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I’m sorry that I haven’t been good about posting my town’s recent happenings lately! I think I’m going to go ahead and abandon my attempt at categorizing pictures into different days (like day 50, 51, etc.). I hope it it won’t be confusing to not specify each day, but after all, I never did that when posting on AC:WW.

Fairy-tale public worksAnyway, as the title of this post hints at, I’ve finally been getting some community project requests I can get excited about! In addition to the fairy-tale clock Melba requested a little while ago, I’ve now also now unlocked the fairy-tale bench, fairy-tale streetlight, and fairy-tale bridge! 😀

Now I can start trying to make progress on my fairy-tale city, but keep in mind that I can only build one thing a day, and I still feel too limited by certain things to really start serious landscaping. For example, Frank’s house is in annoying spot, right in the middle of a path I wanted to make on the city side of town. Also, hybrids are one of my favorite ways to decorate, but I obviously don’t have enough to decorate my whole town with at this stage of the game. And there are only so many bushes and saplings available a day, and only so much time in the day to work on paths, etc. Just trying to emphasize that it will be a work in progress for a long time — and I personally don’t mind that, I’m not eager to rush things.

Other public works unlockedOther projects I’ve unlocked recently include: the statue fountain (using), brick bridge (most likely using as a bridge to the café if I put the café near the river), bell (no immediate plans for it), illuminated heart (no immediate plans for it), balloon arch (not using), sandbox (not using), and various street signs (not using).

I’ve been trying to get one project a day by doing what’s called “the diving trick.” I swim some laps around the ocean for a little while, to waste time out of sight. Then I sneak around town looking for the right neighbor to walk in front of to trigger the “!” ding. I make sure to fill my inventory with things like money bags, tools, shells, and flowers beforehand so that they won’t try to sell something to me or buy something off of me, hopefully increasing the chances that they’ll request a community project instead. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a request, which can be a bit boring, so I often do this while reading, watching, listening, or doing something else.

Now for pictures…

I almost built the café, but bailed on it after days of leaving it under construction. My poor neighbors managed to gather almost 5,000 bells! 😦 I’m leaning towards building the café in this river-formed nook of land, but I’ve decided to wait until Robin moves out so that I can have more options, like moving it a space or two upwards. (By the way, sorry for the mess in this area, I was using flowers and patterns to “grid” it out.)

Yay, new badge! I wonder how much of this was from dumping flowers from island tours on my town’s beaches for storage. 😳

Last week Serena from Ogygia came over! 😀 We’ve conversed through back-and-forth commenting, and it was great to meet her in-game via WiFi for the first time!

Picnicking with Serena 🙂

I left my gates open and some other visitors came as well: Liam from Capella, Pii (Choco) from Belltune, and Jasper from Windfall.

Group picture by the fountain!

Unfortunately, WiFi crashes kept us from having a decent continuous time together, but it was still nice to see you all! 🙂

Meeting Lucky

Meeting Lucky, who’s here to replace Sylvia. I was expecting another Uchi. 😕

Curlos announcing he's moving on the 30th

Soon after, Curlos told me he was leaving town. I let him go even though there are probably other neighbors I’d rather leave sooner.

Wooooo, I have T.I.Y. now! 😀

I find it a little amusing that even though there’s a lot of new selection available at T.I.Y. in general, it’s mostly just the two little bush-starts now available in the garden section that everyone’s excited about. xD Or maybe I’m just projecting 😛

According to this page, only the hibiscus bushes are in full bloom right now, though, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I was looking forward to seeing hydrangeas and azaleas.

I set up a breeding ground to grow the hybrid red roses that can breed blue roses, and I was confused to see a pink rose spawn from the patch one day.

A few days later I got my first hybrid red rose 😀 I put in my dresser for safe-keeping and so that it doesn’t get mixed up with regular red roses.

Melba had several furniture requests for me, so I took the opportunity to give her some of the pieces that were part of her original décor in her old home in Wild World and City Folk, like the cabin table, cabin dresser, green lamp, and green counter. Lately she’s been asking me for fish, though, which I’m reluctant to give her because I don’t want her room to turn into an aquarium. She’s already got three fish as it is. >_<

July 30th was Frank’s birthday, the first birthday party I’ve experienced in New Leaf. It was really cute how they were singing the whole time, and I loved that I could join in now that I have the “glee” emotion! ^_^

I went to Jasper’s town of Windfall, which was fun to visit again and to see what’s new. 😀

He ordered the rest of the regal series for me, which was incredibly generous, thank you so much!

