Beginning of November

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Well, I’ve passed mid-November in my catch-up process, so I thought I’d continue my tradition lately of posting half of a month’s worth of daily happenings in Citàlune (along with recent WiFis).

On November 1st in my town, Phoebe was all packed up and ready to move out of Citàlune: 😦

I’ll miss her, but this time I might get to visit her since she’s not going to a random stranger on AC:NL Adopt…

Instead, she’ll be moving to Teru’s town! I’m sure she’ll have a great new life there! ^_^
Teru gave me a sagittarius arrow and a holiday stocking, which I really appreciated and have already put to use in my characters’ houses — thanks so much for those! 😀

I also went to visit Kiki’s town of Meadow recently:

Kiki’s town was decorated in a Legend of Zelda theme! Sometimes I feel a little uninformed when I hear about towns named after or inspired by locations in Zelda, since I’ve never really played those games, so I don’t know the reference. 😳 But what I do know is that this looks like a very well-done theme! 🙂

Sitting on a bench with Kiki


We also toured all her characters’ houses, and I thought this room of polka-dot furniture dedicated to Chrissy and Francine was a really cool idea! 😮 Thanks for having me over, Kiki, and for letting me take some mushrooms home!

I went to Shantaki recently to give Ryann some purple pansies, and ended up getting a lot more than I expected in return: Gracie-themed furniture, hybrid lilies, and an assortment of other goodies from a pile she had laid out! Thank you so much Ryann! 😀

It was a beautiful snowy night in Shantaki:

So gorgeous to see the falling snow!! ❤ Can't wait until I reach snow in my town! 😀

Hehe, hey Ryann! Dressed as a pikmin, right? 😛 (Another game I haven’t played >_>)

Afterwards Ryann came over to my town, along with someone I hadn’t seen in a while: Cassidy from Miagen! It was so good to see and talk to you again, Cassidy! ^_^

I didn’t take many good pictures, but we chatted, and I showed them around town and through the houses and that sort of thing! Neither of them had been to Citàlune for a while and they had lots of kind things to say about my town’s progress, thanks so much guys! 😀

Now for just some regular ol’ (non-WiFi) daily happenings:

The trees around town turned from gold to orange. My town tree is still gold, but it’s dying losing its leaves for winter. 😦

But it’s not all bad; there are some parts of town that stand out more with the orange trees, like this Autumn-themed spot.

The orange trees help bring out the warm-colored lilies by the town hall as well! ^_^

To replace Phoebe moving out, I invited Alice (a normal koala, like Melba) to move in:

My headcanon is that she’s Melba’s little sister. :3 I guess I get the impression she’s younger because of her pink hair-clips.

Another reason why I wanted Alice to move in is her house style, which fits with the consistent house style theme I’d like to have in Citàlune (bright colors+fairytale doors):

I think her house looks nice where it is behind Paula’s house; they have similar color schemes. 🙂

Speaking of the koala sisters…

Melba gave me her picture! :mrgreen: Hehe, it feels great having it in both New Leaf and Wild World now!

Her picture phrase is different than it was in Wild World’s, though, which was “You’re my new best bud!” The new one is more philosophical.

Yaayy~! 😀

Neighbors sitting on things: tree stump edition 😛

Just thought this was a nice peaceful scene fishing with Paula.

This was a pretty clever hiding spot of Rod’s during hide-and-seek, haha, he blends in with the purple-ish flowers!

I’m getting so close to finishing my fossil exhibit, and I very rarely ever get to donate a new fossil piece, so it’s always exciting when I do now!

These two blank ones are the only fossils I have left to donate; I don’t know what they are though.

My town is perfect again! ^_^ I lost PTS for a while due to dropping stuff on the ground, like candy and Halloween stuff. I like this rating from Pavé, haha, it makes me feel like my town is a luxurious paradise or something! And it’s fun seeing “Viva Citàlune!” in big letters! 😛

The town tree changed to brown, and the orange trees around town changed to an orange-red color.

