Cherry blossoms in Dafdilly

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Uh, this post has not occurred remotely in the timeline I was expecting, on multiple levels, I’m sorry about that… :/ Let me explain, or if you’re not interested (I don’t blame you, it’s quite the ramble), feel free to skip to the pictures!

This Dafdilly re-landscaping project has its roots back in the holiday season of 2015. Around that time I was feeling pretty burnt out from AC:NL, because I had been working on a new mosaic path for Citàlune that was proving difficult for me. And meanwhile, I have the sort of job that gets more stressful during the holiday season, so putting those factors together, you can see why I wanted to take a break from AC:NL. I found myself gravitating towards playing AC:WW instead, because it was more mindless and stress-relieving than pixeling a mosaic path in AC:NL, and easier to pick up and play in short bursts in my shorter amount of spare time.

But then, because I am the way I am…*facepalm*…these little AC:WW sessions evolved into something much more ambitious over time, and eventually became a project to figure out what Dafdilly’s dream neighbors would be, obtain & place those dream neighbors in town through plot resetting (it works in AC:WW too!), and re-landscape Dafdilly for the cherry blossom festival. I got the dream neighbors part done over the winter, so I thought I could re-landscape Dafdilly by April and then have Dafdilly match real-time in spring 2016! It was the perfect plan, but I wasn’t able to do it; by the time I finished the re-landscaping project, it was July.

And then here we are in November, with Dafdilly still in the cherry blossom season and a post just now being made about it. >_< It's partly because I became too much of a perfectionist in taking commemorative photos of Dafdilly's new landscaping (experimenting with 'panoramics' or stitching pictures together using my new capture card, even tried making a gif for the first time), which was a draining and tedious process at times, and I got distracted by a different Animal Crossing game, again… AC:NL, this time! xD (In a quest to make Citàlune WiFi-able again to meet up with old friends, I went overboard and got pretty close to making it dream-address-update-ready, and even finished that mosaic path that was such a pain for me and made me abandon AC:NL in the first place!!) Also, at a certain point, it became like, “well, it’s taken this long, so what’s the rush?”

But I decided I can’t put off this post any longer; even though I might be more excited about playing New Leaf at this point (with the New Leaf game update announced, and my town being so-close-yet-so-far ready for a dream address update), I still need to pause that for now and take the time to share about my AC:WW re-landscaping project! I hope you enjoy some of these pictures that are fancier than I used to be capable of in AC:WW. 🙂

First, welcome back to Twisk’s house! ❤ In the same old cliff-side corner of town, same old landscaping-limiting pavement in front, but as always, circled by trees and flowers the best I can. 🙂

As fun as it is to have a pink roof to match the cherry blossoms, strangely I'm really looking forward to going back to the sky blue roof that's my favorite (it matches Twisk's hair ^^) and green trees. Because I think green trees would look quite nice with this garden’s kind of cool-colored palette, and green’s my favorite color…maybe I planted too many regular saplings & should have sprinkled some fruit trees in the garden as well.

The house’s flower garden is definitely in my favorite state that it has ever been in 😀 Finally, over time, I’ve accumulated enough hybrids to go wild with this pastel hybrid garden with the color scheme I envisioned for Dafdilly long ago.

Twisk & company even have their own little turnip garden now that I didn’t really plan for! It seems I planted so many trees around the house that it wouldn’t let me plant anymore in this area; the trees here died, so there was a blank spot I had to fill with something. (And if you wonder how I was able to make this turnip garden on the fly, I hoard Joan’s red turnips, buy one from her every time I see her xP).

Now that you’ve seen the yard, let’s take a break and go inside for a bit! 🙂

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Dipping back into AC:WW every now & then: 2014-2016

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Since New Leaf came out in summer 2013, I have been primarily focused on that game when it comes to playing Animal Crossing. Despite this, I never completely put down my Wild World game for good. It’s always been too tempting to pick it back up again every now and then, even if just to walk around town a bit and talk to neighbors, let a few days pass by, never doing anything too major. This was made possible and made all the more tempting because I left my town in a very pleasantly landscaped state, and I always recorded what date I left off on so I could load my game on that date and not have to deal with any unfortunate consequences (villagers leaving, flowers dying).

