Days 22 & 23: End of rainy season?

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Read → Days 22 & 23: End of rainy season?

It was nice to have some confirmation from a bulletin board notice that the constant rain and clouds were because it was the rainy season, which is apparently now wrapping up. The occasional rainfall is nice, but after too much of it I was really missing bright blue skies, sunsets, and stars. A rainbow later on helped to symbolically confirm the end of the rainy season, too 🙂

Monday, July 1 (Day 22):

Bring on the clear skies!

I quickly noticed that it was a lot noisier in my town on July 1st! 😛 The cicadas are now making my museum’s bug collection a bit noisier too. And I caught an arapaima for the first time (other than island tours). Look forward to what else might be new this month!

Blathers thinking about building the cafe

I found Blathers in a thoughtful mood when bringing him the day’s donations, only this time it wasn’t about the museum’s attendance, but on building a café for his old friend Brewster! Wow, already?! I had no idea this would be so quick to unlock! Well, I might not be building it right away because I’m still deciding where I should put it…

Tuesday, July 2 (Day 23):

I went to Bluebell again and we did a bit of a trade; she gave me yellow rain boots I’d been wanting, and I gave her a gold nugget. 🙂

And after the trade, I got to look around Bluebell a bit. 🙂

Bluebell’s paths have changed again, and they look beautiful! I especially like how they look with the pink and white roses here.

There are lots of hybrids scattered around the main part of town as well; these are just the spares! o_o She offered to let me take a few, thanks so much! 😀

Visiting Apple's house

I got to visit Apple again, this time inside her house. I love how she has an apple clock and apple tv! 😛 As for the question, I’m not sure what my favorite spot is — too much to choose from! (The answer choices weren’t very specific, anyway. xP) Thanks again for the gifts and for letting me visit your town, CK! 🙂

It was raining back in my town, so I was able to put my new yellow rain boots to use! ^_^

Also, my town tree has grown a bit. Now it’s around the same size as the other trees around town.

The first time I walked in on one of my neighbors sleeping, cute!

I noticed a new roped-in spot reserved for a neighbor moving in, and it’s not where I plan on putting a path, garden, or community project. Good job, Opal!

Vladimir is thinking about moving, and I didn’t object. Though I’ve read on forums that saying goodbye to a neighbor doesn’t always result in them leaving. I’ll miss the surety and easiness of managing neighbors in AC:WW.

If he moves, I’ll be glad of the opportunity to straighten up this path, which currently has to wrap around his house.

Since the sky cleared up, I decided to go ahead and get my town’s dream address. Not because my town’s anything special, but hey, why not?

Just a little while later, though, a rainbow appeared in my town, and of course I couldn’t update my dream address to include the rainbow since you can only do that once a day. >_< Oh well, it was still nice to see! 🙂 Now for some gratuitous pictures of various locations in my town with a rainbow in the background:

The town tree

The gate fountain

The town hall

The waterfall

Estel’s house

Violet’s house

A row of perfect apple trees. The train is a little modern for the aesthetic I want for my town, so I’m trying to hide it a bit. 😛

Come sit with me, Carmen! >_< I've seen pictures of people sitting on benches with their neighbors, but I don't know how. 😦

Katrina was in town again today. She said my lucky item was men’s bottoms (is that pants in general…?), which I passed on for now, but I’ll keep it in mind if I start tripping.

Club lol has multiple functions: the night club, the solo performances by K.K. Slider with his guitar (like in previous games), and also comedy performances by Shrunk in the daytime. If you bring Shrunk some food, he’ll tell a joke, which in turn gives you a new emotion.

My first two were happiness and shyness ^_^

Violet’s house has expanded recently, it’s now the same size as Estel’s house (full-sized main room, medium-sized upstairs room).

I tried refurbishing furniture for the first time with a Rococo sofa.

Oh, it’s pink 😛 I was expecting a cream color or something. I still like it, though. 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Days 22 & 23: End of rainy season?