Gulliver’s latest destination was Ireland, and I thought of my WiFi buddy Serena. 😛

I really like both the marble-customized bathtub and the whirlpool bath, but I don’t think I can fit both in here…unless I expand the room one last time? Not sure if I should, though ❓

Oh, and if you’re reading this Ryann: Henry gave me a toilet just a few days after I asked you to order me a toilet, I’m sorry! >_< I can still pay you back for ordering me one, though! 🙂

Another room I’ve worked on expanding and changing is the left wing, which is now a dining hall! It’s not done yet, though, because I want more items for it. Some I might be able to get on my own at some point (like the birthday cake and chocolate cake), and others I might have to do some trading on forums in order to get them (like region-exclusives).

The rococo library that used to be in the left wing is now in the new basement. 🙂

This was weird: lots of stuff “sold out” before I’d even entered the store, and card-themed items available. Not sure if they’re seasonal, or for a special sale, or what.

Rod thought about moving, but I shut that down quick since he’s a dream neighbor.

And Colton also thought about moving! D: I hope I convinced him, I guess we’ll see when I reach November 20th in my town. :/

Unfortunately, catching up to the present is going kind of slow because I want to be extra careful that certain neighbors don’t move out, and there are other little routines that I want to do every day, like check the shops. I was hoping to be caught up to the present by Toy Day and New Years’, but that might not happen… but I know it’ll happen eventually! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays in real life and in AC! 😀 I’ll be out of town for a few days, so that’s why I might not be online or respond to things for a bit.

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27 thoughts on “Beginning of November

  1. It’s great to read all your new posts tonight 😀
    As a Zelda fan, I’m pretty sure that Kiki’s inspiration was the overworld from either the original game or A Link to the Past (I went to her dream town and the treasure chest sprites she used are from ALTTP)! I believe Ryann is also wearing the Tingle hood in that picture, but I could be wrong 😛
    Ooh, I never thought of Alice and Melba being sisters, but I really like that idea 🙂 I do have the headcanon that Canberra and Melba are cousins, so I guess they could all have a big family reunion or something 😆
    Your dining hall looks beautiful! I can just imagine Estel inviting all the residents of Citàlune to a feast 😀 Hmm, the Harvest Festival is coming up in your town, right…? 😛


    • Oh okay, I see! I’ll google that to see where the inspiration comes from. ^_^
      Oops, that’s embarrassing, I thought it looked like a pikmin hat xD
      That’s a nice headcanon too! Other than facial features, Melba and Canberra look pretty similar, and they even have the same green tank. The AC Koalas are a cute bunch!
      I like to imagine that as well! Though it’s a shame that in actuality most of the chairs are inaccessible 😛

      • It’s easy to get the hats all mixed up, isn’t it? The Tingle hood looks a lot like the yellow Pikmin hat (just for clarification, this is coming from someone who never played any Pikmin games) 😛
        I’m glad you like it 🙂 I got the feeling that Canberra would be just a bit jealous of Melba (and possibly Alice) getting more attention at big gatherings, but she wouldn’t show it… 😆
        Aww, that’s too bad 😦 But hey, aren’t the two stools at the Roost inaccessible? How CAN everyone else get there, but we can’t? ❓


  2. I love your dining table with all the food on! Its like being in a restaurant 🙂 I also love the marble pool thing where you are doing a thought on. I really like it!

