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In my last post I left off before the first fireworks show, August 4th, to give a little perspective on how much time this post is covering. The fireworks are gorgeous in New Leaf! 😀 I hadn’t been spoiled on what the fireworks look like, so it was a fun surprise to see them for the first time. They’re a huge step up from the fireworks I’m used to in AC:WW, which were basically formed by a bunch of squares. (Aww, but I still love you, Wild World! 😛 ) They have more variety now as well!

Probably the most dramatic firework, like a great golden sunburst!

The star-like blue ones are my personal favorite, though!

A cute heart-shaped firework, matching my new heart bopper accessory from Isabelle.

These smaller ones don’t look dramatic in pictures, but they’re lovely in person, firing over and over in quick succession.

I think Melba described them well, they do give the impression of flowers! 🙂

The festive music and Redd’s tent by the town tree completed the magical, and for me, strangely nostalgic, atmosphere. I think part of that’s because of Redd’s tent; I remember Redd having a similar tent in the AC:GC fireworks shows. It was a great idea to bring that back! You can get a variety of prizes from the fortune cookies he sells, which for the most part, seem realistic to the sorts of prizes you’d get in real life, like miniature cars and toys.

In other news (and there will be more fireworks later)…

I have a new neighbor to replace Curlos, and it’s an Uchi! I’d been wanting an Uchi neighbor so that I could bug her about requesting a wisteria trellis (and also the windmill, I guess, but it’s a lower priority).

I got to using the wet suit trick on her right away, and she requested a lighthouse, which is one of the projects that any personality type can request. But hey, I’ll take it! ^_^ I’ll probably hold off on building it until I’m 100% sure where I want it, though, because it’s pretty expensive.

My first fairy-tale bridge! 😀 I actually had to go two extra days without my town’s most essential bridge because I demolished the cobblestone one and tried to build the fairy-tale bridge on the day of the fireworks festival, thinking that the town hall would be open since the fireworks didn’t start until 7 PM, but it wasn’t. The day after, Isabelle said that a fairy-tale streetlight was in the way, so I had to wait another day to demolish that. >_< Be careful when demolishing-and-rebuilding bridges, the requirements for building bridges seem especially picky.

I also built a vertical version, which gives a nice view of the stonework:

I might try to make a path based on the fairy-tale bridge eventually, I love it!

Teru came over briefly and we did a bit of a gift exchange:

I gave Teru a painting set, and her gift for me was a lot more valuable, a DLC blossom lamp and a golden watering can! Thank you sooo much! 😀 I’ve been having trouble getting a perfect town myself, Isabelle still keeps saying I need more PWPs.

She couldn’t stay for long because she had class, but before she left we snapped a picture together by the fountain. 🙂

The golden watering can waters a whole bunch of flowers at once in a big swooping motion, it’s awesome! 😀

I got another hybrid red rose, so I guess I can start trying to make blue roses. I won’t get my hopes up, though. xP I had a patch of black and purple roses set up in my Wild World town for a long time and never managed to grow a blue rose. I think it’s because I had so many other (larger) hybrid-breeding patches around town, so the chances of a blue rose spawning from my smaller patch of black and purple roses were very low. And it should be the same deal here. I hope I can get blue roses eventually, though!

This gave me a scare. D: But thankfully I was able to convince her to stay. I think having a high friendship level helps with convincing neighbors to stay/leave.

Last Sunday I went to Choco’s town Belltune for her birthday! I hope you had a great birthday, Choco! :mrgreen:

It was morning my time, but nighttime there, which meant the fireworks show was going on! It was a lot of fun to set off sparklers, get prizes, watch the fireworks, and just enjoy the festive atmosphere together! 😀

I’d heard a lot of buzz on forums and such about the lovely phone being the most sought-after fortune cookie prize, so I was really happy to get this! Apparently in this game it tells fortunes like the ones Katrina gives (suggesting the day’s lucky item). In past games it would just say random ‘words of wisdom’ phrases.

Choco gave me a million bells for winning her blog’s giveaway, so I deposited it right away to get my piggy bank. 😀 Thanks a ton Choco, it was so generous of you to do this giveaway!

Watching the fireworks show in my own town. I was supposed to go to Jasper’s town Windfall later for a fireworks show party (7 PM his time=10 PM my time), but I’d fallen asleep by then. >_< I didn't mean to, I just laid down to ~rest my eyes~ for a bit, then bam, asleep for hours. I'm really sorry, Jasper! 😦

Pete delivered a shaved ice lamp to each of my characters, which is pretty cool because it used to be Europe-exclusive (and non-orderable) DLC!