Recently though, I did do some pretty big things in my Wild World town. Before I go into all that in my next post, I wanted to dedicate this post to the odd period, mostly 2014-2015, when I would pick up my game and play a little bit, not accomplishing much, mostly just taking pretty pictures and enjoying a visit to Dafdilly again. Some of these have already been posted to Tumblr, but I consider WordPress to be my more ‘archival’ type blog, so these pictures deserve a home here too.

Where the pansy field meets the river

Some more shots from the moving start screen, a little blurry.

A nice picture of Apollo’s yard branching off from the main path to the town hall

Haha, this was no spontaneous WiFi shot >_> It’s an artificial photo shoot made possible by my multiple towns and DSes. But I just wanted a nice picnic shot, authentic or no.

The road to Dafdilly’s forest in the back part of town

A couple happy villagers congregated by the town hall plaza, singing in the rain ^_^

The rain doesn’t deter Melba from taking a stroll 🙂

I caught the last fish I needed and got the gold fishing rod! 😀 All that’s left to complete the museum is a firefly ^^

Around the time I was having my last WiFi hoo-rahs in Dafdilly, Bob came to Dafdilly as a random new move-in, which I was very happy about since he’s been a Dafdilly dream neighbor for ages! ❤ He's just so cute and iconic, and the perfect lazy cat villager. (He now lives in a different location, a hint of the projects I've been working on recently…)

I always enjoy rainy days in Dafdilly, and Wild World in general. Especially since I don’t find myself enjoying them in New Leaf as much; they almost made the atmospheric conditions too realistically cloudy and gloomy, to the point where I reallly don’t like the way flowers & color look in Citalune on downcast days. :/ But like I said, in Wild World — and in real life, too — I love rainy days, so I took some celebratory scenery pictures one rainy day in Dafdilly (with new villager Bob making a few appearances ^^):

I love getting the clouds and the top of a landscape in the same picture, often happening on accident during a ‘inventory-window-shoots-bottom-screen-into-the-top-screen’ shot.

Burned through some 99,000 bell bags to grow some more bell trees around Nookington’s (they didn’t all grow on the first try), but it was worth it 😛 If you’re wondering why I planted 99K bags, I think I read that the more bells you plant, the more likely it will grow into a bell tree. That could be wrong, though.

For a villager I never planned on keeping for very long, Samson sure managed to stick around quite a while. I guess his house set-up by the beach was appealing enough to make him hard to let go (or easier to let go of other villagers first), but he is gone now finally.

Of course, I’m always up for capturing some cute Melba interactions:

She’s so sweet and appreciative after giving her medicine! ❤

She had a gardening hobby at this point, I think (now she has a clothes-collecting one), which you can pick up in conversation like this, not just in actions like carrying around a watering can and planting flowers by her home.

D’aww, Melba liked her letter from Talie of Osworth x3

Love the subtle glow the late afternoon sky gives off 🙂
Also noticeable in this picture is my updated, new-and-improved (well not so new anymore) bricks! Before, as you can see in the pictures earlier in this post, the bricks were the same bright red the flowerbeds were, and the spaces between the bricks was stark white. There wasn’t enough contrast between the brick flowerbeds and the brick paths, making it hard to tell where one began and one ended. And the contrast between the bright red bricks and white spaces in between the bricks was too much, making the path flicker uncomfortably as you walked along it. These new bricks are a more subtle color, and the spaces between the bricks is more of a beige or tan, much less flickery and much easier on the eyes as you walk along it. With these improvements, I can say that this main path is my favorite for Dafdilly so far 🙂

About a year ago I grew my very first home-grown-from-scratch blue rose in all my years of playing Animal Crossing! :mrgreen:

It was grown in this breeding patch in my side town, Imladris, a town I keep for the very purpose of growing hybrids (since I use most of my space in Dafdilly for aesthetic gardens, not breeding gardens). After this I grew more blue roses from this ever-growing patch, until I was eventually able to grow blue roses from the blue roses by themselves, so don’t be surprised if you see more of them around Dafdilly in the future. 🙂

Again, about a year ago, I was inspired to re-do some of the rooms in my Wild World home, simply because I thought they could be a lot better than they were before.

