Days 43-45: Visiting Odd Spot, Miagen, and Windfall

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These days were quiet in my own town, with most of what I accomplished amounting to a few home tweaks. But on Day 45 I had a fun WiFi-filled day visiting the cozy Odd Spot, lush Miagen, and modern city of Windfall.

Monday, July 22 (Day 43):

This is Lyra’s fairy-tale house so far, with its new wall. All I “need” is the fence, but like I mentioned in the last post, I’ll probably be moving her house’s location, so I’ll have to start over in collecting house parts. At least I haven’t spent much on expansions yet!

I’ve been getting lots of boring, not-so-useful emotions lately, and this new sighing emotion aptly expresses my feelings about it. -_-

Tuesday, July 23 (Day 44):

It’s beautiful when the sky starts to lighten in the mornings and there are still some stars visible.

It looks like Estel’s hedge will be short-lived since this fancy fence I’ve been wanting has finally showed up!

A new SpotPass house arrived in the HHA showcase! 😀

Lindsey from Autumn’s home is probably my favorite SpotPass house so far; it has so many things I’d like to order! I haven’t focused much on room-decorating or setting up exhibits in the museum’s second floor because I figured my catalog was too limited to do it properly (and I don’t like starting projects when I feel I can’t do them properly), but maybe I can start working on those things now. ^_^ This room of Lindsey’s will be especially helpful for the Astronomy exhibit I want to make. 🙂

My first bridge request… not one I plan on using.

Wednesday, July 24 (Day 45):

I do like the new fancy fence more than the hedge, I think!

I ordered an aurora screen from Lindsey’s HHA house the day before, thinking it might make a good addition to my sky-themed room. The bottom of it is black, though, which bugs me since the room is white. I tried to hide the bottom of it by putting it behind this table, but I’ll probably just take it out… it’d be more fitting for a nighttime sky-themed room, anyway.

I can match Melba now, haha 😛

Robin requesting a modern clock

It’s starting to feel like my neighbors are trolling me with all these modern requests. xP Not that there’s anything wrong with modern projects — they just wouldn’t work in my town! In fact, later on I visited someone who’s made great use of the modern clock in their town! ^_^

I went to three different towns, and all were first-time visits! 😀

First I went to Courtney’s town of Odd Spot to do a trade, and then I got to look around. 🙂

She gave me the cat tower DLC I missed out on, and I gave her the rolling suitcase DLC, which she wasn’t able to get when she went to Best Buy. I was pretty bummed when I realized I’d forgotten to pick up the cat tower, so it feels great that I was able to get it after all, thanks a lot Courtney! 🙂

I couldn’t help but go admire this statue fountain right away, ahh, I love it! 🙂

It’s hard to get it all in one picture, but the town tree plaza is well-decorated with brick patterns, hybrids, and orange trees, creating a warm, sunny effect:

What a unique way to landscape the town square!

Estel’s first cup of coffee of the day! Got 2 more later 😛

Wish I had a lighthouse! I’ve heard that animals of any personality type can request one, so I’m surprised no one has yet.

I love the design of Courtney’s house, like a cottage near a woodland waterfall. 🙂

And the mixed-and-matched pink and blue customizations on Pinkie’s house look so pretty together!

Meeting and chatting with some of the charming residents of Odd Spot:

Meeting Odd Spot's villagers

It sounds like they love living in Odd Spot! 🙂

It was O’Hare’s birthday! ^_^ He didn’t have the party decorations set up while I was in town, but I wished him a happy birthday all the same.

Before I left, Courtney let me buy this regal bookcase, previously belonging to Kitty. I’m collecting the regal series and it’ll be nice to have this piece with a bit of history from a resident of another town. Thanks for letting me look around, and for the cat tower and bookcase! 😀 Odd Spot is such a lovely cozy town. 🙂

A bit later on I had a WiFi set up with Cassidy in her town Miagen. 😀 We’d WiFied a few times before, but I hadn’t been to her town yet.

