Fossil exhibit: complete!

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This week was slightly more exciting than the last because Kaitlin was finally gone… I guess she left to look for her daughter (last seen in a deleted town :/ ) elsewhere. Crazy Redd came as usual on Monday, finally stocking a cabin chair after Kammile already ordered one for me. And on Tuesday I heard the wonderful noise of Gulliver’s UFO!

Gulliver's wrecked UFO

Aaah, the scenery of a crashed UFO and collapsed pelican in a field of red roses xP
I didn’t have time to help find his lost UFO parts until later that evening, though.

Gulliver: I'd better check my space...locator...izer...and plot my precise coordinates.

He sure sounds like he knows what he’s doing. >_>

Mermaid statue from Gulliver

I always love receiving statues from Gulliver! ^^ Our anatomies are so different 😆

Shooting star

After seeing two shooting stars in a very short timespan, I figured something was up, and put away my tools. And wow, I’ve never seen so many in one night before! 😯 Sometimes there were two or three practically in a row, and even during less busy periods, I didn’t have to wait too long to see another one. 🌠

After bringing out each of my characters to make a wish, I went to two places in town I like, the waterfall and island, to take pictures of the bow:

Bow by the waterfall dining spot

Bow by the island

After a while, though, I knew I would have to start ignoring the shooting stars so that I could finish watering my flowers (what I turned on my game to do in the first place) and go to bed. It was painful to do because there was a string of them as soon as I equipped my watering can. >_<

Finding Nan's house

When I was watering my blue pansy breeding area, I found a new house there, belonging to my new neighbor to replace Maple: Nan!

Nan: I'm Nan, my sign is Virgo, and I'm a little shy...

I can understand Nan’s nervousness, it was late. xP I really like her library-style home, she seems studious.

Here’s a full picture of her house once I set up a path to it:

Nan's house exterior

This is my favorite house location in Dafdilly, so glad someone lives here again!

Because of the meteor shower, the next day I got some goodies from Wishy in the mail for all my characters! I got an unknown machine, black king, blue dresser, and this mummy’s casket:

Opening up the mummy item

It doesn’t fit my fruit kitchen at all of course, but maybe you could make an Egyptian tomb with it, along with the ancient tile/wall and some treasure chests, or something. 😛

Random money tree

On Thursday, all the trees I planted for Autumn became full-grown! 😀 And as you can see, one of the 1,000 Bell-bags I planted grew into a money tree! 😮 I think it would look better in a money tree ‘orchard’ or in a special location, not this random place, but I guess I’m leaving it for now. 😛

Something I haven’t heard from Blathers in a while…

Blathers: That is, I SHOULD return it to you, but I say, this dinosaur track... Well, to be blunt, it is a thing that has not yet been donated to the museum.

!!! 😀 Of course I’ll donate it, go on 😀

Blathers: You know what this means?! The fossil exhibit is complete, wot! Woo, Indeed WOO hoo! I do hope you'll be equally involved in the other exhibits, wot wot?

As if I’m not already involved in the other exhibits? -_-

Celebratory cup of coffee with Brewster

Having a celebratory cup of coffee with Brewster 🙂

The dinosaur track on display

And of course, checking out the first completed exhibit in my museum, and the final fossil! 😀

Goodbye shot with Peewee

I found Peewee packed up yesterday, so he should be leaving tonight and gone by the next time I play. I won’t say “finally” since he grew on me, always complimenting my patterns and walking around my gardens with his watering can. ^^ But it’ll be nice to have another new neighbor. 🙂 He’s giving me quite the side-eye. 😆

Red pansy field

Can you see a purple pansy in this picture? 😛

Hidden purple pansy behind a tree, found by changing clothes

Since zooming in makes trees magically disappear, now you should. It’s my second one!
I put it on this peninsula where I keep the cool-colored pansies I’ve gotten so far:

Blue pansies on the peninsula

I figure I don’t have enough hybrids to decorate my town extravagantly — like lining paths or anything — so I just put most of them on my island. 😛

The island flower field

I thought it looked particularly vibrant this morning! 🙂

Shrunk: Who am I, you ask?

I found Dr. Shrunk frolicking there (and running through flowers 👿 ) later today.

Sorrow, Approval, Confusion, Discontent -- Twisk's options

Twisk was offered to learn Sorrow, Approval, Confusion, or Discontent. I passed on all of them, though I was tempted by Approval…I figured that I already have two happy emotions, though.

Sorrow, Distress, Thought, Anger -- Bell's options

Bell’s choices were Sorrow, Distress, Thought, and Anger. She learned Sorrow and forgot Disappointment. A good swap, I think!

