Crazy Redd Comes to Enliven a Remodeling Day

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It was nice (maybe even stratetgic) of Crazy Redd to stop by today, so that there would still be a few furniture pieces for me to browse even though Nookway is closed for remodeling. Redd’s stock today wasn’t super exciting, but I picked up a turntable and a common painting.

Unfortunately, the common painting was a…

Blathers identifies Crazy Redd's painting as a counterfeit

This dialogue always makes me feel guilty, he looks so disappointed. I’m sorry Blathers! 😦

Rowan’s unpacked now:

Rowan's jungle interior

Rowan's jungle interior

I think Rowan’s decoration suits him, but no doubt it will be ruined and filled with fish tanks soon enough, since he has a fishing hobby. He’s already grandly displayed the sea bass I caught for him next to his raven pole.

Lullaboid in Twisk's house

I dug up this lullaboid gyroid today. 🙂 I really like lullaboids; the noises they make sound like a piano, so I’m sure they would go nicely with various K.K. songs, and I think they would look great in a regal or snowman room.

My mission today was to catch a peacock butterfly and an agrias butterfly, the last two July bugs I needed in my museum!

Catching a peacock butterfly

The only flower I have that attracts peacock butterflies is a black tulip, so I was worried about whether I could catch this one. My plan was to place my black tulip near the beach so that as I fished, walking back and forth across the shore, I would notice if a peacock butterfly appeared there. The plan worked, and quickly, which I didn’t suspect!

It was the agrias butterfly that was a real pain to find!

Catching an agrias butterfly

I searched for this one by checking each of the flower patches I planted to grow hybrids, then walking around town catching bugs so that new bugs would appear, and occasionally entering and leaving a building to reset what was being spawned. I’d caught every other type of butterfly multiple times before I finally saw this agrias butterfly, at which point I gasped out loud. 😆

Since I’ve donated all the bugs and fish I can catch in July, I checked with Blathers to see how he thought the museum was going.

Blathers assessing the museum's progress

He says it’s grown considerably even though I’ve only donated one fossil. >_> I’m actually keeping them in Twisk’s dresser so that once I have them all, I can drop them outside and have all my characters touch them before they’re donated. It’s probably silly, but one of my lofty goals is to complete all my characters’ catalogs.

Later on I tried making a flower-petal dress pattern:

Petal dress attempts

The one on the left was my first attempt, but it doesn’t look so good as a dress… I like the way the second one looks, though, and it’s not bad as an umbrella either.

Amelia trying out the petal dress

Amelia started wearing my petal dress, but they look more like feathers on her. 😛

I’m excited to get Nookington’s tomorrow; then there will be no more remodeling days like today in Dafdilly. ^_^

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