A little gift exchange: I gave her an arched window because I thought it might look good in her haunted Rococo room (at least while waiting for something better to come along), and she gave me a star projector (for my Astronomy exhibit, how thoughtful!) and a stained glass lamp I’d been eyeing in a SpotPass house (but couldn’t order because of how it was customized >_<). Thanks so much! 😀

She has gorgeous paths set up in her town, and coupled with the surrounding trees and flowers, it gives such a lush atmosphere.

Ah, it’s the villager who has the same name as one of my characters. 😛 Hope she never turns up in Citàlune, that would be confusing! Random tidbit: Back when I created a character for Violet and typed in her name, it actually wouldn’t accept the name. I got the impression that the censor for curse words caught something? I just found it strange since there’s an actual AC character by the name of Violet. I had to use a different character for the “o” for it to work.

Aww, Bluebear! She’s such a cute peppy villager 🙂

While looking around, the first house I came across was this log cabin. Very cozy!

I loved this little kitchen inside with the log cabin wall! Now that we can change the exterior of our houses so much, it’s fun to try to get a unified feel to the entire house, inside and out, and for all the rooms — makes it feel more realistic. 🙂

The next one I found was a cute cabana house, again with a matching interior and exterior:

I’ve heard that you can customize cabana furniture with gold ores, and I wonder if that’s what these are? Not sure, but they seem brighter than what I remember.

This wall radio is actually one of my own personal favorite items so far! It plays all these different clips of music (some unfamiliar and some familiar, like once I heard K.K. Ragtime) with a fuzzier quality than most music players, and there are often voices and laugh tracks in the background. It just gives off a nice homey atmosphere, I think.

This stone one with an impressive garden is the mayor’s!

And inside I found the haunted Rococo room — the eerie blue lighting and Hypno K.K. really complete the mood!

Pic together by the town tree! 🙂 For a lot of us, our town trees have been stuck at this size a while, hope it grows again soon!

She’s got an illumination park started, so pretty! ❤ I love that it's illuminated even though it's not nighttime yet. It looks beautiful in the sunset!

Posing in the heart 😛

We went to the island and managed to do one tour before WiFi crashed, and then decided to eat dinner instead of resuming the WiFi. Thanks for having me over, Cassidy, I enjoyed exploring your town! 😀

Later in the evening I visited Windfall, the town of Jasper, a new 3DS friend I made recently through Cassidy. Shortly after, Cassidy arrived in Windfall as well.

Jasper and I at the entrance 🙂 He was kind to offer a tour of his whole town, and gave me lots of K.K. songs, thanks so much for those! 😮

I really like this wisteria arch and its placement near the waterfall, and how he’s used the stream patterns all around.

A fun neon area 😀

This is probably my favorite spot in Windfall! It’s hard to get all in one picture, but it’s like a modern park you might find in a city, with the fountain and its garden as the focal point, street lamps all around, a modern clock nearby, and the Resetti Center incorporated into the street. In my town I also have a fountain with paths wrapped around it in a square (though it’s in front of my train station), and I was planning on putting some street lights and bushes around it, so this was cool for me to see. ^_^

A cap will help me to avoid impending disaster

After finding out my lucky item from Katrina, Jasper offered to give the cap he was wearing so that I could fulfill it! Thanks so much, I’d been tripping all day and it stopped when I started wearing the cap! 😀

Another awesome area in Windfall was this mini-mainstreet with the café, town hall, and police station just two spaces apart from each other.

I met some of the residents of Windfall and especially liked Beau:

Meeting Beau in Windfall

He wanted to know how long it would take to run to Windfall, which is hard to say since we just take the train everywhere 😛

At the turn of the hour, we made sure to head over to the modern clock! 😀 There were some futuristic noises and glowing, shifting rainbows across the screen. I remember reading about this on Cassidy’s blog, and I think her word to describe it (uncanny) fits pretty well. 😛 It’s neat, though! I wonder if any of the other clocks do anything.

Ooh, the regal wall looks nice in the modern structure, it gives the impression of a hotel.

