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I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, I haven’t had as much time for AC as I’d like… My town is still behind, and I haven’t made quick progress on the patterns/landscaping goals I outlined in my last post. I’ll try to speed up the progress as much as I can, and in the meantime, here’s a post on some WiFis I’ve had recently with someone from TBT, Megan, Marina, and Katie. 🙂


A good while back (around Halloween), I participated in a thread on the Bell Tree Forums in which people shared their progress, goals, and hopes for their towns. At the end of my post I mentioned that I didn’t have all the materials needed to complete my goals yet (hybrids, furniture, patterns, dream neighbors, etc.). I didn’t intend this as a complaint or a request for items, more like a disclaimer so that no one would expect a completed town if they check out my town in person, in a dream, or through my blog. But Lea from Seabrook messaged me and said that she liked the sound of my town, so she offered to give me two of every single hybrid in the game! It was so sweet and so surprising, and I didn’t want to turn it down, but it seemed like a lot, so I took a modified offer — not every hybrid in the game, but ones that I especially wanted and didn’t have yet: white carnations, purple tulips, and purple pansies. She came over and gave me several of each of those, and I’m really thankful and appreciative! ❤ Thanks sooo much Lea! 🙂

In the past I might have turned down such an offer, and in fact, I remember in AC:WW I wanted to grow my first blue rose myself, so I turned down a gift of one someone offered me… and it made them sad, which made me sad. 😦 In the end, I never ended up being able to grow my own blue rose in that game (I guess it was statistically almost impossible, what with all the other flowers in Dafdilly), but I had three blue roses that were gifts from friends, and I really treasured those blue roses and loved using them to decorate parts of town. So after that experience, I guess I’m taking a different approach this time around, by valuing my own enjoyment/happiness of the game (more hybrids=more fun) over pride in growing all hybrids “legit” from scratch. Plus, some aspects of hybrid growing confuse me in New Leaf, like the hybrid-red-flowers business, and also, I have so many lilies and violets in town that it’s difficult to grow other types of flowers.

I’m happy to help others by giving breeding pairs of hybrids as well (as long as I have enough to give) ^_^


In early November I made a new WiFi friend, Megan, who’s had me checking my blog email more than I’ve done in the past (we’ve had a correspondence there). 🙂

Right away she said she had stuff to give me, and she wasn’t lying, it was a lot of stuff! 😮 She gave me a 99K bag of bells, several hybrids, bush starts, a rare mushroom, fertilizer, and maybe more I’m forgetting, but wow, thanks a ton Megan! 😀

If I knew she was going to give me so much, I would’ve prepared more, but I gave her a pair of blue roses.

A funny moment as we say the same thing at the same time during the gift exchange 😛

Lamenting this poorly-placed, immovable rock. 😦 It still bugs me a lot, but there’s not a lot I can do about it besides starting up a new town… (which maybe could be a possibility in the future if I have more free time, but not anytime soon.)

She wore Citàlune’s town flag as a shirt, hehe, cute!

I gave her a tour around town and through the houses, and we chatted. 🙂 Thanks for coming Megan, and for all your gifts!

A few days later, Megan restarted her town, so I had her over to use my Shampoodle and browse my shops. ^_^

Hehe, we could be twins! She didn’t like the clothes her character started off with, but I much prefer the cozy sweater look to the A-shirt I started off with 😛

Jessica from Sandy stopped by as well. I was a bit embarrassed to have people over when my town was so messy and under construction, but I thought I’d show them the progress of my new path (I’ve made more progress since this pic, but it’s still not done — it’s pretty complicated with lots of corner/intersection pieces).

Afterwards I went to Megan’s new town of Luma and helped with paths; I dug holes where I’d put paths, and she’d fill in with patterns. I also brought over some tools and fruit to help her get started. I hope you’re enjoying your new town so far, Megan! 😀


On November 12th I WiFied with Marina of A Box of Stale Cupcakes for the first time!

Knowing that I haven’t had Halloween yet in my town, she thoughtfully gave some Halloween goodies to make things easier for me (seen lying over there): an old wall+carpet and a pumpkin mask — thanks so much for those! 😀

I don’t know why, but I like this picture of us gazing into Main Street! xD She let me browse her Emporium and I bought a pack of fertilizer and a harvest wall, thanks for that as well!

Ooh, pretty flowers here! ❤

I loove this long pathway on the left side of her town lined with trees! I wish I had space for something like this in my town, but I think the only feasible pathway in my town will end up having lots of houses alongside it, so it’ll end up being a house path, not a tree path. xP

More sightseeing in RainCity: 😀

This park by the waterfall is lovely!

There was a meteor shower that night in her town, the first one I’ve witnessed in New Leaf! 😮 Just like in Wild World, you can press your hands together and bow if you’re quick enough, and get a present from Wishy the next day — I got a Tower of Pisa. ^_^

I also got to explore her character’s houses, which are all really well-done and much more expanded and developed than mine! This one felt like it had a slightly haunted mansion feel to me, but there was another house that was even spookier…visit her dream town to see! 😉

I think your wish has already been fulfilled, Marina! ^_^ Thanks again for the gifts and for having me over to explore your town!