Drift announced he’s moving… I admit I’m looking forward to his ugly house not being in town anymore. xP

I planted some holly bushes by the pathway to Estel’s house, but I’m not sure if I like them better than the line of flowers that were here before. :/ They’re rather dark, plain (since they aren’t in season), and bulky. Maybe I’d like it better if the bushes weren’t in this alternating pattern of bush-flower-bush-flower, but a completely filled-in row of bushes would limit freedom of mobility. Anyway, the other reason I took a picture was of course because of the rainbow! ^_^

Another rainbow-in-the-background pic: Lyra’s house so far. I moved her house location and her eyes have changed. >_> I also turned some black roses to gold for her garden. I’d love to have some blue roses here as well one day!

The new wisteria trellis, requested by Charlise! 😀 It leads the way to Violet’s house. I want to make the area around Violet’s house lush with greenery, having lots of pastel flowers, so I’m hoping the wisteria trellis will help add to the atmosphere I want.

Got a moai statue from Gulliver! …Urgh, really need to sort out the flower storage on my beach, I’ve had it there too long. 😐

I haven’t built the campsite partly because I didn’t want a 10th villager, but I ended up getting one anyway after visiting back and forth between Citàlune and my (more casually played) digital town, Bywater. Estel didn’t even talk to him when he was packed up or anything, he just kind of… showed up. :/ Oh well. Nice to meet you (again), Biskit!

I was just jamming on the B button after buying some bushes, not even paying attention to the dialogue, and then this happened! 😯 Literally the day after I bought about ten silver axes at the island, too. 😆 But still extremely exciting, this is definitely one of the most useful golden tools! 😀 If anyone needs regular/silver axes, feel free to let me know. xP

I was planning on building a statue fountain behind this fairy-tale bench, but then decided to try out the bell instead. I didn’t realize how big it would be! 😛 I’m experimenting on how to landscape this area in front of the town hall. I feel pretty limited because of an inconveniently placed rock (you can see it behind the apple tree on the left), and resetting my town has even crossed my mind because of it. I’d just love to have an elaborate garden with community projects in front of the town hall, but this rock gets in the way of pretty much every. single. plan. 😦 But I guess I’ll try to make it work somehow; resetting for a town better than this one, and having to start all over, is a dizzying thought.

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32 thoughts on “Fireworks fun

  1. That player, rain, looks EXACTLY like me. And, its so good that drifts not in your town any more. He`s in my AC:WW one and its REALLY bugging me! lyras house looks so girly, and when i get AC:NL in about a week, would you save me a silver axe?

    • Ooh! If it’s okay, may I have one of those shaved-ice lamps if you have an extra one? I don’t think I’m able to get it because I won’t have my 3ds for a while. And if it’s also alright, save me a silver axe too for the patterned trunk thingies. Thanks :3

    • Poor Drift 😛 I’m not a big fan of him either, or jocks in general, but it’s mostly his house in New Leaf that bothers me, a run-down straw cube with a flat red roof. T_T
      There are probably actually much more “girly” house parts than that, but the fairy-tale series does have some pink in its color scheme, I guess.
      Sure, I’ll save you at least one silver axe! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your first fairytale bridge and the wisteria trellis! Your patience and careful planning paid off 🙂 Estel and Lyra’s houses look gorgeous x3 The gold and pink roses work so well with the fairytale colours. And I can’t get over how nice those lilies and violets look around the fountain – they’re even more beautiful in the sunset!
    Phew, good thing Melba listened to you! It feels like you’ve barely had her. I try to only get noticed by the villagers I want to move out during the days after the newest neighbour has unpacked, but I still get spotted a lot by accident xP
    Wow, the shaved ice lamp is actually listed as Korea-exclusive in my English guide; now I have more hope that they’ll let us have the “Japan-only” astrology series items when the time comes (Pic if you want to see it).
    It really feels like Citàlune became one step closer to its olden fairytale town ideal in this post ^_^

    • Thank you! I don’t feel like my whole town is coming together or anything, but I do feel like there are a few more sight-seeing spots in my town now. 😛 I also hope I’m close to PTS because of the new projects — the wisteria arch especially seems like something that would boost my “score.” I learned that the picnic project I have actually takes away points from PTS, whoops. xP And so do a few other things, like I think the garbage can and the illumination projects (haven’t built those).
      The gold roses are thanks to you! ^_^ I also really like lilies and violets together; I think they sort of compete each other since lilies have more warm colors (red, orange, yellow, pink) and violets have more cool colors (blue and purple). And they have a similar enough shape so they don’t look strange next to each other in the same garden.
      Yeah, thank goodness! I was worried that she might change her mind, but the 14th passed and she’s still here. 🙂 I don’t know if that strategy works because a neighbor can be planning to move out without you knowing. Sometimes you can find out a neighbor is moving out by talking to a different neighbor (“I heard so-and-so is thinking about moving”) And I’ve heard that if you reset the game after the moving-out announcement, they’ll still be planning to move out despite the reset. (So that’s handy if convincing them to stay/leave didn’t go well)
      Oops, I thought I heard it was Europe DLC, but I don’t know, though! Oh wowww, I haven’t seen that series before, but I’d love to have that! >_< If it's not released here, I might have to go looking around on trading forums for that…