The main room just has to be this sort of cozy sweets/fairytale/toy cabin, it’s too steeped in Dafdilly tradition.

And Twisk has to have her lush mushroom forest abode! 🙂

Something I started to experiment with is still having rooms inspired by the tastes of my human characters, but not having all of them be bedrooms, just so that every single side room you go into isn’t a bedroom…a little much-needed variety. This is a fun, silly bathroom inspired by the tastes of my character Bell here.

And this is a library/study inspired by Harmony’s tastes of calm and peaceful elegance.

Lastly, a gardening/sun room. I really like the feel of this room, the wooden creaking as you walk around it, the way the sunlight at different times of day beautifully illuminates the room and flowers in unique ways.

You may or may not have noticed there was no clear room made for my character Melody, who I decided long ago would be my sporty/outdoorsy character. Well, I’ve always been less enthusiastic about designing her rooms than my other characters (I’m not a particularly sporty person — mostly just like basketball), and her face design is one of my least favorites, so I decided that if I had to let one of my characters go into the void, it would be her. But I like to think that she just moved somewhere else, where she could run around freely without fearing trampling Twisk’s beloved flowers.

Though there’s also another reason she had to go. Once I found out that plot resetting works in Wild World much the same as it does in New Leaf, the seed was planted in my mind, and it was only a matter of time before I embarked on mission to figure out what dream neighbors I wanted in Dafdilly and move them in — not just anywhere, but into the perfect places in town for their house & personality.

It was a long process that involved finding out what every villager’s house shape is in the game, figuring out which house shapes match with which house styles in my town, deciding upon my dream neighbors based on a mixture of factors (how much I like them, having all the personalities, having nice house exteriors), and then deciding where my dream neighbors’ houses would be positioned in the various sign-posts/designated plots around town. Then I had to move some of my neighbors out and move them back into Dafdilly; reset an extra cartridge over and over for the dream neighbors I didn’t have, and move them into Dafdilly for the first time; plot resetting with every villager to get them to move in where I wanted them to. And I did eventually accomplish this, plus lock all of my new dream villagers in town so that they will never move! I’ll share who they all are, where they live, and who the new human resident of Dafdilly is, in my next post, which will also have pictures of my re-decorations for the cherry blossom festival.

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A Gallery of AC:WW WiFi Memories

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I wanted to do a little tribute to the wonderful memories I’ve made WiFing with friends in AC:WW, now that AC:WW WiFi is no more. I first started WiFing in AC:WW when I started this blog and met fellow bloggers. Animal Crossing has been a special game for me, being a great way to create my own little paradise world that I can escape in and enjoy, being a bit of a creative outlet (as cheesy as that sounds), and not least of all, a way I can (and have) met lots of awesome people who I’m glad have become a part of my life, even if just in a small way like WiFing together, blogging together, seeing their posts in my Reader/Dashboard. This is a thank-you and an honor to all those people and the memories we’ve made together! 🙂 I’m sorry that not every single WiFi is included, though; I thought it would be best to be a tad selective(?). I hope you enjoy the gallery!

This was my very first WiFi in Animal Crossing ever! It was with Teru (linking to her Wild World blog, since that’s what’s relevant to this post, but she’s also the owner of the New Leaf blog, Lily of the Valley) in her gorgeous town Bundeena! Here we are together in her mush room, which I’ve always liked because of the assortment of items mixed in with it, that still seem to match well with the room regardless!

And this was always my favorite spot in her town, the hybrid garden of mostly pink and purple flowers! 🙂 It was awe-inspiring to see in person for the first time, with the gold rose in front of the apple tree, and Lily’s cute red cottage in the distance! And it got even better over time, as she grew more hybrids. I’m toying with the idea of doing an attempt at fan-art of this spot, but if it turns out too embarrassing, I won’t post it xD This spot will always be in my heart, though ❤

This was my first visit to Choco’s beautifully landscaped, elegant, and cozy town of StarCity! It was in the middle of a fireworks show, with a view of a constellation called “Rat Face” that I later picked up in my own Wild World towns and still have today. :’)

And this was Choco’s first trip to Dafdilly, I believe! I’ve always liked this picture of us looking out into the ocean in the rain.