When looking around Windfall, I was struck by the waterfall, which I hadn’t really noticed before. It’s such a gorgeous side-view! *_*

Back in my town, an important milestone:

Marking 50 days of playing, Citàlune’s town tree grew taller and I got to sit under its branches at last and watch my town’s history scroll by. Such a nice feeling! 🙂

First time seeing this big fluffy clouds in my town!

A crown showed up at Labelle’s again, and this time I decided I wouldn’t let it go.

I went to catch beetles on the island to pay for the crown, and I ended up chopping down all the non-palm trees and removing all the flowers, so that palm tree beetles will be the main bugs spawning from now on. I even left fruit/shells everywhere to try to prevent the ground bugs from spawning, but it didn’t work, so I don’t recommend doing that. xP I know my island looks ugly now (and the opposite of the “flowery paradise” I once expressed interest in making it into), but I hope this will make beetle hunting a quicker process.

It just took a few trips to the island to gather enough money to buy the crown, so not too bad after all! ^_^

On Saturday I went to Best Buy to get the double-neck guitar DLC, and when I logged on I was greeted by several people on my friends list, making me grin stupidly as I awkwardly played in the store aisle. xP I guess this is the last of the Best Buy DLC, and I think it’s all order-able, so feel free to let me know if you want anything. 🙂

T.I.Y. has been selling some fireworks each day lately, and I was familiar with the roman candles and sparklers from Wild World, but not this one! 😮

I assume they’re being sold for the fireworks show coming up; I look forward to seeing what fireworks are like in New Leaf! :mrgreen:


Also, I’d like to share a bit about an informational page I’m considering making. I’m starting to think about what Citàlune’s “dream neighbors” are, and for me, an important factor in deciding who I want to keep forever is what the exterior of their house looks like. It might sound silly, but for a while now I’ve felt that villagers’ house exteriors contribute to a town’s look and feel, either positively or negatively. In AC:WW I reset for four specific house exteriors (out of the 25 there are) that I thought would match the cute & colorful atmosphere I wanted for Dafdilly, and every time a new neighbor moves into Dafdilly, I know they’ll have one of those four house styles. That’s not how it works in AC:NL, though. In this game, each villager has a unique house style that matches their tastes and/or coloring, and there are some I like more than others…

An example of a house that detracts from the feel I want for my town is Drift’s:

He lives right by my town’s Re-Tail and his house is such an eyesore every time I walk by, I hate it. >_< This picture is from a different town, though, and a different Drift's house.

In general, I don’t want to have houses in Citàlune that I consider too shabby/run-down, modern, kiddie (some of my favorite lazy villagers have “kiddie” tastes, unfortunately), or wacky (like colorful, but not in a good way xP).

Some examples of houses I do like:

Bunnie’s house. I love the mix of bright colors and that it has the pink fairy-tale door. It would look great on the “fairy-tale city” side of my town.

I like Cookie’s house for the same reasons: fairy-tale door + bright colors. This pic was taken in Odd Spot 🙂

Pango’s house also has the pink fairy-tale door, but with a cool-color scheme that matches Pango’s own coloration. It has the elegant fence I like, too! (This picture was taken in a dream town, one I’ve mentioned before called Kinmokusei.)

Miranda’s simple but pretty pink house. The wooden picket fence and door add a nice touch!

This house, belonging to Marcel, has a different feel than the colorful ones above, more like a rustic cottage.

Bill’s house also has that nice cottage feel. I can imagine it fitting well in a forest-like part of town.

That’s enough houses for now! I’m not saying any of those villagers are my dream neighbors, just giving some examples of houses I like. I doubt my dream neighbors will be set in stone until my knowledge of all the houses is more complete — which it’s far from being. Still, I hope in the not-too-distant future I can post all the screenshots of houses I have, in case it would be helpful to anyone else, and I’ll continue to try to take screenshots of villager houses in dream towns and such. I hope the owners of the dream towns won’t mind!