  3. Oh, I’m sorry Pheobe’s moving! I haven’t played in a few days, but my black sheep Muffy moved out recently. She’s been in my town ages, but she was in the way of my path and I never truly liked her, so I’m indifferent.
    The future café area is amazing, your town really adapts to the seasons! I wish I could do that, but I’m not one of you hardcore wordpress bloggers! Haha.
    I just noticed how much Melba resembles hot chocolate. That thing about her and Alice being sisters is so cute, that I hope they develop a sisterly bond, which would be seriously the most adorable neighbourly thing to ever happen. I can imagine them being friends and having fights with one another, but making up in the end!
    Oh God, my museum is practically empty…
    Haha, Gulliver has never wound up in my town and said that he’s going to Ireland. Actually, it’s not very Christmassy here, it’s all rain, damn it. That reminds me of the annual AC ritual of players involving weather – in summer, people were going mad about the rain, now they’re currently ecstatic about snow, but around January people are wishing for the green grass again. Happens every year.
    I like the marble-customised tub best, but I feel bad saying that as you tried so hard to get the whirlpool bath! You house is amazing – the library is my favourite, but I think, personally, if you could turn the large bookshelf white and get some other white wood and pale art pieces, I’d like it even more, but that’s just me.
    Haha, toilet confusion. So, that’s your AC Christmas present?
    It’s so close to Christmas, and three of my real-life friends are getting AC:NL and Pokémon X, so I have a ton of work to do! I have to breed all the starters for them (I got all of ’em from Japanese players for easily-obtainable Pokémon. Japanese are crazy!) and help them pick names for towns and get them all presents…Great, now I’m paranoid about having so little time! Haha

    • Muffy’s probably one of my favorite Uchi characters (as far as design) along with Phoebe, I’m sorry she moved away! But it sounds like you’re okay with it, so that’s good.
      Hahah, hardcore wordpress bloggers! I admit, having a blog probably partly motivates me to want to decorate my town and house well — don’t want to disappoint xP But of course, I do it for my own enjoyment as well!
      Yeah, Melba might be the original sweets-themed villager (before Merengue). The sweets wall and floor was introduced in Wild World, and she was the first villager to have that wall and floor. The name Melba comes from a type of dessert toast originating in Australia, and that’s why her catchphrase is “toasty!” I just think Melba has such a cute background, so it’s a shame they kind of abandoned her sweets-theme in New Leaf.
      I’m glad you like the idea of Alice and Melba being sisters, I can see that sort of relationship too — especially since they have the same personality type!
      It’s not Christmassy here either — it’s hot! I blame global warming…
      I don’t think I’m going to get tired of the snow this time, since I think it would really suit Citalune, and I love the snowmen, the auroras, the lights on the trees (only at certain times though), the look of the snow in this game, etc. But yeah, I know the routine you’re talking about xD People are usually excited about new seasons at first, but by the end are really looking forward to the next one.
      Haha I am feeling a little silly about working so hard to get the whirlpool bath, it seems like the regular bath is more popular! 😛 But thanks for the feedback, I can see how the marble one matches the rococo floor (and other marble items) better.
      Aww I’m jealous, I don’t know anyone in real life who plays AC other than my dad. I knew someone back in middle school who played Wild World but that’s about it. It sounds both busy and fun, I hope you have a happy Christmas! 😀

  4. I believe I still have my chocolate cake left over from a while ago. Maybe if we WIFI I could catalog the sagittarius arrow if order-able? And your pleasure for having those muchrooms x3

    • Sure, the sagittarius arrow is re-orderable! 🙂 I’m pretty free this winter break so feel free to let me know when you want to WiFi. As for the chocolate cake, you don’t have to give it to me if it’s not orderable and if you have use of it! 🙂
      And oh okay, thanks for the tip about GracieGrace! I was confused but that makes sense, I think there was something similar in City Folk (didn’t play CF much).

