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Sorry for the lack of posts in October! I didn’t have much time to play AC:WW, so I got way behind. Until a few days ago I hadn’t even gotten past mid-October in my game! >_< I've done some work on my blog behind the scenes, though, like working towards a patterns page.

Here’s a peak at some of the work I’ve been doing, the pattern instructions to Twisk’s petal dress:

So I’ve made a little bit of progress, but I think the patterns page is still ways away! Especially since I want to work hard on improving my town to look the way I want it to, since I feel my long under construction period (pretty much all of October 😮 ) might have been a nuisance to WiFi friends who wanted to visit my town. (Though I did WiFi some in October and in these first few days of November, which I’ll cover in my next post.)

It just about drove me crazy playing catch-up, which involved watering flowers, checking neighbors, saving, setting the time one day forward on the DS clock, and repeating all that again and again… and again. -_- But I got it done in the end and I did enjoy seeing the trees along the way, if only for a little while:

Golden trees by the golden path

I loved when all the trees were gold, matching my gold cobblestone path! Even the grass has tints of yellow and gold.

Orange, yellow, and green trees

And this is the beginning of my favorite part of Autumn in AC:WW, when some trees are yellow, some orange or red, and some green. It’s just so colorful and vibrant! 🍃🍂🍁

Deeper orange, yellow, and green trees

A bit later, the contrast between the trees was even greater when the fruit trees turned a deeper orange.

Colorful tree-tops against a blue sky

I love seeing so much blue sky above the colorful, distant tree-tops in this picture 😀

My favorite Autumn colors: deep red, gold, and green trees

November 3rd’s tree colors — which is when I finally about caught up with real time — are my favorite Autumn colors of all! ❤

Deep red trees and red pansies

The detailed shading of the leaves on the fruit trees are part of why the early November foliage colors are my favorite! Look at how the shadows are deep burgundy, and the highlights are bright orange. *_* It’s also because some of the trees are still orange and green during this period — later on, they will all be red. I love the variety and the deep colors ^^

No, the leaves changing wasn’t the only thing to happen in October. 😛 I met a few new neighbors and checked the shops every day, which is good that I did, because two items I’ve been wanting to buy showed up!

Mabel: Ohh, yes, you're looking at a crown. The price is 1,000,000 Bells.

The first was a crown, as you might have seen me wearing in the tree pictures. It probably wasn’t the best decision because I don’t have much money left now, but one of my goals in Dafdilly was to buy another crown (I bought one in my first town). Sorry Nook, I’ll pay my final debt later. xP

Timmy: You have a keen eye! That's our spotlight product...the cabin bookcase!

The second item I was thrilled to see was this cabin bookcase! I actually gasped out loud 😛 I’ve been wanting one in my main room for a long time!

Cabin bookcase in my main room by the fireplace

It’s for my cozy reading spot by the fire. I love the colorful cloth pattern on top of the bookcase!

Margie: Hi there. I'm new here. I moved from NekoTown not long ago. I'm Margie.

My neighbor to replace Nan was Margie! 😮 I guess I can’t call it 100% luck on my part, because rather than being randomly selected to be my neighbor, she came from someone’s ninth slot. But still, I consider it really lucky because she’s a neighbor I wanted in Dafdilly. 😀

I found a four-leaf clover! I'm so lucky!

My luck continued when I found a random four-leaf clover! Most of the ones I have are from de-weeding my dad’s town. 😛

Monique: Good afternoon! Have we met, pffffft? I don't think so...

Monique was my replacement for Tipper, which I can’t say is as lucky, but she’s not horrible or anything.

Snake: Hey! New face! Howzit goin', bunyip?

Aaand the luck is definitely over at this point. xP

But at least my town is pretty much up to date with real time again! My blog isn’t caught up yet because I still need to post about a few recent fun WiFi sessions, which will be next. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Catching up in Dafdilly

  1. Haha, I could have got your pattern on Saima’s town.
    But i can’t seem to find it, so, I got Teru’s Butterfly Shirt. 🙂

    Doing catch up must be hard. 😛
    I tried it when i TT my town, So a neighbor can move. 😆
    haha, It was hard but i was impatient enough to only water flowers
    on important parts and the places i usually go. 😛

    • Oh, I was under the impression she only asked for the butterfly shirt. Yeah, catching up was not too fun; I can handle watering flowers once a day, but watering half a month’s worth of wilted flowers in several hours was crazy and I hope I don’t ever get that behind again. 😛

  2. “Aaand the luck is definitely over at this point.” Hahaha 😆 On the other hand… Margie! That’s awesome ^_^ She’s so cute, with those colours and big, bright eyes.

    And nice job nabbing those two special items during your hectic catch-up week 😀 You’re such a good girl, intending to repay Nook 😛

    • Yeah, she and Puddles are neighbors I want to possibly lock in Dafdilly if I can. 😀 Your figurine of Margie is really cute!
      I meant to repay Nook once I got my tissue box (which I’ve had for a while now >_>) but then this crown showed up… now he’ll have to wait a while longer. 😛

      • I’m not repaying Nook until I have the the throne, and the royal crown. And the rainbow feather. And the piggybank. And Pelly and Phyllis’ pics. And the town hall model 😛 In other words, mwahaha.
        Wow I sound super stingy now – it’s only less than 1 million 😛

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