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43 thoughts on “Finally some good projects

  1. I really like all your ideas of ‘dream neighbors’, and at some point, we’re all going to have to figure that out! It’s interesting that they all have their own houses, but also disappointing, because there are some villagers that I am definitely having (like Goldie), so I just hope her house isn’t too bad…I mean, if it doesn’t go with Shantaki’s whole ‘look’, I’ll have to shove her house in a corner, or something!

    So, you’ve decided to go the fairy-tale route, eh? I’m going with the Japenese old-style theme, like mostly zen and stuff. 🙂

    Congrats on the T.I.Y! I LOVE it, omg – mostly because of Leif’s (better) store on the side, and the K.K. song each day! I like how you can buy them in New Leaf, and that they have album covers! 😀 I look forward to seeing if I can guess the song by the album cover each day as I walk towards it. (^-^d)

    I’m not sure that I like that the bushes all have different sprouting seasons – I mean, it’s realistic and all, but you can’t have a beautiful town with all of them in blom at once, like I’d hoped. ):

    By the way, what’s so special about a hybrid red rose, for instance? I’ve had my hybrids on my beach backwards breed into like, a yellow pansy, but it didn’t look any different?

    I noticed Jasper’s waterfall, too! It’s actually BEAUTIFUL, and THAT is something I wish I had most in Shantaki, is a view-able waterfall from the highest terrain of your town, if that makes sense. 😛

    Congrats on the tree, as well! Wow, I didn’t know it signified that you’ve had your town for 50 days! Mine just expanded too – it felt like it was stuck on the previous stage forever!

    OMG, those fluffy clouds are funny! I’ve never seen them, and I’m sure I would’ve taken a picture if I had!

    Your island, omg! I understand what you’re thinking, though, since Those emporer butterflies, fruit beetles, and dynastid beetles take up the spots that palm tree beetles could be appearing in. >..< Arghh haha.

    I'm excited for the fireworks as well! Somewhat wish I could spend it WiFing though, but I'm in a WiFi dead zone on Sundays. 😦

    • I feel the same way, it would be a bummer if your favorite neighbor has an unfortunate house. Like I’ve always been fond of Static, but I’ve seen what his house looks like, and I just couldn’t deal with it being in my town. I don’t have Goldie’s house in my little collection yet, but I’ll let you know and share a pic if I come across it! 🙂
      I agree about the bushes, I can’t believe I’ll have to wait that long to have hydrangeas and azaleas in my town. 😦 But I can kind of see how each of the bushes will suit its respective season — hibiscus are very summery, the sweet-olives will look great with Fall colors, the holly is perfect for winter, etc.
      In this game, hybrid red roses x hybrid red roses can produce blue roses. You can get the hybrid red roses by breeding purple x orange roses. (Hybrid red roses don’t look any different from regular roses, btw.) I’d love to have lots of blue roses to decorate with eventually, but they’re so hard to grow. I was never able to grow my own in AC:WW. T_T
      Yeah, I looove that waterfall! I didn’t even know one entering the side cliff like that could be that visible / tilted. 😯 The ones I’d seen before had a more subtle visibility, like a less tilted angle as it enters the cliff.
      Maybe I can beautify my island again one day when money-making isn’t as much of an issue, but for now I think I’ll enjoy beetle-hunting taking less time. xP
      I also thought spending the fireworks show with WiFi friends would’ve been fun, but I wasn’t able to do it. There will be more fireworks shows this summer, though, so maybe another time ^_^

      • Aww, that’s a bummer! About Static, I mean. Is there any way you could share you collection with us? I mean, I looked up Goldie and Joey’s house on Google, but no such luck there. 😦

        What! That’s unbelievable! There’s gotta be another way to get blue roses, though!? That’s actually crazy, I mean, how did you find out that info? It doesn’t say that in the guide!

        • The good thing is that Static is in my Wild World town, so I can talk to him there any time ^_^
          Yeah, that’s what I was trying to introduce at the beginning of this post, that I was planning on making a page on villager house exteriors in AC:NL. I might not have explained that properly because I got side-tracked in explaining the sorts of houses that are to my taste and fitting for my town. I think it’s a shame that this information about AC:NL villager house exteriors doesn’t seem to be out there in any sort of online guide yet, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. xP
          I actually don’t think there really is another way to get blue roses, unless you breed blue roses x blue roses or something. In past games it was black x purple = blue, but in this game it just seems to be the hybrid red roses that breed blue roses. I’ve read it in a couple online guides and read accounts from people on forums who say that the combination of hybrid red roses produced blue roses for them (after a lot of time-traveling :P).

