Speeding through the last of winter

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In my last post solely on Dafdilly, not WiFi meetings, I left off at New Year’s Eve in my town. I’ll start with a few last scenery pictures of this day taken on the start screen, and then move on to the beginning of my catch-up process. Please excuse any “TOUCH TO START” text and feel free to scroll quickly past. ^_^

The main path connecting my house and the gate.

Dafdilly’s lake. It looks so big at this angle, I want my character to swim or ride a boat in it. xP

The museum.


Puddles walking around lolliop island.

And Whitney’s house, with Whitney in the background 🙂

Well, as much as I enjoyed having my pristine candy paradise to visit (and not have to do any work :P), I couldn’t stay on that date forever:

All the wilted jacob’s ladders in my garden were certainly not a welcoming sight as I stepped outside on January 1st. But the rest of my town wasn’t so bad, and there were some positive things too: the cedars were still lit, my mailbox was full of “Happy New Year” letters from villagers and from Mom (with bells!), and my favorite of all these things was the special music playing on this day. I almost wish I had done my town tour video on January 1st instead because of the music!

I also got a fortune from Tortimer:

Filbert moved out, but not without taking a souvenir of Dafdilly with him, apparently.

The cedars are no longer lit, but this was a lucky day when no flowers in this area were wilted. ^_^

Look who moved in to replace Filbert: my own Kiki! 😮 She lived in Dafdilly for a little while, then moved to Red Bank, and now she’s decided to come back. She is wearing one of the patterns my dad made, but I think it was designed for an umbrella.

This, on the other hand, wasn’t a pleasant surprise. >_< I thought I had convinced Kid Cat to stay when he packed up, so the next day I was shocked to see this empty lot where his house used to be. But I DS-to-DSed with another town (a town I used for flower storage called Imladris) and he lives there now, so I can try to move him back to Dafdilly when he moves from there.

To replace Kid Cat was Rolf, another resident from Red Bank.

I actually specifically tried to move him to Dafdilly because I knew what his house shape was (each villager has a certain house shape):
I was hoping he might end up with the pink and blue house style with the wooden fans, making his house look like this (which I love!). But like the three or four of my neighbors who had this house shape before him, Rolf picked the green house style I have in my town. I came to the realization that in each AC:WW town, all house shapes must have a specific designated house style. In other words, every time a neighbor moves in, it’s not like they have a 1/4 chance of picking any of the 4 house styles your town has. They will pick the house style that their specific house shape comes in (for your town). I looked over all the pictures I’ve taken of houses in my town and it all fits. 🙂 Just a bit bummed that I won’t ever have Rolf’s/Static’s/Curt’s/Sally’s house shape in that pink and blue house style with the wooden fans.

I let Kiki move away again… If Jemma was still playing AC:WW, I would have tried to move Kiki to her town, since she loved Kiki but her own Kiki moved away.

Rolf is interested in fashion and he wants new clothes, but I think he already looks great in this icy design. 🙂

A new house and new neighbor to replace Kiki. (But this is actually where Kid Cat used to live :()

It belongs to Mallary. When I first saw her, I thought “haven’t I had her before?” 😕 I was thinking of Maelle, another snooty duck whose name begins with M.

January 13th was Puddles’ birthday. 😀 I gave her a baby panda stuffed animal.

And a few days later she came to deliver a cake to me for my own birthday, just like last year. 😛 I also went ahead and painted my roof pink, with spring in mind. Maybe a little early, but you never know when to expect a certain color of paint at Nookington’s.

Mallary’s stay here was short-lived. Whoops, I named the file “Maelle packed up” 😆

Not being very specific there, Mom 😛

My neighbor to replace Mallary is Kitt. 🙂 I’ve never had a kangaroo before, their babies are so cute!

Kitt’s house is the same as Mallary’s: the same house shape, the same house style, and even the same house location! (Though the same location was just a coincidence.) More evidence of my new house style/shape discovery.

I’ve gotten down snowman building to a T:

Aww, I was so happy when Melba gave me her picture. 🙂 I haven’t put much effort into obtaining villager pics in a long time, so it was a sweet surprise. I’ve decided that I’m not really going to be a completionist in this game; I don’t care if I never get Phyllis’ picture, the town hall model, all the villager pics, etc. I’ll just enjoy playing the game and forming relationships with the animals I care about. 🙂

Melba’s picture replaced Tom Nook’s on my fireplace. 😛 It says “You’re my new best bud!”

