Finally, a new neighbor in Dafdilly to replace Vesta

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In my last post I mentioned that I’d be getting a turquoise roof; here’s a picture taken the following day of what it looks like. (After that I changed it to sky blue and kept it like that for a few days because it’s probably my favorite roof color, but tomorrow it’s going to be purple!)

The color of the grass also changed that day (23rd). There’s a higher contrast between the “background” and the squares in my town now; some of the squares are even lime green! It’s certainly more eye-catching than before.

Still on the same day, Sable told me about the day one of the photos on the wall was taken, when she had a large pimple on her nose. I wasn’t as moved as I was from some of her other stories — so much fuss over one pimple! 🙄

The next day Sable told me how she had once broken all Mabel’s toy marbles over jealousy. But she ended her stories to me (because the next day she began the day of the week comments) with a touching note, remembering how her parents would check up on her and Mabel at night.

Crazy Redd came yesterday for his weekly visit. This was his stock:

I bought all of it (I’m not stingy with money in Animal Crossing :P).

The opulent painting was real, that’s two in a row!

Looks like art nouveau. The real one is Zodiac le Plume by Alphonse Mucha.

We’ve arrived at today. 🙂 I was watering flowers when Olivia decided to run up and ask a random question.

Stomach for me, I have trouble sleeping any other way. But Olivia agreed and gave me a…

lol thanks Olivia… I will?

I found Dr. Shrunk wandering around in Dafdilly today. He offered to teach Twisk one of the following emotions: happiness, disbelief, laughter, or blankness.

I went with happiness. 🙂

Bell, Harmony, and Melody all learned shyness, which must be the default first emotion.

(I like to take pictures in Puddles’s house since the daisy meadow is my favorite carpet. :P)

I got a chance to use my new emotion when I saw who moved into Dafdilly: Kiki!

She’s one of my favorites since I have a black cat with big gold eyes. The lazy personality would fit my cat better, though, which is why I want Bob! 😛

Aww, me too. :’)

Fine, I’ll let you unpack. We’re gonna have to do something about your carpet/wallpaper combination, though!

This is her riverside house, by the way. Rod used to live here.

Apparently Rowan does not know how to play rock paper scissors.

That works, too 😛

Good luck with that, Rowan. 😉

This is my favorite river I’ve ever seen in Animal Crossing!

I saw it while resetting my other Wild World cartridge, trying to find the right town for Trildale. This town had square grass (having square grass in both my WW towns would drive me crazy) and none of the house types I wanted, so it wasn’t even close to a town I’d consider keeping. 😦

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4 thoughts on “Finally, a new neighbor in Dafdilly to replace Vesta

  1. Great blog Amy! I left a comment for you on Kammile’s blog in her newest post. Well that’s all visit my blog if you want! 🙂

  2. You sleep on your stomach? whoa. I either sleep on my right side or my left side.. mostly my right since the left side of my bed is facing a wall…. I only turn to my left side if i feel uncomfortable on my right side. xP…when it’s very, very cold…i sleep on my back. Hands on both sides and stiff as a soldier! I don’t know why. lmao I should be in fetal position or something …being cold and all.. xP

      • I actually don’t sleep strictly on my stomach anymore…strange how a few years can change things, huh? 😛 I sleep on my back now, and only occasionally sleep on my stomach. I sleep on my side now more than my stomach even.
        Yeah it was a cool river I was excited to have seen, and sad to not have in any of my towns. Ah well, Trildale was never to be…I have trouble maintaining more than one town anyway.

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