          • Ohh, I see! Well I look forward to that, then! 😀

            Hmm, that’s really weird that Nintendo would think of hybrid red roses to breed blue roses…I mean, who would’ve figured that out if they didn’t tell us?!

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting last time, it was a lot of fun!

    I can see how a villager’s house would have an impact on the atmosphere of your town. It probably would be weird to, for example, have a modern house like Tex’s (My smug villager!) be in the middle of a Zen or Fairy-Tale themed town. I personally don’t mind the appearance of the villager’s house, but for me, it’s the villager that matters! I also like having some diversity in my town’s architecture! I do see how the house could have an effect though!

    It was nice meeting Serena, Liam and Choco in your town! Even if there were Wi-Fi crashes here and there, it was still pretty fun! Your town was also very nice! It has a more nature-ish vibe then Windfall! I personally really liked the picnic area, your dirt paths are so precise too!

    Growing Blue Roses is really difficult, I’m still trying to get some Purple Roses to start breeding the Red Roses. It’s too bad that the only other combinations that can produce Blue Roses involve using Blue Roses. Oh, here’s a tip! Sometimes your villagers plant flowers next to your flowers, right? What if that Red Rose that appeared near your flowers is actually a normal one planted by a villager? Just a thought, but it definitely is possible!

    I hope you enjoy the Regal Series! If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to ask! I never knew my waterfall was that special, I thought it was just a typical waterfall! I guess Windfall’s full of strange things, a waterfall with a unique angle, lots of ponds, I have about 5, and my museum’s placement!

    I read in a guide somewhere that those big clouds are apparently unique to this season, just thought I’d mention it. Cutting those trees in the center of the island do affect the way your island looks, but it makes it a lot easier to catch beetles. You can always re-make your island by getting fruits and flowers from the tours and buying bushes from the shop though.

    The Fireworks Festival was awesome! I used my Umbreon and Espeon designs in my Fireworks Festival, and it looked really nice! I also changed the patterns in my neon area to suit the fireworks, and it looked great. I agree, it would be nice to spend the Fireworks Festival with a friend. Hey, how would you like to spend the upcoming Fireworks Festival in my town? It could be a party! Oh, did you get a lovely phone from Redd’s cookies? It’s a very useful item, basically a portable Katrina, well one that goes in your house.

    • I’m probably weird in that I place so much importance on the exterior of their houses, I think most people just care about the villager themselves. xP But I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get a balance of both villagers I like and houses I like, even if the villagers aren’t my top favorites ever. Bunnie is an example, I think she’s an adorable peppy neighbor and I love her house!
      Aww, thanks, I’m glad you liked coming over to Citalune briefly, despite the WiFi crashes 🙂 I always enjoy going to Windfall too; I love the neat features it has that you mentioned and what you’ve done with it as far as landscaping.
      Good luck with growing purple roses, and in the future, blue roses! 😀 That thought occurred to me too, but I’m pretty good about checking that patch frequently for flowers that aren’t supposed to be there, and checking it as soon as I start playing. My neighbors don’t seem to go there much because I’ve never seen extra flowers there — they like to plant flowers next to the ones I have lining my paths instead (which drives me crazy >_<).
      Oh cool, I didn't know that about the clouds! Maybe I'll see them again sometime soon then. 🙂
      It was! I loved the fireworks and the whole atmosphere created, it was amazing! And sure, I'd love that, I look forward to it 😀 I didn't get a lovely phone, but I got a miniature car, Ultra Scope, love tester, Ultra Machine, and lots of roman candles. 😛 Maybe I can get it next time!