      • Heey Amy! ^ ^
        Ouu, the whole bridge deal concerns me – I’ve had my bridge locations mapped out in my town by patterns, but now that you say Isabelle is pretty picky, I’m worried my one bridge might be a dud because my cafe might be in the way! ): Do you know how much area you need around to build a bridge? And at what point will stuff by considered in the way? Also, on the bridge subject, the fairy tale bridge looks different than I would have thought! 😛 The pattern on the floor of it, as well – that pattern I had laid down in my town, only in black, not gold! Let me know if you want me to get a link to that pattern – even though it’s a different color, the pattern still might line up nicely!
        I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you about the WiFi with you and Teru – it slipped my mind! And it was a little rude of my to interrupt your conversation to set up plans that I didn’t even hold up on! 😦
        Wow – you’ve got quite the town of flowers: hybrids, and regulars!! 😀 Looking nice! ^ ^
        I agree with you on the bushes at the entrance to Estel’s house – they do look big and plain when they’re not in bloom. However, maybe you could keep up with the season? And do gardening accordingly? I do like the idea of bushes at the entrance, just maybe bushes in bloom. 😛
        And HOW on Earth did you get that many golden roses??? I mean, I see how you would want to go crazy since you have the golden watering can, (congrats by the way!), but didn’t you have the beautiful town ordinance? Which means black roses can’t wilt? Which means you can’t water them to get golden roses? :O LOOVEE the look of Lyra’s house, also! 🙂
        It confused me how you said Biskit came from your digital town, Bywater. Is it online? Or did you mean you got it installed on your 3DS as well as the separate game cartridge where you hold Citalune?
        I thought about restarting my town as well, because of a few things: weird placements of rocks, waterfalls, etc. like you were having, town fruit – the fact I sold my only perfect cherry, and the fact that I now have a vision of what I want Shantaki to look like, only I didn’t have that vision at the beginning when I first started New Leaf, and didn’t know anything about the game. But there are way too many things I’d be leaving behind as I do, so perhaps I’ll just have to see how my town turns out when I’m farther along in the game. :3

        • Hey! That’s okay, a proper party probably wouldn’t have worked out at that time anyway, maybe another time 🙂
          I don’t know the exact number of spaces needed to build a bridge, but yeah, the requirements do seem kind of picky, unfortunately. 😦 My fairy-tale streetlight wasn’t directly in front of the bridge, it was up one space from it and to the left two spaces. You could try building a plain cobblestone/suspension one to see if Isabelle will give you a preview, and then you can always cancel the preview and send her back to the town hall. I do that a lot when trying to see where I can build things.
          Yeah, the path pattern you have in your town is kind of similar! But it’s not exactly the same; yours has bricks in a pattern of arcs and the fairy-tale bridge has a circular layout of bricks.
          Thank you! And thanks for being honest about the bushes in front of Estel’s house. 🙂 I thought bushes lining the path to her house would give an elegant feel (like a neat hedge), matching her regal exterior, but I also think I might prefer the white flowers that were there before. It gave a serene feeling, and these dark bulky bushes kind of take away from that. It’s kind of ironic because I was looking forward to bushes for so long (and so were many others), but actually implementing them in town is kind of tricky! 😛 I mean, you can’t put them right next to a house (or even one space away from the front of your house) or right next to a community project, and there’s also limitations on how many you can have in a connected “string” (12). And I agree, I came to the same conclusion, I think I’m mostly going to focus on the currently-flowering bushes from now on. The hibiscus in season right now wouldn’t be fitting at all for Estel’s house, though. xP
          You’re right, you can’t really get gold roses while having the beautiful town ordinance. I didn’t want to go into boring specifics in the post, but I took them over to Bywater to let them wilt and I watered them with the golden watering can there. And that’s how I got Biskit, ugh xP Yep, my AC:3DS XL came with a digital copy of the game, but I bought a separate cartridge for Citalune because I guess I trust a cartridge more than digital. Having a town — that I’d potentially put years and years of work into — tied to a specific system (that could break) just didn’t seem ideal for me. I decided to start up a town on my digital copy as well, though like I said, it’s more casual. I’m not putting nearly as much work into it as Citalune. In fact, I kinda use it as a dumping ground sometimes for things that are cluttering up Citalune (fruit baskets, saplings/bush starts, etc.)
          Oh, the perfect cherry thing shouldn’t be a reason to think about restarting! Teru actually brought a whole basket of them for when we were going to WiFi, and she gave some to me as well, so either she or I can give them to you the next time we WiFi! 🙂 Aww, and I’m sorry about those slight regrets, I can definitely relate. I did reset for my town some for certain features, but maybe I could’ve reset for even longer… though I felt a lot of pressure to start the game around June 9th with everyone else, with all the excitement on blogs and everything. The rocks are definitely a bummer! I wish we could at least “demolish” one; I can live with all the rocks in my town except for the one in front of the town hall. For what it’s worth, I do think Shantaki is a great town and I love what you’ve done with it so far! And I’m sure that both of our towns can be beautiful one day despite their little faults, and the effort and creativity we put into our towns will show eventually. ^_^
          Sorry for this novel of a reply, I had a lot to say I guess o_O