The last place we visited (before WiFi crashed) was the museum’s second floor. I loved this exhibit called the dream hotel, it’s very creative and makes great use of the aurora screens! 😀 Thanks so much to Jasper — and to Cassidy and Courtney as well — for having me over and letting me look around your towns! It was such a pleasurable day of WiFi visits! :mrgreen:

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18 thoughts on “Days 43-45: Visiting Odd Spot, Miagen, and Windfall

  1. Lyra’s house looks so cute x3 I actually have a full-size fairy-tale house in my HHS right now; apparently I streetpassed with someone with a Japanese 3DS and ACNL since January! 😮
    The fancy fence around Estel’s house looks really nice 😀 Especially with the white lilies and the flourishes on the regal wall.
    Do you think there being an AC character with the name Violet was possibly the precise reason the name wouldn’t work for your character (rather than it being censored)? It does seem unlikely though that nobody out there with an Animal Crossing game shares a player character name with a villager, or that the game would force them to choose a different name just because of that…
    Wow, everybody’s got such nice towns and homes. I looove the area around the wisteria trellis in Windfall, the cute cottages in Odd Spot, and then the beauuutiful paths in Miagen, and then in generally everybody’s got such a variety of public works going on. I really feel like I’m falling behind xP

    • Ahh, cool! I look forward to mine being full-sized one day (and maybe even with the castle structure, I was thinking), it’s teeny right now 😛
      Yeah, I thought the pattern of the fence kind of mirrored the regal flourishes pretty well. Only it’s silver instead of gold 🙂
      Oh I didn’t think of that, I guess that’s a possibility. The animal character Violet wasn’t introduced until City Folk, and I remember naming characters Violet in AC:WW just fine (which I often did on my non-Dafdilly gamecards). But yeah, I think it’d be weird if someone with a name like Bob or Caroline couldn’t use their name! I admit part of me is annoyed that so many names I like are “taken,” like Violet, Lily, Alice, Ruby, Flora, Celeste, Luna, Aurora, etc. But I decided to use the name Violet anyway, it’s one of my favorites 🙂
      Yeah, they’re all such beautiful towns, I love all those things too! 😀 Don’t worry, I feel kinda behind too 😛 But I figure I have years to play this game, so there’s no rush ^_^

  2. Where are you when you got your emotion from Shrunk? It looks like K.K.’s stage! 😛
    Your sky-themed room is super cute ❤ Those rainbows are really cool. I wish they'd thought of that earlier in another AC game!
    It's awesome how you can decorate the town with furniture as well. Like the neon area and the arch, I'm jealous! 😀

    • It is K.K.’s stage; in the evenings he’s there DJing, but in the afternoon you can go there to see a comedy performance by Dr. Shrunk (which gives you a new emotion). You can collect all the emotions in this game, not just 4, so I’m sure I’ll get some better ones eventually.
      Thanks, I like the rainbow screen too! It was DLC, but if you get New Leaf one day, I’ll make sure to order one for you. ^_^ And yeah, love that neon area in Windfall 😀 In past AC games I’d try to make patterns based on outdoor landscaping, like fountains and such, so it’s awesome to have the real thing instead in this game!

  3. I didn’t know the modern clock did that rainbow thing! It would be nice if you could see those kinds of features when you’re looking at possible projects in the town hall.

    One of these days, I need to visit my town in the early morning. I really like that time of day. The problem is that I’m not a big fan of waking up. 😛

    • I wouldn’t have guessed it did that either! I agree, that would’ve been a nice addition, since there are some public works that do special things, like the geyser, drinking fountain, and clocks (I’ve heard that the fairy-tale one does something, too, but don’t know what — look forward to seeing it!).
      Yeah, I love seeing the stars in the brightening sky, and to ring in the new day. I’d often play at that time in AC:WW too, the 5 AM music was so calming. 🙂

  4. Squeeee! Thank you for such a kind report about Miagen! I’m glad you like what I’ve done with it. 🙂
    I think my favourite part of town renovation in everyone’s towns so far is seeing what people have done with their mayor’s estate. 😉 Like I’ve said before, I ADORE what you’ve done with Estel’s entrance! (And I also think the castle frame would look perfect with your decor!)