Laughter, Exasperation, Inspiration, Rage -- Harmony's options

Laughter, Exasperation, Inspiration, and Rage were Harmony’s options, and I went with Laughter. 😀 (She and Melody didn’t have to forget anything.)

Laughter, Acceptance, Realization, Sorrow -- Melody's options

Melody also learned Laughter! 😛 I just really love that emotion — I wish Twisk would learn it! Acceptance, Realization, and Sorrow were the other three choices for Melody.

Bell expressing Sorrow; Harmony and Melody expressing Laughter

Trying out my secondary characters’ new emotions, which they’ll probably barely use 😛

Pudge: The other day, I ran into Dawn. I never knew someone could be such a night walker, pudgy.

I’ve never heard this night walker one before! It’s my neighbors’ impression of Kammile’s character Dawn. 🙂

I’m excited for tomorrow to see what my town looks like, with the coming of October, and its changes into Autumn colors! Hopefully my paths won’t look too bad. 😛

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22 thoughts on “Fossil exhibit: complete!

  1. “As if I’m not already involved in the other exhibits? -_-”
    Exactly how I feel every time he says that!

    Wow, that field of red pansies and fruit trees is really eye-catching!
    And yeah, I’m so paranoid about missing hidden hybrids that I avoid as much as possible planting “parent” flowers of hybrids I want beside trees >_<

    My town has already spent its first day in October, and I'm surprised by the sudden colour change as you predicted in your last post. I never noticed the change happened promptly right on the first day of the month. I think it looks pretty nice though 🙂

    • It’s as if he thinks the only things I’ve donated are fossils. xP
      Thanks! 🙂 It’s a little easier to spot them when you’re actually playing the game and having your character move around, then sometimes you can see the hybrid peeking behind the tree. What happens to me more often, though, is that I sometimes don’t see wilted common flowers behind trees and miss watering them. >_<
      Ooh, I look forward to seeing what my own town looks like! Haven't played yet today. 😛 It's the flea market, too, so maybe I'll try to make some bells.

      • I just like the new, “dry” feel the grass gives the town now, as opposed to the lush, green grass before. Or maybe I just like autumn xP

        Oh and nice job shooting down Gulliver btw 😀 Unlike you, I quite dread the sound of his UFO, because it usually signals the start a desperate rush through town that sets my heart pounding (I can actually feel this afterwards…), and that results in me missing him my inches 😛

        • Yeah, I would appreciate the grass changes a lot more if I didn’t have to change my side paths every time. 😆 I still don’t know how I’m going to blend them in with the Fall grass. There aren’t any appropriate colors on palette 12, the one that has the dirt colors. I like to differentiate between paths that go to my neighbors’ houses and paths that go somewhere important, like the town hall or museum, so that’s why I like to do a stepping stone type thing for the side paths.
          I often hang around outside and near the top of town if I notice that there aren’t any special visitors (he often comes pretty soon after you start your game), so it’s a bit easier that way and now that I have the golden slingshot. 😛 I’m always hopeful for a statue or something!

          • Yeah I was wondering how you were going to adjust the patterns with grass in them when you said you needed to, because it didn’t seem like the palettes covered all the seasonal grass colours 😦

            When I missed Gulliver last week he came so early I was still checking my letterbox -_-

            • I thought I might be able to because there are colors on palette 3 that kind of match the grass:

              But it has nothing close to a dirt color or a brick color that matches those of palette 12. 😦 Looks like I’m going to have to try something else, though my current side paths don’t look as horrid with this grass change as my previous ones did in this post, so I might take my time a bit in figuring out what to replace them with.

              • Lately I’ve been really wishing they’d introduce a “transparent” palette colour 😛 One that will just let whatever’s underneath the pattern show through. Cos by the time you’ve done the grass or the ground, there’s not many colours left for you to actually draw the thing that was meant to be the whole point of the pattern.

              • Wow, that’s a good idea I’ve never thought of! The least they could do is provide suitable palettes with all the grass colors. 😛 I’m hoping for more pattern options (colors, storage, and more features) in AC:3DS!