          • I think I will experiment with the bridges – thanks! 🙂 Also, Teru’s diagram helped a lot – so thanks for that, Teru! 😀
            Makes sense about Estel’s house – maybe you could do alternate white and black lilies to represent the moon in the dark sky? 🙂
            Ohh, gotchaa, that’s so cool you got the Animal Crossing 3DS! Then you can communicate between towns if you ever need to (dunno why you would NEED to though). :3
            Ohh, I forgot Teru said she had cherries for me – aww! :** And thanks for the compliment on my townn! 😀 I just think that the house locations are all in the way, and that there’s not enough room left for PWPs! 😦
            I look forward to WiFing in the (hopefully) near future! (^-^d)

            • Aw, I’m chuffed you know the feel I’m going for Estel’s house enough to suggest that 😳 Thanks, that sounds great and I’ll try it out! Though I only have two black lilies right now. (I’m getting swamped with orange lilies o_O)
              Yeah, it’s helpful to drop some stuff off in Bywater for storage purposes, my dressers are always getting full in Citalune. But in the future I should maybe be more careful about bringing unwanted neighbors from Bywater into Citalune. However, Colton lives in Bywater, and I wouldn’t mind moving him over to Citalune ^_^
              I have a lot of bad house locations too, but I actually don’t consider that a huge gripe with my town — I figure they’ll move out eventually. Good luck with obtaining better house locations in the future!
              Yeah, maybe this weekend or something? 🙂 I can also WiFi on weekdays, but for a shorter period of time (just evenings mostly).

              • Haha, no problem! And how did you breed black lilies?? I can’t breed them, and my whole town is filled with a path with lilies! It might be because I never have red next to red though, so I’ll have to specifically breed for black lilies another time, then. I’m getting swamped with orange in general! I’ve got so many orange pansies, cosmos, and lilies! :O
                Yeah, I think I can do this weekend! We’ll have to keep in touch to figure something out, then! 🙂 It also helps that our timezones aren’t too far off each other! (^-^d)

              • I think I got black lilies from RedxRed lilies, which is a combination I don’t have much of in my town. Most of my lilies are arranged like RedxWhite or RedxYellow (which mostly produces pink and orange, but I’ve been getting a looot of orange :P).
                I actually just remembered today that I have to visit family this weekend, so unless I can use the connection in the hotel for WiFi, that might not work out after all.. but maybe we can figure something out beforehand, like tonight (if you see this in time) or Thursday? It doesn’t have to be a long WiFi if we don’t have time for one, but I’m sure you’d like the perfect cherries asap 🙂

            • Wow, very helpful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 When you map out the clearance needed like that, it actually doesn’t seem absurdly limiting, but I got the impression that it was from my problems with demolishing-and-building bridges in the past. Once you have a bridge built, though, it seems like you can build stuff pretty close by and within that clearance area.

      • Oh yeah I read about that points system with the PTS, nature points and living points and being able to swing either way; I really don’t get it -_-
        Naw, too bad. I was hoping the villager that was moving would be determined by who you triggered to talk to you like with PWPs.
        Oh I’m not saying you’re wrong about the DLC; I’m saying it just goes to show how common inaccuracies are in guidebooks, especially the early editions (meaning I’m hopeful for more ‘mistakes’ to emerge :)). I saw online sources saying the lamp was Europe DLC too.

