Custom Designs

This is my new page for sharing Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom designs! It’s a tradition for me~ You can check out my Wild World version here and the New Leaf verison here. Just as a disclaimer, I haven’t been as prolific as I’d like with custom designs in ACNH yet. It took me a little while to get a hang of the way patterns-mechanics work now, and streaming (check out my Twitch here!), along with basic terraforming/island design, has taken up a lot of time as well. I believe I’m getting into the swing of working on more patterns these days! A few important notes:

  • Please don’t re-post without credit!
  • If you use a pattern and post about your town on social media, giving credit or a link back somehow is always appreciated and helps me out. 🙂 I’m aforestlife on all social media.
  • PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO POST THINGS THAT ARE NOT POSTED (ie. if you see me working on something on stream. I don’t like to feel rushed in what I’m making & sharing in my free time!)

Ground Patterns

Winding Cobblestone Path

  • MA-0515-5045-1390
  • 46 pieces, but not all are necessary depending on your needs
  • Info about the uses of its pieces in a blog post
  • Blends in with Spring (ie. March) grass

Moon Pond (ACNL Recreation)

  • MA-4830-0540-7691
  • Moons: 3 Pieces each
  • Flowery version and plain version
  • 4 star-flower variations of different densities


Simple Panels for Mountain Build (Inspired by Mt. Rainier)

  • MA-3918-5106-2596
  • 23 codes total — Most are for copper simple panels
  • Codes are labeled by tier! For example, the ground level uses these panels in a row: 1A, 1B, 1C…
  • Codes for white simple panels (layered in front in a few places) include 2D, 2E, 2F, and 3C
  • For my mountain I used three tiers of panels, using moai statues turned to the side (and a few mountain standees) to soften the edges. I glitched up to the fourth tier and used a white pumpkin carriage as the peak. I know not everyone uses the fourth tier glitch, understandably, so you may need to get creative with the peak, and may need to shorten your mountain. Peak ideas: Snowy trees, snowy tree standees, kid’s tents, white wedding organs, mountain standees
  • If you need help in visualizing how it comes together, I do have a temporary DA up: 1379-6385-6304. There’s a ladder provided and note that the island isn’t complete; this is was a stand-alone build project for me.
  • I hope to have a speed build in the future, so feel free to follow my YouTube so you can see it when I get around to editing it. I built the mountain in multiple Twitch streams, though, so it may take some time to edit that, and I didn’t want to further delay releasing the codes, knowing that some are eager to have them.

Simple Panel Arches for Grey Havens Build

  • MA-0515-5045-1390
  • 3 arches for light-colored simple panels
  • These are intended for illusion builds rather than close-up, ie. distant towers that you want to have dark windows visible from the distance

Indoor Patterns

Hobbit Windows

  • MA-0515-5045-1390
  • Goes with standard tearoom wall
  • 3 pro design face cutout standees, 1 regular pattern to fill in hole
  • Works best when you hide the edges with a tall item, like a bookcase