Days 40-42: Second Bug-Off & Second K.K. Show

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I’m posting a little sooner after my last post than I’ve done lately because I feel like my last few were on the long side as a result of covering so many days in them. Some sort of schedule for this blog would be ideal, but I doubt I’d be able to stick to it, especially when I get busier in the Fall. I guess I’m on a “when it feels right for me” schedule, sorry about that!

Thanks a lot to everyone who gave me input on where I should put my café! I still haven’t come to a decision yet, and I don’t think I’ll tally up the “results” like a poll and base my decision solely on that, but I’ll use the opinions shared as part of my thought process. 🙂

Friday, July 19 (Day 40):

I found Katie in my town, but didn’t see any WiFi friends online for a drop-off, so I took her to my dad’s town. I hope Katie won’t be stuck in Red Bank for long or anything; my dad doesn’t really have any towns other than mine to drop her off at, and I’m not sure if Katie would come back to my town… but maybe she would? My gift from her was another digital photo frame, anyone want it?

My dad has the fairy-tale street light, I’m jealous! 😥 Having the fairy-tale clock unlocked is great, but what I want most right now is the bridge and streetlight. I’d love to start placing them along my paths!

Saturday, July 20 (Day 41):

I was tempted by this crown — it’d be fun to maybe play up a fairy-tale princess look with one of my characters — but I don’t have a million bells, and I didn’t feel like beetle-hunting. Maybe it’ll show up another time, hopefully when I have more money.

Wow, three fruit-themed shirts! 😛 These were all Gracie exclusives back in the day.

Melba invited me over to her house for the first time!

I’m glad she let me buy her picnic table, it seemed out of place to me.

Melba singing the praises of the poinsettia in her home

Aw, I’m the one who gave her this! ^_^ She had an oddly specific request for furniture one day, asking for something to put on her modern wood cabinet. I hope I can continue to try to modify her room! In AC:WW you could do this by sending them things in the mail, I wonder if that still works?

Can’t say I do, Melba 😆

Caught this banded dragonfly while bug-hunting for the Bug-Off, but it went to the museum.

I ended up winning the Bug-Off with a 118-point Birdwing, and went to the ceremony this time! 😀

Oh. My pockets were full 😛

Got the next Best Buy DLC!

It’s orderable, so let me know if you need it! 🙂

I thought it’d be fitting to go with Forest Life for my first song request ^_^

Pockets too full for K.K.'s bootleg

Second time this evening >_< I'm having storage issues!

I got two Forest Lifes from K.K., one for a music player and one for a music box, which you can get by taking a giant clam shell, a music album, and 3000 bells to Cyrus. (Though I think it was unnecessary to get two Forest Lifes from K.K. himself because I’ve noticed that songs can be ordered through the catalog now.) I also made a music box out of Stale Cupcakes; it sounded pretty when I visited the deer Diana’s house in Ordona. 🙂 I’ll probably rely on music boxes a lot for now because I don’t have many music players I like.

I went to the Happy Homes Showcase and found my third SpotPass house, probably someone else from Nintendo?

I loved this lamp in his house, but wasn’t able to order it! 😦 I can imagine a room with this lamp, stained glass windows, and jewel-customized furniture — everything jewel-bright and shining! But maybe it wouldn’t look as good as it looks in my head. 😛

Nooo, my first rotten apple tree 😦

This is what Estel’s house looks like with the new hedge, by the way. And a full moon! *_* Though it’s a shame the symmetry of the two trees on either side was ruined…

I have lots of lilies around Estel’s house because her name means “star” and lilies are sort of star-shaped, but I’m having trouble figuring out the best arrangement. 😕

Sunday, July 21 (Day 42):

I went ahead and bought the fairy-tale wall for Lyra’s house, which has already gotten several other fairy-tale house parts: the mail-box, roof, and door. But what’s a bummer is that I might end up moving Lyra’s house from its current location (depending on where I choose to put the café), so then I’ll have to start over. xP Oh well! It’s been interesting for me to see how Lyra’s fairy-tale house looks with the paths I have, since I think this current mosaic path matches pretty well with the fairy-tale color scheme. ^_^ But I still want to make a new mosaic path that will incorporate moons/suns/stars into the pattern, one of the many things on my town improvement to-do list. I also badly need to do some tree re-organizing. I started by planting some regular saplings around the town tree, but I quickly ran out even though I’ve been hoarding saplings since the gardening shop opened. This might be a bit of a long project, so please excuse my town’s messy layout of trees!

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9 thoughts on “Days 40-42: Second Bug-Off & Second K.K. Show

  1. Ohhhh, Amy, I think my sister would love if I laid claim to that digital photo frame for her. She’s away, so she can’t do it herself xD Will you save it for her?

    By the way, if you’re interested in that lamp, I can order it for you. I have it in Micah’s catalogue! )

    I wish I could trade you the fairy tale bridge, because I’m never going to use it… Hey, by the way, how did you get a rotten tree?! What the heck!