  3. Ah, dream neighbours? 😮 Hadn’t even considered it! Personally, it’s always been a fantasy of mine (that could never be fulfilled in Wild World) to have a town full of all the same kind of animal. :3 But between an all-cat town and an all-squirrel town I can’t decide; I don’t have any of either in Miagen currently. xD
    Whoooooo, it looks like you’re catching up with those PWPs. 😉 Funny, ’cause I’ve been getting less as of late. Well, everything balances out eventually. Especially with some help from that strategy you have — very clever!
    Awww, poor bare island. 😦 Here’s a suggestion (that is helpful, hopefully): Instead of focusing on forcing the beetles to spawn by removing all the greenery, focus on scaring all the pathetic little fish in the ocean (by slapping a net down or whatever). You’d be surprised at how often those sharks spawn when the small fishies are exterminated! The sharks tend to be worth more than the beetles anyhow — every shark but the ocean sunfish and the hammerhead is worth more than your standard Atlas, Elephant, and Tweezer stags. 😀

    • A town like that would be cool to have! I’ve heard of more people doing that in AC:NL, since there’s an active villager trading community on various sites/forums (and a lot of people use the reset trick as well). I know of a lion-filled dream village that’s popular to visit. (2800-1841-9922)
      Oh, I hope you start getting some more public works projects — especially the ones you want — soon! 🙂
      I do often scare away the smaller fish by running, which is helpful because the next time you walk by, there might be a finned fish there. ^_^ I even often take a chance and go for the large non-finned fish — sometimes sea bass and sometimes things like Napoleonfish and blue marlins. Thanks for the suggestion, though! Urgh, my island is pretty ugly right now as a result of my greed and impatience for bells. xP I just find bell-making fairly boring so I’m trying to speed it up as much as I can.

  4. A villager houses info page would be so awesome! You’re welcome to use the pics I collected as well if you like (though they’re all from mixed sources and obviously none are mine) ^^ link It’s a zip folder on Google Drive that you should be able to File>Download. I really love some of those sample houses you listed. I’ve kind of wanted Pango ever since meeting her in StarCity, and now that I’ve seen her AC:NL house I’ll definitely be keeping her if she moves in 🙂
    Wow, congrats on unlocking all of those great public works! What a clever way of getting more requests xP
    Citàlune is looking fantastic! You’re sure progressing fast with the hyrids, and congratulations on your hybrid red rose (and random pink rose lol) ^_^ I’m assuming the hybrid looks exactly the same as a regular red rose? :/ Haha, do you not like Lucky moving in? 😛
    Btw, do you have PTS yet? If not, would you like to use my spare gold watering can? I finally got it yesterday, and it’s amazing ^^ (And my black roses are still black, so it looks like you’re safe from golden roses as long as you have the beautiful town ordinance.)
    Ahh, so jealous of Jasper’s waterfall xP

    • Thanks sooo much for all your help with the villager houses! It might take me a little while to track down every single house myself, since I’ll probably have to search a lot of dream towns for them, so in the meantime, that Japanese guide you sent me will be great for trying to figure out who I want my dream neighbors to be. 😀
      Thanks! I’ve been watering the flowers lining my paths every day, which has resulted in a fair amount of hybrid lilies and violets, but I’d say all my other hybrid types are lacking. Don’t even have any purple hybrids yet. 😕 But I do want lots of hybrid lilies and violets in my town (I think they’d look great with the fairy-tale decorations I plan on having), so I’m not complaining ^_^ Yeah, as far as I can tell, the hybrid red roses look the same as the regular red roses. I think I might have gotten a second one, only I’m not 100% sure because I didn’t remember to check the patch until the middle of the day. (What if it’s just a regular red rose planted by one of my neighbors? >_< I'm at least pretty sure the first one is real, though.)
      I'm eager to start trying to collect my dream neighbors, and Lucky isn't one of them, so in that way it was a little disappointing. Also, I was wanting an Uchi so that I can start bugging her about a wisteria trellis. 😛 And I don't like Lucky's house much, it's one of those cube-shaped ones.
      I don't have PTS yet, but maybe it's not too far away now that I have more projects options to build. Wow, that's really nice of you to offer! If you truly have no use of two, I would be happy to have one 🙂 (And maybe give it back once I have my own?) My dad got the golden can and I've seen it in action, it seems like it can water a great deal of flowers at once!