Bright Nights began at the beginning of February! :mrgreen: Last year my town was very barren during Bright Nights because of dead spot testing, so it was nice to enjoy the festive atmosphere more this year. Here are my neighbors’ lit houses:

The winner (or “Bright Star”) was Whitney. *shrug* They’re all great! 😀

It was also nice to see the cedars lit again for Bright Nights. 🙂

Two more neighbors moved out: Kitt and Rolf. I cycle through neighbors very quickly because I’m eager for my favorites to move in as soon as possible. Here are their replacements:

I’ve had Jay before in my first AC:GC town Ordale, my first AC:WW town Cutetown, and my dad’s town Red Bank. Even my dad remembers him! 😛 He’s not bad for a jock in my book, but Kid Cat’s cuter.

I was shocked to see Apollo move in (today in real time, February 20th in the game) because just a week or so ago I did a neighbor transfer to try to move Apollo from my extra town Imladris to Teru’s town Bundeena. But this is a new Apollo, what a weird coincidence. xP

The leaves have turned green, a sign of spring coming soon. It adds a nice splash of new color to my town 🙂

I laid down this main path to the town hall over one of the “dead spot paths” I discovered, and I see neighbors use it all the time! 😀 I’ve observed their movements some and I think I can confirm that they use the dead spot pathways to move purposefully around town without bumping into trees, but they can also stray off the paths as well.

Waving to Puddles, who is appropriately in the pink area in town. ^_^

My town is on February 20th, and spring begins on February 25th. I’m going to have to do a lot of renovations to get my town looking more fit for spring, though; it’s very customized for the winter candy theme right now, with patterns on a snow background everywhere, mostly red and white flowers (hardly any yellow ones), and cedar trees all over the northern part of town. I’m not sure how long it will take to make new patterns and re-landscape my town for spring, but I’ll try to work hard on it whenever I can, I promise. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Speeding through the last of winter

  1. Woah, another Apollo! 😯 That’s funny! 😆 And you got Kitt, I was just thinking about her the other day 😛 I originally thought if I got her I would keep her as a longish-term neighbour since I really like her design, but after your discovery I decided I preferred to not have her at all over having her house in my town >_<
    I've kind of given up on getting everybody's pics as well. My last neighbour was Tipper and even though I liked her and was kind of waiting for her to come to my town, I really disliked her house and noticed I rarely saw her outside anyway, so I let her move. I think I'll do the same with Caroline, who moved in afterwards, with the same house…
    Wow, it's so cool that your townies use the paths you made over the dead spots! 😀 I keep wondering if I should try to map out my dead spots too but also if it's too late for it to be worth it. It would be the worst if I got halfway and quit xP It looked like it took nearly a month in-game for you to complete the mapping?
    Haha, we're nearly on the same date; I'm on Feb 18th today 🙂 This was the first time I wanted Bright Nights to hurry up and end because I was waiting for someone, anyone, to lock Apollo, and none of them would because their hobbies get disabled during events 😆 And then I was scared to skip a single day in case I he moved 😛 I also refrained from voting for anyone because I felt bad about everyone I wouldn’t have voted for, so in the end nobody won ¬_¬
    Both Whitney and Puddles look lovely in the dresses you made ^_^

    • I always like it when I see my neighbors on one of my paths, it makes them seem more realistic and useful. 🙂 But I didn’t lay down patterns on all the dead spot pathways because they’re pretty weird. 😛 It took me around 25 days in the game to do the dead spot testing, and less than a week to do it in real life, but I had extreme determination. I wanted to get it over with. xP It does take a long time and it’s really tedious, but for me it might’ve been worth it because before dead spot testing I never did much with my layout of trees; I thought dead spots would be a problem for planting trees along paths and such so I didn’t even try, but now I feel like I have complete control 😀 I think your layout of trees is already really great, with your orchard and cedar forest!
      Wow, the last time I checked with you, you were in the summer! 😯 You’ve come along way! I guess it’s been slower for me with all the flowers to water. >_> Sometimes I skipped more than 1 day at a time, using your discovery that you can miss 2 days without watering. I think I’m going to finally check to see if 3 days without watering works as well on one of my extra gamecards (if you haven’t found out already). A safe time to move forward more than one day is when someone has just moved out; it takes a few days for someone new to move in. And when someone moves in, no ones packs up the same day that someone is unpacking, or the day after that. I feel a little guilty for picking Whitney as the winner of Bright Nights; I mostly picked her because I like the area around her house the best, but that was my doing, not hers. 😆 I think Samson had the nicest lights in my town, but he’s not going to be a long-term neighbor, so I was reluctant to pick him for some reason. I’m a corrupt Bright Nights judge! 😛