    • I do, it’s gorgeous! ♥ Thanks a lot for the gifts and for having me over, I had a great time! 😀
      I agree, it’s great to see what everyone’s done so far with their mayor’s houses — the new house parts options, the interior, and landscaping/gardening in the yard. You’ve already made amazing progress on all your characters, not just the mayor!
      I haven’t been in an extreme hurry to expand Estel’s house because of how much money it costs and because I don’t really have much to put in the extra rooms (and I also don’t think her house exterior looks too bad in its current state), but yeah, I definitely plan on having a full-sized mansion one day and trying the castle structure. ^_^

  5. Hey! It was great Wifi’ing with you yesterday! Sorry I had to leave so soon…and leave you for five minutes. I was in a horse-riding competition today, so I had to do all the preparations yesterday. My poor planning skills. Sorry! But I guess we ARE Wifi’ing next week…unless I’ve forgotten something else. But it was great to see Citálune, and meet Jasper, and thank you so, so much for all the cherries and persimmons! I planted them when I got home and all of them lived! Oh, and thanks for letting me catalog those Rococo and Sleek items. I had a few of the Sleek ones, but the thought counts. I’ll look for stuff to bring as a present for you next time, but, as I said, my T & T’re useless. Do you have TIY? I could bring some bushes or something over, if you need them, but you’ll probably unlock it in the next few days. Anyway, thanks, and I’ll keep looking!
    Cool post! I love hearing what people think on other people’s towns, even if I’d never visited the one they did themselves…That just got really complicated at the end. But I loved the look of all the towns! Odd Spot has my 2# favouite neighbour ever: Cookie. It reminds me of one of my dogs who was named Cookie by his breeder’s kids before we got him, even though he looks nothing like a cookie. Plus, she’s just adorable! I have a soft spot for AC dogs. I think (On the topic of clocks doing things) that the Zen clock has a cuckoo which pops out every hour, or else just has pointless little doors on the front. I’m thinking its the first.

    • Yeah, it was great WiFing with you for the first time, after all our comment chats. 😀 (Although our comment chats have probably been more substantial, it’s hard to have a decent conversation with the in-game keyboard and stylus :lol:) And that’s totally fine, I hope you had a great competition! We can WiFi next week as well, unless something comes up for whatever reason, and I’ll let you know.
      I’m glad the trees grew, I hope they’re helpful for the plans you have for Ogygia. Sorry that I went overboard with the cherries; I’ve been doing some fruit-hoarding for my own landscaping plans and I had baskets and baskets of cherries, but not as many persimmons. 😛
      Yep, I do have T.I.Y. now, woooo bushes!
      Aww, that’s so sweet about Cookie, I hope you can get her one day! I love cats irl and have a fondness for the AC cats as a result. The cat I grew up with through my childhood (and died last year :() was black with gold eyes, so Kiki kind of reminds me of him. But different genders…
      Oh cool, didn’t know that! I should build the fairy-tale clock soon so I can see for myself what it does ^_^

  6. I’m really, reaaaaaally sorry, but I can’t Wifi on Saturday, cause I have to go to my cousin’s house that has no Internet connection. But I’ll be free sometime in the future…dunno when, though, my life’s really busy this month.
    Aww, your cat sounds like he was gorgeous! I have a partially black cat, but he’s so unlike and AC character that I can’t connect him to one. I love Kiki too – she was my first-ever friend in AC. Even if she’s not particularly beautiful, she has one of the nicest characters, in my opinion.
    Great, you have T.I.Y.! I wish there was more bushes for sale : I’ve got huge plans but a measly two bushes a day is just…just…GAH.
    Yeah, the fruit was really helpful, and as my town doesn’t have things such as Re-Tail of the town hall strewn all over the place, I didn’t run out of them, either, and finally got to give the overwelming amount of my villagers who asked for cherries what they wanted. They’re really annoying me now, because they’re always asking for modern PWP. They come up, all, “Hey, mayor! You know what I think this town needs?” (And I get excited – a fairy-tale item at last) *Presses A* “I think this town needs a modern bridge/lamp/bench! Isn’t that great?”
    I’m able to work at my café now, but it’s frustrating. All the villagers keep being really vague about what they want!