A few days later I got to WiFi with another blogger from A Box of Stale Cupcakes, Katie in her town of Bearvile!

Beauutiful rainbow roses! And these paths are amazing, I’ve seen them around elsewhere and they catch my eye every time!

Even though the tree’s losing its leaves, it still seemed huge! 😯

Since I don’t have the cafe in my town (starting to wonder if I ever will xP), I always try to take the opportunity to get a cup of coffee in other towns.

Another nice bench spot with the red roses and impressive zen castle in the background 🙂

Ahh cool, this bench was her first PWP! 😮 My first PWP was a yellow bench as well, near my house (along with another yellow bench) to try to prevent neighbors from moving too close. But I later replaced the benches with fountains, so I no longer have my first PWPs…

Nice color scheme here!

And I like the wallpaper/carpet combination and overall feel of this room, like an elegant library/study.

I thought this alpine furniture with the gingerbread cracker pattern was a really good idea! And as she was saying to me, it adds to a candy theme with a lot less money than the sweets series costs 😛

We had fun playing music in this room! 😀

Thank you for the tour, Katie, I enjoyed it a lot! Your town has a cozy small-town feel to it (but still very developed/customized!) with the brick paths, hedges and flowers, and wrought-iron and yellow benches. 🙂


And after all that, I got a new badge! xD Aw, it’s cute thinking of the towns of people on your friends list as your neighborhood!

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18 thoughts on “Lotsa WiFis recently

  1. Looks like you’ve visited some nice towns 🙂 I’m trying to grow blue roses too! I have four red hybrid roses, but for some reason they wont hybrid in blue roses.. Anyway, well done on your badge!

    • I sure did! 🙂 I never managed to get a blue rose even though I watered quite a large patch of hybrid reds (like 30+ of them) for a pretty long time. (The blue roses I have were grown from a breeding pair Ryann gave me.) I’ve heard the chance is around 5%, so it could take a while, but good luck!

  2. I’m happy you liked my town! It’s nice to see the pictures you took since a lot of them were better than mine 😛 I think your “villager” path is really good! If you wanted a tree-lined path, I’m not sure (don’t remember) what you’re doing with the path directly north of your town tree, but that could make for a good tree-lined path! I liked reading your accounts of visiting all of these towns, especially Katie/Blaire’s 😀
    Your path looks great so far! Haha, I actually kind of like it with the unfinished semicircles 😛 I’m looking forward to being able to see it when it’s completely finished!
    Thanks again for visiting my town, and I hope we can WiFi again sometime!

    • The path north of the tree is actually seen in this picture; it might could’ve worked except for the rock. 😛 Ah well, don’t know if I can have a heavily tree-lined vertical path in Citalune.
      I’m glad you’re liking it so far! I look forward to seeing it finished too 😀
      It was great WiFing with you and Katie/Blaire and I also hope there’s more to come ^_^

      • Oh, I see 😛 Citàlune doesn’t need a tree-lined path to look beautiful! And I’m sorry you’re having so many rock problems (thinking back to your rock in front of the city hall); I had to give up on having a bush-lined path in front of Re-Tail because of one of my permanent rocks >_<
        You're a great path designer! I wouldn't really be able to make something elaborate – that and my love of QR code dresses for allllll my characters is why my paths are simple 😛
        Just wondering, what day will be Halloween in your town? You said back on the 6th (I think? It was whenever you wrote about Halloween in Shantaki) that it was the 17th in your town, so, assuming you're spending multiple real days on the same ACNL date because otherwise I think Halloween would have come and gone, is there a set date you're planning on holding the festivities? Thanks 🙂


        • Yeah, to be honest, I can’t say I like any of the rocks in Citalune, I would prefer it if they all didn’t exist 😆 But compared to the one in front of the town hall, which gives me raaage, the other ones in town don’t really bother me too much.
          Thank you! I really like path-making, it’s just a bit of a shame how time-consuming it can be. I’m still working on the fairytale bridge path, which is the main thing that is preventing me from catching up to the present. Maybe it was a bad idea to ambitiously start making a new path when I’m already pretty busy with school things, but I was excited by the idea of this path, and I’ve come this far, so I guess I might as well finish. Although on the surface this path might not look very complex, in actuality it might be one of the most complicated paths I’ve done >_<
          My town is on the 24th now. So once I finish the patterns and landscaping goals I want to do, it won't be too hard to progress to the 31st. I don't have a set date in mind (it depends on when I finish the patterns and such), but I'll post when I'm ready to host the second-chance-Halloween! 🙂 And then I'll try to really speed through as fast as I can manage to the present time.

