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This is part two of my town tour for the finished version of Citàlune — this time, the sun side. ☀ Read on for a (photo-heavy!) tour, or visit yourself with the address 4F00-001F-F5E6 at the Dream Suite.

The north side of Citàlune is the land of the setting sun, known for the grand effect of its dazzling sunsets, the colors of which you will not just see in the sky alone, but also mirrored before your feet in the elaborate gardens sprawled across palace lawns. Little on this more city-like side of the river is left untouched by the influence of Lyra and her royal family, who use the sun as their sigil, and have a passion for the arts, entertainment, and luxury.

Bridge panoramic

We’ll start the tour where we left off, at the bridge that takes you from the forest of star-flowers to the road leading to Lyra’s castle.

Bridge panoramic cropped

Well-maintained roads made from sun-reflecting mosaic tiles are kept well-lit at evening hours by the many streetlights, encouraging a vibrant nightlife centered around entertainment hosted at Lyra’s castle, where guests can eat, dance, and enjoy music and theater late into the night.

Lyra's castle from a distance

Lyra’s castle-roof gleams gold like the sun itself, and as you approach it from a distance, it gives the impression of the sun rising over the horizon.

Lyra's castle overhead

The castle gardens are sunny gold along the path, but farther away, the roses fade into the colors of the sunset: pink, purple, and then blue.

Lyra's castle close-up

A close-up of the Sun-castle’s ornate architecture, which has signature stylistic motifs that you will see repeatedly on the buildings of this side of town.

Lyra's pond

A private, natural pool where Lyra and her family or guests can enjoy cooling off on summer nights.

Town hall with all six streetlights

Citàlune’s capital building may be located on the Sun-side, but that’s partly for convenience of travel along its more well-kept roads, and because of the higher population. The moon shown on the flag, depicted in sunny colors, shows that the town hall is not just a meeting-place for one royal family, but for all. Residents can visit as well, to report improvements they would like to see in their part of town.

Circle of lights and gradients of color around the town hall gardens

The capital’s palatial gardens are a mirror of the evening sky, recalling Citàlune’s full title, the city of the setting sun and rising moon. Each side of the garden is ringed by a circle of trees and lights.

The gate

Northwest of the townhall, you’ll find the gate into Citàlune, where many travelers, artists, and merchants make their way into the city. Here you’ll also find the entry to Citàlune’s busy shopping district on Main Street.

Lyra’s influence on making the Sun-side a tourist destination of luxury has helped to create a bustling economy, with a variety of shops and businesses on Main Street, and a flea market where residents sell goods, wares, and produce for their livelihoods.

A fountain in front of the gate greets shoppers and travelers alike!

Re-Tail pond

West of the gate into Citàlune, the landscape starts to become less formal for the first time, as these lands get farther away from the major establishments, and closer to the humble residential area centered around the town flea market.

Re-Tail pond flat level

The same sunset gradients reflecting the sky above can still be found in these more casual areas, though! 🙂

Top of the pond

There are many orchards around the flea market, where residents harvest, eat, and sell their fruit by the basket.

Re-Tail from a distance

This is the busy avenue that runs parallel to the cliff by the sea on the edge of town, lined by trees and residential homes. The north end of the avenue is crowned by the flea market, where many of the residents who live in this neighborhood sell their freshly caught fish, homemade goods, and homegrown crops, like fruit and turnips.

Doc's house above the winding dirt path from Re-Tail

Doc lives above a winding path connecting the flea market and the sea. He’s a renowned scholar who teaches lessons from his home, which is handy for his neighbors on the Sun-side who live closer to him than to Estel’s public library on the Moon-side.

Rod's house

Rod is a pirate, so he chose to live near the ramp to the beach, and he likes to shield his home from prying eyes with many fruit trees.

Pango and Gloria's homes side by side

Pango (left house) is a professional craftsman, specializing in furniture of dark lacquered wood, and Gloria (right house) is a fine-jewelry maker.

The residential homes and gardens begin cooler in color scheme at the top of the path, but gradually get warmer below, so as you run down the avenue you’ll see streams and gradients of sunset-colors pass you by.

Alice and Paula's homes

Alice (top house) is a painter, and Paula (bottom house) makes clothes and embroidered furniture; she is known for her gold-threaded cabana series sold at the flea market.

Sitting stump by Alice's house

In a secluded nook of the cliff-edge by Alice’s and Paula’s homes, there’s a perfect spot to sit and admire the sun setting over the ocean, with the aroma of tropical fruit and flowers filling the air.

Colton's house panoramic

Colton is a member of nobility of the sun court, and a good friend of Julian from the Moon-side. Fortunately, he lives close to a bridge to the other side of town. 🙂


On the southern cliff, there’s a lighthouse to guide ships safely to Citàlune’s shores.

