Days 13-15: New shoes and haircut

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Main Street is getting livelier and livelier, with a new convenience store, new shoe shop, new machine at the Ables’, and rumors of a potential new club. Even Blathers is brainstorming on how to increase traffic on his end. Other towns’ Main Streets are bustling too, clearly, since I was able to get a fancy new haircut in the salon at a friend’s town. ^^

Saturday, June 22 (Day 13):

Timmy and Tommy’s shop upgraded to the convenience store T&T Mart, which I guess is the equivalent of Nook ‘n’ Go in previous games. I can finally get my hands on some new tools (like the slingshot and megaphone), buy carpet and wallpaper from the store (instead of relying on my neighbors), and best of all, order from my (not so great, but ever-growing) catalog! 😀

There was also some exciting news at the Able Sisters’ shop: I can use the QR Machine now! I actually haven’t used it yet, but I plan to in the future.

I’ve been a bit disappointed by my neighbors’ lack of public works requests, and wondered if there’s a way of encouraging it a little. I read a few threads on AC forums about it, and some people think that your neighbors will suggest more community projects if you have a good relationship with them. Usually I don’t like to force the friendship process with my neighbors, and would rather it happen naturally. But I’ve decided to start putting more effort into being involved with them: doing more favors for them, going to their houses, having them over to mine, and writing them letters. I don’t know if it will help any, but it certainly won’t hurt!

When sending my neighbors letters in AC:WW, I’d attach 100 bells as a gift because it wouldn’t mess up their house décor, and I could often make a profit on the things they sent me in return. I did the same thing in New Leaf without thinking anything of it, but a few of them actually mentioned the bells in their response letters! 😮

Letters from Carmen and Drift

I was tickled by this, and also a bit embarrassed, especially by Carmen’s reply. 😛

That night I got my second community project request! But I’m not saying it’s because of the letters or anything like that! It’s probably just random whether they request a project or say something else instead. The picnic blanket isn’t on my list of projects I want, but I do like it! Maybe I’ll think about building it, I can always demolish it later.

Sunday, June 23 (Day 14):

On Sunday morning I was surprised to find Dr. Shrunk at my doorstep, bringing exciting news of a club he wants to build.

Dr. Shrunk proposing Club lol

Since a club would be a rather loud and flashy addition to Main Street, I had to make sure my neighbors were okay with it as well by having them sign a permission sheet. All of them seemed on board with the idea, so I finalized things with Dr. Shrunk, and it should hopefully be built soon!

Then I looked to see if there were any towns available to visit, and saw that Belltune was! So I went over, and in just a little while the town was full:

From left to right: Teru (Rain from Arcadia), my character Estel (with a new haircut!), Usagi (Hylia from Ordona), and Choco (Pii from Belltune) 🙂

Belltune has Shampoodle, so I took the opportunity to get my hair done! I was getting really tired of that pink haircut… Once Shampoodle is built in my town, I’ll probably continue to play around with the color and cut, so this isn’t necessarily the look I always want to have for Estel.

Shortly after, we headed over to the island 😀

It’s morning in my town, but nighttime here — perfect for bug-catching! And I think it might have been Rain’s first visit to the island (or one of the first), so I bet she was adding lots to her encyclopedia.

But in the middle of the Fall Bug Tour, WiFi crashed! >_< We were doing so well, too! But no matter, we all returned to Belltune, and now that it's 8 PM, Club LOL is open!

It was a lot of fun to hear the assortment of K.K. songs (I was especially excited when Forest Life came on!), and pretty funny to see our characters doing those dance moves. 😛

Looking around Belltune, I was surprised and impressed to see this brick bridge, awesome! 😀

Enjoying the lovely park here ^_^

WiFi was kind to us the next time we tried visiting the island. We went on lots of tours, and did well in all of them except the Elite Fossil Hunting Tour. xP

Cliff-jumping back in Belltune! For a little while we tried jumping in unison, but it seems nearly impossible with four people.

It was getting late for Teru and Choco, so we ended the WiFi after one more visit to Club lol. Though Choco herself isn’t in this picture, she’s on the screen! It would do that whenever Belltune’s town tune was playing. 😛 Thanks for such a fun WiFi, everyone! 😀

Back in my town, Kicks’ store was open for the first time!