    • Oh okay, no problem! That’s completely fine, things come up, and we have plenty of opportunities in the future to WIFi 🙂
      I agree about the bushes; it’s awesome to finally have them, but it stinks to only get two a day. >_< I get frustrated about the amount of saplings sold each day as well. On the other hand, flowers are so easily accessible via the island tours (and my neighbors plant a whole lot as well), so they're hardly even needed in the garden shop.
      I was having the same problem with my neighbors requesting modern projects that don't match my vision I want for my town at all (as seen in this post and others :P). But I finally got a few fairy-tale requests, so I'm pretty excited about that! I didn't know you were after the fairy-tale projects as well, cool 🙂 I believe normal characters request the bench, street light, and clock, and peppy villagers request the bridge, so try to walk in front of those characters often. Lately I've been going swimming for 10 minutes or so and then sneaking around looking for the right neighbor to walk in front of (and with my pockets full of things like money bags and flowers so that they can’t sell or buy something off me).
      Yeah, I've heard that the right coffee for each animal can be hard to figure out. I've seen some guides, like this and this, but I’m not sure if they actually work?

  7. What time do you get up, Amy?! It seems that you’re going to bed so late that when you decide to hold a PWP ceremony, nobody comes, and then you’re up so early to get beautiful shots of your dreamy town! How is this possible, I mean, I need like 11 hours of sleep to feel fully rested, haha! 😉

    I have Lindsey and DY from the HHA Showcase as well – they must be Nintendo people!

    LOLL, Violet is such a creep! She was always creepin’ in Cassidy’s garden all day, running around with her purple, little monkey bum! She recently moved, though, if you haven’t already heard. 😛

    Jasper’s, like, too kind! He’s always offering me stuff when I go to his house, aww. 🙂

    • Hehe, that’s a valid observation, since I mentioned both staying up late and waking up early on this blog. 😛 But it’s not usually both at once. Usually I’m on a wake-up-early schedule, but I also stay up late and sleep in on occasion. I have the ability to do pretty well with sleep deprivation, so that comes in handy when I have to do a big project for a class or something. xP
      Oh haha, I didn’t know about Violet 😆
      Yeah, he’s so giving! I hope I can do the same for him sometime, but I don’t know if he wants anything (or what he already has) 🙂

      • Ohh, I see :p No matter what season it is, I’m ALWAYS trying to sleep in, like, I’d never be able to get up at 5am! It would be super convenient to have a longer day, but your stores wouldn’t open that early anyways, so what would you do at that time? :O ARGH, jealous! I’m always wayy too tired during the school year!!

        I’m not sure Jasper needs anything! Haha! It’s hard to believe he wouldn’t have been known if it weren’t for Cassidy meeting him for a brief like 20 minutes at Club Tortimer ! It’s crazy to think that, because I’m not sure if I could trust those people on the island! :O

        • Yeah, there’s not a lot to do in the mornings anyway, so I often just go around looking for hybrids, and maybe try to get a PWP request from Melba (she has some good ones), then I log on again later in the day. 🙂
          Haha, it’s good Cassidy happened to meet Jasper on Club Tortimer that one day! And what luck to find someone so friendly ^_^ I need to use Club Tortimer some to get the exclusives (like the jacuzzi), but I admit I feel a little weird interacting with total strangers on there… it can be kind of awkward. xP

  8. Ahh, right! I was going to try swimming around and then going to talk to my neighbors for projects! Do you do it in the morning because Melba is the only one up and she has all the good PWPs? 😉

    That’s right! Cuz usually the people I meet on Club Tortimer like rip down the trees and shed down the flowers on the island, and I’m like “Yikes! I don’t want them in MY town…” Ikkr! It’s going to take a while to find that stuff, it’s kind of unfortunate, actually! 😦

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