today.

Aww, well why don’t you make up with her, Nook? Pretty sure he’s talking about Sable here.

Hybrids on the island

Yay, a day when not many of these flowers are wilted ^_^

Famous painting in my dad's Nookington's

Look what I found on sale in my dad’s town! (Yes, I take advantage of his shops and special visitors. 😛 )

Mona Lisa on display at the museum

Usually I link to the real-life corresponding painting, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what this one is. 😛 Only three more to go! 😀

I haven’t posted about my neighbors in a while, so here’s a hobby update 😛

Peewee – gardening
Joey – collecting yellow furniture
Olivia – gardening
Kiki – collecting shells
Agent S – sick
Curt – collecting fossils
Curly – collecting fossils
Lobo – walking

Kiki: Isn't that what I call you? T-puff...? I thought so!

Kiki’s new nickname for me. Unfortunately, she didn’t give me the option to change it. -_- I hope it doesn’t catch on. I even like sparkles better than this. 😛

Peewee: I'm...kind of a fan of your fashions. Actually, I'm crazy about your design!

I have to admit, Peewee’s grown on me. He even came up with Dafdilly’s town tune! I still want him to move, though. 😛 (He hasn’t tried to move even once!)

A new purple rose pops up next to my path

A purple rose to add to my hopeful blue rose breeding spot! 😀

Blue rose breeding spot so far

With this set-up, I’ve tried to maximize the number of spaces breeded flowers can appear. I hope I get a blue rose someday!

Gracie drove in on Thursday…

Gracie: Darling, I've known wildebeests with better style than you!

This is the insult she had for me this time. -_-

Fashionista badge

But I got fashionista badges with all of my characters! 😮 Very different from last time. 😛

Twisk with a cool shirt, Bell with a zebra shirt, Harmony with a crossing shirt, and Melody with a tin shirt.

The outfits she gave me. 😛 It’s fun seeing the random combinations of outfits the game comes up with! All four were Gracie shirts, so not bad, but I can’t say they’re my favorites of hers.

Red pansies and trees to fill this previously blank spot

Starting to re-grow the area I cleared for the fruit-eating contest. 🙂

Goodbye shot with Olivia packed up

Olivia packed up to leave yesterday. 😦 I do really like her, but I want a new neighbor (it’s been a while)! Hopefully it’s someone I’m looking for, like Queenie.

Ah, poor Pelly… 😦

Pelly: Oh, Pete... Can't you see how hard I'm trying to get you to notice me...

And then she realized what she was talking to me about! 😛

Gulliver: I am known as Gulliver. I am an astronaut from what you call outer space.

Today I shot down Gulliver! 😀 Why does he have to re-introduce himself every time? 😆

This time, for finding the missing parts to his spaceship, he gave me…

Chocolates on my kitchen table

CHOCOLATES! :mrgreen: I’ve been wanting this for so long! Since there’s no sweets series in Wild World like there is in City Folk, I have to make do with just a few items, like the birthday cake and chocolates. And the rest of the room is inspired by a cozy, colorful fairytale cottage, like Melba’s house. 🙂 (And yes, Twisk dyed her hair green for a day! ^^)

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9 thoughts on “Chocolates!

  1. Oh How lucky! You got chocolates!!! Poor Pelly, why does Pete have to like Phyllis the mean one and not make a happy couple and get married forever? lol that’s a bit to much XD

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