  1. Wahaha, you took my advice with the Gothic White rococo furniture! c:< I read something on a forum about that series — Gothic Black is black wood with purple upholstery, Gothic White is white wood with pink upholstery, and Gothic Yellow is light brown wood with yellowy-gold upholstery. So if pink and white is the look you're going for (which I think will look FANTASTIC) then make a room of it! 🙂 Stark contrast to the haunted look of my Gothic Black refurbishing. 😉
    The rainbow over Estel's house, though. And the inside of Estel's house. And Estel's oufit. OMG. They're so… magical… ❤ *dies of sheer epicness overload*

    • Hehe, I did! Thanks for the extra information about it! I think I’ve seen a pic recently of what the Gothic Black/purple looks like, and I might want to test to see what the Gothic Yellow version looks like, but I do think the Gothic White style might look nice in Estel’s house. 🙂 I’d like to go with an elegant/regal feel to her rooms, and have a more cozy feel in some of my other characters’ houses.
      It occurred to me that my rainbow screen-filled room was coordinating well with the rainbow in my town that day, haha 😀

  2. Omg. Pretty town ❤ for some reason, I tend to use you as inspiration :3 especially after I saw your town in Wild World. Which is why im trying to get a lot of hybrids 🙂 I was planning on making my rococo gothic white too! Only because it matches the wallpaper and floor. And cuz i like pink 🙂 if you couldnt tell yet by my paths. And flowers…. Eheheheh.

    • Aww, thanks! ❤ You've been really successful in growing hybrids, and your town looks great!
      I like the original brown look of the Rococo furniture along with the refurbishments, so it's kind of hard to decide! But yeah, I also like the way the pink version looks with the wallpaper and carpet 🙂

  3. Your town is so beautiful and filled with so many flowersss 😀 I’m jealous x3
    Have you gotten a perfect town? You look like you have one. 🙂 Also, I love bluebell’s designs. It’d be really nice to have a town like that. ^^

    • Hehe, there’s no need to be jealous, it isn’t that great! Many areas are actually completely undeveloped. I don’t have a perfect town; I think I’d definitely have to start building more community projects and spread lots of flowers all over town to accomplish that. Though I do hope I get a perfect town at some point, I’d love jacob’s ladders! ❤
      I agree, Bluebell has such a nice atmosphere! 🙂

  4. Think you could give us the patterns for the water/rivery thing and the new path with the pink and white roses? your town is beautiful!

    • Oh, those pictures with the river patterns and pink bricks weren’t from my town, sorry for the confusion! That was a town called Bluebell I visited. 🙂 I think some of the patterns are from here and here, really beautiful designs!

  5. Wow, those rainbows look incredible behind everything ^_^ Especially all the houses where the roof peaks, beautiful 🙂 It’s a shame you couldn’t update your dream address with it in, I’d love to visit it if I ever get the Dream Suite (although I probably won’t get that soon 🙄 )

    I’ve just noticed how well Estel’s hair fits in with your house’s first room 😀 Everything in your town always looks great :mrgreen: Even the town tree looks pretty now that it’s the same height as the other ones ^-^

    P.S: A line of perfect apples o_0 You must work very hard to harvest all of those, it would look great if they went right across the town border (or maybe they do already 😆 )

    • Ah, we really need to just WiFi sometime, so you don’t have to mess with visiting my town in a dream state. xP But my town’s pretty messy right now since I’m doing some work on it, so maybe today wouldn’t be the best… 😛
      Thanks Will! ^_^ Yeah, the perfect apples do go right across the border of town! I have trouble getting myself to harvest fruit because I just prefer to leave them on the trees; they look so pretty and add a lot of color to town. I probably should sell them, though…

      • Oh so they do go all the way across the border ^_^ I think you can harvest them 4-7 time though before they become ‘naked trees’ so just be careful about that 😛

        I actually just caught you online one hour ago last time I checked my 3DS, and I was even on it then but just in a place without internet that I was connected to -_- So it’s a shame that we couldn’t do something then, but I guess that doesn’t matter if your town is messy 🙂

        Oh, and I actually am working on the Dream Suite right now :mrgreen: So it’s less far off than I thought ^_^