This is a moment that will always make me smile, I think! 😛 Choco picked up a path pattern on accident and felt she had to punish herself for it, haha! The act of picking up the pattern=no big deal, easily fixed. This moment=priceless 😀

Setting off sparklers in my first “party” in Dafdilly — hence the silly party hats xP From left to right in this picture it’s Jemma, Teru, and myself. Choco was on the far left, and unfortunately cut out of my picture.

Here are the four of us again at my party, after a King Tut mask race (since the mask makes you trip)! It was pretty funny because I couldn’t tell who won, since I gave them all Nile shirts to match the mask! Didn’t think that through xD (I found out later that Teru won!)

In my favorite spot in Bundeena again, with a sleepy Rain! I’ve always loved this scene because our dresses look so pretty in this spot with the matching pastels, and I love the idea of Teru’s character Rain sleeping in the flowery meadow ❤

This was a later WiFi in Bundeena (as shown by the Autumn trees), but I thought I’d include it after the previous picture because I love this picture for the same reason — our pretty dresses and crowns (Choco and I this time) matching the beauty of this spot!

This is Choco’s Flower Paradise island in StarCity, filled with hybrids! 😀 I always loved visiting her island, it was so beautifully decorated!! ❤ Later on she even added a fountain and little park. I love the misty blue sky in this picture, it seems like such a peaceful atmosphere.

Choco and I bed-bumping , always fun 😛 I like how we have the same expression at the same moment.

Me, Choco, and Usagi setting off sparklers in Usagi’s town Tropica! 🙂

Net fight in StarCity! This was actually when Jemma first arrived to join the party, so our greeting for her was a welcoming net whack 😛 I remember Choco even had a “battle arena” set up for the net fight, a ring of trees!

Messing with Saima by getting the same haircut and outfit as her (the butterfly dress designed by Teru) in her town Ivy Hill. (Left to right: Saima, me, Choco)

Matching butterfly outfits again, this time in Teru’s town Bundeena! We all really loved that pattern, hehe! (Left to right: Choco, me, Teru)

Choco, me, and Teru showing off some pretty umbrella designs in an Autumn visit to my town 🙂 I like how the trees seem to be framing us.

Showing off umbrellas again, this time in Jemma’s town usa! This was my first visit to her town 🙂

Probably the biggest WiFi party I ever threw, for my birthday in 2012! 😀 I’d set up a CandyLand track — along with candy decorations to match — in my town, and we played that and other games, and set off party poppers! (Left to right: Jemma, Teru, me, Lenora)

Usagi, Jemma, and I having a picnic together in Jemma’s town usa, taking a little rest after playing many fun games during her spring-themed party! 😀 Jemma has several cute picnic spots in her town, along with pretty flowery paths and lots of orchards!

Liam visiting Dafdilly! Had my town all done up in a candy theme.

The two of us enjoying the calming atmosphere by Whitney’s private beach, with the lovely 8 PM music playing.

Then we visited his town Sherwood, where we each got a picture of the other blowing dandelions ^^

Setting off sparklers with Petite D during my visit to her town Bentley! I always loved reading her blog so it was such a treat to visit and see everything and everyone in person.

Dafdilly’s last hurrah before AC:WW’s WiFi was cut off! See my previous post for more, of course. (Left to right: Jemma, Megan, me)

Visiting my favorite spot in Talie’s town of Osworth, the wishing spot! So glad I got to see this beautiful spot in person, and make my own wish and write letters there ❤

Well, that’s it for my gallery! I hope some of you enjoyed it, and hopefully it brought back some memories 🙂

Lastly, I’d like to include this little collage of some of the moments above! Full disclosure: I was heavily inspired by Petite D’s adorable collage of her AC:WW memories here (and in fact, pretty much did exactly the same thing >_>). I asked her if it was okay, though, and she said it was fine, so many thanks to her! 🙂

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