  5. Also when the items are sold out at Emporium it means the animals are buying them because there will be a sale at GraiceGrace. It only happens after 12pm so I recommend going to Emporium before 12pm :3

  6. Aww, I’m so sorry about Phoebe! If you didn’t have any notice whatsoever and walked in on her moving, I totally know what you mean. Joey did that to me – he was originally supposed to be a dream villager, but I’ve changed my mind about him now. I just wish I got his picture before he left, you know?
    Yeah, anytime! I’m glad they’re out of my town, though my pile is adding up again. Maybe I’ll have you back over and others like Jasper or Kiki to choose from it – I’d feel guilty selling some of them! :O
    No, actually, I wasn’t a Pikmin! I was falling that day, so I went over to Cassidy’s town (which has Katrina in Main Street!), and Katrina told me my item was like patterend pants or something I’m like omg grr, and then she gave me the option for a 10 000 wish or something, so I paid up and she gave me that hat…I still don’t really understand it, but it’s the Tingle hat. It’s one of two that she’ll give you:
    Tingle hat:

    Red Daikoku hat:
    OMG yay! Melba’s picture, congratulations!!! I hope I’m getting close with Portia, Chief and Kidcat. 😀 When did she give it to you? Like after you completed an errand for her?
    Well, the fossils that aren’t shown in the picture, I believe, are the Peking Man, Amber,and Archaeopteryx.
    Naah, I don’t think you should crowd your bathroom, I think it looks good at that renovation size! 🙂 Also, don’t worry about it! I was eyeing the toilet I had put aside for you anyways! Hahah I’d just have to order another one, but I needed one anyway was my point!
    How’s your orchestra room coming along? 😉
    Yeah, at the end of each season end of fall for you) the card series and some exclusive clothes come out instead of the sweets series, and the sweets series that you sometimes still find are marked down (the ideal time to buy Gracie furniture tbh), and then things start to disappear as it gets closer to December (winter season).

    • I did have notice of her move; I was sad about letting her go, but her house was in an awkward spot (close to Lyra’s castle). And likewise, I’m sorry about Joey, I know you loved him! 😦 But I’m sure Phoebe and Joey both are enjoying their new towns! (Cassidy told me he lives in Miagen now!)
      I often have such a big storage problem from hoarding lots of stuff, so maybe I’d better start doing what you do too, haha, just a free-for-all for WiFi friends 😛 Thanks again, it was incredibly generous of you! 🙂
      Ahh whoops >_< I feel silly xD I don't know why I thought of Pikmin, I don't even play Pikmin!
      Melba gave me her pic after I gave her some fruit, and specifically, it was a foreign (for my town) perfect cherry! So maybe that helped, I dunno. I try to give customized furniture when they ask for furniture, and perfect fruit when they ask for fruit. (Sometimes I don't help with fish and bugs, though, because I don't like them putting those in their homes.) Mailing letters helps too! Good luck getting those pictures 😀
      Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of a giant bath-house, but I'm not sure if I'd have enough bathroom-themed furniture to fill it up, so I'm reluctant to expand the room if I have any uncertainty (since I think house upgrades are permanent, you know? o_o)
      Lyra's house is kind of on hold right now (including her orchestra room) because I'm almost done with her house expansions, so I thought I'd start preparing it for the HHA challenge. That means I can only put fairy-tale themed furniture in the rooms. I'm pretty unhappy with her rooms right now, I don't like having to stick to certain themes. 😦 But I'm eager for the golden roof!
      Ohh okay, that's interesting! That explains the cute new dresses becoming available, I was excited about buying a few of them ^_^

  7. Wow, Amy congratulations to Alice! She is one of my favourite neighboors, I have her since day one and today (on christmas) she gave me her picture! She is as cute as Melba and it’s great to see you have both. 🙂 (But Melba is cunfusing me a little bit, I guess because she has eyebrows. :D)

    And to your bathroom problem: I think the marble-customized bathtub fits better, because it reminds me more of a greek bath, the whirlpool looks a little bit too modern.

    Amy, I wish you a great holiday, a nice christmas party and a happy new year! 🙂 And I hope I will hear a lot from you in the new year!

    Lots of greets,

    Oh, and if you like I could give you the “berliner” for your kitchen!