    Also, if I might say, that hedge looks really nice around Estel’s house, but I’d like to see if that elegant fence or whatever doesn’t look better. 😉

    How does Wednesday from 4-6ish work for visiting Miagen? I think I’ll have sufficient time then. 🙂

    • Sure, I’ll save it for her! Ooh really? Thanks, that’s nice of you 😀
      Haha! I should’ve explained, it happens sometimes after shaking fruit down from perfect fruit trees many times. There’s a cracking noise and all the leaves fall off, leaving the tree trunk and branches bare and empty, and the fruit that falls off is rotten instead of perfect.
      Yeah, the hedge is nice, but I think this elegant silver one is my dream fence for Estel, hope it turns up soon ^_^
      That sounds good! I look forward to it :mrgreen:

  2. I saw the fairytale light and got excited, and then saw it was in your dad’s town. Awww xP Soon…
    Hahaha, the other day I got three fruit-themed hats at Labelle’s xD Later on there were also two Zap helmets on at the same time, and another time I think it was Mario and Luigi’s caps. I’m wondering if there are days like this where they purposely give you a series of items from a set, to help you collect them or something.
    Yay, picnic table gone. Have you noticed villagers displaying items other villagers asked you to deliver to them in errands? Someone gave Julian the ‘unicorn’ a toaster that he displays in his room now, and I can’t buy it off him because it’s on a table 😛 Also I mailed Lily a lotus shirt shortly before she moved, and it turned up in another neighbour’s house xP
    Oh, good thing K.K. still gives you the records after you empty your pockets. I was just worrying about that the other day 😛 Btw I went to a really cool dream town the other day, in case you’re interested: 1100-0722-0991. They had a house that was filled with music boxes! Unfortunately I don’t think it was possible to see the song titles, but it was fun to listen to and compare them all. The town actually belongs to the person who did the Privespa Blog, with all the detailed gridded maps.
    The new hedge is looking dignified and pretty around Estel’s house 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how Lyra’s fairytale house looks in the end, too! 

    • Yeah, hopefully Melba will request it sometime! It’s funny because my dad got the modern town hall exterior, but then he went and built the fairy-tale street light. 😛 He’s not into the elaborate town planning and tends to just build whatever wherever, but Red Bank’s still a cute little town ^_^
      Haha, it’s neat you got three fruit-themed hats at yours once, a sort of parallel to the three fruit-themed shirts at mine 😛 I didn’t think of that, but maybe it’s true, that’s interesting! Otherwise these would be strange coincidences out of all the shirts and accessories out there.
      My neighbors tend to send each other clothing, and at first they put them on to wear, but then they’re often displayed in their homes later on. I wasn’t thinking when I did two fish-catching errands for Melba, but yep, they’re in her house now. 😛 That’s weird about the lotus shirt mailed to Lily going to someone else’s house! 😕 I wonder if it’s a bit trickier to re-decorate their houses through mailed presents in this game, but I’ll give it a try. Another way to make changes to their furniture is to put items up in Re-Tail for them to buy, or carry items in your pockets as you walk around (sometimes neighbors will want to buy stuff from you that you’re carrying).
      Thanks a lot for the dream town code, I look forward to checking it out! It’ll be fun to explore the town and listen to all those music boxes 😀

  3. Hey Amy, long time no see! I’ve been away for only two weeks and have had 50+ notifications from the blogging community – it took my whole afternoon to read all of them, crazy, right?!

    It seems you really enjoy Melba in your town – we’re hearing lots from her! I see that’s one of your projects: to clean up the interior of her house, that’s excellent! 🙂

    Oh, no! Your tree fell apart! :O And that picture in front of your house made me laugh so hard, thanks for the laugh! It’s only because the tree looks so pathetic and tiny next to your beautiful garden, other perfect tree, developed royal house, etc. 😀

    • Hey, welcome back! I did miss hearing from you ^_^
      Haha I do, it’s so great to have Melba in my town. 🙂 Though I might have started neglecting some of my other neighbors a bit, like Carmen, who used to be my favorite before Melba moved in, so I feel a bit bad about that. I should try to pay attention to my other neighbors too 😛
      Yeah, the perfect apple trees I planted by Estel’s house keep rotting, I’ve gotten three of them so far now. >_< I guess I'm going to replace them with regular, non-fruit trees instead.

        • They only rot if you shake them, so yeah, just not shaking them is the best option if you want them for decoration. When I originally planted the perfect apple trees around Estel’s house, she had a red roof, so I liked the matching effect. But now I’ve pretty much removed all traces of red in her house and in her garden, so I don’t feel that the apple trees “match” anymore, so I tend to shake them a lot. And so they keep rotting. -_- I’m trying to gradually replace them with regular sapling trees instead so I don’t have to mess with that anymore.

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