      • You’re welcome! Have fun picking your favourite neighbours 🙂
        Maybe I misread that bit about purple hybrids, but aren’t your purple roses purple? o.o LOL, that’s what I was thinking: if I get a red rose when I try breeding for them, how would I know it wasn’t planting by those sneaky villagers? xP All those hybrid lilies and violets would look great with your fairy-tale decorations! They already look amazing all together like that around the fountain.
        Haha, I feel the same way about the cube house 😆 I have a couple of them too, and one of them belongs to Savannah, whom I really quite like -.- (Lucky’s cube house looks like one of the nicer ones, though!)
        I can go online for a bit around 8pm your time this evening (which should be 10am my time)? Otherwise I’ll just come drop it off whenever I see your gates open over the weekend. Even if it’s not long til you get your own, it’ll still save a lot of watering until then 😀 And I have absolutely no use for it, unless I do something stupid like accidentally sell mine. That’d be really stupid.

        • Oh right, haha, I was thinking about purple pansies and purple tulips when I wrote that. According to this page, purple pansies require a similar process to grow as blue roses, breeding from ‘hybrid red pansies.’ Urgh, I miss the simplicity of the old hybrid-growing system. xP
          Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to fence off a special breeding patch of flowers like that with bushes, so neighbors couldn’t get to it easily to plant confusing spare flowers. I probably won’t, though…
          Sure, I can also try to get online at that time! 🙂 Ahh, thanks a lot, Teru! :mrgreen:

            • I wouldn’t mind! ^_^ I’m not sure who’s opening gates, but I guess we can chat with the BF system around then and figure it out 🙂

              • Oh okay, I’ll open them 🙂
                Edit: That’s weird the BF chat wasn’t working! I’m sorry if I wasted your time by not having my gates open since 8 PM, I was relying on the in-game chat system to talk to each other about when our gates were open. >_< Thanks so much for the golden can and for the blossom lamp! 😀

              • I actually haven’t seen you on the BF chat since we last WiFi’ed, even though I’d seen you online a couple times. I just assumed you had it turned off 😯 Maybe we should re-add each other next time. Sorry about the mix up! I didn’t realise I didn’t actually say who was visiting whom, and in hindsight the smartest thing to do would have been to try opening my gates, and that way no matter whose gate was open, we would have been notified >_< Oops 😳 You're welcome! I saw the blossom lantern as one of the Japanese Girl Festival shop items and really liked it, and then it showed up in the Japanese streetpass I got ^_^ (It'll be available in March anyway though.)

              • I hadn’t seen you on BF chat either for a while, and also, when opening my gates for “just best friends” I don’t think you were able to come over because as soon as I re-opened for “all my friends” you came over almost immediately. So the next time we WiFi we should definitely try re-doing that, I think… Though I have Rain from Arcadia on my list. 😕
                Ooh cool, I didn’t know it was a rare item! Thanks! 😀 I put it in my cloud room for now and it has a nice soft white light 🙂

  5. Oh, I liked this post. I was ridiculously pleased about the photo. That’s just me. It was totally awesome to do it after all the chatting and then time mix-ups, then Wifi failing. I loved that I met Jasper, too – I just lurrve meeting new people! But I had to go so soon! I don’t think I can Wifi with you for a while, I’m going to Spain for ten days, then starting a new school. Plus, Ogygia is a total mess, to be honest, and I re-started my Wild World (Long story, but I had a great town, then my DS mixed up the date, I didn’t know, I played, and my town was destroyed. I restarted, but I never really liked the new town. SO…I got my new one yesterday.) Oh, that reminds me, Melba moved into my WW town! I was so happy.
    I had a cool island but I got impatient and chopped all the normal trees down. It was nice, too – a border of island fruit trees, filled with red and yellow flowers. But I tend to prefer bells to pretty islands.
    I know you’ve already seen it, but the fireworks shows are just amazing! I have this Eevee design, and I used it in the thing where you give Isabelle a design. It was fun trying to burn Peggy with a Roman candle, too. I hate Peggy.
    I’d write more, but this computer is going nuts. But loved the post!