  6. Yay!! I’m so excited to get a tan in my Wild World game, and catching tarantulas, since they don’t come out during rainy season.
    Those yellow rain boots look adorable! 😀 Aww, that can’t be! We won’t be able to have control over our neighbors? I always like being able to convince them to stay…
    I love the pictures you took with the rainbow! So pretty!!
    And what’s this dream address all about? Gosh I really NEED New Leaf, I’m missing all the fun! 😛
    I also had Katrina visit my town, she cursed me and I was tripping constantly 😦 although I got some funny pictures out of it! Heheh
    Aaaaawwww!!! Th-th-that room!! It’s like heaven inspired, it’s so cuuuuutee!! Me want! I’ll probably copy you when I get New Leaf, just saying… xD

    • In New Leaf you’ll be able to get a tan all year ’round because of the tropical island that’s always in the summertime :mrgreen:
      Yeah, it’s a shame controlling your neighbors seems to be trickier in this game. It’s still possible, I think, but the 100% surety of AC:WW’s system isn’t there. In AC:WW, you just had to talk to them until they said something like “Oh no, I lost my passport!” or “What am I gonna do about the cancel penalty?” In New Leaf, you can try to convince them to stay or leave, but they might change their mind, it seems.
      The Dream Suite is a little confusing to explain, I had trouble figuring out how it worked as well before I got the game myself. xP The purpose of the Dream Suite is to allow you to explore other towns without having to add each others’ friend codes. All you need is the person’s Dream Address, and you can visit their town and explore it in a “dream” state. In a dream state, you can’t mess up their town in any way that will be permanent — axing down trees, running through flowers, etc. (so it’s completely safe) You can even visit random dream towns of people you don’t know at all! It’s just fun to visit other towns to see what different things people have done with them in terms of landscaping, projects, etc. 🙂 You can also get your own town’s Dream Address so that others can visit it. Hehe, sorry if that’s confusing, there might be YouTube videos (if you search “dream suite new leaf”) that explain it better.
      Aww, thanks Jemma! 😀

  7. -.- How are you able to have so much patience in this game and in Wild World? I’m already tired of placing paths… Hahaha. But I FINALLY achieved a perfect town and I found a Jacob’s ladder last night!!! I have a question. Everyday, do Jacob’s Ladders grow if you keep up ur perfect status? Because yesterday, I found one and today, I found another one. Will they constantly keep growing?

    • I guess looking forward to the finished product is what helps me get through the tedious aspects of landscaping. But wow, congratulations on your perfect town, you must be working hard! 😀 Yep, jacob’s ladders will keep spawning — not necessarily every day, but very frequently, as long as you maintain perfect town status. They really accumulate after a while, I have over a hundred of them in AC:WW 😛

  8. Yay the cafe!! ^__^ It unlocks a week after you get the museum 2nd floor as long as you’ve made 50 donations, so it was only a matter of time. I can’t wait to see where you put it! I don’t know why, but I’m just really in love with the cafe in New Leaf xP
    Haha, speaking of villagers who don’t move when you tell them to, just yesterday Paula from my town told me she was moving and the only options were, “Please don’t leave me!” and “Who are you?”. I did feel the 2nd one was the wrong response but still selected it because I really wanted her to move, and sure enough, she said the move was off because us girls needed to spend more time getting to know each other!
    That rainbow looks so amazing x3 I haven’t seen one in my town yet. It’s so vibrant! Hehe, the town hall pic is pretty cool; the flag is high enough that it looks like there’s a little window of nighttime in the clear blue sky.
    Awww, the angel pictures showing the emotions are so sweet ^_^

    • Wowww, that was fine timing with the disconnect. I guess you didn’t get the Märchen roof then though. I’ll open my gates again in case you still want it.

