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bloggerHi, my name is Amy! Welcome to my Animal Crossing blog, and thank you for visiting! I’m in my twenties now, but I first created an Animal Crossing blog as a teenager in the summer of 2011, after being inspired by blogs like Mayu’s and Teru’s. It looked like a fun new way to experience Animal Crossing: blogging about town events so that you can remember them later, sharing pictures and stories about your town with others, and meeting other Animal Crossing fans.

Animal Crossing is more than just a video game to me; it’s been a constant hobby of mine for years now, and I truly feel that overall it has enriched my life. It’s served as a creative outlet for me, and the process of building towns from the ground up — and blogging about it here — has felt so rewarding, and has given me little worlds to escape to in my free time and to relax & unwind after a long day. What appeals to me most about town-building is that I’m creating something that is unique and all my own, and yet the town isn’t a static piece to hang on the wall; it’s something I can play in, let evolve over time, and change through the seasons.

Besides Animal Crossing, I’m not the hugest ‘gamer,’ but I usually like to check out the new Pokemon games when they come out as well, and I grew up playing a lot of Nintendo platformers. Some of my loves include art history, astronomy, music, reading, cats, pizza, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, and figure skating.

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Sharing my Animal Crossing experiences and designs has led to seeking new avenues over these 10+ years, including a very rewarding streaming journey on Twitch! My channel is a place to unwind, relax, and chat with our close community after a long day. I try to do a mixture of capturing the creative process of building up themed islands and areas, while also enjoying the comforting aspects of Animal Crossing like the daily routines and chatting with the villagers. I try to sprinkle in ways to interact with the stream like redeeming island tours, choosing who to invite to the Roost, and also community days where we can have fun with multiplayer together. On our Discord we share about our AC play and our lives, keep in touch, and trade together. If any of this sounds appealing to you, feel free to check out my stream & our community, the Forest Fam, on Twitch!

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  1. I know I already commented, but… I was hoping that you could give me advice on how to make my town look better. Only recently have I ACTUALLY tried to make my town look nice. I refuse to post it as a Dream Town now (to prevent confusion when I post the final version), but if you friend me than you can WiFi me and check it out. It’s not finished (at all) so the homes aren’t done (except most of the rooms in mine) and the flowers aren’t all there, as I’m in the middle of breeding them.
    As an alternative, I COULD just post a picture tour on my blog, but then you don’t get the full experience.
    My FC’s on my last post.
    Thanks for looking, and please reply as soon as you can!

    • Hello! I’m sorry for my late response; it’s nothing personal or anything, I’ve been having trouble maintaining this blog in general and haven’t been keeping up with new comments well.
      It sounds like you’ve already made up on your mind on the delete/remodel/buy new copy question, sorry I couldn’t be much help there. I think only you know all the factors that will help you make the best decision though! 🙂
      Btw, a town doesn’t have to be finished to post in the Dream Suite. I’ve had the same dream address since like a couple of weeks into my town. Each time you update it, it just overwrites the last dream. So there’s no worries there really!
      I just added you and I’m open to visiting your town sometime if a time arises when we’re both free…my own town is kind of closed to visitors right now, too under construction.
      Look forward to checking out your blog and thanks for commenting and being patient with my reply! 🙂

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