    • Oh wow, you have Alice too? What a fun coincidence! I agree, Alice is really cute as well, her big blue eyes are so pretty. Aww yay, that’s great you were able to get her picture as a Christmas present 😀 I guess I can consider Melba’s picture for me as a Christmas present too ^_^
      Thanks for the feedback! Based on yours and everyone’s feedback, the marble bathtub looks more fitting, so I’ll use that.. and maybe I can find another use for the whirlpool bath someday!
      Thank you so much Sophie, I hope you have (had?) a happy Christmas and a great New Year as well! 😀 Now that I think about it, 2013 was pretty big for Animal Crossing, what with the release of New Leaf and all, but yeah, hopefully I can also have good stuff to post on next year as well 😛
      Ooh really? Thank you, that would be great, the berliner looks like such a cute item!

    • Hey CK! Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I visited your dream town recently and it was beautiful as always 🙂 Drawing inspiration vaguely from my town is fine! I don’t know how I’d feel about others exactly replicating unique features of my town, though (in that case, credit would be appreciated).

      • Well, I’m not taking your town features exactly 😛 Just maybe the idea about the bushes and the statue fountains (but gonna use a different PWP and different flowers) but same general ish format but in front of my police station. And of course I will give you credit ^_^ My town now looks COMPLETELY different from my dream town xD It’s more cleaner and more organized hybrid wise. Also, I’m also borrowing the lily/violet rainbow. But that’s all :3 Your town is sooo planned out xD I’m just going with the flow. I finally got all my dreamies though 🙂 I got Julian (my sister’s town waiting for me to pick up), Colton, Merengue (sister town), Marshal, Static, Cookie, Shep (might have to move him out 😦 ), Phoebe, Rosie, Ankha, Tia <3, and Margie! Also, I love how the interior of your house is so unique and how that corresponds to your sort of half town theme thing (if that makes any sense?) We should get together again sometime in my town or your town 🙂

        • Congratulations on getting your dreamies, that’s great! Sounds like a nice set of neighbors 🙂 I still have four or so to go.
          Thanks! Yeah, I hope to emphasize my town’s moon/sun theme a bit more with Estel’s and Lyra’s castles in the future. I think the gold furniture would be good to represent the sun in Lyra’s castle, but I don’t have enough gold nuggets to get all the gold furniture xD
          I agree, we should! 😀 It would also be fun to have a group WiFi with others ^_^

  8. Do you ever put up your QR codes? I really love your fairy tale paths and the flower pattern around the town tree 🙂

    • I hope to have a QR page on here eventually, when the time feels right 🙂 Thanks for your interest! In the meantime, I have QR codes for the fairytale bridge path here, if you’re interested, though it’s a slightly modified version from the one in my town. (The one in my town has grass on the edges.)
      And here is the QR for the flower pattern!

      • Thanks 🙂 I just started my town and I am trying to find some nice patterns for it. Although I may restart my town because my town’s name is Citaluna (I love Sailor Moon so I wanted a name related to that and Luna is the name of the cat in Sailor Moon, so it would be “Luna’s City” or “City of Luna”) but it’s so close to yours…Maybe I should restart and go with Iselia, Harmonia, Ivalice, or Starpass. My mayor’s name is Melody and I think my other residents names will be Lenore, Sakura, and I need to think of one more. I hope I can get the dream suite soon so I can visit! My friend wants to know how you made that grid of your town map-she thinks it’s a wonderful idea to avoid getting frustrated with her projects! (Sorry if this posted twice, my computer is being weird).

        • That’s interesting that we had such similar minds for our town name choices! Though my town’s name wasn’t inspired by Sailor Moon; I just kind of wanted something that would sound fitting for a fairytale city. Out of your other options, I especially like Starpass, Iselia, and Ivalice! But you’re of course free to keep your current one, I don’t mind at all 🙂
          Aww, thanks for thinking about visiting my dream town! I’d be happy to visit yours too ^_^
          Unfortunately there isn’t really a special program or site that makes gridded town maps. I made it myself in MS Paint, by coloring squares in a grid like this. It takes a long time to make, but I use mine a ton and find it very helpful for planning things!

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