      • I love the cafe too, just got to go inside for the first time in Choco’s town today! Got some take-out coffee 😀 I think I know the general area I want to put the cafe in, just trying to figure out the exact “spaces.”
        Hmm, that’s interesting, maybe you can tell if they’re going to call off the move by the answer choices. Though I thought my dialogue choice for Vladimir (“See ya!”) was kind of rude, and he’s still packed up to move today.
        Thanks for re-opening so that I could get the Märchen roof! It was great to see your new town, I love it 😀
        Btw, here’s the gyroid face I was talking about:
        Not sure exactly how you get it, but I think it’s when you reset while you’re in a different town (to discourage you from doing that)? Your mentioning of AC rumors reminded me of it 😛 Another cool little rumor from AC:GC was the huge whale shadow:

        • Woooah, the gyroid face is so creepy, and the giant shadow is cool! They seem to be more than just rumors!
          I got my first takeout coffee from Choco’s cafe too, I can’t remember if I told you. And what did I do with it? It was on the day that I had bad luck; I was about to take a sip, then thought, I’m going to take a sip (and a picture) by that lovely street lamp instead, and then *splat*, I fell over and spilled it all xP
          Guess what? I got my first rainbow right after you left, and it was a double rainbow :mrgreen:

          • I heard about that in Choco’s town today; she told me as I picked up my coffee. Aww, what a shame you couldn’t even take a sip first! I was able to take a few sips before WiFi crashed, and then I lost the coffee. 😛 (Still haven’t fallen any yet, weird)
            Oh wow, awesome! 😀 Wish I could’ve seen it, maybe I should’ve stayed longer! xP (But I didn’t want to overstay my welcome, and I thought I’d better eat some lunch :P) Look forward to seeing some of those pictures! ^_^

  9. Haha, I got the same picture of the bulletin board message explaining the rain! I was very relieved to see that, too! 😀

    I heard about Ck’s town too! I look forward to visiting it. :3 Her stash of hybrids is unbelievable as well!

    OMG, your rain outfit! I was gathering both outfits (polka-dot and yellow) to see which one would look cuter, but I think I’m gonna go with yellow. Thanks for being my mannequin, hehe! xD Speaking of that, did you get your first mannequin yet?

    Reading about the moving terms for this game is really intense! Like, after you tell them they can move, you have to hide from them to keep them on the right tracks towards leaving!

    There will always be those houses and rocks that you want to pick up and relocate because they interfere with future ideas, paths, or works projects. -,-

    I had a rainbow in my town today, too! Aren’t they just so pretty. ^^ Aww, Estel looks so cute as an angel! And your photo quality helps that as well, hehee. :3

    Your posts are just the right length, Amy! I enjoy reading them a lot – keep it up! 😀

    • Hehe, I’m glad I could help you out in making that decision! I like both outfits a lot. 🙂 We might not need to be wearing them as frequently, though, with the end of the rainy season. But it’s good to have more sunny days now!
      I have two mannequins; I think Mabel gave me one and Sable gave me one. I probably never posted about the mannequins, whoops.
      Yeah, I especially think the rocks-getting-in-the-way is a little ridiculous! >_< You'd think that since we can demolish bridges, benches, fountains, etc., we could also be able to demolish or move a rock, but no, they're there forever!
      Aww yay, I'm glad your town got a rainbow! And thanks, I enjoy reading your posts too 😀

  10. Unfortunately, we got the outfits a little late, but it’s not like we’re wishing for it to come back! 😛 Oh, you must have already bought 51 items from the Able Sisters’! I just got my first from Sable. 🙂 You should just be able to have a tool to move rocks that you can build! Cuz yeah, it’s a little unrealistic that the rocks you come with never move. -,-

  11. Hi Amy!!

    Whoa long time since I’ve spoke to you, huh? Any way, guess what?!? I’ve got AC new leaf but I’ve JUST started so I haven’t got the HH Showcase or the islands or the dream suite (etc). But anyway here is my 3DS FC. (Btw I’ve already registered you) 1392-4174-0643. Enjoy!!

    -Mayor Kiki

      • Would you like to make a wifi meeting today? Since your time is -4 mine should be +4 because I live in the UK. I’ve got school now. And so I cannot wifi like right now 😛 Anyway let me know if you wanna wifi. btw I like Estel. She is really pretty!!

        • My town is pretty messy right now – re-making paths, re-arranging flowers (so they’re all over the place), items all over the ground, etc. So I don’t really want to have visitors over right now, I’m sorry! But you can come over another time, and I’d be happy to go to your town any time. ^_^ And thanks, aww! 🙂

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