  2. Oh my! Congrats Amy! I hope I complete mine soon too! (it’s gonna clearly gonna be my first complete exhibit!) 😛
    Your town looks really nice this season and I’m glad your getting to be friends with Brewster! I didn’t know you could be friends with him until he said some thing nice to me and I screamed of happiness 😆
    PS: I hope the HTML code i wrote down is correct for the word “clearly” if not, would you mind changing it please? I don’t really remember how to do it… -.-

    • Yep, it looks like you remembered correctly that italics are done with <em>text</em>. 🙂
      Thank you Jemma! ^_^ Good luck with your own fossil exhibit! It’s kind of a strange one because it seems to almost get filled up really quickly, but then it usually takes forever to get the last few fossils. I still don’t think I’m friends with Brewster as much as you can be, I always forget to go to the Roost! 😛 I always try to get a picture of me chugging coffee when I do remember, though. 😆

      • I know! The fossil exhibit takes like a month to get a lot of fossils donated and then with the last 2 or 3 fossils you just never find them!?! How weird is that? 😆
        And it is hard as they’re no season fossils like there are with bugs and fish, but I still think the painting exhibit is the hardest!
        I’m gonna reveal a little secret: I only have like 6 paintings donated!!! 😮
        I actually bought about 15 or so but a lot of them were fake (stupid Redd! 👿 )

        • Yeah, at least you have some control over the fish and bug exhibits; it all depends on how hard you work on catching everything each month. But fossils and paintings on the other hand… Especially the paintings, it’s such a painful ordeal to collect all of them! The only reason I have so many is because I used my original character’s catalog (the one who lived in my first AC:WW town, Cutetown :lol:, made around Christmas 2005). I love art history and hated having such an empty painting exhibit after I’d collected so many before. 😦 Teru also helped me out with two paintings! :mrgreen:

  3. I really love how your pictures turn out; I wish mine looked like that! (Go semi-colons!)
    Last night I was still laying down my paths and I kept setting the date a day at a time… Now I have I think 8 hybrids…. Mostly pink and orange, and one black tulip. Is it true that yellow and yellow tulips = a black tulip? I heard that somewhere and I’m trying it. I’m not sure if it works though. I got the black tulip I have from my red x red area.

    • Thanks Kiya, I personally think your pictures are great! Haha, I use too many semi-colons, don’t I? 😛
      Wow, congratuations on the hybrids! That’s how I started out too in this town, I kept getting pink, orange, and black. Yeah, strangely both yellow x yellow tulips and red x red tulips produce black tulips! I’ve spawned black tulips both ways.

  4. Waw! I really love that post! I want a Egypcion tomb! XD
    It is very cool! 😆
    Well I’m very sad, becose Kammile doesn’t apper! 😥
    ……OH! Yes I don’t remember XD….. new theme, new post, new page on my blog!
    PS: Tomorrow I have a very important exam 😦 , wish me luck! 😛

    • Thanks! Haha maybe I could try to put one together sometime. xP An ancient themed house would be cool. 😛
      Yeah, I miss Kammile, too, but she left a comment on her latest post saying that her internet was down and that she was in an internet cafe, so it’s not her fault.

    • I told you Emma! What did I say to you when you asked about Kammile?
      -Yeah, I miss her too! But I think her internet is down!!! 😆
      That’s what I told you! Did you not listen to me? Well then Amy has written it down for you, ya happy? 😛
      PS: No screaming or yelling is included in this comment, just my normal voice and a little giggle on how I was talking alone XP

  5. Good Job on completing your fossil exhibit!! 😉
    No, My internet is still down! xP
    I also grew a money tree using 1000 bells only! 😆
    Actually i didn’t know that will happen, I just know it’ll only be a normal tree because
    i’m getting ready for the Acorn Festival (That happened on Thursday, because the Acorn Festival is already here! xD)

    I missed all of you! I i wish my internet will go back! xP
    and then i could wi-fi will all of you! 😀
    (I just hope it will go back before my Halloween Party.. 😦 )

    • Thanks Kammile! It’s so good to hear from you again 😀
      Haha I know, I was just planning on planting regular trees, but decided to use 1000 bells intead of 100 to see what would happen, and bam, my first money tree! 😛 Like I said in the post, though, it’s kind of a random location. 😛
      I’ve also been preparing for the Acorn Festival and I hate the way my town looks because of it (missing flowers and path patterns :().
      I’ve missed you too! Hope everything’s alright 🙂

      • I lost so many flowers on my flower paradise =_=
        I’m trying to regrow the hybrids, Good thing i planned my hybrids spots before this tragic thing happens.. a 2 day abandonment on my game… that’s a little bit too much,right?

        I guess i made a ping back on this post by accident. 😆

        • Haha I can delete that pingback 😛
          Aww, that’s a shame! 😥 I’ve lost all my hybrids before in a previous town after abandoning it for a while, and it was sad to get back into the game knowing that my work for getting those hybrids was wasted. You can always order more from Hybrid Heaven, I guess, but I don’t think it’s the same as growing them yourself. 😦

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