Custom Designs

This is my new page for sharing Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom designs! It’s a tradition for me~ You can check out my Wild World version here and the New Leaf verison here. Just as a disclaimer, I haven’t been as prolific as I’d like with custom designs in ACNH yet. It took me a little while to get a hang of the way patterns-mechanics work now, and streaming (check out my Twitch here!), along with basic terraforming/island design, has taken up a lot of time as well. I believe I’m getting into the swing of working on more patterns these days! A few important notes:

  • Please don’t re-post without credit!
  • If you use a pattern and post about your town on social media, giving credit or a link back somehow is always appreciated and helps me out. 🙂 I’m aforestlife on all social media.
  • PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO POST THINGS THAT ARE NOT POSTED (ie. if you see me working on something on stream. I don’t like to feel rushed in what I’m making & sharing in my free time!)

Ground Patterns

Winding Cobblestone Path

  • MA-0515-5045-1390
  • 46 pieces, but not all are necessary depending on your needs
  • Info about the uses of its pieces in a blog post
  • Blends in with Spring (ie. March) grass

Moon Pond (ACNL Recreation)

  • MA-4830-0540-7691
  • Moons: 3 Pieces each
  • Flowery version and plain version
  • 4 star-flower variations of different densities


Simple Panels for Mountain Build (Inspired by Mt. Rainier)

  • MA-3918-5106-2596
  • 23 codes total — Most are for copper simple panels
  • Codes are labeled by tier! For example, the ground level uses these panels in a row: 1A, 1B, 1C…
  • Codes for white simple panels (layered in front in a few places) include 2D, 2E, 2F, and 3C
  • For my mountain I used three tiers of panels, using moai statues turned to the side (and a few mountain standees) to soften the edges. I glitched up to the fourth tier and used a white pumpkin carriage as the peak. I know not everyone uses the fourth tier glitch, understandably, so you may need to get creative with the peak, and may need to shorten your mountain. Peak ideas: Snowy trees, snowy tree standees, kid’s tents, white wedding organs, mountain standees
  • If you need help in visualizing how it comes together, I do have a temporary DA up: 1379-6385-6304. There’s a ladder provided and note that the island isn’t complete; this is was a stand-alone build project for me.
  • I hope to have a speed build in the future, so feel free to follow my YouTube so you can see it when I get around to editing it. I built the mountain in multiple Twitch streams, though, so it may take some time to edit that, and I didn’t want to further delay releasing the codes, knowing that some are eager to have them.

NYC Apartment Building Simple Panels

  • MA-6818-3909-4550
  • Sets for brown, light brown, and dark brown simple panels
  • Each set has leafy & normal versions, containing a window, a window with fire escape stairs, and plain brick designs.
  • I noticed when stacking the panels, often there would be a window half hidden. So I used the plain brick design as a short simple panel to hide that awkwardness, stacked in front of the windowed simple panel. It’s great that you can fit two panels into one square!

Simple Panel Arches for Grey Havens Build

  • MA-0515-5045-1390
  • 3 arches for light-colored simple panels
  • These are intended for illusion builds rather than close-up, ie. distant towers that you want to have dark windows visible from the distance

Indoor Patterns

Hobbit Windows

  • MA-0515-5045-1390
  • Goes with standard tearoom wall
  • 3 pro design face cutout standees, 1 regular pattern to fill in hole
  • Works best when you hide the edges with a tall item, like a bookcase