          • Yeah, I don’t think about my rocks a lot since they don’t really affect my paths… There was this one time I was doing the reset trick, though, and the place I WANTED to put the new character’s house (which I demolish right away) had the GEM ROCK on it, so I had to put the house somewhere which will now be a dirt field and not have snow on it. Yay. -_-
            Haha, I prefer making clothes to making paths 😛 Like I said, I’m looking forward to being able to see your finished paths! I definitely don’t think you should rush them just to catch up with the real date – take your time and they should look perfect!
            Oh, OK! I hope I can make it for your Halloween event… I guess it depends if you’re doing it all day long/on a weekend or a weekday/something like that 🙂 Yeah, speeding through all of this red and brown stuff in November sounds like a good idea…


            • Haha, the same happened to me once with a gem rock! It can actually be a pretty common occurrence, enough for me to always have a shovel on the ground now (hidden behind the town hall). I think the patch of dirt grew back surprisingly quickly, though, so hopefully yours can fill in with grass soon too!
              We’re opposites in that regard, I don’t like making clothes at all. 😛 I guess I’m not an AC fashionista, I’m fine with just wearing the in-game clothes and wouldn’t want to use up my pattern slots on dresses instead of ground patterns.
              Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll try to do a good job on them! ^_^
              Yeah, I can keep my town on Halloween for a little while if necessary, and hopefully it’ll end up being a weekend or something like that!

  3. Hey Amy! How many purple pansies did you get from Lea? I was wondering if you’d be willing to LEND me two hehe so I can breed my own. I’ve tried putting a red pansy patch in my town (because two red pansies are said to make a purple pansy) and it hasn’t bred anything (I’ve tried multiple fertilizers) in like a month! :O Also, I have the three pieces of the Gracie series for you, so we should connect again soon! 🙂
    Random fact about super mushrooms – did you know that if you eat one of them (super/famous mushrooms), you’ll grow huge like Mario does in his games? The game makes it seem much cooler than it actually is though, cause you just go up and then back down in size without even being able to move around. So, if you get a famous mushroom, I’d just sell it for the 4,000 Bells you’ll get. :3
    I’m in love with your kitchen. 😀

    • She gave me three purple pansies, and I’ve grown a few more, so yeah, I can give you a pair when we next WiFi! After all, you helped me a lot with hybrids already with the pair of blue roses and black cosmos (thanks again!) ^_^
      I’ve heard that purple pansies are grown from hybrid red pansies (which are grown from a hybrid pansy+a red pansy) [source]. So they’re hard to grow for that reason, like blue roses. At the latest, we can always do these exchanges when I catch up to Halloween in my town and I have you over to collect the rest of the Halloween exclusives you need (if you still want to do that :)). I’m still not done with my patterns and caught up to Halloween yet, but I hope to be within the next week or two.
      Hehe, I did know that — I ate my first super mushroom, which I was pretty annoyed with myself about since it took me forever to grow another one 😆 I wish the effect lasted a bit longer, it would be fun to run around town all giant like that! I actually started to leave some mushrooms around town (well, mostly just in my “forest” area around the town tree) for decoration.
      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! 😀

      • Okay, thanks so much! Argh, I guess that explains why I’m not getting any then – I hate the red-hybrid rule in this game! They could’ve at least had the hybrid-red flowers have a different colour root or something so you could tell them apart, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it!
        Yeah, I’d love to experience Halloween again! 😀
        Also, I have a trash spot in the corner of my town that has valuable items that ‘I felt bad if I sold them’ type thing, so you can help yourself to that! Currently it has 6 orange lilies, 10 pink lilies, a black cosmo and a black rose (if I remember correctly haha).
        Ou, that’s a good idea! For now I would get confused though with the daily harvest of mushrooms looking for mush furniture. 😛

        • I agree, and it becomes more confusing now that neighbors plant flowers so much. D:
          Awesome, hope we can WiFi in the near future then! Orange lilies and pink lilies can always be put to good use in my town, so I wouldn’t mind helping myself to some of those ^_^

  4. Wow! You visit beautiful towns! I like it to see nice features on other towns, like the row of trees or the rainbow-roses, so I get a lot of inspirations for my own town! 🙂 And I really, really LOVE your new path design. It seems like so much work, but it’s totally awesome. Can’t wait to see it finished and in my dreams. 🙂 ❤

    • I always enjoy seeing what others have done with their towns as well! The tree- lined paths and rainbow rose gardens are beautiful indeed 🙂
      Thanks, I’m glad you like it so far! Yeah, it is turning out to be a lot of work, unfortunately. 😦 But I made decent progress on it yesterday and I hope I can finish it as soon as possible so I can move on in time, make a post about the end of October in my town, and update my dream address. ^^

    • Hey Liam! Oh my gosh, thank you, it was so nice of you to do that! :’) You’re so kind! I enjoyed getting to chat with you for the first time in a while, and I’m sorry I left all of a sudden! I had to go eat dinner, and for some reason my BF chat went off randomly (I didn’t press the off button). But thanks so much again, it looks great, I’ll definitely try it out 😀

      • Don’t worry about it! It was kinda fun!
        Actually I have a confession to make… I also went offline without saying goodbye, I had to take the screenshot from my SD card and edit it in Photoshop. 😆 I’m glad you like it, anyway. If you ever want anything else just ask. It’s nice to feel like part of the blogging community again – even if it is just a tiny, tiny role.

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