Bunnie's house

Bunnie is the lighthouse keeper and helps guard the coast, always with a life-ring ready inside her home.

Ocean view of Bunnie's house and the lighthouse

View of Bunnie’s house and the lighthouse from the sunny shores. 🙂

Estel taking in the sights of the sunset beach opposite to her own, lined with banana palms and sun-mosaic stepping stones.

Many of the residents have views of the ocean from their homes. 🙂

Beach by Pango's house

The beach gardens closely mirror those on the top part of the cliff, so similar to the residential gardens, you’ll see streams of purples-to-pink-to-golds as you run along. 🙂

Sun garden in the center of town

Lastly, this is the sun counterpart to the sacred sun-and-moon garden at the center of Citàlune, bordered by bends in the river. This area is a way to connect and unify the two realms, and to appreciate — in a figurative sense — the sun setting and rising, and the moon setting and rising, as you walk to and fro between the sun garden and moon garden.

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21 thoughts on “Citàlune town tour: Sun side

      • Hi Amy! I would like to know if you could play online someday with me … this is my Friend Code: 2724-4909-1573 tell me yours please! ❤ I would like a replies =) ❤ I love your towns and designs!

        • Hi! 🙂 My FC can be found on my ACNL page, towards the bottom of the page, the first one in the list under “Friend Codes.” I don’t oprn my gates randomly, though! By the way, I got your other comments. My blog is set up so that first time commenters’ comments go into moderation first.

  1. Finally! I really enjoyed running down the residential avenue like you mentioned. Maybe we can somehow hook up in my town before AC: Switch releases!

    • Yep, finally! 😛 It was hard to finish this post once I lost momentum on working on it, ’cause I kinda wanted to work on other projects instead, but I am a believer in trying to finish what you start, when possible. ^_^ Sure, that would be fun! We would just have to arrange a time that works best for us, since I’m not online randomly looking for gates a lot. I’m off 2/12 and 2/15, and have a week ‘staycation’ starting the 19th this month, if any of those days work for you. 🙂

    • Actually, I don’t think I have been asked before! 🙂 I would love to, because I still think AC:NL is a wonderful game, and I have regrets that I’ve only completed one town so far. I have ideas in my head for at least two other AC:NL towns, and even have towns ready for those ideas. :/ I know from experience, though, that when a new game comes out, it tends to suck up all your time. Like I thought I would continue playing AC:WW daily when AC:NL came out, but that didn’t end up happening. I did end up returning to AC:WW more once the newness hype of AC:NL died down a bit, and it’s possible the same thing could happen again with AC:NL when AC Switch comes out. I’ll just have to see what happens, and how good the next game is!

      • That was like what I did too! I got a 3ds almost exclusively for AC:NL, and I loved it so much. Sadly, my 3DS was left out in the rain, and the wifi board was fried. I still played AC:NL, but i found my copies of AC:WW and I kept going back.

  2. Hiya, this is super adorable! I would love to visit this town in dream suite 😀
    If you’d also like to visit mine here is my dream address – 4F00-0083-ED4E

    • Hi, thanks so much! I’m glad you like it! ❤ I visited your dream town and really enjoyed the sight of all the tulips lining the riverbanks, the graveyard, the assortment of different public works, and the style of your character Absol ^^

  3. Your town is absolutely awesome! So dreamy and magical. All the work you put into this really, really shows! Probably one of my all time favourite dream towns to visit and just hang out in.
    I love the time of day you chose for the dream, too – 5 am is soo, so dreamy, especially with that purple sunrise!

    • Thank you so much! ❤ I'm glad you find it a relaxing place to hang out, and that my effort to make it a dreamy city to visit paid off. ^^ I agree, that purple sunrise is hard to beat, I'll have trouble updating my DA ever again (though I've thought about it) xP

  4. Oh wow! I have been interested in the idea of districts – or in your case sides – for my future ACNH town for a while now, what with the rivers being able to split into two. This was really interesting to look at. Say, how do you get such clear shots of ACNL? I feel like whenever I upload screenshots of ACNL to my twitter it doesn’t come out very well… But good tour! ( ^ω^ )

    • Thank you so much! I liked the idea of districts for Citalune too, and it did end up working out, but I will say that the sun and moon theme didn’t always gel super well with the Dream Suite feature because I felt like I was compromising whatever I chose (ie. sunset for one side, nighttime for the other). It would definitely be super easy to separate different areas with cliffs & rivers with the terraforming feature in NH, that’ll be interesting to see, and good luck!!

      As for the photo quality, I am lucky to have a capture card for my 3DS, which is kinda rare and expensive. A lot of people do some nice editing with photoshop, though (the noise reduction & sharpening feature in photoshop is a gem for screenshot-editing), and with this enlargement/noise reduction filter site:

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