I forgot to introduce myself to Kicks and went straight for the polka dot rainboots, how rude of me. >_<

The polka dot rainboots match the toad parasol and toad shirt I have, so I thought it would be a cute outfit for a rainy day.

I tried making my first path patterns for New Leaf. Nothing elaborate, but I think it’d look nice if it goes with the feel you want for your town. I want to have stone path patterns in my town eventually.

A new bridge was built, but no one was there for the celebration (again 😛 ). I hope that having three bridges won’t stop requests for new styles of bridges! I’d like to replace some of these cobblestone bridges with different ones later.

Monday, June 24 (Day 15):

Blathers down about the museum's traffic

Aww 😦 When bringing him the day’s fossils, I found Blathers feeling down about the museum’s attendance. It seems better now than in previous games, at least!

Blather's proposing a solution

To help increase the museum’s attendance, he asked if I would contribute in funding the museum’s second floor, which will hold exhibits that the residents of Citàlune can choose. I have no idea what will be displayed there, but of course I still went ahead with the project!

I grew my first rose hybrid! Now I just need to get my first tulip hybrid.

I was able to get a matching cloud flooring and sky wall from my neighbors (being more social with them does help in adding more stuff to your catalog), so I thought I’d use the pair in Estel’s main room and re-do the furniture. I don’t have enough white furniture to do this room properly (I had a room like this in AC:WW), but I at least prefer it to the mismatched assortment of items I had before.

My mermaid room so far… I’ve been able to get some things from my dad’s island recently, like the mermaid floor, mermaid bed, and treasure chest. It’s in Violet’s upstairs room, and I like that you can hear the ocean inside her house. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Days 13-15: New shoes and haircut

  1. Wow, Amy! Your town looks so developed in the bench picture! And I agree with feeling all like a community – it’s a whole different way of playing the game! My sister and I were quite isolated playing Wild World, haha. :3 I’m excited for the QR machine to come into my Able Sisters’– it hasn’t yet! Do you know how many days of talking to Sable is takes to get it? Carmen’s reply really cracked me up,too. 😀 Aww, I’m glad you had fun WiFing! It looks like that would’ve been quite the time! Choco’s town looks so developed too! I’ll have to host a party like that at sometime, but maybe when my town has more tourist attractions and things to do like Belltune. 😀

    • Hehe, that’s one of the only developed areas in my town, though. 😛 (And by the mayor’s house, how predictable!)
      I agree, AC has been a lot of fun ever since starting my blog! I got a notice a few days ago on my 2-year anniversary at WordPress, haha.
      I didn’t keep track of the days I talked to Sable, I’m sorry! But it didn’t seem to take too long, I’m sure you’ll get it soon as well!
      Yeah, that’s how I feel; I would open my gates more if I had more stuff to do in my town! Hopefully there will be more stuff to do and see eventually. Right now when I have people over, I kind of feel like “well, over here there’s my house and benches… there’s my town tree… umm, wanna go to the island?” >_> But I hope they enjoy looking around anyway! 😛

  2. D’awwww, I love your cute red polka-dot rain outfit! So cute! 😀 How come you keep getting such a poor turnout at your ceremonies? My villagers have been prompt about attending. 😉 Also, the castle-in-the-clouds theme that you’ve got going on with Estel is lovely! I love watching how her house develops on the inside to compliment the outside!
    And Lyra! (Actually Lyra this time, not Violet… I got the two confused before :$) Will you go for the mermaid-themed exterior to match her beautiful undersea interior?

    • Thanks, I enjoyed wearing it! I bought a yellow rain coat at the Able Sisters yesterday, so I’m hoping that some yellow rain boots might show up at Kicks. It’s handy to have some more outfits like this since it rains so much in my town!
      Sometimes I forget that I’m the mayor in New Leaf and just play as I would in any other Animal Crossing game, so I actually forget to go inside the town hall sometimes because there’s not as much to do there. (In AC:WW, it seemed like I was in it much more because it was where you deposited money, paid off loans, mailed letters, etc.) Because of this, I often forget to initiate the ceremony with Isabelle until I randomly remember in the middle of the night (you know how you’re lying in bed and randomly remember things?), and by then it’s too late for my neighbors to attend, I guess. 😛
      I’m glad you like it! 🙂 I do think the white furniture is more fitting for the image I have for Estel and her house than the random stuff before.
      I really like the mermaid house exterior decorations, but I don’t think I have a place for them with my four characters. Violet’s house has the garden exterior (it’s purple and has flowers on it, so I think it works well with her name), Estel has the regal white decorations, Fern is going to have a rustic house, and… I guess I’ll keep Lyra’s a surprise for now! 😛