    • Yeah, it was a fun little WiFi! I look forward to WiFing again one day, maybe going to your town instead? 🙂 But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy your trip to Spain! That should be amazing! And good luck with school starting! I’ll be starting up classes again soon as well.
      My town is almost always a mess, too; I would probably open my gates more if I didn’t have stuff littering the ground all the time. >_< Storage has been a huge issue for me so far!
      Oh no, I'm sorry your old WW town got destroyed. 😦 But I hope you enjoy playing in the new one! Yay, Melba ^_^ She's tiny and cute in WW (like all the villagers) and has her proper house decorations 😛
      I agree, the fireworks shows are amazing in New Leaf! The music is so festive and creates this wonderful magical atmosphere, along with Redd's tent and its fortune cookie prizes. 😀 I haven't done any of those custom fireworks because my pattern slots are filled with path patterns and I'm too lazy to do any pattern-switching around. But I bet that Eevee firework was cool looking ^_^
      Sorry for the comment confusion! I was actually able to fix your name in this comment to what it's supposed to be, instead of the email. I was surprised to learn that I have that kind of power. o_O But it was useful in this instance. 😛 Anyway, have a fun rest of summer vacation!

  6. Yeah, that’d be cool (You coming to my town). Just I haven’t been stockpiling flowers, I’ve only a few PWP, and there are random flowers all over the place. But, heck, I don’t think it really matters that much.
    Yeah, I’m looking forward to going tomorrow, but I’m happiest because it’s a morning flight and I can order the big breakfast. Heh…yeah. Yup, I got all these new books, there’s so many I think my bag would just rip if I put half of them in. And school is a bit of a pain when you’re trying to get on with AC. Oh, well.
    Don’t worry, I got over it, cause it was a good while ago. I got this new town named Oakfield, played it for about two weeks, then New Leaf came out and I just forgot about it. So now I have Florin (Named after the land in that brilliant mover The Princess Bride), and I love it so much! I was really pleased that I had a blue gate with a pond in front of it, and the shops, town hall and my house are in a sort of vertical row. My character has my favourite face, and the house styles are pretty cute ( A LOT better than my first town. Those ones looked like mini-factories). The only thing I don’t really like…most of the neighbours. I have Melba (Awesome), Pinky, Tank, Rodeo, Moe, Friga, (They’re getting out as soon as I can get them out), Lobo (I had him in my first town, but he seems to hate me now. Maybe it’s karma for deleting him. Oh, well. I don’t like him anymore), and I have Portia. Not sure about her – maybe I’ll lock her with Melba, she’s one of the best snooties. Oh, I’ve gone on and on about Florin. But I love the town.
    The New Leaf fireworks seem to have been a huge hit everywhere! And I love the fact (God, how many times have I said ‘love’ in this comment…?) that there are one a week in August! Yeah, it was pretty cool, but as the custom-fireworks are circular, it looked kinda bloated.
    Yes, I was on my grandmother’s tempermental computer. Normally, it’s fine, but it threw a huge fit. Wait, so are you able to name the commenter anything, or just the name there? Like, I dunno, you could’ve named me Brian or something? Just a thought.
    Yeah, I will, if Spain’s heat doesn’t kill me off!

    • It’s true, it doesn’t really matter, I don’t think many of us have truly amazing towns at this point in the game. Still a work in progress and all that! liked what I saw of Ogygia when I visited it in the Dream Suite a few times ^_^
      Ooh, a blue gate! That’s my favorite of the gates in WW, my red one in Dafdilly bothers me. I always have at least one gripe with a town, it seems; in Citalune it’s an inconvenient rock in front of the town hall that I’m unhappy with. It’s good you got nice house styles as well — and better neighbors will come in time! And I don’t even think those are bad at all, personally, it could be worse. It’s good you’re still playing WW! I’ve been having trouble finding time for both, so I haven’t been playing WW as much.. which makes me kind of sad. 😦 With classes starting up again soon I don’t think the situation will get any easier.
      I do think that I could potentially re-name the author whatever I want, including Brian 😆 Obviously I won’t abuse the privilege, though 😛 Hope you’re having a fantastic time!

  7. The fireworks are good, aren’t they? I made a pattern saying my towns name, I gave to isabelle to make it into a firework. Also, how did you get ALL those bells? I have trouble paying off my first proper mortgage! 😆

    • They are! 😀 Ah, that sounds cool! I haven’t done any custom fireworks because my pattern slots are filled with path patterns.
      I make most of my bells on the island in the evenings, catching palm tree beetles, finned fish, blue marlins, and Napoleonfish. 🙂

  8. oh right.. 😈 i have to wait a couple of days before the island opens, and i paid off my mortgage today i had to sell like 4 fossils 2 pieces of furniture and random junk. Also, if we ever do meet i have a present wrapped up for you 🙂

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