      • I did a bit of a huge leap somewhere along the way with my town 😛 (I didn’t get to play any this past week though, so I’m still on that date.) I also found a very tedious and iffy way of seeing if a neighbour has moved before you load your game back when I started catching up:
        Watch the start screen until the camera/villager passes the home of the resident you’re concerned about; if they were to move that day, their house will already be gone. You can get them back if you do not load the game and go fiddle with your calendar to a time before they “moved”, confirming it by watching the start screen again -_-
        Doing the dead-spot-mapping does look pretty intense, so I don’t think I’ll do it, or at least not for the entire town. My orchard has always been in my mind as “unfinished” though (well it is unfinished 😆 ), and I never completed it for the same reason you didn’t try arranging trees along paths before, so it’d be good to know where the dead spots are there. But on the other hand, I got halfway by trial-and-error so why not continue……

        • Wow, that’s really smart! I’ve never thought of doing that, but it makes a lot of sense. The start screen is supposed to sort of show what’s going on in your town when you’re not in it, but in actuality, it’s not really true because you haven’t gone through the loading screen in the attic. Once I accidentally set the DS clock months forward instead of days forward, and on the start screen I noticed that the ground was a different color, so that warned me that I did something wrong, and then I adjusted the DS clock and everything was fine. So it’s cool you can do the same thing with checking neighbors! Thanks for sharing that 😀
          Dead spot testing for a certain area in town is a good idea! That actually didn’t occur to me, but I think it could possibly be helpful. (Though your orchard has always seemed complete to me, it’s so dense and closely packed and colorful! :)) As an example, I don’t think I could have done my lollipop meadow ringed with trees without dead spot testing first, because there were actually lots of dead spots in that area that I had to avoid and plan around. In general, though, I don’t think dead spot testing is necessary to have a great layout of trees. I thought that dead spots would be more limiting than they turned out to be, but there’s actually a lot of wide open white spaces — just strange red lines/pathways breaking it up here and there.

          • Actually it’s not smart, I never thought of checking the neighbours that way 😛 It just so happened one day that I TT’ed a few days forward and noticed at the start screen that, Omg, XXX’s lovely house is missing?? D: I don’t actually know if that neighbour would truly have been gone that day if I had loaded the game, but my game did seem adamant that, past a certain date, that house was gone.
            Maybe I’ll play Battleship with my dead spots and just try to flush them out based on the assumption that they’ll be straight lines, instead of planting in every square (lazy is as lazy does :P).

            • Oh no, that sounds like it was a close call, I’m glad you noticed that their house was missing on the start screen! It’s a little eerie that they could be gone according to the start screen, but back again once you’ve fixed the clock. But handy! I’ll try to make use of that in the future if I’m nervous about one of my dream neighbors. I have trouble locking them so it’s kind of a problem for me. >_<

  2. I knew this post was worth the wait! 😆 I’m really going to miss your candy theme although I know you’ve got something good up your sleeve. I really like how the green leaves look with it too! It reminds me of mint (not that I like the taste of mint) and really fits the theme brilliantly!

    I’ve never gotten a villager to move back like Kiki did. In fact I didn’t know it was possible for it to happen. At least, not until you’d had all of the other villagers. It’s great that Nintendo put work into a seperate dialogue for villagers that return too! It’s something that could easily be overlooked. You got Melba’s picture, too! Now I’m really jealous and she’s still not in any of my towns. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for New Leaf! That would be a great welcome gift. 😀 You have some awesome villagers right now!

    Hehe! The deadspot path really was a great success, huh!? I love how your villagers walk down it. 🙂

    • I’ll miss it a bit too, and be slightly regretful about taking everything down that was a fair amount of work to put together. But at the same time, I’ve gotten pretty tired of winter and I’m looking forward to my town looking springlike and flowery. 🙂
      I do think it’s hard to get the same new villager twice, but the reason why I got my old Kiki back again was because of 9th slot shenanigans. 😛 I’m impressed by all the dialogue too! Teru had an original, new Pierce in her town, and that Pierce moved to Choco’s town StarCity, Jemma’s town usa, my dad’s town Red Bank, my own town Dafdilly, and then all the way back to Teru’s town Bundeena again. He said something pretty funny when he met Teru’s character again: “Whoop! Looks like the old Teru-train’s rolling back into town! How many months since I saw you? 8? I ROCKED sit-ups the whole time! Problem is I’ve got serious rug burn on the old tush. Abs…happy! Tush…VERY SAD!” I love her Pierce 😆
      Aww, I hope you’re reunited with Melba in AC:NL! I wouldn’t mind having her there either, but I’m glad at least I’ll always have her in Dafdilly (hopefully).

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