  3. Wow, congrats on the many things in this post 😛 Club LOL looks awesome, I like how K.K. looks now, it looks like you had fun there 🙂 I think with the second Museum floor, you get to chose what things can be in each of the exhibits, I think you can even have furniture and things up there! Those paths look nice, they look especially good in the rain 😀

    The QR machine in the Ables’ is actually really useful, nobody really puts the standard gridded patterns up online anymore, so it’s an essential if you’re bad at designing (not that you are bad ^_^) like me.

    Well I hope your town will continue to grow even more 😛

    • Yeah, it was such a fun first visit to Club LOL! I’m glad that it was with friends instead of dancing alone with Dr. Shrunk. 😛
      For now I’m just keeping gyroids in one of the exhibits, but I look forward to adding more interesting exhibits in the future. It’s such an awesome addition to the museum! Before, all museums were exactly the same, so they weren’t the most interesting to visit… it’s great that there’s some individuality and uniqueness to museums now, it’ll be fun to see what everyone does with the extra exhibits.
      Thanks! 🙂 I’d like to try to make my own path patterns for my town, but I definitely want to use others’ QR codes for dresses and things! I haven’t made many pro patterns before, so I’m pretty inexperienced with it, and I’ve seen some amazing ones! Maybe you know already, but there’s a great mens’ fashion blog of QR codes on Tumblr.

  4. Aww congrats on your T&T Mart, I kind of likes the name Nook ‘n’ Go a bit more, because I remember before owning Animal Crossing I had played a game and named my shop Shop ‘n’ Go, and to see it on Animal Crossing as a little kid I just though my parents had told the owners of the game and they liked the idea so much they put it in the game hahah (what a crazy idea!)
    And it’s so cool that you’ll be able to take pictures of codes and convert them into patterns! I was seeing codes on tumblr to copy patterns, and I was so confused!!

    It’s so cool that you get replies from the letters you send in New Leaf!! When you mentioned that trick of sending them 100bells to get profit, it just made me think, it’ll be soo weird for me to be trying to win money when I get ACNL, in WW I basically just never think about money, I have so much of it!
    Awww that wifi meeting looks so fun!! Especially the disco, you were rocking it!! 😛 And that new hairstyle looks FAB (read that with a posh accent, heheh)

    “Crumbs, it’s the mayor! Here in my shop!” So cute!! I used to kind of get bothered in WW that no one would give me credit for picking up weeds, or placing paths, etc… and now they just are honored if you come to talk to them!! So cute 😀

    AAAAAAAH!!! Second floor in the museum? It’s like a dream come true!! I’ve always loved the museum, and Blathers with his scare of bugs 😛
    Wooho!! Congrats on that orange rose, and your two rooms look amazing! I especially love the cloud room!!

    Kind of a long comment, hope you don’t mind 😛 Seeing the new Animal Crossing reminds me of the old times… it sounds kind of ironic, hahah.

    • I prefer the names of the previous shops as well, like they changed Nook’s Cranny to Nooklings’ Junction… just doesn’t have the same ring to it, or the same classic feel as Nook’s Cranny. I guess they had to change the names because Timmy and Tommy run the shop now instead of Nook.
      Haha, that’s how I felt too! I was thinking, “I’m rich in AC:WW, how am I going to get used to being broke and trying to make money in AC:NL?” But I’ve actually had no problems with making money because of the island; you can make so much off of catching the bugs (especially palm tree beetles) there at night.
      I never thought of it that way, but yeah, with all the work I put into my Wild World town (in contrast to Tortimer), I was basically running and taking care of that town as well and got no credit for it. 😆
      Thanks Jemma! ^_^ Can’t wait for you to get to play it :mrgreen:

    • It’s so cute, I can’t help but take pictures! And Kapp’n sings a song during the boat ride 😛 I like the mermaid furniture as well!

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