  3. Best post I have read in a month! 😮 Lyra’s house has changed! I’ve been to your town via dream suite and this has amazed me! 😮 Your town so beautiful :]

    By the way, if Isabelle keeps saying you need more PWPs, she may say that because you have too may trees. I heard this from someone else but I’m not sure if it is completely true so don’t cut down your trees just yet just in case it isn’t true. To be honest I’ve got the same problem as you and I’ve just planted more saplings, so if it something to do with the trees, I’ll let you know. 😉

  4. And also y’know those massive marsh mellow clouds you had. I’ve been doing research on them. They are just “storm clouds” and they are completely normal so don’t worry too much about them. They will go when they decide to go.

    • Aww, thank you! 😀 Yeah, I’ve made a fair amount of changes lately, but I haven’t updated my Dream Suite in a while, hopefully I can do that soon! Thanks for visiting, I’ll be sure to visit your dream town too! 😀
      Oh okay, thanks for the tip! I don’t think I have all that many trees, actually, but I’ll try not to plant too many. I googled and found this guide, which says that certain projects take away points and certain projects add points, so it could be that I just don’t have the right balance of projects yet. I saw in a recent post of yours that you have a perfect town — congratulations on that! :mrgreen:
      Ooh, that’s interesting 🙂 I think those fluffy clouds are pretty cool, I always enjoy seeing them! My neighbors have mentioned them some too.

      • Aww thank you for the congrats and I haven’t had the fluffy clouds yet. Dylan saw them in his town and he wasn’t sure what they were. So I looked them up for you and him. 😀 Fingers crossed that your town will become perfect! And I didn’t know that villagers actually speak about the clouds. Interesting 😀

  5. Pingback: Enjoying August | ~ Lily of the Valley ~

  6. You’ve got such a great town, Amy. I haven’t been there in person yet as you already know. I never see you online when I’m on, but I did dream a dream of Citalune. Have to say I’m digging your dirt paths surrounded by flowers – just beautiful!

    I love that fairy tale bride too. My main (original) bridge didn’t work with my path doing straight down so I demolished it and was planning on putting it back but in the middle, but that awful pesky stubborn villager, Pietro, who has been with me since day 1 might I add, just will not leave my town and apparently his house is in the way which is weird since I can’t even put the bridge back in its original place – gah!

    I bought a few blue roses on one of the forums and put them on the beach and they’re breeding like mad there. I now have around 15-20. I’m going to leave them there until I get so many I can replace my red/white rose path borders with blue/white. 🙂

    You have soooo many great PWPs. In fact I’m a little jealous as my villagers aren’t requesting that many at all, and when they do they’re all things I have no interest in building.

    I see you got Charlise too. I’ve had her before and had a great friendship with her when starting out. She was always the villager that came to my bee sting rescue, hehe.

    Have a great day, Amy.

    Crossing in Cupcakia

    • Thank you! It’s very much a work in progress, but I’m glad you like it so far! I’ve been too preoccupied with other things to remember to use the Dream Suite lately, so I decided to check out your dream town right now (as I’m typing this) so I don’t forget later. 😛 I love your layout of paths, community projects, and greenery! You have sooo many rare flowers! 😯 Jealous! xP
      Aww, I had the same problem once. I demolished my original bridge and planned to move it just a few spaces up, but apparently because of the way the river was shaped, it couldn’t go there. So then I tried to put it back where it originally was, and all of a sudden Isabelle said a house was in the way. >_< Building bridges can be kind of tricky, there's a decent-sized clearance area required. Good luck with kicking out Pietro!
      Congratulations on the blue roses! :mrgreen: I'm hoping to grow some of those one day!
      I try to get at least one PWP request a day by hanging out in the ocean for 5-10 minutes, then walking in front of a certain neighbor to get them to run up and talk to me, possibly triggering a PWP request. I was getting sick of how slow my neighbors were to request projects when I was just letting it happen naturally.
      Thanks for commenting, hope you had a great day too! And I hope we can WiFi one day, I'm sorry that we haven't been able to yet.

  7. Your town’s layout is soooo gorgeous. I’ll admit that re-organizing my town totally intimidates me, so I’ve been kind of avoiding it. I just let flowers go where they go and leave trees 😦 I want to design a more functional pathway though.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate it, I still feel like my town’s layout is pretty messy with lots of undeveloped areas, villager houses in the way of where I want to develop areas, etc. But I’m trying to work with it!
      Yeah, landscaping and re-organizing can be a little intimidating, since there are so many different possibilities to consider. I think that a more natural (and less planned) approach can work really well, just going with the flow and letting the town gradually sculpt itself with PWPs, gardens, and trees. I have trouble doing that method, though, I have to plan things. Good luck with designing the pathway and your other landscaping goals! 😀

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